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Volume 6 Issue 6 - March 2001

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harpsichord and string

harpsichord and string instrumentalist, Peter Bishop - will present Pergolesi's Stahat Mater the first concert in the new building on April 1 at 4:00. Art of Time Again lo~king back, in May, 1998, New Music Concerts presented a concert of music by three composers who died in Nazi concentration camps in the Second World War. The oldest of these was the Czech composer, Erwin Schulhoff, whose artistic endeavours included his association with Paul Klee and the Dadaists, the study of jazz and the composition of music in a wide variety of styles .' The Art of Time Ensemble will present a program of Schulhoff's music on April 2 at the Glenn Gould Studig. by Frank Nakashima In a concert entitled "Forbidden Playthings" (March 6), the Fretwork Viol Consort (from England) performs the music of Byrd, Gibbons, Purcell, Bach, Mico & others. This is a great opportunity to hear beautiful music, as it was · intended to be played, on a consort of viols. The consort - Richard -l30Clthby, Wendy Gille$pie, William Hunt, and Susanna Pell - is joined by singer Ellen Hargis. First performed for King "George I from a barge at a musical river party, Handel's Water Music was recorded by Tafelmusik 'in 1996 to great The Universities: r acclaim. Now you can hear it live Last Call .(and, you won't even have to risk The climax of the academic year getting wet- March 7-lD! Check is in March. A look at the listings their website: will reveal many diverse concerts both at the University of Toronto Some of the loveliest and and at York University, most poignant music and poetry performed by both students and of the Middle Ages is found in faculty members. In addition there elegies ·and laments: secular will be many student recitals planctus and deplorations for which are free to the public. A famous historical, biblical, or phone call to the numbers literary figures, liturgical included with the university expressions of penitence, and, of listings should yield some course, the Lamentations of information on these, which are Holy Week. Sine Nomine not among our listings. S.o, get presents accompanied solo songs, out to a university concert this plainchant, and sonorous month., You will be warmly. polyphony in a deeply moving welcomed and well rewarded at programme for'the Lenten season an artistic level as well. The next (March 9). Visit their website: opportunity to attend one of these www. chass. utoronto. ca/ concerts ii r· will not be until late sinenomine September. The Kolller &ntre of the Arts and Virtuosi di Toronto p~ent. ~"~'Jk B:t iOt> Sunday, May 13, 2001 7:30 p.m. Toronto Centre for the Arts 5040 Yonge Street MENDELSSOHN String Symphony No.10 MOZART Violin Concerto No.5 in A major, K. 219 TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade !or Strings Op.48 SHLOMO MINTZ Virtuosi di Toronto - Fabio Mastrangelo Fo.r tickets or further information Ticketmaster at 416-870-8000, Tl'UkC'".' tr:R, t~6 Toronto Centre for the Arts at 416-733-9388, Koffler Centre of t.he·Arts at ~ ~dlf ~ 416-636-1880 x228, or Virtuosi di Toronto at 416-538-9879. 12 wholenote MARCH 1, 2001 - APRIL 7, 2001 One.of America's leading historical flute performers, Helen R. Valenza, will be bringing instruments from her extraordinary flute collection to Academy Concert Series (March 10). Her collection consists of outstanding examples illustrating the flute's development since about 1750 and several have prev~ously been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum. ; The demonstration will be followed by a lively concert of music for flute and other instruments. Some of the composers . featured in this concert are Devienne, Fuchs, and Kreutzer. Other performers on the program are Boe! Gidholm (violin, viola), Christopher Haritatos (cello), Nicofai Tarasov (clarinet) and Stiaron Burlacoff (fortepiano). At .the next CAMMAC . Reading (March 25), you will be introduced to Bach's masterpiece, Mass in B Minor, by Ivars Taurins (of Tafelmusik). For a nominal fee (unless you are already a member of CAMMAC), you can come and sing and/or play in this "early music jam session". For more information on CAMMAC Toronto Region activities, check the website at http://, or you can call the hotline at (416) 421 - Michael Bloss, organ Reubke: Sonata on the 94thPsalm -~- Edward Moroney, organ Tannis Sprott, soprano Clare Scholtz, oboe Michael Bloss, organ. William Lupton, organ. Daniel Rubinoff, saxophone & Christopher Dawes, organ. 0779, or e-mail Stuari Laughton Quebec City's remarkable string ensemble, Les Violons du Roy, under the direction of Bernard Labadie, returns to Toronto (March 27), joined by local virtuoso trumpeter Stuart Laughton. Program includes the . music of Marcello, Geminiani and Handel. .Critical Mass - a musical initiative to he!P, the homeless (freewill offering to the "Out of the Cold" program) -- continues with another gem of Latin Renaissance polyphony, Victoria' s.Missa gaudeamus (March 28). Website: http:// snappingturtle. net/criticalmass It's not often wf; get to hear a recorder in recital for .free these days, but on March 29 at 12:00 noon, y0u can hear the delightful music of Sammartini, Handel, ·Vivaldi, Telemann and others, played by Matthew Jones (recorder), accompanied by Jan Overduin (organ). Known mostly for their expertise in the performance of Baroque literanire,' Tafelmusik

