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Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 1998/January 1999

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ONCERT NOTES December is here again, bringing the annual brief awakenim! in humanitv of the spirit of love and the longing for peace and reconciliation. The musical manifestation of this Is not only the sheer number of events but also the number of events that bring _together un1,1sual combinations of people and styles. Good examples--Volunge at the Ford Centre on Dec 1 ; and "Singing Together" at the Leah Posluns Theatre on December 13, which brings together Italian, French, Ukrainian, Armeman and Chinese Choirs and the Schola Cantorum boys' choir. In similar spirit, if not vein, also on December 13, the Amadeus Ensemble brings together jazz and classical musicians and genres at the Glenn Gould Studio. ' And all over town we find children and adults work side by side: the Etobicoke Community Concert Band and the Forest Glen Junior Choir on December 5; the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra and the Timmins Youth Singers, also 'on December 5; the Cathedral Bluffs . Symphony Orchestra with the East York Youth Choir, the Gordon A. Brown Middle School Choir and the London School of Dance on December 12; and the Amadeus Choir and the Bach Children's Chorus on December 12. . MESS.IAHS, MESSIAHS, WE'VE GOT ·'EM! Thinking of treating yourself to Handel's most beloved composition this holiday season? The 25 performances of The Messiah found in our listings offer a tremendous slate to choose from. There are Messiahs from Waterloo to Guelph to Fergus to Hamilton to Mississauga to Toronto; Messiahs in the lush romantic tradition or with the clean, light, rhythmic lines of period performance; Messiahs in churches, concert halls and school auditoriums; full performances or choice selections coupled with carols or other seasonal music; sing- Business as usual, for some In all the heat and hype about "reclaiming the Livent season" from the wax and ash of Drabinsky's fall, there.'s one group of dedicated musicians that, for better and for worse, is not getting much attention--namely the community-based renters of the Ford Centre. · "The important thing for us" says Michael Pepa of Les Amis, is for people to understand that we are all going ahead as planned. We're 'afraid that people will think everything has been cancelled except the ones that get publicity for being saved." All of the following community based Ford Centre events are going ahead as planned in December and January. See our listings for details, or call 870-8000 for tickets and information. •December 1 7:30: Volunge. The Gift of Song- a Choral Celebration. •December 6 3:00: Bach Children's Chorus. Christmas Concert. •December 6 7:00: Les AMIS. Music by Mozart, Danzi, Brahms, McConnell, Kulenovic & Pepa. ' • December 9 7:00: Centuries Opera Association. Apprentice Program Recital. •December 12 3:00 & 8:00: Amadeus Choir. Celebrate with Brass! •December 12 8:00: Canadian Singers. December 1ime. •December 13 2:00: Italian ,Cultural Institute. Christmas Concert. •December 20 8:00: North York Symphony. Christmas Concert. •January 09 8:00: North York Symphony. Opera Night. •January 14 8:00: North York Symphony. · •January 16 8:00: Scarborough Philharmonic. Gala Partnership Concert. . To benefit .Scarborough Salvation Army Grace Hospital. •January 17: Les AMIS Concerts. Alexander Tselyakov, piano, in Recital. •January 31 8:00: Chinese New Year's Festival. Salute to Yellow River. along Messiahs for those who love to join in - our listings provide a real treasure hunt. Check them out to discover the variety: no doubt you'll find one just suited to your taste. To help you along, here is a brief synopsis of what is to be discovered in the daily listings, organized by date, time and presenter: December 4 7:30: Celebration Chorale December 5 7: 30: Celebration Chorale 8:00: Bach Elgar Choir 8:00: Deer Park Vocal Ensemble 8:00: East York Choir & Guests l)ecember 6 2:00: Bach Elgar Choir 3:00: Mississauga Choral Society Specializing in custom reproductions of classic double bass Amati, Busan. Peter CHANDLER Luthier; :naker of fine double bass, cello, viola and violin. 10118 Ivan Dr., R.R. 1, llderton, On . . NOM 2AO Canada ' . December 11 8:00l Mohawk College Singers, Mohawk Sinfonia 8:00: TSO/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir December 12 5:00: Timothy Eaton Memorial Church/members of TSO 8:00: VocalPoint Chamber Choir December 13 3:00: TSO/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir 8:00: Guelph Chamber Choir December 16 8:00: TSO/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir December 17 8:00: Ford Ceritre 8:00: Tafelmusik 8:00: TSOr/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir December 18 8:00: Centre Wellington Singers 8:00: Ford Centre 8:00: Pax Christi Chorale 8:00: Tafelmusik December 19 2:00: Massey Hall: Tafelmusik Sing-Along Messiah 8:00: Pax Christi Chorale 8:00: TSO/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir December 20 3:00: Mississauga Choral Society Concert Notes continues

THE NUTCRACKER The Messiah is not the only chestnut to draw crowds at this time of the year. Another is Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, of which, not including the ·National Ballet's 11 performances, there are seven musical renditions on the go this holiday: Dec. 11 7:30: Oakville Symphony Orchestra. Dec. 11 8:15: Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra. Dec. 12 2:00 & 7:30: Oakville Symphony Orchestra. Dec. 13 1:00 & 4:30: Oakville Symphony Orchestra. Dec. 19 8:00: Orchestra Toronto. Get cracking! TOP BRASS The Canadian Brass are not the only top flight brass quintet in town. The True North Brass may have just recently got back from China where they at;:companied J~ Chretien (you didn't know that he sings?) and played a musically very 9onservative program for the top brass there, but they _are definitely here to stay. You 9an hear· them December 5 at St. John's Anglican Church•. EARLY MUSIC Did you know that the modern flute was developed in the late 1830s by the German flautist and inventor, Theobald Boehm, which means that the instruments now generally used to play the music of Mozart, Beethoven and the many composers of the baroque who wrote for the flute ·are not what the composers had in mind? Flautist, Mylene Guay, is a virtuoso performer on the type of instrument for which composers like Handel, Leclair and Charpentier wrote music and you can hear her with her harpsichordist husband, David Sandall on December 4 at Kimbourne Park United Church, about a five minutes walk from the Coxwell subway station. Another husband/wife duo, soprano Hallie Fishel and .violinist, Christopher Verrette along with lutenist, John Edwards will perform music of the Italian ·baroque on January 29. · The Toronto Consort, one of Toronto's leading interpreters of Medieval and Renaissance music, will join forces with Puirt a Baroque on December 10 to reveal the continuity of the Celtic musical tradition from the middle ages to the present day. And Sine Nomine .(Dec 18) and Aradia Baroque Ensemble (Dec 19) both help to the early music flame burning bright, Concert Notes continues, next page JOHN FEATH Recorder Center sheet music- recorders 984 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto,, Ont. M6H 2X5 (416), 534-7931 everything fo~ the recorder player CONCERT AND RECITAL RECORDING AFFORDABLE CD PROJECTS AND AUDITION/DEMO TAPES DONE ON LOCATION OR AT 24 TRACK STUDIO WITH STEINWAY GRAND CLIENTS INCLUDE CBC'S ON THE ARTS, BRAVO & CAST MEMBERS OF THE CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY ROBERT POIZNER: 416.466 . 4018 37 of THE BEST CANADIAN SONGS sung by DAVID MILLS CANADIAN CLASSICAL SONGS . ( CD 25970) REFLECTIONS ( CD 19704) .GEMSTONE RECORDS Available at fine record stores everywhere Distributed by: on DISTRIBUTION FUSION Ill TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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