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Volume 6 Issue 5 - February 2001

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CONCERT NOTES: NEW MUSIC continued Arraymusic has announced the appointment of Allison Cameron as artistic director. Ms. Cameron, who was featured "Behind the Scenes" in the November 2000 issue of WholeNote will also feature as a composer in Arraymusic's intriguing upcoming concert, Schiphol, at Trinity-St. Paul's on February 23. Named for Amsterdam's international airport, the concert features works by three Canadian composers who have lived in Amsterdam and two Dutch composers. discussion in our new online forum. JAZZ Nous by Jim Galloway Not even when jazz was at the height of its popularity in the thirties was it as well publicized and so much the focus of attention as it has been these past few weeks. Talking, of course, about Ken Bums' Jazz, the PBS television series, as a result of which more people have been exposed to the music than ever before. There's no question in my mind that the series is good for jazz. Yes, it is subjective -­ yes, it omits some important names -- yes, the contemporary end of the jazz spectrum is shortchanged. But, we do have a beautifully produced, informative and highly entertaining document which has created an unprec­ New music listings on the web. In response to requests from several of our new music readers, starting this month, the WholeNote website at now features separate, complete new music listings. And while you're there, check out the new music .-lml!•---------.. edented awareness of jazz to a larger audience than it has ever had before. There is not a lot of jazz activity in the large concert halls this month, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot happening elsewhere. In smaller concert venues there are a number of interesting options. Before we go there, however, I want to mention one event at Massey Hall Feb 28. It marks the first occasion Toronto audiences will have to see Paolo Conte. This enormously popular Italian singer, pianist, composer will have an 8-piece band with him and although he crosses over into popular music, his jazz influences are always there. Now to the listings. Feb 1, at St. George the Martyr Church, watch for Music Gallery /Guerrilla Gallery's Music of the Heart, Music of Spirit,.an evening of contemporary music played by David Mott, baritone saxophone; 40 Fingers Saxophone Quartet; Jesse Stewart, percussion. And if vocalists do the trick for you there are a couple of dates to watch: Feb 6, OnStage at Glenn Gould Studio, vocalist Cindy Church accompanied by Joe Sealy, piano, and George Koller, bass, presents The Songs Of Hoagy Carmichael. And Feb 7, the Humber Jazz Series: Artist Week Showcase features Darmon Meader of New York Voices, Trish Colter's Vocal Jazz Combo and Alastair Kay's Big Band. The host is Bill King. Feb 9, at the Heliconian Hall, watch for "The New Guitar" featuring works by Archer, Baker, Lofsky, MacDonald, Moses and . others, rendered byDanielle Cumming, guitar, and Lome Lofsky and Rob Piltch jazz guitar duo. Worth the price of admission just to hear Lome and Rob play together. Harbourfront Centre was to be the setting for two important concerts this month. Feb. IO South African Women for W omen/Harbourfront Centre were to present An Evening with Abdullah Ibrahim, the mo~t important jazz pianist to emerge from South Africa. But it has been cancelled. The other concert will still take place: a Harbourfront Centre/Jeunesses Musicales of Ontario presentation titled Africville Suite -- songs and stories from Africville, Nova Scotia with pianist/composer Joe Sealy . . There are also two concerts at the Ontario Science Centre in the Sound of Toronto Jazz .from Jazz FM 91 (previously CJRT). Feb 12, Ted O'Reilly presents Melissa Stylianou and Trio. And Feb 26 the offering is A Tribute to Louis Armstrong and the All-Stars. Make a note of Feb 24, OnStage at Glenn Gould Studio featuring saxophonist Jane Bunnett and Friends. Jane is a dedicated musician who has really made her mark on the jazz scene. And don't forget the ongoing series of Small Jazz Ensembles concerts offered by the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. The dates for this month are Feb 7, 14 and 28 at Walter Hall. Off WholeNote's turf, in the clubs, one of the highlights comes right at the start of the month when Jay "Hootie" McShann brings his authentic Kansas City piano playing and his unique vocal wqe ~uni~ Qrqamher 217 Danforth Ave. (416) 406-1641 Newand Used Classical and Jazz CDs Trade-ins Accepted 12 wholenote FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001

style to the Montreal Bistro, Feb 1 to 3. A chance to hear one of the originals of jazz. And later in the month at the Bistro, Feb 20-24, you can catch another great pianist whose music is steeped in the blues - Ray Bryant. For more complete club listings please check the Toronto Downtown Jazz website at February birthdays. Here are a few of the birthdays for this month of musicians who were perhaps not innovators, but who made significant contributions to jazz:- Lonnie Johnson, born 1889, William Russell, 1905, Buddy Tate, 1915, Tadd Dameron,1917, Howard McGhee, 1918, Mel Powell, 1923 Sonny Stitt, 1924, Roland Hanna, 1932. I know I left some out. Now I know how Ken Bums feels! BANDSTAND by Merlin Williams A casual glance at this month's listings could lead you to the conclusion that February is a quiet month for bands. And if the only measure of a band's activity is the number of concerts it plays, you could be correct. However, February is a busy month for bands preparing for competitions and festivals, as well as spring concerts. Many groups are getting ready for the regional competitions that eventually lead to the Musicfest Canada nationals in Ottawa this May. The Toronto Kiwanis Festival is also on this month, and attracts quite a number of high school and community bands. him at (416) 534-0138, or When I picked up my own copy of the Dec./Jan. WhcileNote, I was pleased to see in it a calendar of editorial specials for 200 I, with a different focus for each of the year's ten·issues. (Repeated this month on page 7). I've been thinking long and hard about how to write about the economics of the music b.usiness as it relates to the band scene. Most people in this age view bands as an educational institution. But this wasn't always the case. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were musicians who were employed full-time in the band field . These days, the only people in North America who make a living as band musicians are in military bands. The concert band is now classed con'tinues ' Concert Recording WORLD CLASS DIGITAL RECORDING CD MASTERING & MANUFACTURING special praise." Robert Franner, :,i ~ al Music Magazine '! 1 ' ••• the very esse1:1ce ·I ~ of fidelity." I ~· Alan Lofft, ! Sound and Vision '·~ , or '~4,ree, informative 'l)r:ocryure, please call 416~410-8248 The Audio Group JUNO nominated work Over 14 years experience pwned/Operated by Robert Hanson ~ Recording & Editing ~~CD Mastering ~~ Graphic D~sign ~ Promotions ':deep dowr1 puooomons 416 535-0401 Ww:"' Hear the colour of our • Horn players take note! The International Horn Society now has an Area Representative for Ontario - John Kowalchuk. John has set up a web page for the IHS in Ontario. It's at http:// home. is tar. ca/ - johnk/horn/. The page has all sorts of links to horn sites, orchestras, ensembles, and community bands. Jean-Francois Gouin is a man with a vision. He wants to start an alternative marching band to perform in Toronto's many parades and festivals. The instrumentation would be flexible, and the music new and original. Jean-Francois is looking for musicians who might be interested in a band like this - if you want to find out more this project, contact Canada's foremost Violin Specialists 201 Church Street Toronto, On. MSB 1Y7 email FEBRUARY 1, 2001 - MARCH 7, 2001 wholenote 13

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