Christina Mahler extends their repertoire to include some early classics (March 29, 30, 3'1 ·and April 1) in a program showcasing the talents of soprano Karina Gauvin in Mozart's Exultate, jubilate, and principal cellist Christina Mahler in Haydn's virtuosic Cello Concerto in D Major. Baroque Music Beside the Grange's offering this month is Concert sur l'Herbe (March 30) - a charming program of music and dance· from 18th-century .France, employing the rustic tone colours of chalumeau (Colin Savage), hurdy-gurdy (Catherine Keenan), "' flute (Alison Melville), § ::. oboe (Marie-France ~ Richard), and re- ~ corder, with, cello ~ (Mary-Katherine &; Finch) and harpsichord (Michael Jarvis) in pastoral w0rks by Couperin, De LaVigne, Corrette, Hotteterre, and others. This program also ·features dancer Donna Greenberg. Music for Bloody Mary - The brilliance of the Tudor Chapel Royal resounds in rarely heard works of the English Counter-Reformation (Tallis: Russian music in Toronto? Ko&eqno! MARCH 24; 2001 University of Toronto SHOSTAKOVICH 2001 \ ' OPEN SYMPOSIUM 1 PM SONG RECITAL 7:30 PM Hearing His True Voice? Shostakovich & His Poets See concert and lecture listings tor·details 416-946-8994 · Concert Tickets: and. Gaude gloriosa; Sheppard: Gaude, gaude,gaude; Taverner: · Missa Corona Spinea), sung by specialists in early repertoire, The. Tallis q10ir (March 31) There are many amazing operas written by Handel. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to hear them, let alone seeing a full production on stage. However, Opera in Concert's presentation of Handel's Ariodante (March 31) offers us a chance to hear some very· fine singers - Kimberly Barber, Jackalyn Short, Barbara Hannigan, Daniel Lichti, Allyson McHardy - conducted by Gary Thor Wedow. I The medieval abbey in the town of Montserrat, Spain, housed a statue of a Black Madonna, venerated by thousands of pilgrims who claimed to have experienced and witnessed miracles performed through the intercession of this image of the Virgin Mary. In the finale to the · Toronto Consort's 28th season, Montreal's popular medieval ensemble, La Nef, will join. with the Consort in an exploration of this fantastic world of medieval Spain, featuring cantigas and dances performed with lutes, vielles, · rebecs, recorders, organetto, percussion and voices (April 6 and 7). A pilgri;nage EARLY Music continues , The Glenn Gould Professional School of The. RoYAt CONSERVATORY of Music '{HE ROYAL CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRA Franz-Paul Decker, conductor Fri., Mar. 16, 2001, 8 pm • Glenn Gould Studio - 250 Front Street West adults I students & seniors I Call: "416 205 5555 Music by: J. Strauss, R. Strauss, Weber, Hindemith MONSTER PIANO CONCERT A concert featuring award winning pianists from The Glenn Gould Professional School's Artist Diploma Program David Jalbert, Li Wang, Tamas Erdi, Greg Millar, Adolfo Vidal, Axel Gremmelspacher & Daniel Moran. Sat., Mar. 17, 2001, 7 pm The Royal Conservatory of Music - 273 Bloor Street West adults I students & seniors I Call: 416 408 2824 x 321 M1:1sic by: Chopin, Scriabin', Bizet-Horowitz, Messaieri, Ravel, Debussy, Gershwin and more ·' MARCH 25 AT 2 :30 PM The Royal Conservatory of Music Concert of Russian Music Stravinsky L:Histoire du Soldat, Rachmaninov Cello Sonata, Prokofiev Overture on Hebrew Themes. Lister Sinclair, narrator, with David Archer, Marie Berard, Max Christie, Bryan Epperson, Fraser Jackson, Andrew McCandless, Joel Quarrington, John Rudolph, and Dianne Werner. 416-408-2824 x 321 Tickets: and APRIL l , 2001, 5 PM St. George the Martyr Church Alexander Tselyakov, Piano in Concert Rachmanjnov Piano Concerto #2 Chopin Piano Concerto #2 Alexander Kats, second piano 905-770-5258 Tickets and APRIL 8 , 2 001 AT 3 PM George Weston Recital Hall The Amadeus Choir prese~ts Echoes of the East Rachmaninov Vespers (in Russian) Cherubic Hymns by Rachmaninov, Golovanov _and Tchaikovsky with special guests Vesnivka Choir Pre-concert chat by Ster11@ Beckwith at 2:15 pm 416-733-0545 Tickets to "COS! FAN TUITE" By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Brahm Goldhamer and Roxolana Rosiak, artistic directors Sat., Mar. 24, 2001, 8 pm & Mon., Mar. 26, 2001, 8 pm The Royal Conservatory of Music - 273 .Bloor Street West adults I students & seniors I Call: 416 408 2824 x 321 "ALL BEETHOVEN RECITAL" \ John Perry, piano Thurs., Mar. 29, 2001, 8 pm The Royal Conservatory of Music - 273 Bloor Street West adults I students & seniors I Call: 416 408 2824 x 321 Sonatas: Op.101, 110 ,111 & 31No.3 THE ROYAL CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRA Rennie Regehr, conductor Bob Rae, narrator Sun., April 1, 2001, 2:30 pm The Royal, Conservatory of Music - 273 Bloor Street West adults I students & seniors I Call: 416 408 2824 x 321 Family Concert: Prokofiev Peter & The Wolf i M ARCH 1, 2001 - APRIL 7, 2Q01 wholenote 13

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