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Volume 9 Issue 10 - July/August 2004

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-~fii!.!f!UiM.l§NIU'MifiilJMt.- (in this issue: Angus, Bright. Orillia, Penetanguishene, Sonya, Stratford, Wasaga Beach) Sunday July 04 7:00: Amis du Jazz. Without Words Sonya Monday July 05 7:30: Stratford. Night Music: No Big Whoop! Monday July 12 7:30: Stratford. Night Music: lpve, look Away Tuesday July 20 8:00: King's Wharf Theatre.Sw1ng!-A Tribute to the Big Band Era Penetanguishene. Saturday July 24 3:00: Novalis Hall.Symphony 1n the Barn Chamber Players Angus. Monday July 26 2:00: Toronto All· Star Big Band. Broadcast Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416·481 -6865 Every Mon Salsa Night w/ OJ Frank Bischun. Every Tue Christopher Plock Swing Extravaganza. Every Wed.The Outlaws. Every Thu Mike Ferfolia Band OR Wade 0 Brown. Jul 2, 9, 10, Aug 6, 7, 2Q, lady Kane [July 7th, Third Year Anniversary Party}. Jul 3, 16, 17, Aug 21 Mischief. Jul 23, 24, 31, Aug 13, 14, 28, Soular. Arbour Cafti 266 Lakeshore Rd. E., Oakville. 905:844-1840 Ben Wicks 424 Parliament 416-961 ·9425 , All shows start at 8 or 8:30: No cover 1st Sat/month The Jazz Extension. 2nd Sat/month Georgia Ambros. 4th Sat/month Janine Blanchard w. Norm Amadio & Rosemary Galloway. Cameron House 408 Queen St. W. 416·703·0811 C'est What 67 Front St. E. 416·867 ·9499 Saturday afternoon traditional jazz from the Hot Five Jazzmakers, 4· 7 pm Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles 416-588 2930 Every Sun. Ron Davis Jam Session. Grasshopper Jazz & Blues bar 460 Parliament St. 416·323; 1210 JAZZ CLUB LISTINGS from the Blue Room .. Bright 7:30: Stratford.Night Music: It's About Time Sunday August 08 7:00: Amis du Jazz.Richard Whiteman, Brandi Oisterheft, Sly Jushas. Sonya Monday August 09 7:30: Stratford. Night Music: Songs from Sondheim and So On Sunday August 15 7:00: Amis du Jazz.Jeff Tay/or, Arch Rockefeller, Ron Grant, Jason Bernardon Sonya Tuesday August 17 7:00: Toronto All· Star Big Band. Jazz in the Park, Wasaga Beach. Wednesday August 18 7:00: To. All· Star Big Band.Jazz in the Park, Orillia. All shows start at 10 pm, No cover Jul 9 Snooky Tynes. Jul 16 Groove Conspiracy 1 cover}. 23 Teez'n with Sadie T. Grossman's Tavern, 379 Spadina Ave, 416-977-7000. The Happy Pals have been stomping New Orleans Jazz at Grossman's Tavern for decades. How many decades? Nobody seems to know for sure. Founded and led by Kid Bastien until his death in early 2003, the Happy Pals are still rocking the house Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00 pm, or later. Hot House Cafe Market Square 416·366-7800 Jazz brunch every Sunday, alternating weeks: Ken Churchill Quartet, 5spot Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas West. 416·531 ·6604. Jul 10 Garnet Rogers Lisa's Cafe 245 Carlaw Ave. 416·406·6470 Jul 9 Arsen Tor!akovic &Fabrice Secco. Jul 11 Peter Smith Trio. Jul 16 lisa Particelli. Jul 18 Georgia Ambros. Jul 23 Richard Whitehouse. Jul 25 Swing de Paris. