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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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Music.Theatre Spotlight

Music.Theatre Spotlight bySarahB. Hood Cheers, pageants and Shakespeare's songs If you haven't yet tasted the pleasures' of the remodeled Distillery Historic Disnict, you have one more reason to explore it. From October 8 to 26 the · inniguing red rosr theatre presents ](Xlll, a pageantproouction about Joan of Arc that features puppets, live mu­ John Millard sic and even a burning at the stake. The cast includes Christine Brubaker, writing music for Simpl, which plays Panick McManus and the hugely ta!- at Tarragon Theatre next spring. In ented Karin Rarxloja, formerly a rnem- mid-November he'll be workshopping ber of Winnipeg's Primu8 Theatre. Brecht's seldom-seen Caucasian Chalk The songs and most of the musical CTrcle with Richard Greenblatt and accompaniment are by composer ~ohn Ross Manson. Millard. "I guess most of it is a cape!- Another upcoming outdoor show Ia, -accompanied by my latest instni- that incorporates music, puppets and ment, the cittern," he says. This an- pageantry is Clay and Paper Theatre's cient instrument "has five courses of 4thAmumJ. NighJ of Dread, to be held double strings tuned in unison" and re- on Saturday, October 25 in Dufferin sembles "a very large, arch-topped Grove Park. It's an evening set aside mandolin". Whenhe'snotperforming · to Jet people imagine their most terriin Joan, Millard may be found at folk ble fears and make them real, then banfestivals with his barxlJohnMillardand ish them and send them on their way. Happy Day (their new CD is called Call 416-537-9105 or visit www. "Citizens Awake!"). He's also work- to find how to ing on a musical version of Cyrano with participate, or even help put the festiperformer Martin Julien for British-Co-· val together ahead of time. Iumbia's Caravan Fann Theatre and R o · Y A L I O I°'' [ R A I c A N A - D A AIDA FESTIVAL CHORUS AUDITIONS Rehearsals for Aida Festival Chorus begin January 2004 2003-2004 Season Carmen Nafrucco Oct 2(s), 4, 5(m), 7, 9, 11 LAC Oct 14(s), 16, 18, 23, 25 TCA 'Tfie Magic :fEute 1 Feb 19(s), 21, 22(m), 24, 26, 28 LAC Mar 2(s), 4, 6, 11, 13 TCA Nov 13(s), 15, 16(m), 18, 20, 22 LAC Nov 25(s), 27, 29 Dec 4,. 6 TCA AUia Apr 22(s), 24, 25(m), 27, 29, May 1 LAC May 4(s), 6, 8, 13, 15 TCA (s) designates performance for students (m): Matinee LAC: Living Arts Centre TCA: Toronto. Centre for the Arts To arrange an audition date and time please e-mail or fax 416-482-7044 SHOW TUNES: . UIE EARLY DAYS Some of us who like musical theatre speare has the actors use those songs ... in very dramatic ways," Fallis says . There are also places where people refer to well-known songs. Pistol in have a tendency to pepper our conversations with. lyrics. Apparently this is Henry IV says in passing "O death, rock me to sleep", the title of a consort song, an old habit. On October 17and18,the wbile "in Much Ado About Nothing, 'ToFonto Consort is performing a concert called Shakespeare's Songbookwhich is also, not coincidentally, the titie of a new book by music historian Ross Duffin that ei(plores the 200 or one of the characters says she'll sit aroundamsigh "heyhoforahusbarxl," which was also a familiar s6ng title. Whether penned, borrowed or merely nodded to by the Bard, "I think more song references in Shakespeare. it's safe to say all the pieces on the pro- "There are maybe six or eight songs gram, [he] kriew," says Fallis. . that scholars have generally agreed are from the original productions'," says BLACK GIRL RETURNS Toronto Consort artistic director Dav- To the delight of many, the Mirvishes id Fallis. So if you can hum "It Was a are bringing back Djanet Sears' The Lover and His Lass" or "Full Fathom 'Adventures Of A Black Girl In Search Five" or "Where the Bet; Sucks, There Of God from October 28, 2003 to Suck I", you're singing one of Shake- March 2004 in its original home at the speare's original hits. But many nines dti Maurier Theatre Centre. "Our aim for lyrics in the plays (like "How Shall is to go further than we did before," I My True Love Know" and "When . says Sears. "The basic cbre, the es­ That I Was A Little Tiny Boy") were sence of the play is the same, but we. probably written much later. have brand new text, brand new a "Then there are some examples of capella music, brand new choreograsongs that people sing onstage that we phy." The play has already won a Dora know referred to songs in Shake- Award for choreographer Vivine &;arspeare's day," says Fallis. "For in- Jett. stance, when Ophelia [in Hamlet] is OUTOFTOWN going mad, she sings 'Bonny Sweet .Finally, the autumn may be upon us, Robin'." It would have been unseemly but the summer festivals continue. At for an unmarried girl to perform such the Shaw Festival, Brecht's Happy End a bawdy song in public so "it's used in closes on October 31, while On the the play to show how she's becoming Twentieth Century runs until Noverhunhiilged," Fallis explains. On the oth- be 2 M hil s " d' a· · hand . uld ha bee .te r . eanw e, trabor s g1 er , 1t wo ve n qw ac- . d" · N be 1 bl. ti Desd · 0th ll to bids au 1ences adieu on ovem r cepta e or emona m e o · be · ti · "Th Will So' ,, · · "th ' and preparanons gm or next sumsmg e ow ng m pnvate WI mer' s Gµys and Dolls and Anything her gentlewoman. "Everybody would Go · ' _ have known those songs, and Shake- es. O{P(JI• ~ ,;~ DEYHOPffiEHT -~\.2::: DAY ·-, , I • - I, ,,, , LEA Rn THE THIRGS THEY DOR'T TEACH YOU m SCHOOL #'171~-¥'&.~?wP~&.~ # ?r.J~ttwP~ ~~, ~ &. 8tc- # -~~ #~'171~ # e~~n~ # - ~7?e.edtv # (}~~ # cS~~O«Ng~ SATURDAY OCTOBER Z5 HOH HAM TO 3PH ST. ANDREW'S UNITED CUURCU -117 BLOOR ST EAST ~ aJQ)(V.~COhv O'f/ Caa 416-6'18-71'16 ·~~~~-0~0~ 30 O ctober 1 - November 7 2003

