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Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 1998/January 1999

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11 n ]' '?? .c: u Buy the Cheapseats pass for only 0, pay only to get into any concert listed on the Cheapseats calendar. Plus, enjoy savings on recordings at the Canadian Music Centre, and earn free tickets to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. A.rraymusic Canadian Electronic Ensemble Canadian Opera Company Composers' Orchestra Continuum Encounters '99 Esprit Orchestra Glass Orchestra Hemispheres Music Gallery Music Matrix Music Toronto Music Umbrella New Music Concerts Opera Anonymous Toronto Symphony Orchestra , Passes available atthe · Canadian Music Centre (416) 961-6601 and the Music Gallery (416) .204-1 080 Don'tmiss the best entertainment deal in the city! HEAR & NOW continued from page 10 (Netherlands) and Derek Charke (Canada). "Charke's Breakup is a Canada Council commission that incorporates elements of a pop idiom within a rigorous structure," continues Waring. "There's so much playfulness, but with subtle things to listen for and get into for discerning listeners. " Also presented will be th·e winning work in the U. ofT. New Music Competition, and Continuum will workshop the two "runners up" at an afternoon session on January 15. STUDENT COMPOSERS STRUT THEIR STUFF J In keeping with the theme of young or emerging composers that was so much a focus of Made in Canada this year, the U. ofT. Festival has placed a concentration on music by student notesmiths. Two noon hour concerts follow. Continuum's Festival opener-with a double bill of Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire and a new work by Eric Ross for similar forces scheduled for January 14, and several student composers being presented on the 15th. Student/Faculty Showcase #1 (January 14 at 8:00PM) has a range of chamber pieces by Boris Despot, Jason Stokes, Eva Sze, and Lusiana Lukman, among others, plus professor Gustav Ciamaga's Quartets. The second Showcase the following evening also features works by Walter Buczynski as well as Lothar Klein's Old Man and the Sea for voice and piano. The whole Festival winds up' with an 85th birthday concert for John Weinzweig. Duologue for Two Pianos will be played by .Stephen Clarke and Leslie Dala, and Lori Gemmell interprets a selection from ~he 15 Pieces for Harp. The remainder of the concert is devoted to Weinzweig's intriguing and often uproariously funny vocal works--Parodies and Travesties, Le Rendez-vous, and Walking/Talking. CHOICES! CHOICES! Fans of new music will have a tough decision on January 23, with two concerts featuring contemporary repertoire to choose from. RioTTrio, Michele Verheul (clarinet), Laura Wilcox (viola), Eve Egoyan (piano), take to the stage of the Glenn Gould Studio for a programme·of new works by Canadians Lesley Barber and Sergio Barroso, juxtaposed with international repertoire by Kurtag and Kirschman. Meanwhile, Music Umbrella gives an evening of trios for Qute, harp and viola at Eastminster United Church that will include Nadir by Christos Hatzis for flute, viola and tape, p.Jus music by R. Murray Schafer. ESPRIT GOES DUTCH The Esprit Orchestra also continues to explore cross-border themes this season with its third concert, "Intersections-Canada/ Holland", part of its exchange project with musical organizations in the Netherlands. On January 24, four composers will be highlighted. Harry Somers' demanding Third Piano Concerto is back for the second time since it was commissioned by Esprit. Ana Sokolovic's Ge6metrie sentimentale is her second work to be presented to Esprit audiences. The Dutch , connection is explored in Theo Verhey's Triade (Canadian premiere) as well as Song and Dance for soprano and orchestra by Ron F~rd, who is originally from the USA but now living in Holland. David G. H. Parsons is Ontario Regional Director & Acting Head, CMC National library, Canadian Music Centre; Clwlmers House, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y JJ9 Tel: (416) 961-4057 Fax: (416) 961-7198 E-mail: · cmcont@interlog. com Website: < www. culturenet. calcmcl> TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSI(AL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Musician