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Volume 4 Issue 10 - July/August 1999

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Strickland,. Mary

Strickland,. Mary Beckerton, David Mathies.& Ross Brock. TUC. Free. "July 7 8:00: Penderecki String Quartet. Mozart: Quartet in d minor K.421; Beethoven: Quartet in F major Op.59 #1 Razumovsky; Turina: The Bullfighter's Prayer. TUC. ,$10. •July 8 12:15: Music at Noon Magica/lvory. Brian Smith, piano. TUC. Free. •July,8 8:00: Natalie MacMaster, fiddler/stepdancer. Gl; to· . •July 9 12=15: Music at Noon Allegro. Huntsville Suzuki Strings; Linda Drennan, director. TUC. Free. •July 9 8:00: Old Blue Eyes & The Duke. Musical tribute. Michael Hop.e & Anna Romain, vocals; Norm Amadio, jazz piano; Huntsville Festivar Symphony; Kerry Stratton, conductor. Gl. $10 to . •July 10 4:00: Jazz on the River. Trillium Dixie Jazz Band. W. Free. • July 10 8;00: A Night in Vienna. Viennese waltzes & polkas. Janet Catherine Dea, soprano; Huntsville Festival Symphony; KerryStratton, conductor. Gl. $10 to . • July 11 4:00: Jazz on the River. Trillium Dixie Jazz Band. W. Free. •July 11 7:00: Mother Goose Suite. Ravel: Mother Goose Suite; Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants. Huntsville Festival Symphony; local ballet.students & commu- " nity children; Kerry Stratton, conductor. Gl. ,. •July 12 12:15: Music at Noon Summer Swing. Trillium Trio: Marguerite Urban, Bill Urb~n & · Louis Tusz. TUC. Free. •July 13 12:15: Music at Noon Fun for Four Hands. Marion Harrart & Marilyn de Lang, piano. TUC. Free. •July 13 8:00: An Evening with Jean Stilwell. Bizet: arias from Carmen; Weill: cabaret songs; music by·-Ravel & Faure. Jean Stilwell, mezzo soprano; • Huntsville Festival Symphony; Kerry Stratton, conductor. Gl. $10to. •July .14 12:15: Music at Noon Harmonics. The Stepsisters, vocal group: Sherisse Stevens, Vlasta Knochelman & Barb Hartwick. TUC. Free. •July 14 8:00: Stuart-McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. Caitlin Hanford, vocals; Chris·Whiteley Band. Gl. $.10 to . · •July 15 12:15: Music at Noon Classical Keys. Bridgette Reid, piano. TUC. Free. •July 15 8:00: Bravo Beethoven/ Beethoven: Overture to Egmont; Symphony #6 Pastoral; Piano Concerto # 3. John O'Conor, piano; Huntsville· Fe.stival Symphony; Kerry Stratton, conductor. Gl. 0 to . •July 16 12:15: Music at Noon Arioso. Sandy lnkste·r, flute; Marion Haggart, piano. TUC. Free. · ' · • July 16 7:00: Conductor Apprentice Concert. Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso Op.3 #5; Mozart: Symphony #25; ' Stravinsky: t.:Histoire du Soldat. Students from the Conducting . Apprentice Program; Huntsville Festival Chamber Orchestra; Kerry Stratton, director. DRS. ,. •H:-.• •July 16 9:00: Jumpin' Jazz. Standards & originals. Molly Johnson, jazz vocals; Joe Se'aly, jazz piano; Phil Dwyer, saxophone. Gl. 0 to . *July 17 4:00: Jazz on the: River. Trillium Dixie Jazz BanCl. W. Free. *July 17 8:00: John McDermott in Concert. Huntsville Festival Symphony. Gl. to . KINCARDINE Summer Mu.sic Festival. Jazz Week Concerts. All at 8:00pm. 519-396-9716. Venues: Gl : Governor's Inn, 791 Durham St. KH: Kincardine Hall, 601 Durham St. *August 2: Lisa Martinelli Sings. Brian Dickinson, piano; Pat Collins, bass; Barry Elmes, drums; Jane Fair, saxophone. Gl. ,.50. *August 3: The Power of Brass. Kevin Turcotte & Mike Malone, trumpet; Dave McMurdo, trombone; Brian Dickinson, piano; B11rry Elmes, drums; Lorne Lofsky, guitar; Pat Collins, bass. KH. ,.50 . . *August 4: Time Warp. Mike Murley, tenor & soprano saxophone; Kevin Turcotte, trumpetlflugel horn; AI Henderson, acoustic bass; Barry Elmes, drums. KH. ,.