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Volume 7 Issue 7 - April 2002

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.QUODllBEf, CONTINUED Canada Pops 1 CLASSICAL Coi\JENT And I thought I · EARLY ­ was being original MUSIC · Three concerts, three venues, each Last month J explained a namemore ambitious than the last! Start- change for this column from Overing at the George Weston last fall, view to Quodlibet. Anditwa5n't long fllen on to Massey Hall for a Decem- before I received the following! by Frank Nakashima ber seasonal concert, David Opera? Isn't that where people sir Warrack's Canada Pops Orchestra Hello,Allan loud and high-pitched music in a lru takes-its eclectic but thoroughly pro- I see you're now calling your col- guage that you can't understanc fessional act to the Hummingbird umn in WholeNote "Quodlibet", Well, that may be true sometime Centre April 24th._Part of the fla- from the Latin meaning "whatever but it certainly wasn't the case a fe vour will be decidedly Down East, you like," a fine title for a wide- centuries ago. in the shape of Men of the Deeps. ranging column about music. For instance, take The Retu; But a Warrack coneert menu is al- This is so you, should know that of Ulysses (April 5, 6) by Claud,v ways full of surprises. "Quodlibet" also refers to Toronto's Monteverdi (1567-1643), basedon,an William Hite Briefly noted newest chamber choir, which gave episode from Homer's Odyssey. (Minerva), Kevin Skelton -The Royal Conservatory Orches- its inaugural concert, "Magnificat" Monteverdi is accredited with hav- (Telemachus), David Arnot, Peter trawill g\ve a coneert in memory of . in December ,and which will present ing catapulted vocal music to ~ew Mahon, Katherine Hill and John Pepthe late Samuel Dolin on April 18. its second concert, "LoveSong" at 8 heights of expression and refine- per. These singers, directed by David --A new work by Brian Finley, cO- pm on April 26, 2002, at St. . ment. This fledgling form which de- Fallis, will be accompanied by a full, arnstic director of the Westben Fes- Leonard's Church. The program of- veloped into what we now know as by 17th century standards, orchestra consisting oflute, theorbo, harp, or­ gan, harpsichord, strings, recorders tival, RequiemforaMillennium will fers a diverse collection of opera, showcased the talents and virbe performed at Donway Covenant madrigals,glees and chansons as well tuosity of solo singers. Church on April 6. as English, Canadian and American Ulysses (tenor William Hite, and percussion. --Three of the OnStage Series recit- folksongs. making his Toronto Consort debut Another Monteverdi opera, The als this month are already sold out. I don't-know whether you want to and replacing the originally-scheduled Co . . Couldn't an arrangement be made, I mention this fact in the next issue, Paul Agnew) returns home after 20 ronatr.onof Poppea (April 24, 2~, wonder, which would allow the most to avoid any possible confusion, and, if years and slays a legion of suitors to· 27 ' 28 ), is also beu;g perfoFmed this popularOnStageeventsto be moved it pleases you, do come and hear our reclaim both his Wife (and great month. Taf~lmusik . Baroque ~r- . to the, .alas, soon-to-be under-utilized lively new sixteen-voice ensepible! singer) Penelope (mezzo-soprano chestra aga~ combme forces with Weston Recital Hall? All the best, Laura Pudwell) and his throne. Other Opera At~he~ and French. conduc- Arthur Wenk, Director, Quodlibet singers include Suzie LeB!anc tor Herve .~iqu~t to bnng you r--,-----_.:... ______;___________;__--'--~ · Monteverdi slavish spectacle·of. David Tamblyn cSicqL

love and ambition, power and greed. What more coul~ you ask for? Directed by Marshall Pynkoski and choreographed by Jeannette Zingg, this operatic tour de force, a co-production with the Houston Grand Opera, features artists of the Atelier Ballet along with soloists Meredith Hall (Poppea), Michael Maniaci (Nero)," Matthew White (Ottone), Ste?hanie Novacek (Ottavia), Peggy Knha Dye (Drusilla), Kelly Campbell, Alain Coulombe, Rufus Miiller, Michie! Schrey, Jackalyn Short, Vicki St. Pierre, Curtis Sullivan. Arbor Oak's semi-staged presentation of Handel's Acis and Galatea (April 12, 13) adds an evening of beautiful tunes to this month's ex.­ travaganza of operas. Joining Arbor Oak will be La Belle Danse Baroque Dancers, along with Michie! Schrey (Acis), Teri Dunn (Galatea), and Paul Grindlay (Polyphemus). Visit . The COC contribution to the mix is H~ndel's Julius Caesar in Egypt (Apnl 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 21) originally created for the Florida Grand Opera. Interestingly, the production shares with the month's two Monteverdi operas the fact that it CLASSICAL COMl\IENT was in large part made possible by generous support from the Baroque Opera Fund, founded by the late Peter E. Sandor. Kenneth Montgomery conducts a wonderful cast including Ewa Podles (Giuli~ Cesare), Isabel Bayrakdarian (Cleopatra), Daniel Taylor (Sesto), Brian Asawa (Tolomeo), and Marie­ Nicole Lemieux (Cornelia). Visit "Le Mozart noif" is how Le Chevalier de Saint-George was known in his day .Born in Guadeloupe to an aristocratic Frenchman and a slave of Senegalese descent, Joseph Boulogne grew up in Paris, travelled in the highest social circles and taught music to Marie­ Antoinette. Tafelmusik brings you the music of this talented composer '.lld ~!so w.orks of his contemporaries, mcludmg one of Haydn's Paris Symphonies (April 10- 14). Visit And there's a marvellous collaboration (April 10) at the Toronto Centre for the Arts - Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) and Les Musiciens du Louvre (Marc Minkowski, conductor)- each highlyacclaimed for their musical accom- WOW! 8,000 Sheet Music Titles! Canada's largest selection of sheet music titles for strings. Avail. d convenient mail-ord As a foll-service string shop we offer the following: + Violins • Violas • Cellos + Instrument Rentals + National Mail-Order Serv' + Repair, Restoration, a + Strings Accessories, B 11

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