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Volume 8 Issue 8 - May 2003

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... lease, Canticle to

... lease, Canticle to the Spirit: the Cho- era! Manager Margaret Gammonral Music of Eleanor Daley, is to be Blender at 519-371-4627 for furfollowed by a CD of Eleanor's ther information. ~ Christmas music, due out Autumn 2003. GEORGETOWN BACH CHORALE Children's programmes include Artistic Director Ronald D. Greidonus Junior, Boys, and Intermediate Tel: 905-873·9909 Choirs, which perform at services Marketing W. Shuttleworth, 905·877·8321 on a regular basis. Contact: 416- Started in 1999 this non-profit 481-6848 (church). ~ chamber choir has a current membership of 16 voices. Whilst ein­ GEORGIAN BAY phasising J.S.Bach, other classical CHILDREN'S CHOIR, conducted composers' works are performed. by Llnda Hawkins, is a community Concerts (4 to 5) are given in the treble choir for children and youth fall, Advent/Christmas and spring ·aged 6 through 18, drawing its seasons. Concerts feature choral members from the southern Geor- and orchestral works and solo and gian Bay region of Ontario, with instrumental items. Local and in­ Owen Soµnd (population 21,000) ternational artists have featured as the major centre. It was found- in many of the concerts from the ed in 1986. Choristers are given a outset. The choir performed in the vocal assessment prior to joining - Advent Festival in 2000 in Prague. the choir. Georgian Bay Children's Ronald D. Greidanus has an es­ Choir concerts are held twice a tablished career as a concert piayear in December and May. In ad- nist both in Canada and abroad, dition, the choir has numerous and. has performed for the Rachsinging engagements in the com- maninoff Societies of England, munity. Repertoire: traditional, U.S.A. and Austria. He has also giv­ British & Canadian contemporary, en recitals in France, Germany and folksongs, spirituals & sacred. Fees Spain. ~ vary according to choir level. Rehearsals are every Monday from GRACE CHURCH ON-THE-Hn.I. September to June. Please call Gen- The choirs of Grace Church on-the- KIDS & EXCELLENCE SO LET'S SA Ythat you're at som~ event which starts with everyone standing up and singingthe national anthem. Then you sit down, and the p.erson next to you leans over and says, "Wow, you 're really good!,, F.EElat that moment? Maybe a little shy about being noticed. · But also proud of the musical excellence you've achieved. Hill provide opportunities for sing- · ers of all ages to experience the Anglican tradition with commitment to quality and high standards. in these choirs, children have the opportunity to sing adultlevel music, and to receive an exceptional musical education. The Choir of Gentlemen and Boys includes boy trebles aged 7 to 14, as well as teens with changed voices and adult altos, tenors, and basses: The St. Cecilia Choir includes girls aged 7 to 18 as well as adult women's voices. Both professionally-led choirs sing regularly in seryice, but also sing concerts and travel periodically. People of all faith traditions are welcome. Contact the music office at 416-488- 7884, ext. 17 for information or an audition. ~ HART HOUSE SINGERS is a University of Toronto choir under the direction of Adam Adler, performing three concerts a year, in April, August, and December. Rehearsals are held on Monda,ys at 7:15-9:30 pm during each university semester with a dress rehears al prior to. each concert (There is also a summer term: Wednesdays, same time). They perform a variety of secular and sacred works along with classical and contemporary music from various parts of the world. Accompaniment is by piano and other instruments as necessary to the music. No audition is required, but singers must have taken courses at any recognized post-secondary institution or be U ofT staff/faculty or spnuse. All singers are or must become members of Hart House (U of T students are automatic members of Hart House) Web: Call 416-978-6315. ~ HIGH PARK OiOIRS OF TORONTO Music Director: Dr. Gory Fisher Phone: 416-762-0657 Email: Founded in 1986, the High Park choirs number 125 young choristers (ages 9-19); the Choirs dra_w upon repertoire from many cultures and sing in several languages. Weekly rehearsals: Children's Choir (grades 4-6) on Tuesdays: 4:30-5:15 pm; Senior Divisions (grades 7-12} on Wednesdays: 4:00-6:30 pm; at