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Volume 7 Issue 2 - October 2001

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I Our

I Our 2001/2002 season begins on Sat. Oct. 20, 2001. with Susan Hookong-Taylor, singer/ songwriter and guitarist, performing her own unique blend of folk, jazz and world music. She is accompanied by Colleen Alien, (saxophone, flute) and Alejandra Nunez (on a dazzling array of percussion instruments). Other confirmed concerts: Sat. Mar. 23, 2002:.Lori Gemmell (harpist) in a return appearance after her particip.atl6n in the 14th International Harpists' Contest in Israel in 2000 (and a stunning concert at St. John's last November). She will perform together .with soprano Denise Williams (whq also appeared at St. John's last November). Sat. Apr. 20, 2002: The Onyx Wind Quintet - Katherine Anderson, flute; Stephen Koshurba, oboe; Susan Strunc, clarinet; Lake Porter, horn and' Graham Martin, b'assoon. MUSIC GALLERY AT .ST. GEORGE Jim Montgomery, Artistic Director ChristinaJol; General manager 197 John Street (at Stephanie), Toronto ON M5T 1X6 Tel: 416-204-1Q80 Fax: 416-204-9986 E-mail: Web site; The Music Gallery is a publicly assisted .centre for the creation and performance of new music:;. and mu~ic-related arts. We support the creation, perform,ance and production of work in the following broadly defined areas: contemporary concert music, original; experimental or free jazz, the small concert hall- the Jane· Mallett Theatre of the St .. Lawrence CentreJor the Arts, downtown. Our renowned inteniational quartet series includes the new (Avalon, Kodaly), the great (Arditti, Emerson), the . intriguing (Penderecki, Petersen) and the beloved (Tokyo). · Music TORONTO's 30'hanniversary season opens with 3 of Canada's best classical . artists: the St. Lawrence Quartet; pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin, and the Gryphon Tiio. Pianists Stephen Kovacevich and Stephen Hough are back; Anagnoson & Kinton celebrate their 25'h. season; and Naida Cole plays a ~hallenging conte~porary program. The Gryphon Trio and the Toronto String Quartet have their own series as our I Ensembles-in-Residence. The Discovery series- tickets just - features the sensational basso Robert 'Pomakov, the acclaimed. violinist Catherine Manoukian, and Montreal's new music quartet, the Molinari. · ' ·We have innovative (&cheap) prices for younger p~ople: studentt,any age ; accompanying adult half price (that's .50 or .50); between 18 & 35.- pay your age (that's 20-~ 2% off). / MUSIC UMBREllA CHAMBER CONCERTS Artistic Director: Carol Savage Tel: 416-461 ~ 6681 E~mail: ,Music Umbrella and Artistic Director Carol E-mail: Web site URL: The Nathaniel Dett Chorale is a professional vocal ensemble that promotes awareness of and interest in Afrocentric-vocal music, in the spirit of African-Canadian composer R. Nathaniel Dett. The Chorale is Canada's first professional choral group dedicated to Afrocentric music of all styles ~ classicaC spiritual, gospel, jazz, folk and blues, all infused with or heavily influenced by the Afro experience. It is a pioneering vision, an effort to reclaim lost historical piec'es of music written by Black composers and to highlight the work of contemporary Black artists. Through the research of existing work, the Chorale has helped imc9ver a largely unrecognized stream of Canadian music and at the same time has commissioned new music. · NEW ADVENTUREs IN SOUND ART -Artistic Director: Darren Copeland Mailing address: 599-B Yonge St., #201, Toronto, ON M4Y,1Z4 ' . Tel: 416-340-9838 E-mail: New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performan~es and . installations of efectrd~ acoustic and experimental sound art. By being the only organization in Toronto devoted to this , practice, New Adventures in Sound Art educates local audiences through workshops, 'classical or devotional musics of non-weste-rn Savage invite you to another season of lectures and demonstrations that teach a cultures; electroacoustic or electronic music, . musical high adventure ... traditional new perception of sound. Inspired by the . work involving mixed or experimental media Chinese music with the Orchid Ensemble dynamic movement of sound around us; New and performance arts. · (Sat, Nov. 3, '01) ... traditional Greek music Adventures in Sound Art hi!s developed the For the 2001-2002 season we've entered (Sat., January 19, '02) ... music for winds with practice of octaphonic spatialization (or the into a partnership with St. George the Martyr special guest saxophonist wallace Halladay movement of sound in space from eight Church. This ground-breaking agreement, (Sat. February 9, ·o2) ... music for clarinet and loudspeakers) to re-evaluate the perimeter of which aims to develop the Churcj'l's facilities strings with clarinettist Stephen Pierre and space in musical experience. . as an important arts centre while' fully the Lorien Quartet (Sat. Ma,rch 9, '02) ... With Sound Travels, 'an international 'series respecting its ecclesiastical function, was · Indian, Javanese and Jazz_ a special program · of residencies and concerts begun in 1998, forged by·our Artistic Director Jim with Andrew Timar and his incredible the organization has toured'Eunilpe twice, Montgomery and Reverend Max Wodlaver, musical friends (Sat, Mar 16, '02). All presented concerts in Vancouver and incumbent at St. George. concerts take -place at Eastminster United, Montreal a~d annu'!