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Volume 7 Issue 8 - May 2002

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HEAR &NOW (New Music) by

HEAR &NOW (New Music) by Paul Steenhuisen Before spelunking this month's musical offerings, congratulations are in order to composer Rose Bolton. Previously fea~ tured here iri the December Ones to Watch article, Rose Bolton is the most recent winner of the Toronto Emerging Composer Award. Administered by the Canadian Music c;:entre, the Toronto Emerging Composer A ward is made possible by Rose Bolton tlie donation of an anonymous benefactor. excellence matched by innovation, CMC Ontario RegionalDirector experimentation, and a willingness Sheldon Grabke relayed that "The to take risks." · winper came from an exceptional. She will now embark on the field of candidates, a sign of the project idea, a meditative 48-minute creative wealth and future potential soundscape for six performers inof tl}e creative music community in . eluding an actress/singer. The' in­ NEw Music Toronto". Bolton's music was de- strurnentation will include amplified scribed by the jury as "imaginative, found objects, western and nonfresh, strikingly original, and con- western musical instruments, and ~incing", matching the award cri- computers/synthesizers. teria, which stipulates that the re- Congratulations to the phiianthrocipient must demonstrate "artistic pist who encourages artistiC risk-tajcing, and I look forward to hearing the resultant music when it is performed this coming November. Time hides no treasures; we want not its. then, but its now. Henry David Thoreau · On May 11, . at the Music Gallery, coNTINUUM rounds out its season with the 2-per­ . son collective ReMuse, in a' concert that explores music and poetry' underscoring the close relation of the art fornis. The concert features three new musical settings of Canadian poetry, and two new Canadian pieces inspired by poets Anne Michaels, Rosemary Sullivan, Susan Goyette and Gwendolyn Mac Ewen. The works are from a diverse group of Canadian composers including John Abram, Michael Longton, Michael Oesterle, Marci Rabe and James Rolfe. ReMuse consists of Margaret Gay, Patiick Jordan and an additional ensemble, and is devoted to creating and mounting interdisciplinary projects that include music as an intrinsic elc ement. Eve Egoyan A highlight of the month for me will be Eve Egoyaii's May 16th world premiere of Michael Finnissy's Erik Satie, Like Anyone Else at the Glenn Gould Studio. Also on the program will be music by . Satie, including - surprisingly - the world premiere of a short Satie piece. It is with enthusiasm that I await Finnissy's new piece, since he was an important figure in my own compositional development. Utilitv John Farali d.j~r.m •. marsh · and many more •• ~ M ay 1 - June 7 2052

I asked Eve Egoyan what interested her in his music, to which she wrote, "I was instantly mesmerized . by the lace-like complexity of the :-vo:rk. I was also fascinated by the way time is woven through the mu­ , sic through oblique, integrated references to the past. This simulta- neous existence of past and present struck something deep inside me - time, timelessness, a meeting of all times through music, my connection to literal past, standard repertoire, and my musical present, performing music of my own time." Her approach in studying and NEW Music learning a new piece such as Finnissy's is to "go from the whole picture, reading through the piece, into detailed work, then rebuilding back the whole with all the details in place, from the little breaths to the whole breath of the piece. I record myself through this process to catch places where the physical or intellectual difficulty of the music is interrupting the musical .interpretation. Finnissy's music requires working simultaneously in two extremes: the precise and the intuitive. The precise involves figuring out complex rhythmic notation and getting used to technically thick , · Zoroaster moments in the work. But I also feel St. on May 24 & 25 at 10 pm & midhis pianism in the writing, his fluid- night (note start times), fc:Jr ity with the instrument, and I need Soundstreams' presentation of R. to intuit what he intends to be Murray Schafer's Zoroaster. A heard." spectacular ancient Persian ritual imbued with mysticism, magic and Also sprach Schafer the occult, Zoroaster is a story inspired by the teachings of the Prophet Some days later, 150 singers, soloists & dancers and audience will Zarathustra, legendary founder of converge in the art deco splendour Zoroastrianism. In Old Persian, of The Design Exchange, 234 Bay CON!INUES M ~U. S I C Inventors & Innovators Computer-Assisted Music GALLERV INSTITUTE Inventors & Innovators Workshop May 4, s:oo - 6:00 pm Barry Prophet, John Gzowski & Catherine Keenan offer a workshop on.unique & unusual instruments & tunings. .00 or free with evening concert at 8:00 pm Computer - Assisted Music Program ' Family Classes Tues. june 4 - 25, 7 - 8:30 pm for children ages 9 & up accompanied by adult family member 0/pair fo( four 1.5 hour classes (plus annual registration fee of ) Adult Classes Wed. June 5 - 26, 7 - 9 pm 0/person for four 2 hour classes (plus annuar registration fee of ) New Music Concerts' 2001/.?002 season concludes with A Portrait of Linda Bouchard, the renowned French Canadian composer and conductor. Presented in association with TWO NJlW HOURS on CBC Radio Two, the concert will present several of her existing pieces as well as the world premiere of Neiges, a major new work for ten instrumems. Linda's mentor, 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Music laureate Henry Brant, will also be featured conducting the world premiere of Ghosts and Gargoyles, an NMC-commissioned sequel to his 1931 classic Angels and Devils foe flute ensemble. 1 f.,e Scandale (1989) Linda Bouchard violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, percussjon Unity** (1997) Akiko Murakami clarinet, cello Ghosts and Gargoyles* (2001) Henry Brant solo flute, 8 flutes (New Music Concerts commission) Traces. (1996) Linda Bouchard string quartet . Neiges* (2001/2) Linda Bouchard 2 flutes, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, percussion, harp (New Music Concerts I Canada Council commission) • World premiere I •• C0110dian premiere 19

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