·50. *August 5: Sax mania. Alex Dean & Jane Fair, saxophone; Brian Dickinson, piano; Barry Elmes, drums; Lorne Lofsky, guitar; Pat Collins, bass. Gl. ,.50. ' ' *August 6: KSMF Jazz Student Concert. KH. $10,. KINCARDINE Summer Music Festival. Festival Week Concerts. 51 9-396-9716. Venues: KUC: Kincardine United Church, 7 21 Princes St. KPC: Knox Presbyterian Church, 345 Durham St. *August 8 7:00: KSMF Welcome Concert. Lighthearted chamber music selections. KUC. ,.50. *August 9 8 :00: Piano Pizzaz. J amie Parker, Tina Yanchus & J ames Hibbard, piano. KUC. ,.50. *August 10 8:00. Encore. Show-stoppers & encore pieces. KPC .• ,.50. *August'11 8:00: Chamber Masterworks. Great works of· the chamber music repertoire. KPC. ,.50. • August 1'2 8:90: KSMF Staff Spectacular. Performances by the tea·ching staff. KPC. ,.50, 1 *August 13 6:00: KSMF Chamber Students. KPC. $,5 to . *August 14 10:00am, 11 :OOam & 1:OOpm: Grande Finale Student Concerts. 1 Oam & 1 pm at the High School; · 11 am at the KUC. $10,. LIMESTONE CITY Blues Festival. Grand Theatre, 2l8 Princess St., Kingston. 1 :soo- 615-5666. *August 26 7 :30: Marcia Ball, vocals/boogie-woogie piano. . OTTAWA Chamber Music FestivaL 613-234·-8008. Venues: TH: Tabaret Hall SJC: St. John''s Church RH: Grounds ef Rideau Hall DCUC: Dominior:~-Chalmers · United Church MSUC: McLeod~Stewarton United Church · SAC: St. Andrew's Church · FBC: First Baptist Church S.:JH: St. James Church, Hull GCC: Glebe Community Centre MSC: McLeod-Stewarton Church NACO: National Arts Centre Opera E;SA: Eglise St. Anne ASC: All Saints Church ' GSJ: Glebe-St.James United Church *July 16 11 :OOam: Festival by Request. Live concert of requests from listeners across Canada. Shelagh Rogers, host. TH. *July 24 8 :00: Opening Concert .. Music of Beethoven, Prokofieff, R. Strauss and others. Cho-Liang Lin, violin; Jian Li, piano. TH. *July 24 8 :00: Chamber Music of Schumann I. Philippe Djokic,violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Julian A~mour, cello; Kimball Sykes, clarinet; Andrew Tunis; piano. SJC. , *July 24 11 :OOpm: D. D. Jacks on goes classical! Music of Ger,shwin, Stravinsky, Milhaud and D.O. J ackson. D.O. Jackson and Dina Namer, pianos. SJC. *July 25 5:00: Quartetto Gelato. RH. Free. *Ju,ly 25 8:00: Kronos Quartet. Music of the 17th and 20th centuries. ocuc.· *July 25 8:00: Spring Songs. Mus ic of Schubert, Schumann, Poulenc, Debussy and others. Donna Brown, soprano; Stephane Lemelin, piano. SJC. *July 25 8:00: Brass Extravaganza. Music of 1;3ach, Handel, Purcell, 'Gabrieli and others. 