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Volume 8 Issue 3 - November 2002

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HEAR & Now cal heritage

HEAR & Now cal heritage ... how do we reconcile the plurality of influences? How do we ( N M ) reconcile the old with the new, and EW USIC how highly should we regard our past? by Paul Steenhuisen Toronto-based composer Scott Wilson NuMuFest, the annual November new Early November will be marked by contributes his electroacoustic/ensemmusic week at Massey Hajl, will not numerous noteworthy sourids, includ- ble work 13 Angels (Ein jeder Engel happen this year, as I am sure many of ing New Music Concerts carte blanche ist schrecklich). Based on poems by you already know. Time, therefore, to concert dedicated to French composer Rainer Maria Rilke that represent.anrevisit, on the one hand, my oft-stated Philippe Manoury. After the recent gels as terrifying, it reflects also a longdesire for a new new music festival in success of his opera, K. .. at the Opera- term preoccupation of the composer - Toronto, along with the counter argu- Bastille in Paris, Philippe Manoury that we are afraid of beauty. mentthatthecityisafestivalyear-roun:I. visits Toronto to present a concert of· In our definitions, we grope after the spiri- (Currently, thenearestupcomingfes- electroacousticchamberworksforcom- tual by describing it as invisible. The true Tavener rivals are Kitchener's Open Ears (May puter and live instruments by himself meaning of spiritual is real; that law which my childhood and adolescence with 2003), and the 1• Montreal Biennale andhiscolleaguesfromIRCAM, Yan executes itself, which works without occasional night long rituals full of Internationale (March 2003). Both are Maresz and Zack Sette!. The charis- means, and which cannot be conceivi:d as recommended, and more information matic Manoi1rv - J also discusses chanting, whispering incantations and . not existing. Ralph Waldo Emerson ·will be provided nearer their happen- at the Royal Conservatory on Noveming. In the meantime ...) · ber 1, and at a pre-concert introduc- Music by British guest com- movement, gesture and incense inside the synesthetic complements of ritual Point (inine): Organized concert tion, 7: 15 on November 3. poser John Tavener and Christos Hatzis flickering candlelit interiors with frescos ofByzantine icons covering every sequen:es (chronological, aesthetic, geo- Rose Bolton and friends will pre- will be featured ·in Soundstreams graphic. and/or thematic) enable more miere hernew 50-plinute multimedia Canada's A Byzantine festival on available surface of the church walls profoundandnewunderstandingofthe work Elements at the Music Gallery November 19. The program consists and domes. These impressions gradually crystallized into the Medieval music and its context. I have no doubt Nov 7. Elements can· refer to weather of a new version of Kyrie by Hatzis, the artistic directors of Toronto's new conditions or pure matter (the ancient and Second Coming, Funeral Cantimilsic groups would put considerable Greek earth, fire, water and air). The cle, Etemity 's Sunrise, and God is Wilh not actual quotations, ·these parts of sounding aspect of the work. Although effort into their individual expression of form of this composition will be de- Us, all by Tavener. Kyrie are my personal reminiscence of a curatorially binding festival i.dea, in 'rived from the first definition: Climate Hatzis writes that "Several factors my days at the psaltery, and of my addition to or as part of their regular changes and weatber patterns ·which have influenced Kyrie' s composition: Greek Orthodox upbringing.:: seasons. Curated is the key._ . take plaee over the cycle of one year. my ten-year tenure as a 'drone keeper' C t . t ( edi ' ) In this Th in my pans · h church m· Greece dunn ' g As always, this column touches on only !>UD erpom my tors : e sounds themselves are catego- ti fth · ~:e:e~;o:~ ~~:~=:~ :!:iec: ~=~: r·---T-h featuring contemporary music - more metal) and vegetllble (wood, paper, than at many major festivals. Almost seeds). .... e V-o-1·c-e--S---e-r1·es ___ at- th-e -Mu_sa1~c_:G~a_5!l_l __ e __ rey _!_lliillp .__ reys any month of the season Toronto is a Continuum presents The c.aJl on The Can a dl. ans new music festival. November 12. Inouk Demers' work It could be an interesting disCussion. Luxe, calme et volupte (from All forms of beauty, like all possible phe- Baudelan:'sL'invitationau~oyage)is nomena, contain an element of the eternal the result of a study of Ravel s works, and an element of. the transitory-of· the taking off from certain extracted asabsolute and of the particular. Charles pects of his music and· 'transcribing' Baudelaire them into a new context. Justin Mariner's unearth asks "What is our musii I ·1 __ _!_i_tse~_?. ~~!11_:::_,. 1in With new music diva and Nova Scotia soprano sensation JANICE JACKSON Six dynamic solos for unaccompanied voice written by Canadians featuring world premieres by -DAVID JAEGER+ JIM MONTGOMERY plus works by AUC0EHO, EMILY DOOLITTLE, NICHOLAS GILBERT+ MARIE PELLETIER Saturday November 30 • 8pm • The Music Gallery, 197 John St~ at Stephanie 416-204-1080 • November 1 - December 7 2002

any given month, for those of you less interested in "museum" music. Following is a quick guide to gems to be found, for the most part in the Concert Listings which start on page 27 and the Announcements, Etcetera on page 48. November 1 ·Gerhard Staebler, Kunsu Shim. Lobby concert, Faculty of Music, U ofT. ' -Philippe Manoury. ConµrtEJ«ily vriln of Ji.PIEJ, RoomM308, RCM -Elmer lseler Singers. NewMusii: Siiys. Hti, Pecou, llil!Jl, Aitkl!l, Clm YLSt.Jarres' Catlulal -The Walls Are Still Weeping. An irrmersive & iltEJactive rrulti-rrefia ilstaDation conceived by Tania Etm-e. Thu to NoVEJnb!J 10. 952 oimi Strret West (Queen & Shaw). Tues-Friday 3-8 PM, Sat 12·9 PM, Sun 12·6PMfftceterafile) November2 -MusicGallery.OueenMabwith/GHenneman. Lori Fm:rlrai, M

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