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Volume 7 Issue 8 - May 2002

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Dl.'iCOVEIUES Once Upon

Dl.'iCOVEIUES Once Upon a Time/II etait une fois ...

JJ.\( 0\ "-IW'.S Si game D.D. Jackson Justin Time - Just 177-2 and technical wizardry, these duets receive a magical performance here by two of Canada's leading baroque v4olinists, Chantal Remillard , , and Marc Destrube. The characteristic elegance, richness of In his mid-thirties, but already a veteran pianist/ composer, D. D. Jackson is back with Justin . sonority and expressive demands of this music Time Records, after a brief dalliance with RCA are all met with both meticulous attention to Victor, and, detail and enthusiastic delight. T.he musical mind on this show- melding between the performers is quite ing, it was the extraordinary' as is the blend of their sounds, right move. All It's not a given that a recording of unaccompanied the· music on violin duets would be so entertaining and this CD is his affecting, but the combination of this composer, own and, to his these performers and this production team has tality throughout. The other musicians contributing their considerable talents to this CD are all young emerging talents making their mark on the contemporary New York scene. Bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Dafnis Prieto make up the basic trio, except for the lone solo piano excursion on Prologue, which is, oddly enough, the last piece on the CD. Making guest appearances throughout the programme are guitarist Freddie Bryant and long time associate, violinist Christian Howes. The Welcoming sets the tone for the album with. its rhythmic warmth and .catchy theme. D.D.'s compositions are full of interesting twists and turns, sometime angular in their· lines, relying heavily on a percussive, rhythmic concept, as in Cubana-Funk, and at other times full of ·lyricism as in For Desdemona, a haunting ballad written as a tribute to the late writer/ photographer Desdemona Bardin. Jackson likes to take chances and follow his musical heart. Lots of musicians can play v,ery well, but don't necessarily "make music" - don't speak through their instrument. Mr. Jackson however tells a good story. Congratulations to D.D. for his music and to Justin Time for giving him the freedom to express it. Jim Galloway Jean-Marie Leclair: Second Livre de Sonates a deux violons Marc Destrube & Chantal Remillard Atma ACD2 2241 Jean-Marie Leclair was perhaps the greatest violin genius of 18th-century France, celebrated for his br illiant playing as well as his compositions which blended the French and Italian styles in a most creative and tasteful eight years. Now, it would appear, he is credit, he man- resulted, in this case, in a recording of great ready. ages to sustain beauty. I have been a creative vi- Alison Melville enthralled by Bryn Terfel' s larger-than-life voice and_ fashion. This new CD on Atma presents the six sonatas of his opus 12, his second set of violin duets published in the 1740s. Requiring great musical understanding Food, Wine and Song Orlando Consort Harmonia Mundi HMU 907314 . Wagner - Bryn Terfel Betlin Philharmoniker; Claudio Abbado Deutsche Grammophon 4713482 In this recording, Terfel chooses· Wagner's greatest bass-baritone roles - The Flying Dutchman, Hans Sachs from Die Meistersinger, Wolfram from Tannhauser, Parsifal's Amfortas, and die Ring's Wotan. A significant step for Terfel, who has prudently refused many offers to sing the role of Wotan over the past / charm ever since the first time I heard him. · He has the extraordinary ability to make If you're look- the transition from mighty rage to gentle ing for great sensitivity easily and seamlessly. This is exactly value, this r€- what Wagner, in particular, demands. His opera cording cer- characters are conflicted souls, requiring a great tainly delivers. range of emotional interpretation. The most In addition to dramatic' example can be heard in the god vocal music Wotan's Farewell aria from the third act of Die that spans over Walkure, sung for his beloved Valkyrie daughter 350 years, . Brunnhilde, who has damaged his "heart's you' 11 also re- holiest pride". · ceive a 120page guide with lyrics (often bawdy) Terfel's voice is powerful as a war-god's translated in five languages, historical research anger, yet as tender as the most loving father and a collection of recipes you will want to try who must face a bittersweet parting. The Berlin out at your next 'authentic' rogues and wenches Philharmonic under the direction of Claudio party! My copy even came with a rough set of Abbado manifests pure fire throughout the disc, wooden spoons and spatulas to be used however particularly brilliant in the opening selection: The I see fit. . Flying Dutchman overture. Vivid and exciting, The Orlando Consort's clear v01ces make this disc was well worth waiting for. their debut on Harmonia Mundi with this beautifully performed, and often complex repertoire. The music ranges from the 13th to 15th centuries with France, England, Italy, Burgundy, Spain, Portugal and Germany represented, on the theme of eating, drinking and making merry. Many pieces on the disc are about popular foods and wines, often crossreferenced to spec,ific recipes in the booklet such as Boiled beef and mutton with spicy bread sauce, Haddock in ale, a.nd Saffron cake. Contributing chefs include Clarissa Dickson Barber: Violin Concerto; Souvenirs; Serenade for Strings, James Buswell Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Marin Alsop Naxos 8.559044 Dianne Wells I Naxos has released a third recording in their ongoing series dedicated to the orchestral music of Samuel Barber. This time the headliner is Wright of "Two Fat La~d_ie_s_"_f_a_m_e_._U_n_lik_e _ _ _ _____________-, Martha Stewart's "food" discs that appeared some years I ago offering pleasant background music to accompany each course, this disc is a truly educational experience, providing concrete social context to music of another age. In short, history you can sink your teeth into! Dianne Wells MIKROKOSMOS 314 Churchill Ave Toronto, Ontario M2R 1 E7 Canada Tel: (1) 416-224-1956 Fax: (1) 416-224-2964 We buy your classical LP collection (classical. such as Beethoven. Mozart. Stockhausen) we travel anywhere for good collection M ay 1 - June 7 2002 57

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