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Volume 5 Issue 7 - April 2000

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16 \ propri~tely enough

16 \ propri~tely enough for the se~son, the Toronto Symphony Orches tra explores Stravinsky (March 30, April 1), presenting "A Soldier's Tale" on its Evening Overtures, and culminating with the ever-popular "Rite of Spring" at the regular concert time. WholeNote readers shouldn't pass up this occasion to experience, in one evening, two of the finest works by one of the last century's seminal figures. An added bonus to the early programme is "Hammer & Bow," a fantasy for violin and marimba by Michael C6lgrass, performed by Jacques Israelievitch and John Rudolph. Composed for the TSO concertmaster's 50th Birthday, it was premiered by him with his teenage son. "Although the work· tells no specific story," says Colgrass, "it has the feeling of two people relating closely on an· emotional level, at times harmonious, at other times discordant, oc.casionally playful, but always communicating." Don't forget Soundstream's dramatic "encounter" between Canadian composer Jeffrey Ryan and Norwegian Rolf Wallin on April 5 (mentioned in last month's Hear & Now). Artistic director Lawrence Cherney has selected three works by Wallin -:­ "Ground" for solo cello and 18 strings, which garnered the composer a first prize in the International Rostrum of Composers last year, featuring cellist Shauna Rolston; · "Stonewave" (ritual for the exorcisni of evil spirits) for 3 percussionists; and "Yo" for computer and controHer suit, developed by Wallin during time spent at IRCAM. Ryan will be represented by "Ecce Homo" for string orchestra, as well as "Two-by-Four," a high-energy concerto for marimba and chamber ensemble, and a superb vehicle for percussionist. Beverley Johnston. Harpist Erica Goodman then joins Johnston in an interpretation of Ryan's "Poison Wind". Gary Kulesha leads the Encounters Ensemble. The spring issue of Musicworks Magazine, Canada's only journal devoted to explorations in. sound and new music, gets launched with an afternoon event (appropriately) combining words and music on April III. Hear .. & Now (New _Music) BY DA vm G.H. PARSONS Rolf Wallin/controller suit 9. To mark the appearance of volume '76, this fundraiser will display .several pieces from the issue's accompanying CD plus improvisations and readings. Participating artists Anne Bourne (cello), Stephen Clarke (piano), Paul Dutton (speaksinger), Tiina Kiik (accordion), Richard Sacks (percussion), and more, will interpret music and texts from sources as diverse as John. Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Udo Kasemets, Ezra Pound, a nd Kurt SchWitters. Later that same evening (April 9) Les Amis Concerts celebrates a host of Canadian composers up at the Ford Centre. Music by Sid Robinovich; Philip Macconnell, Sam Dolin, Ann Southam, Mary Gardiner, David Passmore, and Michael Pepa, featuring woodwind ensemble, chamber choir, solo voices, and more ... a cornucopi~ of musical forces and contrasting styles! · Contemporary Music Made COMPOSER COMPAN Enjoy concerts in the the 99/00 professional composer as audio gui~e. Percussion fans should take note of back-to-back concerts on April 11 and 12 featuring graduate students from U of T playing intriguing new music. .Fjrst up, Dylan Benson has programmed Gareth Farr's "Keri bang su ling" (flute/marimba), Alexina Louie's "Cadenzas" (clarinet/ marimba), Gary Kulesha's "Angels" (marimba/tape), Paul Creston's (USA) "Concerto for Marimba and Piano", and "Rebonds" for solo multiple percussi9n by Xenakis. A highlight will be the Bart6k "Sonata for T\(o Pianos and Percussion." The next night, Mark Adam takes to the stage with pieces by Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonti - "Agua e Vinho" (marimba/voice) and "Infancia," "Time" by Minoru Miki (Japan), "CaDance 4 2" by Andrew Pape (Denmark), "One 4 Solo Drummer" by John Cage, as well as several of Adam's own compositions. Dylan and Mark are joined by various friends for these concerts. Toe tapping stuff! On the afternoon of April 15, the Intrada Brass under the baton of Bram 'Gregson. present an all-Cami- ' dian programme at the Glenn Gould Studio. Lothar Klein's "Ga1,ete Canadienne" heads a line-up of compatriot creators including Robert Farnon, Morley Calvert, Howard Cable, John Weinzweig, John Beckwith and Gary Kule:>ha. Brassy new music in an accessible vein. Then rush straight over to Music Umbrella that same evening (April 15) for a radical change of pace: 20th century violin works, all composed on this continent, with Mark Fewer (violin) and Simon Docking (piano). Two major American pieces - Charles Ives' "Sonata #4: Children's Day at the Camp Meeting," and John Corigliano's "Violin Sonata" - have been paired with "L'effusione d'amicizia (1993) for solo violin by Michael Oesterle of Montreal. Winner of the 1998 Jules Leger prize for new chamber music, Oesterle has had wbrks performed by such groups as !'Ensemble lntercontemporain (Paris) and the Arditti Quartet (London) - a demanding and individual creative voice. C . d ontmue Centre, Ontario Regio'n 961-660},. ext. :w7

