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Volume 4 Issue 9 - June 1999

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JAZZ NOTES continued

JAZZ NOTES continued from page 15 official progranune which should be available at about the same time as this publication. i will, however, mention some of the highlights. · There is an ambitious programme , at Harbow:front Centre, some free, some ticketed. A couple of the 'biggies~ are:- June 30th. 8,00p.m. Cassandra Wilson, a singer who is riding the crest, will'return to repeat her last year's triumph. Molson · Place. 973.4000. .00; .00 (advance). July 3rd. 8.00p.m. ''Remember Shakti". Guitarist John McLaughlin, in the company of Zakir Hussain on tabla, with special guests V. Selvaganesh, ghatam and U. Shrinivas, mandolin is once more exploring the relationship between jazz and Indian music. Molson Place. 973.4000. .00; .00 (advance). The corner of King and John Streets in downtown Toronto is where you can fmd the I ,000 seat marquee which houses the du Maurier Stage. There will be 38 concerts in this tent over the ten day periOd. The performances at · noon and 5.30p.m. form the 'toonie' series - a donation of .00 gets you in. There is a 'Round Midnight' Series for .00 and a ticketed concert at 9.00p.m. each night. Here are a few to whet your appetite. Above Oliver Jones, right, Cassandra Wilson; Downtown Jazz headliners June 25th. 9.00p.m. du Maurier Stage at King and John. The Roy Hargrove Quintet will raise the temperature. An established Toronto favourite, Roy is one of the young turks of the trumpet and has a really hot band with him. .50 June 26th. 9.00p.m. du Maurier Stage at King and John. A rare opportunity to hear one of the fmest voices in jazz, Ernestine Anderson. .00 June 30th. du Maurier Stage at King and John. It is Ellington Year, and one of the stalwarts of that orchestra was Clark Terry on trumpet and flugelhom. He also has a fmely honed sense of hwnour, as well as being a great musician. He will appear with Jim Galloway and his Wee Big · Band in a tribute to the Duke. · · S25.oo July 2nd. du Maurier Stage at King and John. Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass. If the tent had rafters they would ring to the sounds of this great band. .00 July 4th. du Maurier Stage at King and John. Another great Canadian performer, Oliver Jones, will be on hand with his trio. As an added bonus he will have a special guest in the fonn of trumpetlflugelhom virtuoso, Guido Basso. .00 There it is - a small sampling of du Maurier Downtown Jazz. Please pick up a programme. Some of the non-festival events in June include:- June 5th. at 8.00p.m. a concert featuring a singer/songwriter who didn't start out as a jazz singer, but whose work impresses me more and more each time I hear her • Shirley Eikhard. With her 'will be Bob Erlendson, piano, Pat Collins, bass and Mark Kelso, drwns. River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich St., Guelph. 519.763.3000.00,.00. June 6th. IO.OOp.m. Guelph Spring Festival. Koller Michels Duo. Bassist George Koller and 1 singer Julie Michels in concert. ' River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich St., Guelph. 519.763.3000. Free. June 14th. 12.15p.m. Church of the Holy Trinity will be the setting for Music Monday Lunchtime Concert featuring Niagara Brass in a programme of Bartok to Blues. 10 Trinity Square. 598.4521. Free. June 28th. Church of the Holy Trinity. Music Monday Lunchtime Concert with the Colson Trio playipgjazz standards._-10 Trinity Square. 598.4521. Free performances in clubs. So, here is the question. Is a jazz performance in the Montreal Bistro by Marian McPartland any less valid than a concert hall performance by McCoy Tyner? Is Milt Jackson's playing in an intimate club less artistic than when he plays with 0 the Modem Jazz Quartet? > " : Jazz grew out of street parades, ~ dance halls and gaming houses. ~ It was not well regarded in e 'polite' circles; even the origins ~of the word itself were suspect. And as for the music, well it was nothing less than an influence for evil. But it formed the recipe for a music that swept the world to the extent that today its influence is everywhere. Does the 'respectability' of a concert hall add something to the music, or does it detract? Is the answer a little bit of each? Were Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman really doing the music a favour when they took it into Carnegie Hall? It is a topic I would like to examine in future issues and I welcome any comments readers might have. Comments can be sent to me at WholeNote, but for the moment I will simply.mention that during th~ festiv~l, sorne very noteworthy performances will take place in clubs. The Montreal Bistro has a formidable array of pianists during the festival - Marian McPartland, Satoko Fujii, Dick Hyman and Ralph Sutton, covering the musical spectrum from stride to avant-garde - and to round it out Joey Defrancesco, one of the new generation of Hammond organists. At the host hotel, Toronto Colony Hotel, 89 Chestnut Street, two of our local gems, Ian Bargh and Bob Fenton will hold court, accompanying the various guest musicians. Think musical thoughts. The progranuning for du Maurier Downtown Jazz raises an interesting topic. There is a ten day schedule of concerts, but there is al~o a full schedule of Jim Wuou:Nott:'s JAzz Non.s 1s Sl'PI'ORIEI) II\ CJRT Fl, JAzz Runo I'\ ToiW'

