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Volume 9 Issue 1 - September 2003

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, ll!lff•~llllllillll•lllltlll!'lllt.ilWllllilill!ll•rll ListMe is a unique mailing list servicing Toronto's New Music organizations. It is. for everyone who· wants to be kept informed about the many New Music events and concerts in town. 0$ to ioi~ up to 50°/o discountf rom special . promoti~nal partners · one F~EE CONCERT with your registration Listme:ca lvnding partners . . ·\~" Art Gohy of On:tarlo . I... cf, f!":':~' =:.-Ans • T·He' OJfTAlllO TJl.ILl.IUflll 'OUND-ATIOM AT a'f. G•GlllGS TltS MAltTYlt 2003/04 season . launch Saturday September 6. -- What.Next series* STEVE LACY (soprano saxophOne) S4nday September 7 -- What.Next series* TONY WILSON +JOZEF VAN 1 WISSEM (guitar, tute, tape loops) Saturday September 13 -- The Composer Now series OFFENSIVE LOVE CONSORT (six-piece chamber ensemble) Presented with Earshot! Sunday September 14 -­ Fresh Ears family series MUSEUM (soundscape artists) ... piano marathon (p1weadedwilhNewMusiceonmts) Friday September 19 -- LUBOMYR 'MELNYK Presented with Two New Hours. CBC Ra~io Two .. "Continuous music" for solo and double pianos. Saturday September 20 -- REINIER VAN HOUDT Symphony No. 4 for Piano Alone (1962), by Persian-Italian­ Scottlsh composer Kaikhosru Shapurji'Sorabji. Sun Sept 21-CHRISTINA PETROWSKA QUILICO Michel-Georges Bregent's 16 Portraits (1966-1988). box: 416-204-1 * off-site performance Snap Shots at the season's stan continued from page 10 lW!o? My biography says: "Ji,n Montgomery began his formal studies in music as a horn player, and completed a Bachelor of Music degree with majors in performance and composition at the Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music. He has been involved with electroacoustic music since 1970 when he came to the University of Torontifas a Graduate student in' composition, ·, where he studied with Gustav Ciamaga and John Weinzweig. He is a founding member and continues to be active with the Canadian Electronic Ensemble (CEE), the world's longest lived . electroacoustic group. Jim Montgomery's works have represented Canada at the International Rostrum of Composers, the Latin American Courses in Contemporary Mu.sic and the International Society for Contemporary Music. His compositions co~er many .media, those for the stage displaying a definite socio/political activism, as in the series of works titled Didactic Musics, He has composed many works combining acoustic and electroacoustic instruments and developed several new procedures for colleCtive composition and structured improvisation, notably in the large works MEGAJAM and LAST MAN STANDING. In his parallel career as an Arts Administrator, Jim Montgomery has served as Managing Director of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble from 1976 to 1983, Administrative Director of New Music Concerts from 1984 to 1987 and, since 1988, as the Artistic Director of the Music Gallery. Jim Montgomery is a past president of the Canadian League of Composers and has served as a lecturer · in the Faculty of Education of the University of Toronto (electronic media). He is an Associate of the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Canadian Electroc;1coustic Community. " I'm currently working with a collective (comprised of Janice Jackson, Paula Sperdakos, Christ.ina Joi !\nd Jordan Muszynski) to develop a music theatre work based on the life of Billy Tipton. As an administrator, I'm iilvolved with the development of a national coalition of new music ,artists and presenters, and specifically with the development of a national touring network. I'm looking forward to getting the Music Gallery season under way, and particularly to our collaboration with New Music Concerts in presenting the four-hour Piano"Symphony No. 4 by Kaikhosru . Shapurji Sorabji, performed by Dutch pianist Reinier van Houdt on September 20. Old friend and Canadian original Lubomyr Melnyk is performing as part of the same collaboration; it should be a weekend that•changes the way many people think about the piano. L'm also anticipating the Canadian Electronic Ensemble's residency at the 2004 Sound Symposium in St. John's. Two weeks in ·Newfoundland in the summer. Life is good! (The photo, by the way, is from a performance of MUD FISH IN THE c~E, February 6, 2003. Credit to Matthew Rogers.) Followup questions: one, Mudfish and the CEE - where does the "Mudfish" nickname come from-does it predate the CEE? Two, "Weinzweig and Ciamaga ,,._they crop up in the same breath often in composers' "influential teachers" list-David Jaeger, John Rea, John Rimmer, ... what was it about them for you? And three, "The 24 September 1 - October 7 2003

