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Volume 4 Issue 10 - July/August 1999

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several premieres by

several premieres by leading Canadian composers, and the other was a concert of 20th century choral music shared with the Stuttgart Chamber Choir. A BY lARRY BECKWITH ' highlight of the latter concert was ~HORAL !JSCENE Another season of fme choral a new piece by Harry Freedman, music-making in Toronto has perfonned by both choirs. comt:: to a close affording us ·a ; It is heartening to see that chance to look back on some of Lydia is continuing the proud the highlights. T11is city is filled Iseler traditi'on of cm:runissioning to overflowing with talented, and perfonning significant new dedicated choirs offering top works for choir. She did not notch performances of a wide restrict this impulse to her work range of works and styles- with the Iseler Singers. With the something for everybody, really. Amadeus Chamber Choir and the Four leading figures in choral Toronto Chamber Choir, conmusic in Toronto- Lydia Adams, ducted by David Fallis, Lydia Brainerd Blyd~n-Taylor, Noel prepared the premiere of an Edison and Ivars Taurihs- outdid important new work by Christos themselves With exciting work , Hatzis at the end of April. And, throughout the season. with the Amadeus Choir, Lydia This has been a busy year for gave a full season of great Lydia Adams, having taken qver perfonnances, culminating with a the conductorship of the Elmer concert with the Nexus Percus- Iseler Singers in addition to . ~ion Ensemble and featuring a , presenting full seasons with t11e new composition by Robin Amadeus Choir and the Amadeus Engelman. Chamber Choir. With t11e Iselers, Brainerd Blyden-Taylor has Lydia gave many memorable also been contributing greatly to concerts including two in . the chota! landscape of the city. February t11at I had-the pleasure T11is year he founded the of attending. One was an all- Nathaniel Dett Chorale, an Canadian progra~mm~~e~fe~a~tu~r~in~gL_~im~p~o~rt~a~n~i~n:_ew~~~~~---, .Jl{{Tiie Xing's 'Voices .J\uditions for so{oists, choristers and section feadS THE BEST Of MESSIAH I With Mooredale Orchestra and soloists Metropolitan United Church Sunday, November 21, 1999 3:00p.m. chamber choir dedicated to t11e perfonnance of Afro American choral music. 111ey had t11e honour of participating in t11e gat11ering at t11e SkyDome for Nelson Mandela when he was in town in September and they . played a large role in the recent · celebration of t11e I OOtl1 Atmiversary ofDuke Ellington's birth. Brainerd continued his dedicated work as music director oftl1e Orpheus Choir, culminating in t11e premiere at the beginning of June of a new large work for choir and orchestra by Imant Raminsh. At the Torm1to Mendelssohn Choir, Noel Edison took over the reins and delivered bn the promised BIG season. T11ey opened with a "perfonnance of the Berlioz Requiem, which they subsequently recorded for the NAXOS label, sang Handel's Messiah five times, gave two moving perfonnances of Britteii's War Requiem, delivered a . heartfelt Braluns Requiem and . teamed up with Michael Schade · and others for a fun evening of Gilbert and Sullivan. 111ey finished their season in June with two progranunes -with t11e Toronto Symphony: Mahler's 3rd Symphony and the Last Night at the Proms. T11e sensational Tafelmusi'k Cl}amber Choir; directed by Ivars Taurins, gave outstanding perfonnances of Bach's Magnificat, their atmual Messiah offerings,. a po~erful Mozart Requiem (guest­ 'Bnmo Weill) and Handel's complete Israel in Egypt. J Making sure that young people have an opportunity to make music at a high level, the Canadian Opera Children's Chams (conducted by Jolm Tuttle), the Toronto Children's Chams (conducted by Jean Ashworth Bartle) and the Toroi1to Mendelssolm Youth Choir (conducted by Robert Cooper) all presented first-rate concerts all year long. Of special note, as well, is the valuable work t11at Aim Cooper Gay and Linda Beaupre are doing with the High Park Girls' Choir and t11e Scarborough Bach Children's Chams respectively. From the smaller choirs in town - and I use the wore! ~l!{t/ff/;pj; AUDITIONS The Orpheus Choir ofToronto invites singers t9 audition for the 1999-2000 season. If you are an experienced singer in aqy voice range and feel you could commit to be part of our next season call (416) 530-4428

"smaller" only in tenns of budget and scope, not talent or enthusiasm! - there have been wonderful offerings, the Tallis. Choir, the Toronto Chamber Choir, the Pax Christi Chorale, All The King'·s Voices, Cantores Celestes, Coro Abruzzo, the Toronto Classical Singers, Voices, the Mississauga Choral Society, the Bell' Arte Singers, the Exult( . - ., •.... ·o>';::_;::~-

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