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Volume 4 Issue 3 - November 1998

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BEIDND THE SCENES WITH DAWN LYONS: Den Ciul, licensed to Quill PREAMBLE: Whilst discussing possible subjects for "Behind The &enes," this off-and-ongoing series about the out-of-the-limelight people that make Toronto's musical limelight possible, WholeNote editor David Perlman suddenly asked "Well· why not Den? I talked to him'on the phone the other day, and he sounded interesting. And it'll explain how the whole "Behind the Scenes'" idea came to you. " · . Well, I thought, he was interesting enough to marry, and I've not been bored since, and then, there are the harpsichords ... . . So, here goes. · · Den and I run Claviers Baroques here in Toronto. We build, sell, repair and rent out historical keyboard instruments. We have provided harpsichords for Gustav Leonhardt, William Christie & Les Arts Florissants, II Giardino Armonico, and The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Our French double, "Muguette", has backed up Emma .Kirkby and Kathleen Battle. Renting out harpsichords has provided me with the opportunity to meet many of the "behind the scenes" people I write about. Yeah, it's been pretty interesting. ME: OK, Den, this is your chance. What would you like to tell the world about harpsichords? DEN: (hesitating like a skier poised at the top of the jump) Well, ifs a wonderful thing to have a harpsichord to play. I push. "Could you be more specific?" problem with Bach -- on a piano. A harpsichord has a light, dry tone and a rapid decay, so the lines naturally stay separate. ME: Don't you need harpsichord lessons? DEN: If you are playing for your own pleasure, and you JJVjjJc (Between 1t evenly, IF you re playmg 1t . DEN: (launching downhill at \, . speed) Harpsichords are EASY. 0 21 - 7 D l h A to play. The big challenge in . Whe , an10rt Ve .. !he Bach #1 Prel~de is t~ pl~y Chesler & Broa!Niew) on a piano. A harpsichord (416)406-1641 plucks, the sound IS even, it's •c . real work to get it uneven! Clarity of line, always a Specializing in the Sale of New. and Used Compact Discs Featuring Classical and Jazz Offering Gift Certificates, Elia Trinaistic, B.A. Trade-Ins and _;~,~ . Shiatsu Therapist, SpeCial Ordering t$;..~ Professional Rebirther ~W\ (416) 761-0135 ~ ('\ J! already play the piano or at least read music, not really. (Considers for a moment.) BUT you must be ready to let the harpsichord and the music teach you how to make it Demo COs & tafes! CfaJJica f & cJazz DigitallY. recorded on location. Classically trained audio engineer. Reasonable rates! . a

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