'Paul Merkelo, Karen Donnelly & Steven van Gulik, trumpets; . Larry Larson, Peter Sullivan, . trombones & other performers. *July 26 12:00 noon: Chamber Music of Schumann II. Andre Moisan, clarinet; Neal Gripp, viola; Pierre Djokic, cello; James Mason; oboe; James Sommerville, french horn. SJC. *July 26 12:00 noon: Music of Mozart and Britten. James Campbell and the Allegri Quartet. SAC. *July 26 6:00: Young People's Concert- Strings. ' *July 26 8:00: Festival of the Sound Tribute. Music of Mozart, Beethoven & Harada. James Mason, oboe; James Campbell, clarinet, James Sommerville, french horn; James MacKay, bass'oon; Anton Kuerti, piano; Stephane Lemelin, piano. TH. *July 26 8:00: ChamberMusic of Schumann/. Philippe Djokic, violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Julian Armour, cello; Kimball Sykes, clarinet; Andrew Tunis, piano. SJC. · *July 26 8:00: Age· of Elegance. Music of Bach, Marais, Gibbons ,and others. Lucie Laneville & Natalie Michaud, recorders;.Margaret Little, viola . da gamba; Thomas Annand, harpsichord. SAC. *July 27 10:00am: Coffee Concert- Flute Sonatinas. Robert Cram, flute; Jean Desmarais, piano. SJC. *July 27 12:00 noon: Music of Rossini. Julie Nesrallah, mezzo soprano; Evelyn Greenberg, piano. SJC. *July 27 12:00 noon:'Aican -Quartet. Music of Haydn, Barber, and Grieg. SAC. *July 27 8:00: Spring Songs. Donna Brown, soprano; Stephane Lemelin, piano. SJC. *July 27 8:00: Repercussion! •july 27 8:00: Anton Kuerti in Recital. Music of Beethoven & Schubert. SJC. *July 28 12:00 noon: Wind Masterpieces of the 20th · Century. Bel Canto Wind Quintet with Steven van Gulik, trumpet; Andre Moisan, bass clarinet. FBC. *July 28 12:00 noon: Low Brass. SJC. · *July 28 12:00 noon: Musical Wednesdays - A/can Quartet. SJH. *July 28 6:00: Young People's Concert - Repercussion. Music of Haydn, Barber, and Grieg. GCC. *July 28 8:00: O'Reilly, Katz and Dawes Trio. Mus ic of Ravel, Schubert and Haydn. Andrew. I ~ I

:!'!' : :lVI Dawes, violin; Paul Katz, cello; Winter, mezzo soprano; Gerald Christopher O'Reilly, piano. SJC. Finley, baritone; Steven Ralls & *July 28 8:00: Chamber Music Bruce Ubukata, piano. TH. of John Corigliano. Philippe "July 31 8:00: Martin Chalifour. Djokic, violin; Pierre Djokic, cello; Music of Mendelssohn, Debussy, · Robert Cram, flute; Lynn Janacek and Stravinsky. Martin Stodola,piano. TH. Chalifour- violin, Bernadine *July 28 8:00: Chamber Music Blaha- piano. SJC. with Guitar. Music of "July 31 8:00: 'St. Lawrence Boccherini, Paganini and Quartet. Music of Haydn and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Steven Schumann. SAC. Sitarski, violin; Jasper Wo~d. "July 31 11 :OOpm: Schubert · violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Quintet. Andrew Dawes, violin; Julian Armour, cello; Alvin Tung, Steven Sitarski, violin, Guylaine guitar. :')AC. Lemaire, viola; Julian Armour, *July 29 10:00am: Coffee- cello. SJC. Concert. "August 1 3:09: Beethoven *July 29 12:00 noon: Gryphon Septet. Martin Chalifour, violin; Trio. Music of Mozart and · Neal Gripp, viola; Elizabeth Dolin, Chopin; cello; Jeremy McCoy, bass; *July 29 5:00: Fortepiano. Kimball Sykes, clarinet; Daniel Ludwig Smerjian, fortepiano. Gress, french horn; Gerald Corey, "July 29 8:00: Stephane bassoon. Lemelin. Music of Schumann "August 1 5:00: Rideau Lakes and Beethoven. SJC. Brass Quintet. RH . Free. "July 29 8:00: Chamber Music "August 1 8:00: Special of Stravinsky. Julie Nesrallah, Fundraising Concert. Angela mezzo soprano; Steven Sitarski, Hewitt, Jon Kimura Parker, violin; Jasper Wood, violin; Marc-Andre Hamelin, Janina Timothy McCoy, cello; Robert Fialkowska, Andre Laplante, Cram -flute & other performers. Angela' Cheng, piano. NACO. TH . · "August 1 8:00: Festival of *July 29 8:00: Organ Thurs- Canadian Composers 1-St. , day! Music of