Education Front ... by David Perlman tXPANDED HIGH SCHOOL \ . 'DISTRIBUTION INITIATIVE CONTINUES We offer our apologies to the educators who called the number, pdpted in the Education Front last month as the number for our distributiori manager, Sheila McCoy. That number was incorrect. It is not too late to add the name of your school to Q.ur list and to begin making your stµdents aware of the tremendous opportunities to hear live music · pretty well every day of the month. The number at which Ms. McC07 can be reached to · Sign up now at The North Toronto ·Institute of Music • NEW! Jazz Program • NEW! Scene Study 'and Acting ·· • Private Lesi;;cins & Theory Classes . • Pre-School classes arrange delivery ofWholeNote Magazine to your school is 416- 928-6991. GIVE ME FIVE (OR LESS) Just a reminder to students that even though your finances may be tight there are people out there who care enough to offer really affordable tickets to musical events. Music Toronto brings some of the best artists in the world to Toronto and sells tickets to students for .00. The CheapSeats pass will get you into most concerts of contemporary ' music for only .00, and almost Musical instruction by highly qualified t~achers in the heart of Toronto CONTINUES, NEXT PAGE ~ 'Toronto Schoo[ !J or Strings ~ 85 Collier St. Located near Yonge St. and Bloor St. Private Lessons Group Classes Qualified/Experienced Suzuki Instructors RCM Exam Preparation ' Junior Reading Orchestra, Chamber music Adult String Orchestra All Ages 3+ Adults Welcome ~ -Contact Julian Fisher ~ ~ 416-968-0303 IM YOUR VOICE Organic and functional vocal training to gain access to your full range, resonance and vocal freedom. For singers, public specikers, teachers, clergy, or if you just want to enjoy using your voice! Sue Crowe Connol 416-429· 765 Viva Voce Voice Studio A DYNAMIC ONE-OF-A-KIND TEACHING DUO Deborah jeans Soprano, Mus.Bae, Performance'. Diploma in Operatic Performance, University of Toronto Andree Bernard Chanteuse, Jazz· singer 7 Pleasant Blvd. (Yonge and St. Clair) all for appointment time - Limited number of spaces 416 ~ 323-1417 Flute ~ B eginners ~ Intermediate Flora Lim and Leslie Huggett Studio ~Profes si ona l s ~Group/Private Markha m (Hwy 7/48') 905-472-4195 www.the whole 31

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