CHORAL QUICK PICKS April 1812:00 noon: Nathaniel Dett April 214:00: Choir & soloists of Eglinton St. George's United Church April 21 7:30: Metropolitan Festival Choir April 23 7:30: Beth Tikvah Choir; Holy Blossom Temple Choir; Lachan Choir April 26 7:30: Toronto Children's Chorus (in Late List) April 27 7:30: Meridian Children's Chorus; Boy Singers of Maine; Northwestern Michigan Children's Concert Choir (in Late List) April 28 (in Further Afield) & 29 8:15: ·Te Deum Singers April 29 2:00: Choirs of students from throughout Toronto April 29 7:30: Bach Children's Chorus; High Park Girls' Choir; Toronto Children's Chorus; Meridian Children's Chorus; Boy Singers of Maine; North western Michigan Children's Choir April 29 8:00: Cantores Celestes April 29 8:00: Mississauga Festival Choir May 1 7:30: Hampton. Avenue (in Honourable Mention) / May 1 8:00: Utaoni Choir May 2 3 :00: Royal Conservatory of Music Repertory Chorus) continued from page 15 MUSICWORKS Magazine 179 Richmond Street West Toronto, ON Canada MSV 1V3 Tel: (416) 9n-3546 E-mail: May 2 8:00: Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir May 3 12:00 noon: Amadeus Chamber Singers May 5 & 6 8:00: Oakville Choral Society May 5? & 7 ?: Palestrina Chorus May 6 7:30: Toronto Children's Chorus May 6 7:30: Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir (in Further Afield) May 6 7:30: Oakham House Choir of Ryerson Polytechnic Institute May 6 8:00: All The King's Voices; Youth Voices United · May68:00: Bell' Arte Singers May 6 8:00: Dukes of Harmony May 6 8:00: Elora Festival Singers May 6 8:00: Oriana Singers May 6 8:00: Toronto Chamber Choir May 7 3:00: Concertsingers May 7 3:00: Toronto Jewish Folk Choir May7 4:00: St. Andrew's (King St.) Choir May 7 4:00: Amari Iii Singers May 7.4:00: Toronto Classical Singers May 7 7:00: Elmer lseler Singers May 7 8:00: Peel Choral Society (in Further Afield) May 7 8:00: Sweet Honey In the Rock Exploring the works of: ANA-MARIA AVRAM JOHN CAGE ROLF GEHLHAAR PAULINE OLIVEROS JESSE STEWART DAVID TUDOR AL WUNDER PAMELAZ Issue 76 on newsstands in April Magazine & CD Subscription: .00 for 3 Issues NOW ACCEPTING CLIENTS/ Contact in Confidence Chuck Homewood Tel: (416) 777-9392 Fax: (41 6) 203-8981 e-mail: the C}(111 .. .mus,1 LI c ''"'''' Apri-12000 Ongoing to Friday April 7 ·rhe Emotionalists I PWYC Sunday April 9, 3:00 pm Musicworks Magazine Spring issue launch. An afternoon of music, words & works with Anne Bourne, cello; Stephen Clarke and Udo Kasemets, .Piano; Paul Dutton, speaksinger; Richard Sacks, percussion; and others. PWYC. F"r.iday April 21, 8 pm Continuum Contemporary Music presents (416). Music by Steenhuisen, Rolfe, Bolton, Roi and Boyd. Rosemary Thomson, conductor; Ann Thompson, flute; Peter Stoll, Clarinet; Stephen Clarke, piano; Bill Brennan, percussion; and others. Info 481-3418. , , (cheapseats). Sunday May 7, 8 ,pm 1 Geordie McDonald plays the music pf Saunders, Bley, Coleman, and Walker. Geordie McDonald, percussion; Nancy Walker, piano and arrangements; Kiki Misumi, cello; Allan Molnar, vibe~; Kieran Overs, bass. . I 179 Richmond Street West• west of University Avenue• All performances begin at 8 pm unless indicated otherwise• For tickets and information call 416.204.1080

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