Bach, Buxtehude, Lawrence Quartet. Music of Franck, Ravel and Durufle. MacMillan, Mozetich, Schafer & Thomas Annand, organ. SAC. others. SAC. · "July 29 11 :OOpm: Spirit of "August 2 12:00 no'on: Festival Vienna. Music of Schubert and of Canadian· Composers II. Kreisler. Moshe Hammer, violin; Andrew Dawes & Ma(tin Bernadine Blaha, piano. SJC. Chalifour, violins. SJC. *July 30 12:00 noon: 20th *August 2 5:00: Festival of Century Piano Trios. Music of Canadian Composers Ill - Khachaturian, Rebecca -Clarke Jeunesse Musicale Tribute. and William Bolcom. Sally Daveluy: Quintet for piano and Benson, violin; Peter Smith, strings. Anne Robert, violin; clarinet; Margaret Wong, cello; Genevieve Beaud~y. violin; , Dina Namer, piano. SJC. Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Elizabeth *July 30 12:00 noon: An Dolin, cello; Bernadine Blaha, Afternoon of Bass. Murielle piano. SJC. Bryneau, bass; Louise-Andree "August 2 8:00: Festival of Baril, piano. TH. Canadian Composers IV. Music *July 30 6:00: Young People's of. Hatzis, Halley, Pepin, Chan Ka Concert Peter and the Wolf. Nin, Chatman and others. Harry Elton, narrator; Bel Canto Andrew Dawes, violin, Steven Wind Quintet. GCC. Dann, viola; Louise Winter, "July 30 8:00: Gryphon Trio. mezzo soprano; Gerald Finley, Music of Mozart, Chopin & baritone & other performers. Murphy. SJC. SJC. . "July 30 8:00: St. Lawrence "August 2 11 :OOpm: Festival of Quartet. Music of Haydn and Canadian Composers V. SJC. Schumann. SAC. "August 3 12:00 noon: Festival "July 30.8:00: Rideau Lakes of Canadian Composers VI - · Brass Quintet. Music of Bach, Violin and Organ. Anne Robert, Grieg, Handel, Ewald and violin; Jacques Boucher, organ. others. MSC. ESA. "July 3011 :OOpm: Suite for "August 3 12:00 noon: Festival Cello and Jazz Trio. Claude of Canadian Composers VII - Boiling -Suite for cello and Jazz Trio. Music of Weinzweig, Hatzis, Trio. Amanda Forsyth, cello; Ryan and others. Lori Gemmell, · Mark Ferguson, piano; John harp;. Tony Rapoport, viola; Carol Geggie, bass; Jonathan Wade, Ann Savage, flute. FBC. drums. SJC. "August 3 8:00: Festival of " July 31 11 :OOam: Young Canadian Composers VIII. Music People's Concert. St. Lawrence . of Cardy, Schmidt, Manning and / String Quartet. GCC. Glick. Martin Beaver, violin; *July 31 8:00: Mozart Gala. Steven Sitarski, violin; Guylaine Operatic solos and duos filled Lemaire, viola; Elizabeth Dolin & ESA. with instrumental interludes. Julian Armour, cello & other Donna Brown, soprano; Louise performers. SJC. "August 3 8 :00: Festival of Canadian Composers IX- True North Brass. SAC. "August 3 11 :OOpm: Festival of Canadian Composers X­ Music of Eastern Canada. Music of McLean, Parker, Monk F.eldman and others. In Motion (Nadia Francavilla, violin; Andrew Miller, bass; D' Arcy Gray, percussion and electronics). SJC._ "August 4 1 ~:00 noon: Vir,tuoso Trombone. Alain Trudel - trql',l)bone. SJC. · · "August 4 12:00 noon: Chamber Music ol France I. Music of Widor. Robert Cram, flute; Anne Robert, violin; G~ylaine Lemaire, viola; Julian Armour, cello; Stephane Lemelin, piano. TH. · *August 4 12:00 noon: Musical Wednesdays - Les Voix Humaines. Margaret Little & Susan Napper, violas da gamba. SJH. August 4 5 :00: Songs of Travel. Works of Vaughan Williams, Copland, Bush, Finzi and others. Gerald Finley, baritone; Steven Ralls, piano. SJC. "August 