M t\. 1 [. S\C\S~~~------ ~NO ~ ~--- So/emnis (July 9), in Quartetfest CJR 41.--- (July 13) and Quartetfest ~ L. ---,__ and pianist Gene DiNovi, vocalist P~nderecki Stnng 9uaftet, and m ~\ ~ l-- Amy Fanning, clarinetist James S1x aach M?tets wtth members - 1 · · . thr gh Campbell and others celebrate of Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra -- C ass1cs Senes fUllS ou out , (J 1 8) Ed' 1 J d th th F · J· highl'gh · J d Duke Ellington's centenary in a u Y l · !Son a so ea s e -- e estlva · I ts me u e . Toronto Mendelssolm Choir in t BY BERNARD MARTIN Anton ~uerti playin~ Bee~oven's concert of his works. The Glocy ofMendelssolm (July 24). IN,CiTy ANd DAY 'TRips TltE FEsTivAl Appasszo~ata sonata, Jamie. Festival of the Sound's artistic Other highlights include , So~efVllle and_ Penderec~ director is James Campbell. pianist Angela Hewitt (July Jl), Stnng Q~e~ With Mozar:ts , Call 705 746-2410, fax 705 Clare College Choir (July 17), a Hom Qumtet mE-flat MaJor; 746-5639, e-mail Baroque Bouquet with the and: also celebrating their 20th, Centone Brass (July 21), The ID?mversru:Y, the Elmer lseler or visit their website at Oda Piano Quartet with Mozart's Smgers With works by Bach, E flat major K.493 and Brahms' Mozart, and ~rahm~. 1. l • l C minor op. 60 (July 21 ), and . Th1s year 1s the Iru:t you THE E ORA fESTIVA Heather Toews playing early 20th of TltE SouNd celebrates Will be ab~e to h~ Copland's · also celebrates a 20th wmiversary century solo piano by Ravel, its 20th anniversary by inviting favourite perfonners back to Parcy Sound from July 16 to August 8. The Festival opens the weekend of July 16 with the Hannaford Street Silver Band under Bramwell Tovey, a Saturday tribute concert to t11e Festival's founders and artistic directors, with Anton Kuerti, Kristine Bogyo, and James Campbell. The chamber music Appalachzan Spnng, B~ok s this year with an eclectic roster of Granados and Bartok (July 22). Contrasts, w1d GershWin's more than 30 concerts that range Rhapsody in, Blue in the century from sacred Tibetan music and The Elora Festival runs July 9 to they were written, and you can dance (July 10), to the open air August 1. For more information hear these and otl1er works in the Quarry concerts with Broadway call519 846-0331, fax 519 Celebrating our Century series. star Tyley Ross (July 21) and the 846-5947, e-mail Festival premieres folk and country vocals of or visit include Michael Horwood's Quartette (July 22). www. elora. org Quartzite Dialogues, based on At the centre of Elora is T~E SpRiNG ANd the landscape ofParcy Sound, and Artistic Director Noel Edison, tl1e free Discoveries series. Peter who conducts the Elora Festival SuMMER BRoTT Appleyard picks up the swing Singers in Beethoven's Missa Festival ortheSound James Campbell, Artistic Director July 16 -August 8, 1999 20th Anniversary Season of Great Music in Parry Sound Over 50 musical events incl~ding: Gala Opening Concert- Hannaford Street Silver Band- July 16 Anton Kuerti & James Campbell-July 17 Two Great Choirs- Elmer Iseler Singers and Elora Festival Singers Georgian Bay Musical Cruises on Island Queen and Chippewa Celebrating our Century- July 30- August 3 Peter Appleyard· and Swing Fever- August 1 Ellington at 100 - August 7 Eight Premieres! For a brochure or tickets, call 705-746-2410 or fax 705-746-5639 Write P.O. Box 750, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2Zl E-mail:

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