-nXJ8~ fh.~~ ~,./;\!Df? },~ nlln9 Our season consists of more than 70 of 310 Danforth (one block west of Chester Toronto. Tlie most recent Sound Travels event Toronto's ,most exciting and· innovative subway). Tickets available at the door: was Sept 1-2, 2001 at the Gibraltar Point concerts performed by brilliant ahd daring · adults, $lO students & seniors, kids under Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island . . young creators and performers. Tickets are 12. Watch Wholenote Magazine for complete Upcoming events include Sou.nd Play in inexpensive; and discounts 'are always details, or, call4l6-461-6681. the Spring 2002 with musical and theatrical available for students, senJors· and artists. One special concert to note: on Saturday. performances, an'd the fourth annual Sound Membership is encouraged. This is where the ··November 17, 2001 Music Umbrella will host , Travels series will return for more outdoor concert stage' meets techno, east meets west and present a special pay-what-you-c~n concerts in Summer 2002. and composition meets improv in an "Concert for Peace" with all proceeds going 1 of celebration ·and mutual to the International Red Cross to help those ~ respect. · affected by violence the world over. The evening is a multi-cultural evening featuring performers and musicii!_nS. from many musical traditions. We invite everyone to attend. MUSIC TORONTO Mail: 8 King Street East, Suite 910 . Toronto, ON MSC 1B5 Tel: 416-214-1660 Fax: 416-214-1663 Website: , General Manager: JenniferTaylor Box, Office 416-366; 7723 Join our knowledgeable and attentive audien"e for great chamber music in a good P18 MUSIC MOSAIC: Wholenote MEMBER PROFILES FOR 2001-2002 NEW. GUITAR 54-Tenth Street, Toronto, ON M8V 3E8 Tel: 41S-252-4792 Fax: 416-229-9237 Artistic Directors: Michael Bracken ~nd James Brown · The New Guitar is a concert series devoted to -,--------.l!l?------.:._--,-- the performance of contemporary concert NATHANIEL DETT CHORALE .music written for guitar. This annual series Founder/ Artistic Director: Brainerd Blyden-Taylor was founded by Michael Bracken and James Administrator: Kim McBrien ·, Brown in 1992 and has since presented mUsic Mail: 100 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto ON M5M 2E2 Tel: 416"340-'7000 Fax: 416_340_0333 by Canadian and international composers. The New Guitar. mandate lias been to

promote music that has been unduly neglected. In addition to performances of concert music on classical guitar the New Guitar has also featured experimental and improvised music on electric and jazz guitar. Past concerts have featured composers and performers such as: John Weinzweig, Chan Ka Nin, James Brown, Edward Arteaga, Brian Katz, John Gzowski, Patrick Ro,ux, Ted Quinlan, William Beauvais, James Brown, Lorne Lofsky, Robert Piltch, Angelo Gilardino, Leo Brouwer. and the Canadian Guitar Quartet. ' The 2001-2002 season: December 2, 2001- benefit concert including the New Guitar Ensemble who will present music by Houghton, Wingfield and Dodgson; February 22, 2002 Brian Katz and a CD release by James Brown, Ernie Tollar and Jim Vivian; March 22, 2002 a rare Toronto appearance of ' the Montreal Guitar Trio. NEW MUSIC CONCERTS Tel: 416-961-9594 New Music Concerts' 31st season opens with a portrait of electroacoustic composer Robert Normandeau on October 26. The Penderecki String Quartet's performance of new works by Gilles Tremblay and Raymond Luedeke, and the presentation of the 2001 Jules Leger Prize, form NMC's contribution to the Massey Hall Festival, on November 19. NMC and the Musi'c Gallery eo-present Slowind performing contemporary Slovenian woodwind music on January 6, 2002. January 20 brings the Canadian premiere of Alexander Goehr's cantata, Sing Ariel, with mezzo-soprano Patricia Green, and a new work by Hope Lee for accordion and strings. March 3, German composer and ethnomusicologist Dieter Mack joins the NMC ensemble, violinist Mark Fewer and the Evergreen Club Gamelan in a concert of Sundanese-influenced music. · Soprano Ingrid Atrott is featured in works by eminent Hungarian composer Gyorgy Kurtag on April 13. The season concludes May 26 with a portrait of Linda Bouchard, and a new flute composition for artistic director Robert Aitken by Henry Brant. Subscriptions to all seven events are 5/ .50. Please call416-961-9594 for details or visit the website. NEW. OPERA AND CONCERTS CENTRE (THENOCC) . Artistic Director: Mila Filatova Administrator: Katie Navrotskaya Mail: 37 Glamis Ave., Toronto, ON, M6N 4H5, Tel: 416-604-1557 Fax: 416-604-1557 E-mall: The NOCC was formed in August of 2000 by Mila Filatova, experienced vocal coach, distinguished performer, renowned expert in Russian opera