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West. Call 416·588-0307 for further times and info. Every Sat, Cuban Percussion School JAZZ FOR ALL AGES AT LAST! continued from page 29 those policies have been in effect anyway - applying to people of any age. As someone who has found venues to take children as young as 9 or 12, I can vouch that even the very young can and do fall in love with this music, as long as they are given the opportunity. Now, in addition to the festivals and concert halls, there is a whole other resource open to those who want to listen. I just wish it could have been sooner. I was not even going to try to get into a bar at the age of 16 - so I.listened to The Freeway Dixieland Septet (The Rex, July 25th) from outside a door for two hours (popping inside only long enough to drop something into the tip jar - I kid you not!). And as an aspiring vocalist, I remember sneaking a listen, in awe, to Jackie Richardson, who's appearing with the Canada Pops Jazz Band at the Montreal Bistro (July 19). So this surrnner, when you go out to hear the great music in Toronto's clubs, take a young person with you - and help to foster a love for jazz in another generation, keeping the music alive for years to come. 46 WWW . THEWHOLENOTE.COM Ju1 2 Nick Ali & Cruzao. Jul 3 Salsa Saturday w/ Marron Matizado. Jul 7 lune Tremblay. Jul 9 Tropico Friday w/ Cache. Jul 10 Salsa Saturday w/ Ricky Franco. Jul 11 4AMC: Los Moscos + Battle of the Bands. Jul 15 lAMC: Nortec Collective +Battle of the Bands. Jul 16 Brazilian·Bash. Jul 17 Salsa Saturday w/ Ruben Vazquez + Friends. Jul 23 Tropico Friday w/ Cache. Jul 24 Salsa Saturday w/ Proyecyo Charanguero. Jul 28 Helmut Lipsky with l 'art De Passage. Jul 30 Tropico Friday w/ Evaristo Machado. Jul 31 Salsa Saturday w/ Cache. Mezzetta 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687 "Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9:00 and 10: 15 pm. Reservations recommended for first set. Jul 1 Amanda Martinez Duo. Jul 2 Don Thompso11, Reg Schwager. Jul 3 Ted Guin/an, Pat Collins. Jul 4 lorne lofsky, Rob Piltch. Aug 11 Rob Simms, Mehrdad Farazmanrl. Mezzrows 1546 Queen St. W. 416-535-4906 Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz and blues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings and a live jam every other Wednesday. Jul 1 laura Hubert. Jul 2 Ted Guin/an. Jul 3 Bob BrtJugh. Jul 4 Chris Mitchell' Jul 11 Chris Gale. Jul 18 Andrew Boniwell Jul 25 Special Ed and the Musically Challenged. Montreal Bistro 65 Sherbourne 416·363·0179 Jul 1 Joanne Brackeen and George Cables. Jul 2, 3 Jay "Hoo tie McShann and Junior Mance. Jul 7·10 George Gallus Trio. Jul 12 Jim Galloway's "Echoes of Swing" Jazz Band. Jul 13 Ola Twkiewicz Ouartet. Jul 14 Debbie Fleming Gutntet. Jul 15· 17 Adi Braun 'Guartet. Jul 19 David Warrack's Canada Pops Jazz Band with Jackie Richardson. Jul 20 Maureen Kennedy Guartet. Jul 21 Club OjangoSextet of Toronto. Jul 22·24 Heather Bambrick Gutntet. Jul 26 /an Bargh and Kurt lundt. Jul 27 Dylan Heming Sextet. Jul 28 Molly Atkinson Gu1ntet. Jul 29·31 Julie Michels Guintet. Aug 3·7 Roy Patterson Trio. Aug 10 Sean Meredith Jones Guartet. Aug 11 Stacie McGregor Guintet. Aug 12· 14 Emilie Claire Barlow Gu1ntet. Aug 17 The B!okk Sextet. Aug 18 George Evans Guintet. Aug 19·21 loriCullenGuartet. Aug 24·28 Joe Sealy and Paul Novotny N'Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining 299 King St. W. 416·595· 1958 Cajun style cooking and New Orleans style jazz Orbit Room 508A College St. 416-535-0613 Every Fri The Stickmen. Every Sat The Oexters. Every Sun Dave Murphy Band. Every Mon Kevin Breit and the Sisters Euclid. Every Tue School of Roots. Every Wed LMT Connection. Every Thu De la Funk. Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 416·923·5716 One of Toronto's oldest watering holes, established in 1944 with a tradition of live jazz every Saturday afternoon. Quigleys 2232 Queen E. 41 6·699-9998 Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 416·955·0887 Every Mon Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Tues Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed Guest Performer Night. Every Thu Janice Hagen. Every Fri Chet Valiant Combo. Every Sat Tony Cassis. Rex Jazz and Blues Bar 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 Jul 1 Holly Clark Guartet, Mike Murley Guartet. Jul 2 Kathenne Bates Sextet, Melissa Stylianou · Guartet. Jul 3Andmw Oowning's "Great Unck!s~ Chris Hunt Tentet + 3, Mamn Starr, Joe Sealy & The C-Jam leaders Band. Jul 4Jazz Buffet Bronch: Uof T Jazz Workshop, Club OjangoSextet, Damm Sigesmund Gutntet, Dave Young Guintet, Ben Mander w/Andrew Rathburn/Owen Howard Gutntet. Jul 5 Peter Hill Trio, James Macdonald Guintet CO Release. Jul 6 Tony Guarrington & "Hammond Grits, Jazz Jam w/ Tim Ham17. Jul 7 Oafydd Hughes Guartet, Morgan Childs Guartet. Jul 8 Ernesto Cemni Tno, '1nside Out" CO mkase. Jul 9 Melissa Styhilnou TniJ, Mike Mutfey & Mmgan Childs Guintet. Jul 1 OSwi11g Shift Big Band, Tricyck, P.J. Perry Guartet. Jul 11 Jazz Brunch, Be-Bop Cowboys, JoeShabason Trio, Alvin Cornista. Jul 12 Peter Hill Tno, Sabnna Trapper Guintet. Jul 13 Tony Guamngton & "Hammond Gnts'; Jazz Jam w/Gordon Webste: Jul 140afyddHughesGuiirtet, Andmw Boniwell Guartet. Jul 15 Ernesto Cemni Tflo, Blaze. Jul 16 MelissaStylianou Trio, Dixie Demons. Jul 17 Matinee Bronch: Ed VoskuraSwing Tflo, Jake and the Blue Midnights, T ricyc!e, laura Hubert Band. Jul 18Jazz Brunch, Beverly Taft Guartet, Joe Shabason Trio, Hanna Purkis Latin Ensemble. Jul 19 Peter Hill Trio, Jazz Mechanics Big Band. Jul 20 Tony Guamngton & "Hammond Grits"Jazz Jam w/ BrandiOister/Jeft. J_ul 21 Oafydd Hughes Guartet, Nathan Hiitz Guartet. Jul 22 Ernesto Cerv1ni Trio, Tom Van Seters Gu1ntet. Jul 23 Adam Smale Duo, Exitman CO rolease. Jul 24 Matinee Bronch: Ed VoskuraSwing TniJ, Pat Camy's Jazz Navigators, Tricycle, Terry King Guartet. Jul 25 Jazz Brunch, Freeway Dixieland Septet, Joe Shabason Tno, Adroan Farrogia Tno. Jul 26 Peter Hill Tno, Chris Hunt T entet .. Jul 27 Tony Ouanington & Hammond Grits, Jazz jam w/ Hanis Mark lusher. Jul 28 Oafydd Hughes Guartet, Dave Young Octet. Jul 29EmestoCerviiTrio, ChrisGaleGuiltet. Jul 30 Melissa Styhilnou Trio, Chris Gale Guintet. Jul 31 Mafilre Btunch: Et/ VoskuraSwif; TniJ, Rawl arKi the Big Time, Tn'cycle, R

BEACHES lntern~tional Jazz Festival Mainstage performances: Alex Christie Bandshell at Kew Gardens, Queen Street East 416-410·8809; July: 24 12:00 noon to 6:00: Willicrn Carn Quintet; Roxanne Potvin, blues vocals/guitar. Jacksoul; Nicholas Brancker, calypsonian; Kid Rcrnos, West Coast blues 25 12:00 noon to 6:00: Heillig Manoeuvre, contemporary jau; Great Uncles of the Revolu'. tion; Bill King's Saturday Nite Fish Fry; Son Ache, salsa; Blyther Smith, blues instnmentalist (July 22-24, 7:00pm· 11 :OOpm: Street fest performances on street corners, balconies & rooftops on Queen Street East between Wood~ bine and Beech Ave.) BLUES FEST Toronto Exhibiti0n Place, Toronto 416·870·8000, Weekend Pas sport ( .15 per weekend). single day passes .40 · Venues: MS Main Stage (Band Shell); RS Roots Stage; l' Theatre 1 July: 16 7:00-10:30:Jirmi?Vaughan, Lyle Lovett MS 16 6:30·9:30: Performers tba RS • 166:15·11:00: Chris Whiteley &others T 17 1:00-9:00: JUllpin' Johnny Sansone, Renee Austin, Charles Walker, Bettye LaVette, Kathleen Edwards, Chris Isaak MS 17 1:45· 10:00: Rick Fines, Xavier Rudd, Olu Dara, Al Kooper, The Holmestllrothers RS 17 2:15· 11 :00: Sid Griffin, The Brothers Cosmo· line, Chris Hilman/Heih Pedersen, Bernie Leadon, Tribute Set T 181:00-8:15: Ana Popovic, Tracy Nelson/A.ngela Strehli, Marcia Ball, )(eh' Mo', Wyclef Jean & others MS , 18 1:45·10:00: Five Horse Johnson, Bob Log Ill, Mr. Airplane Man, The Black Keys, Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men RS 18 Z: 15· 11 :00: Kekele, Thomas MapfUllo, Gillian Welch, D'Gary, Soel T 227:00·10:30: The Tea Party MS 22 6:30.9:30: Performers tba RS 22 6: 15· 11 :00: Performers Iba T 23 7:0iJ.10:30: Cake & other performers MS 23 6:30-9:30: The Weakerthans & other per· formers RS 236:15-ll:OO:Performerstba T 24 l:OIJ.9:00: Guitar Shorty, Candye Kane, Little Charlie & The Nightcats, Sonny Landreth, Wilson Pickett & others MS 24 1:45·10:00: Ken Whiteley & Friends (Gospel Day), Anders Osborne, The Tarbox Rcrnblers, Matt Minglewood RS 24 2:15-1.1:00: Martina Sorbara, Martha Wain· wright, Sarah Slean & others T 251:00-9:00: Scott Holt, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Earl Scruggs & others MS 25 1:45· 10:00: Omar and the Howlers & other performers RS 25 2:1°5-11:00: The Sadies, The Unintended, Luther Wright & The Wrongs T BROTT Music Festival 1-888-475·9377, 905-525·7664 . Venues: DCA Dofasco Centre for the Arts, Hamilton; RBG Royal Botanical Gardens; DC Dundurn Cas· tie; SCC St. Christopher's Anglican Church; HCC Hamilton Convention Centre; HP Hamilton Place Jul Y 1 - SEPT 7 2004 SUMMER FESTIVALS: JULY 1 TO SEPTEMBER 7 July: 10 7 :30: Russian Romantics: Tchaikovsky Rules. Chan Hon Goh & Nilas Mart.ins, dancers. · , OCA 16 7:30: Hot Hot Jazz with Michael Kaesham· mer. , RBG 17 7:30:RussianRomanticsll. Amanda Forsyth, cello. , DCA 18 3:00: H&h Tea. National Academy Players. . , DC 22 7:30: Russian Romantics: Tchaikovsky and the Russians Ill Lindsey Deutch; violin. S30, DCA 31 7:30:Mozart: Don Giovanni. Yorli University Opera Programme. , DCA August 01 3:30:Chora1Magic. Stuttgart Choir. , sec 017:30:Mozart:DonGiovanni. York University Opera Programme. , DCA 05 7:30:laraSt. John Plays Khatchatutian. Lara St. John, violin. , DCA 08 3:00:H&h Tea. Valerie Tryon, piano. , RBG 1 · 10 7:30: A Summer Evening in Vienna. Fred Astaire Dancers; Mark DuBois, tenor. Helena Holl, soprano. , HCC · 13 7:30: Tchaikovsky. Valerie Tryon, piano. , RBG 19 7:30: Wva Cannina! Chan Hon Goh, Guillaume Cote, dancers; Laura Whalen, soprano; David Dongkyu Lee, tenor. Aaron St. Claire Nicholson, baritone. , HP COLLINGWOOD Music Festival New Life Brethren in Christ Church, 28 Tracey Lane and Hurontario Street, CoUingwood 1-888-283-1712, 519-599-5461 /; . Series of 8 concerts 0; "You choose Four Concerts" $100; single tickets . July: 12 8:00:Anton Kuettl piano 13 3:00:Anton Kuertl piano 16 8:00:Beethoven Sonatas for cello & piano. Coenraad