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Volume 8 Issue 10 - July/August 2003

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THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSICAL INDEPENDENTS @AMAZING PRICES Haydn - London Symphonies, Vol. I Florilegium This amazing recording of Salomon's arrangements of Haydn's famous Lon G11 Symphonies is hot off the press fro · the leading SACD label - Channel. (Hybrid SACD can be played on reg ar CD play;- ers as well.) J>urcell: 0 s litude Ger rd Eesne, II Simi¥rio Musicale In tllis repertoire that constitutes e ouchstone for every cou te enor, Gerard Lesne once again shows himself to be a worthy successor to the mythical figures of Alfred Deller and Henri Ledroit. Sopra la Rosa Arianna Savall - soprano This stunning recording features Jordi Savall's daugther Arianna, whose beautiful voice will transcend any listener to a higher realm.

Volume8#10July 1 toSeptember7,2003 Copyrtght©2003 PerPul Proze, 60 Bellevue Avenue; Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker. Editor: David Perlman Production Manager: Peter Hobbs CD Review Editor: David Olds Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Jazz Listings: Sophia Perlman Webmaster: Colin Puffer Web Technician: Lee Weston Layout & Design: David Perlman, Vertty Hobbs, Mike Busija Cover by Rocket Design Advertising: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Larone Circulation Manager: Sheila McCoy CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Columnists: Bandstand: Merlin Williams Choral: Larry Beckwith Early Music: Frank Nakashima HearandNow: Paul Steenhuisen Jazz: Jim Galloway Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood Opera: Chrtstopher Hoile Quodlibet: Allan Pulker T.O.Diary: Colin Eatock Features: Paul Steenhuisen, Pamela Margles, Paul Grtndlay Discoveries (CD Reviews): John S. Gray, Daniel Foley, Bruce Surtees, Paul Steenhuisen, Ted O'Reilly, Alex Baran, Kevin Mallon, Cathy Riches, Deborah Rosen, Phil Ehrensaft, Frank Nakashima, Alan Gasser, Dianne Wells, Den Ciul, David Olds How to Reach Us GeJERAl, INCl!J!A!ES. AovemsmAND MEMBERSHJ>: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 ~ Sheila McCoy ph 416-928-6991 ~ David Perlman ph 416-603-3786 fax 416-603-3787 !JsmGsl!JNCLASSlf!EDS: Simone Desilets ph 416-323-2232 fax 416-926-7539 PAID SUBSCRIPl10NS (Q/vEAR + GSl): Sheila McCoy 416-928-6991 All E-mail: Websites: .Next issue is Volume 9, #1 covering September 1 2003 to October 7 2003 DEA!ll.INE FOB fllEE EVENT l.ISTtiGS (covering period September 1 to October 7) 6pm Frtday August 15 DEA!l!..t!E FOR DISl'l.AY Ao RESERYAJ!QNS: 6pm Frtday August 15 DEAOL.tJE FOB (UN)ctAss!Reo Aos: 6pm Frtday August 15 (9Cic per word; minimum) CONTENTS COVER STORY Ben Heppner by Pamela Marg/es 6 T.O. Musical Diary by Colin Eatock 8 Quodlibet by Allan Pulker 10 Early Music by Frank Nakashima 11 Choral Scene by Larry Beckwith 12 Hear and Now (New Music) by Paul Steenhuisen 15 Composer2Composer: Francis Dhomont interviewed by Paul Steenhuisen 16, 17 Jazz Notes by Jim Galloway 18 Bandstand by Merlin Williams 18 Music Theatre Spotlight by Sarah B. Hood 19 On Opera by Christopher Hoile 20 Summer Music in the West by Paul Grindlay 33 Daily Concert Listings (FURTHER AFIELD) 25-26 Opera and Music Theatre 26-27 Jazz: Clubs 27-28 FESTIVAL LISTINGS 28-34 Announcements, ... Etcetera 34 (Un)classified advertis~ng 35 CCAB QUALIAED CIRCULATION: 21,655 copies (March 2002) Additional copies printed and distributed this month: 6,845 Total copies printed and distributed this month: 28,500 · Prtnting by Couto Printing and Publishing Services Ganadian Publications Product Sales Agreemenl 1263846 ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Magazine Fund toward our editorial costs Ju y 1 - September 7 2003 New and Recent Releases 36 Worth Repeating 40 Indie List 40 Discs of the Month 42-44 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS, PAGE 6 -----5

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