Billy Tipton story "-is there a new music meets jaz:z. thing there? And which of your roles ~re you involved in? Mudfish predates the CEE and derives from my long attachment to baseball, both as a player and spectator. As a young player I was a (not very good) pitcher; and my role models were Jim "Catfish" Hunter and Jim "Mudcat" Gran-t. The result should be obvious. My allegiance as a fan has travelled from the Cleveland Indians (when they.were great and when they were terrible) to the Chicago Cubs (who are always the Cubs) to the Blue Jays (when they were awful, when they were amazing, and now). Two words came up.over and over in discussions with both Weinzweig and Ciamaga: craft and elegance. John convinced me that it really did matter which way the stems went, and that if you couldn't read and hear it, no one else would. Gus had one of the most refined ears I have ever encountered and applied it in an area (electronic music) where, at the time, discretion was, shall we say, rare. Both men write music of great richness and depth and both could stand as worthy models for a young composer; neither had any interest in dictating style and both were very open to a wide sound world - as long as the work was serious and well-made. In.the Billy Tipton story I expect that my role will be primarily as a composer': although my father's history as a small-combo jazz pianist (and church organist) will probably sneak in somewhere. It's really too early in the process to tell. • Coalition of New Music Presenters ListMe Still Growing ListMe - the CNMP project initiated to generate new audiences for new music in Toronto - is now in its eighth month of operation and is proving itself to be a highly successful undertaking. - ListMe offers a unique mailiqg list service and website to Toronto New Music presenters and organizations that have opted to join the ListMe collective. At present, ListMe includes ten New Music groups,: Arraymusic, Continuu~ Ensemble, Ensemble Noir, Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan, Hannaford Street Silver Band, Music Gallery, Music Toronto, New Music Concerts, Sonavista Studio and Soundstreams Canada. ListMe offers the public the opportunity to join The List to be kept informed of events, concerts and performances in the New Music scene that, from their subrhitted profile, they would be particularly interested in. At the . same time, the ListMe website www provides a single pla~e where the public can find out what events are being presented by all member organizations, both through an extensive calendar and through direct links to each organization. The website is also linked with matching websites in Montreal arid Vancouver www Every day, new people join The List. At present, over 7,000 names and addresses are in place, giving considerable outreach to member organizations who, through the ListMe organization, can· access these names in a variety of ways in orde.r to in- · form them of upcoming eventS. Promotions are still available for new ListMe subscribers. When someone new joins The List, they receive: one free concert of their choice in the 2003-04 season from amongst the ListMe member collective; a 15% discount on Canadian composers' CDs at the Sam The Record Man store at Yonge and Dundas and a two-for-one admission to the Art Gallery of Ontario. New subscribers receive a membership card giving them access to these promotions. This joint venture is made possible by the support of the Canada Council .. for the Arts through a special grant for New Music Shared Initiatives, and The Trillium Foundation; and the support of our partners: Sam The Record Man, AGO, EYE weekly, Perkins Mailing Services, WholeNote, and Unibroue. Planet Blue is the initiator and the manager of the project. For farther information: . Metropolitan Celebrates Toronto A;ts Week Carillon recital and tour with Gerald Martindale Organ recital and demonstration with Ryan . Jackson. Admission: Donations accepted Organist Patricia Wright plays a recital on Canada's largest pipe organ Admission: Annual Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols with the Metropolitan Choirs Free Valentine Variety with the Metropolitan Choir at the Flora McCrea Auditorium, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Admission: German Music for Good Friday with the Metropolitan Festival Choir St. Matthew Passion by Heinrich Schuetz; Dance of Death (Totentanz) by Hugo Distler; music by Brahms and R~.ger Admission: 1p Organ recital by Stefan Engels (co-sponsored by the RCCO) . Admission: '"•'"""'""'""""""''~.,.,.,.,.,...,.....,,.,....,.,....,.,.,.,...,.,., .•.,,."........,·w.Y.Y_,_,,,_.,_.,_.,,.,.,,,,_.........,,,.,...,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,. . ' Polokwane Choral Society from South Africa Admission: Deer Park Concert:s William Wright, Artistic Director Presenting the 2003/2004 Season Jacques Boucher/Anne Robert · November J, 2003 William O'Meara January 24, 2004 Marnie Giesbrecht March 6, 2004 William Wright . May 29, 2004 Season.Tickets: 4 great concerts for -the price of three! Only $ 60.00. General admission $ 20.00. Call 416-481-2975 for more information and tickets. bee~ Park Concerts, 129 St. Clair Ave. W (just east of A venue Road) Parking courtesy of Imperial Oil next to concert venue. Return to Learn presents I~ L()V~ WITti ()V~l?A a course tracing the exciting development of ~pera ' with Mila Filatova, M.A. . ...... .. ......... . ... . ........... .... .. . Tuesdays, Sept 16 to Oct 21, 1 :00 to 3:00 PM North York Central Library, 2"d Floor, 5120 Yonge Street Pre-registration (0) required Phone 905-764-7168 Seotember 1 - O ctober 7 2003 www.thewhole note .com · 25

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