Runnymede United Church, 432 Runnymede Rd. Auditions for next season are scheduled for early June. Please call for times. The choirs perform annual winter and spring concerts, appear as guest artists in the GIA, and · participate in choral tour opportunities like this summer's Newfoundland 500 Festival. Upcoming concerts: May 24 at 7:30 pm, and June 27 at 7:00 pm. (see listing and ad) ~ HUMBER VALLEY UNITED CHURCH 76 Anglesey Blvd., Etobicoke Music Director Deborah Bradley, Humber Valley United Church welcomes singers of all ages and abilities to its choral program. We sing a diverse sacFed repertoire from Renaissance to rock in support of worship that balances the contemporary and traditional. Rehearsal times: Junior Choir (ages 7 - 11) on Sundays, noon - 1 :00 pm; . . Revelations (vocal/ instrumental ensemble for teens) - Thursdays 6:15 - 7:15 pm; Semot Choir - Thursdays 8:00 - 10:00 pm. Call ( 416) 231-2263 or e-mail for more information. ~ JCC COMMUNITY CHOIR 750 Spodino Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2J2 Conductor and Musical Director: Harriet Wichin Concert Accompanist: Jock Gelbloom THAT'S WHEN YOU REAIJ.Z.ij,ust how much you've gained from being a chorister at Grace Church on-the-Hill. JUBILATE SINGERS Auditions Director Isabel Berna us leads a chamber 'choir · with an eclectic, challenging, multilingual repertoire (Cuban, Latin AriJ.erican, Italian, Baroque) and a season of 3 concerts. The Jubilate Singers has openings in all sections. Al).ditions: June 10, 5:45 - 7:15 pm, at St. Leonard's Church, 25 Wanless (hear Yonge & Lawrence). Phone 416-615-3120 or e-mail Charles at cpnrc.smith@symp'atico, ca to arrange a time. Please come to oqr neXt: concert, "Gloriana," featuring music of the British Isles, June 7 at 8 pm, Eastminster Church, 310 Danforth Ave. Choral Scene 8 M ay 1 - Jun e 7 2003

The JCC Community Choir began . tic music. This SATB chamber en- sic and trac:litions of Armenia to a in 1997 with 25 members. Since semble includes between 25 and Canadian audience. Th~ reperits inception, it has grown to 60 30 singers who rehearse once a toire includes Armenian folk and auditioned members .. The reper~ week on the campus of the Uni- classical selections, as well as optoire is eclectic and very diverse, versity of Toronto. The choir per- era choruses sung in Italian and including Folk, International, He- forms a wide range of music from French. Under the direction of brew & Yiddish, jazz, blues, gos- medieval to modern in concerts David Varjabed, a renowned barpel, Canadian, classical, worldbeat, held in December, March and May/ itone, the choir has performed to African, Broadway, and Celtic. June each year. Most concerts are great critical acclaim in both Tor- The JCC Community Choir is ded- held at Eastminster United Church onto and Montreal. This highly icated to building community on Danforth Avenue. Auditions diversified choral group looks forthrough the creation of great mu- will be held in May for the.fall term ward to many more successful sic. We have become a strong fam- starting September 2003. Contact seasons ofperforming both A.rmeily to one another, and perform the Director by e-mailfor more nian and western music for the throughout the year at street fes- information or to arrange an au- enjoyment of Canadian audientivals, concerts, benefits and health dition. Join us for our spring con- ces. There are also opportunities care facilities, most recently at Con- cert: Sumer is icumen in on May 31 for members to learn vocal techvocation Hall for the Dream Team /at Eastminster United Church. ~ nique with David, a highly skilled Benefit in 2003. ~ vocal teacher and voice peda- THE' KING EDWARD CHOIR gogue. There are currently open- JUBILATE SINGERS Barrie, Ontario ings in all categories (SATB). To The Jubilate Singers is an auditioned Singing. together since 1952, the arrange for an audition or vocal chamber Choir that has King Edward Choir of Barrie is lessons, please phone 905-889- been established in Toronto for proud to share its continuing sue- 2094. ~ more than 25 years. Performances number three each year. Our 1952, over 500 members have been METROPOIITAN UNITED CHuRCH cess story. Since its inception in ~ctor, Isabel Bernaus, has a natural privileged to spend Monday eve- CHOIR AND F'EsTivAL CHOIR rapport with the singers who nings rehearsing together and enjoy exploring all facets of