in our Midst Samuel Dolin sv ALLA~ PuLKER Gary Kulesha, now composer-adviser with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, who studied with Dolin from 1972 to 1978. calls him "the most influential teacher [of composition] in Canada. He was very strict - he would give you an assignment to do something in a certain way. If what you did departed in any way, he would show you the door and tell you not to come l?ack until you had done exactly what he had asked. It happened to me! What lay behind this was his recognition that a composer needed complete understanding of traditional practice. He demanded this of his students, and not until they had gained it would he allow them to try out their own ideas. At the same time, he never imposed any particular style on anyone, which is one reason why his former students include people wor!png in many different musical genres. Not only did he give me my basic technique, he shaped me more than anyone else. I cannot overstate this - I would not be who I am if I had not studied with Sam Dolin." In 1945 Dolin became a teacher of piano, theory and composition at the Toronto Conservatory of Music (now the Royal Conservatory of Music). While teaching there he continued his studies in composition and piano with John Weinzweig, Weldon Kilburn, Reginald Godden, E. Robert Schmitz and Ernst Krenek, and in 1958 he, received his doctorate in composition. Dolin started the electronic music lab at the Royal Conservatory in 1966, developed the ARCT program in composition in the early' '70's, and produced the first two recipients of the diploma, Roman Toi, who still teaches at the RCM and Michael Pepa, (whose Les Amis Series will be featuring~ number of Dolin's compositions). The liner notes of the 1968 recording of his violin sonata say "Dolin's reputation as teacher has grown so rapidly in recent years ... that his merit as a composer tends to be overlooked." According to Les Amis' Michael Pepa, Dolin "has probably produced more Canadian composers than the Faculty of Music." His former students include many active professional composers - Brian Cherney, Barbara Croall, Mary Gardiner, Steven Gellman, Paul Hoffert, Lorraine Johnson, Moe Koffman, Gary Kulesha, Larysa Kuzmenko, Michel Longtin, John Mills­ Cockell, Syd cRabinowitch, Eric Robe!fson, Ann Southam, Ben Steinberg, Ruth Watson Henderson, and Jack Zaza, to mention a few. Pepa also says of Dolin that while he is an icon in the musical life of the city and the country, he is also an outsider, in the sense that his work is not often performed (according to Pepa, because Dolin does not pursue performance opportunities). As an example, the performance by Alexander Tselyakov on January 17 of Dolin's Toccata Vivace will be its world premiere. The piece was wljtten in 1950 and revised in -1989. (When Tselyakov asked Dolin about performing it, the composer had forgotten about it completely!) At the age of 81, Dolin still teaches two days a week at the Conservatory, travelling all the way from his home near Penetang. There can be no doubt that Sam Dolin transcends George Bernard Shaw's facile adage that "those who can, do and those who can't, teach". He is a most capable composer with a real calling to teach--passing on his craft to those with the discipline to receive what he has to offer. The difference he has made, and continues to make, to this pountry's musical life is profound. Musicians in Our Midst is photographed by Michael Shaw, Ashley & Crippen Photographers 200 Davenport Road, Toronto (416) 925-2222 7111 .- mUSIC gallery dece~nber199B -ljanua --ry"l999 HI 14 REMEMBERED Sunday December 6, 4pm HAMPTON AVENUE Tuesday + Wednesday Decemfler 8 + 9 RING CYCLE Thursday, December 10 GRAEME KIRKLAND Saturday, December 12 GEORDIE MACDONALD Saturday, January 16 TORONTO IMPROVISED MUSIC SERIES Tuesday, January 19, ·JOHN FARAH Thursday, January 21 TORONTO IMPROVISED MUSIC SERI~S Friday, January 22 THE BURDOCKS Sunday, January 31 RING CYCLE Friday,· January 29 -musicgal ----- - --------- ----- ------ ----- -- 179 Richmond Street West west of universitY avenue • All performances begin at Bpm unless indicated otherwise For tickets+ information call416.l04.1080 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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