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Volume 6 Issue 6 - March 2001

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Alexander Tselyakov by

Alexander Tselyakov by Allan Pulker Early in the Month If you picked up your WholeNote ' early and can get out to hear some music on Saturday night, March 3, there are several interesting concerts not mentioned in last monih's Overview that evening. One of these is the Toronto Children's Chorus benefit concert for the Hospital for Sick Children, Children Helping Children at the Weston Recital Hall. The program, all compositions by Canadian composers, inc~udes Carla's Poems; a setting by Chan Ka Nin of poetry written by Chorus member, Carla Hartenberger. Also that njght, cellist, Simon Fryer, whose name has come up in these pages in earlier William Wright issues, will perform Sir Arthur Sullivan's cello concerto with the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra at Hammerson Hall. And organist William Wright, who has been director Of music at Deer Park United Church since 1965 and also teaches the 9rgan at. U. of T. 's Faculty of Music, will give a reeital of music by J.S. Bach and by composers influenced by J.S. Bach. O'Meara and the Mark of Zorro Do you remember reading about in WholeNote, even when we pianist extraordinaire, Bill haven't singled them out for ·O'Meara, in "Musicians in our · special attention. One of Bill's Midst" in the December/January unique abilities, you may issue? We always try to profile remember, is playing the piano .musicians at a time when they for silent films, and this month have at least one and preferably you can hear him adding . more than one concert listed in the excitement and intrigue to the same issue, but, of course, you classic silent film, The Mark of will continue to find their names Zorro, at Casa Loma March 5. Samuel Barber · Ever since reading Serenading the Reluctant Eagle, Nicholas Tawa's fascinating book about American composers between 1925 and 1945, I have been intrigued by the musical renaissance that occurred during those two incrediDly creative decades. Of the many composers fro~ that period, one whose wor~ has proved perhaps more enduring than some is Samuel Barber. His name comes up four times. in March, the first being the Toronto Symphony's performance of his Essay# 2, Op. 17, from 1942. On March 25 the Colchester Brass Quintet, presented by Music at Rosedale, will include a composition by on its program, and on March 27 works by Barber will be performed at All Saints Church and Victoria-Royce Church. Kiwanis Festival ·Showcase Between February 10 and 24 some 30,000 young musicians competed in 'the Kiwanis Music Festival. We will have the opportunity to hear some of the winners in the Kiwanis Festival Showcase concert on March 7 at the George Weston Recital Hall. Memory Lane Nostalgia is in these days, and March offers a couple of trips down memory lane. The first is Opera Encore's celebration of the life, times and music of Irish tenor, John McCormack at · Armour Heights Church on March 0 10, with tenor, Richard Valdez, and pianist, Craig Winters: The second is a program of 1940s and '50s hit songs the Markham Theatre on March 14. I ' Russian Winter (Russian Spring?) Quite spontaneously, what amounts to a mini-festival of concerts of music by Russian composers has appeared, probably a reflection' of the affinity we feel for our fellow residents of the upper portion of the globe. · It begins with .the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's ·March 21 concert at the Weston Recital Hall, with guest conductor, Boris Brott, and_guest soloist, pianist, Alexander Tselyakov, who will perform Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1 in Bjlat major. The festivities . continue on March 24 with the Shostakovich 2001 Forum in the afternoon and a song recital . "Shostakovich and His Po~ts," in the evening. (See "Musicians in Our Midst" on page for more on this. Then on Sunday afternoon, March 25, the Royal Conservatory will present a concert of instrumental music by Stravinsky, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev, titled "From Russia with fove". And on April 1 Tselyakov will perfonii. Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2 with the orchestral part played by pianist, Alexander Katz. Also on April 1 the Royal Conservatory Orchestra will perform Prok;ofiev's Peter and the Wolf with Bob Rae doing . Peter Ustinov's part. That.evening the Associates of the Toronto Symphony present the month's second "From Russia with Love" concert, this one featuring music by Prokofiev, Schnittke, Stravinsky and Borodin. Sinfonia Toronto the~ will present a program of music by Shostakovich at the Glenn Gould Studio on April 7, and on April 8 the Amadeus Choir will perform an all Russian program by various composers. • Me;mwhile., in the midst of all this, the Russian Symphony Orchestra will be in town to perform with Andrea Bocelli at the_ Air Canada Centre. on April 6! 8 wholenote MARCH 1, 2001 -APRIL 7, 2001

Academy Concerts Brings the.Past to Life Helen Valenza is the owner of a major collection of flutes,_some of which she will bring to Toronto for a lecture/concert, part of the Academy Concert Series, on March 10. The oldest of these instruments dates back to 1750, the newest, to 1870. Almost all are in excellent condition and still playable, like the 1859 Louis Lot flute that was ordered by the French composer am\ flutist, Donjon. This will be a fascinating occasion for anyone interested in musical instruments and instrument making or in the development of-the flute from the single-keyed baroque flute to the modem Boehm flute. OVERVIEW continues King Streef:;,A.rtist Man-agement · 905. 702.8089 telepffone 905.702.9553 fax 4.7 King Street Georgetown, Ontario. L7G 2G3 Canada laura Adlers Director Arti~t Representation Grantwriting Project Co_ordination Mark O'Connor: March 5 and 6 FIDDLING FRESH FROM THE GRAMMIES ••• O'CONNOR, MACMASTER AND MORE Fiddling has become serious business of late, and for good reason. It speaks directly to the heart and there is a whole new breed of fiddlers out there whose artistry can soothe the soul of the most savage aesthete. Mark O'Connor is one such fiddler. On February 21 he . won a Grammy Award for best classical crossover album and on March 5 and 6 he performs here, his first two performances since the Grammy A ward. · ~~ tlie sounc£ post Canada's String Shop . violins, violas, cellos & bows expert repair.s & rehairs . strings & accessories at guaranteed lowest prices Canada's largest stock of string music. . fast mail order service all price~ in CON $ - Not. a US$ price irt the ~tore ! .93 Grenville St., Toronto MSS 1B4 tel (416) 971-6999 fax (41?) 597-9923 Cape Breton fiddler, Natalie MacMaster, a Grammy nominee this year but not a winner, will b.e performing in Oakville, Mississauga and Markham on March 16, rs, -Zo and 21. On March 17 a show calied "Barrage" at the Hummingbird will present seven fiddlers in a variety of styles, everything from klezmer to Celtic to calypso - what a good idea! And yet another fiddler, Scott Woods, will perform at the Millpond Centre in Alliston on April 7. MARCH 1, 2001-APRIL7, 2001 wholenote 9

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