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Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 1998/January 1999

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1 ! 'John McGuigan is

1 ! 'John McGuigan is currently the ·administrative secretary of the Canadian Band Association (Ontario Chapter). His main function is the editing of the quarterly magazine "Fanfare" and to maintain records and offices for the association. He also owns and operates "COMPRINT" a publishing house for new Canadian music. He can be contacted by fax or phone at 905-826-5542 The Canadian Band Association is again presenting a clinic for Band Educators and Conductors on January 30th of 1999. The clinic will include reading sessions, special low and high brass sessions, a clinic on dealing with changes in the Education system, and a clinic on MIDI revisited. In the afternoon there will be a superior band concert. The reading sessions will be specially designed for conductors to learn about music from the past which has special significance to many of us who have been around for a long lime. We like to call this one Oldies but Good_ies the second session will include the best new music we can find. Conducting these sessions will be Warren Barker and Elliot del Borgo. Both these writers should be' well known to conductors and band players. The core ensemble for this session .will be the· Toronto Teachers' Wind Ensemble (formerly GTATWE). Guest artists for the concert in the afternoon will be the Toronto Youth Wind Ensemble conducted by Colin Clark and the True North Brass. This looks like a line up to dream for. This open to the public at per seat. Conference guests will be given tickets to the concert as part of their fee. Many of Ontario's retailers of musical products will be presenting their wares at the exhibit tables_ all around the conference. Admission to the conference will be for CBA members and for non membet:s. This includes a Membership fee. Lflst year's conference was labelled a success by everyone I spoke to. It is a needed opportunity for banders to see . what's new, learn more about banding, and meet with each other in congenial surroundings. The conference will be held in Martingrove Collegiate in Etobicoke. You can find it at Martingrove and Eglinton just adjacent to the 401 .highway. Since we had Wan:en Barker and Elliot del Borgo here on Saturday for Band-Aid, we asked them if they would like to work with a band of Ontario musicians doing their own ·charts in a reading rehearsal on Sunday. They both thought this would be a profitable time to spend with our Ontario bandsmen. This idea came about as a result of the invigorating rehearsal the Teachers' wind ensemble haq last year with clinician Robert Smith. All the band members enjoyed that rehearsal. In discussion about Band-Aid 99, our executive thought that members of our Ontario Bands would benefit from ~uch a rehearsal as much as GTATWE Clid, and that the idea of a Sunday rehearsal for band persons with Messrs. Barker and Del Borgo would be enthusiastically received. Thus for a minimal fee of Sunday morning is reserved for any Ontario bandsmen to sit in and rehearse with the experts on their own music. We hope to have two bands working on Sunday morning and enjoy this special opportunity to meet these legendary writers in person. Please · consider attending and bringing your instrument along. You will not be disappointed .. In fact if this works as well as our executive expects, it could become an annual highlight of banding in Ontario. Look forward to two days of opportunity for banders. The Saturday sessions are basically for educators but the Sunday session is for' all. Join us. Band Events to Remember Dec 6 Scarborough Com CB 2:00 Providence Ctr. Dec 6 York U. Wind Symphony 3:00 Dacary Hall Dec 6 Miss. Big Band 7:00 Living Arts Ctr. Dec 7 Salvation A,rmy Temple 8:00 Oshawa Dec 7 Toronto Youth Wind Orch 8:00 MacMillan Th. Dec 7 EtobicokeCommunity CB 7:00 Etob. City Hall Dec 10 Scarborough College CB 12:10 Meeting Place Dec 12 Amadeus Choir & Brass 3 &8 Geo Weston Dec 13 Pickering Com CB 2:00 Pineview SS Dec 13 Markham CB 3:00 Markham Th .. Dec 13 Music at Metropolitan 7:00 Met. United Ch. Dec 14 Scarborough Com CB 7:30 Scar.Civic Ctr. Dec 17 Festival Wind Orch . . 8:00 York Woods Lib Dec 18 Etobicoke Com CB 8:00 Montgomery's I. Dec 21 Canadian Brass 8:00 Roy Thompson Jan 17 Hannaford St. SB 3:00 Jane Mallet Jan 30 U ofT Wind Symphony 8:00 MacMillan Th. For more info check elsewhere in Wholenote TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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