4 6:00: Young People's Concert- Alain Trudel, Trombone. "August 4 8:00: Martin Beaver in Recital. Music of Beethoven, Respighi & Prokofieff. Martin Be.aver, violin; Steven Sitarski, violin; James Parker, piano. SJC. "August 4 8:00: Les Voix Humaines with Danie/Taylor, countertenor. SMC. r; · "August 4 8:00: Chamber Music of France II. Music of · Debussy, Ravel, lbert and others. Jac'ques lsraelievitch, violin; St13ven Dann, viola; Robert Cram, flute; Julian Armour, cello; Jennifer Swartz, harp. SAC. " 4 11 :OOpm: Hot Sonata. Music-of Weill, Martinu, Schulhoff and Dwyer. Art of Time Ensemble (Phil Dwyer, saxophone; MarkFewer, violin; Andrew Burashko, piano). SJC. "August 5 1 0:00af!1: Coffee Concert- Les Voix Humaine. ASC. *August 5 12:00 noon: Viola Miniatures. Works of Brahms, Vaughan Williams and others. Steven·Da'nn, viola; Peter Longworth, piano; Anita Krause, mezzo soprano. SJC. "August 5 12:00 noon: La Nef: "August 5 5:00: Chamber , Music of France· Ill. SJC. "Augyst 5 8:00: Duke Trio. Music of Beethoven, Brahms and Copland. SJC. "August 5 8:00:, Monteverdi Spectacular. Studio de musique ancienne de Montreal; Christopher Jackson, director. "August 5 8:00: Chamber Music of France IV. Music of ..... ,... Chausson, Vierne and Poulenc. Anne Robert, Genevieve Beaudry & Josee Aidans, violins; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Annie Gadbois, cello & other performers. TH. "August 5 · 11 :OOpm: La Nef. SJC. . *August 6 12:00 noon: Duke Trio. Music of Beethoven and Brahms. The Duke Trio (Mark Fewer, violin; Thomas Wiebe, cello; Peter Longworth, piano). SJC. · "August 6 12:00 noon: Clarinet. Music of Brahms, Finzi and Lutoslawski. Ross ·Edwards, clarinet; James Parker, piano. TH. *August 6 8 i00: Chamber Music of Schum(Jnn Ill. Martin Beaver & Marie Berard, violins; Steven Qann, viola; Amanda Forsyth; cello; Andrew Burashko, piano. SJC. "August 6 8:00: Antonio Lysy. Music of Bach and Beethoven. Antonio Lys;y, cello; David Brightman, fortepiano. SAC. "August 6 8:00: Violin and Harp. Music of Leclair, Saint­ Saens, Martinorl and others. Jacques lsraelievitch, violin; Jennifer Swartz, harp. GSJ. "August 6 11 :OOpm: Anita Krause, mezzo soprano; Peter Longworth, piano. SJC. "August 7 8:00: Gala Closing Concert · Tokyo Quartet with Joanna G'froerer, .flute. DCUC. ST. PETERS Church. 49 Queen St. North, Kitchener. 41 6-463-65 9.2. "August 15 3:00: Quintessenz in Concert. Works by Lasso, Monteverdi, Buxtehude, Brahms, Bartok, Faure & Diestler. Heike Schehl, soprano; Barbara Nestler, alto; lngo Jander, tenor; Markus Bruhl, bass; Matthias Schmidt, baritone & accompanist. . SHARON TEMPLE. 18974 _Leslie St., Sharon. 905-4 78- 2389 . . *July 11 3:00: True North · Brass. Benefit concert for the · Restoration Fund of the Temple. . ' "August 29 3 :00: Danish and Other Desserts. Resonance ' Chamber Orchestra of Toronto. Music of Wiren, Nielsen & Holst. . SHAW Festival. Sunday Brunch Concerts. Beginning at 11 :OOam on the Terrace of the F-estival Theatre, Picton Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Selections of songs performed by two 'members of the Ensemble with piano accompaniment. 1-800- 511-7429. (brunch & concert). · Concerts on: July 25, August 8, August 29 ~~~--~~~~----~~--------------------------------------------~----------- .

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