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Volume 8 Issue 3 - November 2002

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Illustration by Emmanuel

Illustration by Emmanuel Lopez Handel's Messiah Wednesday December 18, 2002 The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Roy Thomson Hall Concert - 8:00 pm Tickets (416) 872-4255

TORONTO'S CLASSICAL AND POST-CLASSICAL MUSIC SCENE Volume 8 #3 November 1 to December 7, 2002 . Copyright© 2002 Pe~Pul Proze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON MST 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Production Manager: Peter Hobbs CD Review Editor: David Olds Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Webmaster: Colin Puffer · Web Technician: Lee Weston Layout & Design: David Perlman, Verity Hobbs Cover by Rocket Design · Photography: Karen Steyr, Den Ciul Advertising: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Larone Distribution Manager: Sheila McCoy Contributing writers: Bandstand: Merlin Williams Choral: Larry Beckwith Early Music: Frank Nakashima Hear & Now: Paul Steerihuisen Jazz: Jim Galloway , Music Theatre:- Sarah B. Hood Opera: Christopher Haile· Quodlibet: Allan Pulker T.O.Diary: Colin Eatock Features: Paul Steenhuisen" Phil Ehrensaft, Wally Wood , Discoveries (CD Reviews): David 'Olds; John S. Gray; Pamela . Margles, Daniel Foley, Merlin Willi.11ms, Dianne Wells, Kevin McMillan, Frank T. Nakashima, Den Ciul, Bruce Surtees, Colin Eatock, Kevin Mallon, Paul Steenhuisen\. How to Reach Us General Inquiries, Advertising and Membership: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Larone ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 Distribution and Display Stands: Sheila McCoy ph 41.6-928-6991 Editorial: David Perlman ph 416-603-3786 fax 416-603-3787 CONTACTINFORMATION(CONTINUED) Listings/Unclassifieds: Simone Desilets ph 416-323-2232 fax 416-926-7539 Paid Subscriptions (/year + GST): Sheila McCoy 416-928-6991 All E-mail: Websites: www; DATES AND DEADLINES Next issue is Volume 8 #4, Dec I 2002 to Feb 7 2003 Deadline for free event listings (covering period Dec 1 to Feb 7) 6pm Friday November 15 Deadline for Display Ad Reservations: 6pm Monday November 18 Deadline for (Un)classified Ads: 6pril Monday' November 18 (90c per word; minimum) Publication: Thursday November 28 Printing by Couto Printing and Publishing Services CIRCULATION CCAB QUALIFIED CIRCULATION: 21,655 copies Additional copies printed and distributed this month: 7,845 Total copies - printed and distributed this month: 29,500 . Canadian ·Publk:ations Product Sa~s· Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian Magazine Fund toward our editorial costs .CONTENTS COVER STORY "Dare to Forget": Pierre Boulez in conversation with Pnul Steenhuisen 6~7,18-19 COLUMNS T.O. Musical Diary by Colin Eatock 8 Quodlib'et by Allan Pulker 10 Early Music by Frank Nakashima 12 Choral Scene by Larry Beckwith 13 Hear & Now by Paul Steenhuisen 16 Jazz Notes by Jim Galloway 20 . BandStand by Merlin Williams 21 On Opera by Christopher Hoile 22 Music Theatre Spotlight by Sarah B. Hood24 FEATURES Musicians in our midst: Adi Braun by Wally Wood 22 Opera DVD Watch by Phil Ehrensaft23 LISTINGS Daily Concert Listings (OTA) 27-46 Daily Concert Listings (FURTHER AFIELD) 46-47 Opera and Music Theatre 47-48 Jazz Clubs 48 Announcements, Workshops, ... Etcetera 48-49 (Un)classified advertising SO · CD REVIEWS DISCOVERIES 51-57 Discs of the Month , 57-62 Attentimi all concert presenters! Please note that December/] anuary is a combined issue so the deadline for all January listings (and "early bird" listings for Feb 1-7) is November IS., not December 15 ! Wf; appreciate your co-operation. Thank you. Index of advertisers . ACMBl.Y CIIDRT ~ 39 CIIDRTS AT Sr. Gmn's 00-TlE·HILL 46 JEIUSSES MUSICAUS 46 OFF CENT11' Mta; SAlllN 42 TAfElMUSIK '3 ACMBl.Y If Mta; 25 COLMERf'OM Cl!l.MNIY OimsmA 41 KATARwA Btur 50 ONrw:i BANJ ASSOOATDN 21 TAWS CHOl141 AllDIAT Mta; 56 DMll's MUSICAL HruwAv 48 KATlm\E Scorr 50 0PmAEm31 r..W,.., Yrurtt SWRS 54 Atmlu1GH Cll'ftcnoo 44 DAiil JENSEN HARl'SllmlS 19 KtravAY BAPTIST Cll.H:H 41 01'!! N Ccr.i:oo 26 T MJM EAnw MEMDRIAl Cll.H:H 46 ALL 11E KNi's Vcns 45 DENSE WUJAMS 50 KCMTAS MUSICAl AssooATDN 42 DPmA MISSISSAUGA 64 T OREAOOR RECOllJS 53 AwANcE FRAM;AJSE If T IIDITO 10 01G1ScAPE MEDA 54 l'ATRER GRXmAN 58 ClmEus C1111144 T IIDITO CJWERATA 43 AMAmus. C11111 37, 43 Dw L'lrmMPOlll 35 l.AWROCE Pru« C!l\MNTY Cll.H:H 38 PAX CIRSll CHJRALE 46 TIIDITO CENTRE FOO 11£ Ams 11 AMICI 38 EAllv CHllHXll Mta; ASSOOATDN 49 LiNA Al.UAll 50 f'llu> l. DAV

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