the per:forming three sell-out concerts choral repertoire under her energetic dire,ction. Plan~ for next year include works by Part, Tavener, Gorecki, an evening of Cuban and Latin American choral works, and an exploration of the Italian Baeach year. Barbara Mccann is our accomplished conductor and Jim Leonard, our versatile accompanist. Most concerts are performed in Collier Street United Church with its fine organ and excellent roque. acoustics. Experienced choristers, The choir rehearses at 7.30 on with a love of challenging classi­ Tuesday nights at St. Leonard's cal and contemporary music, are Church on Wanless Avenue, near invited to contact Barbara Mccann Yonge & Lawrence. There are at 705-726-2095, to discuss memopenings in all sections. Anyone. bership. For further information, interested in an audition can con- please contact our President, Jactact Charles Smithqt4i 6-615-3120. queline Ryckman, at 705-726-1229. KAMMERMUSIK TORONTO Artistic Director: Keith MUiier Tel: (416) 778-1898 · E-mail: Established in 1991 as The Millenium Singers, Kammermusik Toronto is a not-for-profit chamber choir and orchestra dedicated to promoting and performing eclec- BASS LEAD SINGER NEEDED METROPOLITAN UNITED CHURCH TORONTO Contact Patricia Wright 416-363-0331 Ext. 26 KoMITAs CHOIR The Komitas Choir was founded in 1973 and has brought the mu- AUDITIONS Kammermusik Toronto chamber choir & orchestra Performing eclectic work from Bynl to Cage. All voices welcome. Open rehearsal May 14, 7pm Emmanuel College Chapel. Contact .Keith M Oiier for details or to arrange an audition: 41 6·778·1898 ~ 'Kammemiusif TO N ONTO Dr. Patricio Wright, Conductor 56 Queen .St. E. Toronto, ON MSC 2Z3 416-363-ml ext. 26 The Metropolitan Choir consists of 24 volunteer members and 8 lead singers, rehear:sing on Thursdays from 7:30-9:30 p.m. for the Sunday service at 11a.m. Performing repertoire from the Renaissance to 21st century, the choir also presents concerts and has recorded several CDs, the most recent being the Christmas recording Gaudete. The Metropolitan Festival Choir rehearses six weeks prior to presenting a Good Friday concert. These programmes have included Bach's B Minor Mass, and St. Call for Auditions ~ Mississauga Fest ival Youth Choir Auditions are held during June for enthusiastic singers ages 9 - 19 for next season (September). Our program is open to young peopl~ of all backgrounds, both treble and changed voices. Rehearsals are relaxed and encourage music learning at the highest standards. To book an appointment call (905) 276- 5732. john Passion, Requiem settings by Gilles, Mozart, Durufle, arid Faure, and a variety of motets and cantatas by Bach and Buxtehude. Currently, a bass lead singer is required (please see ad). ~ MlsSISSAUGA CHILDREN'S CHOIR Music Director Thomas Bell P.O. Box 41047, 4141 Dixie Rood Mississauga, ON, L4W SC9 Tel: 905-624-9704 fox: 905-624-4693 Email: www.mi s sis sougoch i ldren scho Found~d in 1981, the Mississauga Children's Choir is comprised of 120 children. Rehearsals are weekly at Westminster United Church: Mondays for the Children's. Chorus (8 - 12) and Tuesdays for the Youth Chorus {12 -17). The MCC is adding a third eJlsemble, Training Chorus (6 -8). Performances number 8 -10 per season with principle performances at Mississauga's Living Arts Centre. Auditions occur March - May. Highlights of this season include the release of a CD entitled Sweet Songs of Christmas, the premiere of a commissioned work by Henry Kucharzyk at ourJ une 14'h coi:i­ ·Cert at the Living Arts Centre and participation in Festival 500-Sharing the Voites. ~ THE MISSISSAUGA CHORAL SOCIETY was founded in 1975 by a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians at the University ofToronto's Erindale College campus. Under the artistic direction of Chrys A. Bentley for the past 26 years, the Society has blossomed into a wellrespected, semi-professional MUSIC DIRECTOR ' ' WANTED Knox United Church in Agincourt, Ontario is looking for a Director of Music. The successful candidate for this part time position shall be proficient in organ, piano and choral direction. Duties to commence Sept. 2003. Please direct resumes to Knox United Church, (attention George Clark) 2569 Midland Ave., Agincourt, On. M1S 1R3; fax 416-293-6128; oremail to M ay 1 - June 7 2003 www.thew Choral Scene 9

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