Bloernendal, cello & Valerie Tryon, piano 17 7:00: The Nylons 228:00:Kkzmer. Brian Katz &MartinvandeVen 23 8:00: Westminster &isem!ie. Flute & h3rp duo 30 6:00: National Band of the Naval Reserve (outdoor concert). Free. 30 8:00:John Arpin, piano 31 7:00: Ouartetto Gelato August 06 8:00: Pavlo. Flamenco fusion guitar DOMAINE FORGET 2004 International Festival Fran~oys·Bemier Concert Hall, 5 Saint Antoine, St·ln\ntie, Quebec 1 ·888-336-7438 .; July: 02 8:30:la MusiquedeChambre. Works by Reinecke & Barber. Mathieu Dufour. Denis Blu· teau, flutes; Elaine Douvas, oboe; Robert Spring; Marie Picard, clarinets and others. 03 8:30: lesSolil'tes. Works by Schubert and Brallns. Anton Kuerti, piano. 07 8:30: l 'Art vocal· Sap hire N&ht. Works by Hildegard Von Bingen & Patricia Van Ness. Crist.i Catt, Carolann Buff, sopranos; Laurie Monahan, meuo; Daniela Tosic, alto. 08 8:30: Three Guitars; Larry Coryell; Badi As sad; John Abercrombie. 09 8:30:lesSohstes. Works by Scarlatti, Castel· nuovo· Tedesco, Ravel, Rodrigo, Gidmonti, Brou· wer, Debussy, Assad. Sergio & Odair Assad, performers. 10 8:30:So1ilie Bell Works by Mozart, Tchaiko· vsky & Mendelssohn. L'Orchestre symphonique de Quebec;Yoav Tami, conductor. Lara St·John, violin. 14 8:30:lesDecouvertes. Works by Chausson, . Hauta·Aho, Ysaye, Kreisler, Sarasate. Vassil lvariof, violin; pianist the. 16 8:30: Fin de semaine Hydro·Ouebec. Edgar Zendejas, choreographer. Crystal Pile, X specta· cle, The Stolen Show; music by Owen Belton. Les Balii!ts Jazz de Montreal; Louis Robitaille, conductor. 17 8:30: l 'Art vocal Music by Mozart. Y annick Nezet-S0guin, piano; Suzie LeBlanc, soprano. 181:30:Fetecliampetre .. Shilvi; Fran~ois Sinard; Amalgama. Free. 218:30:laMusiquedeChambre. Works by Falla, Hindemith, Moszkowski, Bloch. David Stewart, Andrew Dawes, violins; Roberto Diaz; Fran~ois Paradis, violas; Vegar Dyachkov, cello; Kyoko Hashinoto, piano. 22 8:30: P.S. I love you. Dorothee Berryman, voiceandhermusicians. . 23 8:30:laMusiquedeChambre. Works by Ives, Tiefenbach, Shostakovitch. David Stewart, Mark Fewer, violins; Roberto Diaz, viola; Matt Hainovitz, cello; Jean Marchand, piano. 24 8:30: Les Grands Concerts. Works by Sinding, Brallns, Dvorak, Wieniawsky, De Sarasate. James Ehnes, violin; Eduard Laurel, piano. 28 B:30: lesSO/Jstes. Bach: Suites for solo cello Its 1, 4, 5. Tinothy Eddy, cello. 298:30:S001ad, tangonuevo. 30 8:30: lesSolistes. Works by Schubert, Prokofiev, Beethoven. Regis Pasquier, violin; Jean-Claude Pennetier, piano. 318:30:lesDecouvertes. Works by Bilodeau, Proto-Rabbath, Ruders, Dvorak. Orchestre de la Francophonie du Canada; Jean·Philippe T rem· blay, conductor. Fr~ois Rabbath, contrabass. August , 01 4:30: Les Decouvertes. Orchestre de la Fran· cophonie du Canada; Jean-Philippe Tremblay, cond~ctor. Free 04 8:30: l 'Art vocal Works by Scarlatti, De· ussy, Ravel, Berlioz, Mendelssohn, Rach· maninoff. Kamrnerchor Stuttgart; Frieder Bern· ius, director. 05 8:30: The language of love. Carol Weisman, vocals & piano, and her trio. 06 8:30: la Musique de Chambre. Works by Bartok, Beethoven, BratTns. llya Gringolts, violin; Bruno Giuranna, viola; Desmond Hoebig, cello. Oi 8:30:laMusiquedeChambre. Works by Schubert, Schoenberg, Dvorak. Wiener Klavier· trio. 11 8:30: Les Sti/Jstes. Bach: Suites for Solo Cello . Its 2, 3, 6. Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello. 13 8:30: la Mui;ique de Chambre. 'Works by Strauss; Clarke, Komgold. Yehonatan Berick, Julie Tanguay, violins; Steven Dann, viola; Jean· !luihen Queyras, cello; Sara Lamon, piano. 14 8:30: Domaine Forget Scholarship Fund Con· ett. Gianna Corbisiero, soprano; Marc Hervieux, tenor. Claude Webster, piano. 18 8:30: Les Solistes. Liszt: Twelve T ranscen· ental Eludes. Bertrand Chcrnayou, piano. WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 20 8:30: la Musique de Chambre. Works by Beethoven, Arensky, BratTns. Catherine Man· son, Yehonatan Berick, violins; Steven Dann, Douglas McNabney, violas; Philippe Muller, Kenneth Slowik, cellos. 21 8:30: l 'Art vocal Schubert: Die Winterreise (Transcription: Normand Forget). Russell Braun, baritone; Joseph Petric, accordion; Ensemble Pentaedre. ZS 2:30-6:00 & 8:30-10:00pm:ChamberMu· sicMafilthon. Catherine Manson, Yehonatan Berick, violins; Steven Dann, Douglas McNab· ney, violas; Philippe Muller, Kenneth Slowik, / cellos and students. Afternoon: free, evening: 28 8:30:les GfilM'sCoocets. Works by Rodrig a, Evangelista, Villa·Lobos, Piazzolla, Bragato. Les Violons du Roy; Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor. Pascale Gigi.ere, violii; Benoit Loiselle, cello. September: 02 8:30: Les Rencontres de Musique Nouvelle dans Charlevoix. Works by Leroux, Provost, Gougeon. Nouvel Ensemble Moderne; Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor. Joseph Petric, accordi· on. ELORA Festival Elora ON (519) 846-0331 or 1 ·800·265-8977; Tickets: as indicated; $10 student. Weekend and Sfjason ticket packages available . Venues: GB GcrnbrelBam, Wellington Rd. 21 SM St. Mary's Church, 267 Geddes St. SJ St. John's Church, Henderson & Smith Sts. EC Elora Centre for the Arts, 175 Melville St. EG Elora Gorge Conservation Area, Wellington County Rd. 21 July: 09 8:00: The Ninth on the Ninth. Poulenc: Gloria; Beethoven: Symphony 119. Sharla Nafziger, so· prano; Jennifer Enns ModoJo, rneuo; Michael Colvin, tenor. Daniel Lichti, baritone; Elora Festi· · val Singers; Toronto Mendelssohn Singers; Elora· Festival Orchestra; Noel Edis'on, conductor. ,. GB 10 2:DO:les lfli:Nons de Roy. Works by Rodrigo, Evangelista, T urina, Villa·Lobos, Bragato, Piaz· zolla. Bernard Labadie, artistic director. ,. SM 104:00: Wonts on Music. The Gryphon Trio will talk about what they play. Annalee Patipatanak· oon, violin; Roman Borys, cello; James Parker, . piano. . SJ 10 8:00: Russian Cossack State Dance Company. ,. GB 11 2:00:fng/ish Romantic Part Songs. By Stanford, Elgar, Sullivan, Coleridge· ~ aylor and others. Elora Festival Singers; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. SM 114:00: Ttio & Choir. Works by Mozart, Kuzrnenko, Mendelssohn. Gryphon Trio; Elora Festival Singers. ,. SM 15 6:00: Music of Kings & lnstroments. Larry Larson, tfUllpet; Michael Bloss, organ . ,. SJ 15 8:00: Michael Kaeshammer, jazz piano. ,. GB 16 4:00: Children's Voices. Arr. Gardner. The Highlight Zone; Evans: The Ghost of the Gorge. Elora Festival Singing Day Ccrnp; Emily Dow, conductor. Free. EC 16 8:00:fast Meets West. Works by Buxte· hude, BratTns, Attven, Washburn, Chilcott and others. Vancouver Chamber Choir, Jdhn Washburn, conductor. Elora Festival Singers, 4 7

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