performance including Russian diction coaching. The NOCC is an educational/per-forming organization. Its goal is to give young singers the opportunity to explore their talents on stage, to introduce to them new avenues in the operatic field, and to perform chamber music repertoire (lieder, romances, etc.) The NOCC is determined to introduce Russian music, both prominent and lesser known, through Russian opera and romances. Since its conception the NOCC has produced The Barber of Seville, the first in a series of "Musical Encounters," the first in a series of "Russian Motifs," the first of two concerts dedicated to the centennial of Verdi's death. The NOCC will continue with concert series such as "Musical Encounters," which exhibits new talent, and "Russian Motifs" bringing the best of Russian music to a broad Canadian audience, and ot~ers. The 2001 season includes a workshop of:rchaikovsky's Iolanta; the second of two Verdi concerts. in collaboration with the Orpheus .Choir. NORTII TORONTO INSTITUTE OF MUSIC Contact: Mary Kenedi, Director Address: 550 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, ON M4P 1N9 Tel. 416-488-2588 Fax: 416-488-9053 E-mail: Web site: The North Toronto Institute of Music offers instruction in most instruments, voice and theory by highly qualified teachers. New classes for Pre-school age children and Music Therapy are being offered starting this year. The philosophy of the school is to provide musical literacy to students in a caring, but c::hallenging environment. Students may work towards the goal of a musical career, or towards self-expression and more knowledgeable attendance at the wonderful concert qpportunities in the city. During the year the students have the opportunity to perform in concerts, as well as attend the concert series run by the school, featuring faculty members and guest artists. This year's concerts feature performances by such an internationally recognized musician as Rivka Golani, violist, and in a gala fundraiser, the wonderful comedienne Luba Goy, from CBC's "Air Farce." The school is located West of Bayview on Eglinton Ave. and is easily accessible by TIC. Free parking is available on all side· streets nearby. For information regarding le~sons and registration procedures, please call the school at416-488-2588. NORTII TORONTO WOMEN'S CHAMBER CHOIR AnneYardley, Conductor Phone: 416-485-2259 E-mail: , This growing women's chamber choir in the Nprth Toronto area gives women who love to sing an opportunity to develop their choral singing skills in a small group of 16-20 singers. Our repertoire is varied and interesting including madrigals, folk songs, Masses for women's voices, non-western, contemporary and Canadian to name a few examples. Emphasis is on good choral blend and choral technique, and presenting performances that are both stylistic and musical. We perform 2 to 3 major concerts a year at The Church of the Transfiguration, as well as performances at seniors' home~ and other venues. Our concerts have been en.thusiastically received by _?ll of our audiences. We perform music that is both fun and challenging. There are some opportunities for members to sing solos within various works. Requirements are commitment, singing in tune and some music reading ability. The North Toronto Women's Chamber Choir rehearses at the Church of the Transfiguration Anglican Church, 111 Manor Rd. East, Toronto. on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30p.m. OAKVILLE CHILDREN'S CHOIR Music Director: Glenda Cra.wford General Manager: liz Cloudt Address: 603 Argus Road, Suite 204 Oakville, Ontario L6J 6G6 Tel: (905) 337-7104 E-mail: Website: The Oakville Children's Choir was formed in 1994 by its Music Director Glenda Crawford . and has achieved tremendous success in only seven years. Holding fast to its mission of providing excellent musical training for youth through singing, it has become a comprehensive choral program for over 130 auditioned choristers ranging in age from 7 through 17. The choir presents Fhree annual concerts . for the community. In addition, the Choir performs at workshops, guest appearances at community-functions and collaborates with· other fine choirs in Ontario. The choir consistently places first in local music festivals. The Senior Choir successfully competed with a tour in Tuscany, Iti!ly and participated in Festival 500 in St. John's, Newfoundland this past summer. Engagements for the 2001/? season include a CD Launch on November 15 at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, "Winter's ·In the Air" concert, Dec 1 and 2, 2001, Community Christmas Carol Concert on Dec. 23, 2001, Family Concert on March 2, 2002 and Spring Concert "Down the Garden Path" on May 25'h, 2002 OAKVILLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Music Director/Conductor: Roberto De Clara General Manager: Peter J. Kahro Address: 2338 Ridge Landing, Oakville, ON L6M 3MB Tel: 905-338-1462 Fax: 905-338-7954 Email: Web site: MUSIC MOSIAC: Wholenote MEMBER PROFILES FOR 2001·2002 P19

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