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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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~cement ~tarts ~d culrure thrg\igh;; rt, .ewarenessand, educatidh(' It iS.(l)Uf t'\p create '*\ "ln}egr~ted Living lits concert 'unipr""with 'associate}iajsons. with.all Y y~ar, TI. membep of the public, and to perperuate arts lfttirgi and culrure within our coinmunity for the next wedding~,, f 9,1. . f!:\p.ttiprls and generation. , ,, charify events.)• · < '" • < ' , ~· ' ' W~ organize Music Festival.' Festival of Lights, Director Da~id, Jaf~lice ; :. a:; strong ·~usical · Hentage Village Day an~ Concert Series. presence in the Toronto lirurgical conimunitY In addition we sponsor special projects such as for th.~ past 25 years, is a graduat~ of St. Arts in Education, Srudio Tour and partnering Michael's Choir School and'tl.1e University of workshops with Opera York. We provide the Toronto's Faculty 6f Music, where he majored Roy Clifton Bursary to graduates of Richmond in conducting and studied organ with Douglas Hill publicly funded High School each year. Bodle. , A dedicated and enthusiastic group of choristers, emanating from a variety of ASSOCIATES OF THE TORONTO SYMPHONY , professional backgrounds, unite each Monday ORCHESTRA . to rehearse a broad and colourful repertoire. Music Program Chairs: The ADCS currently has openings in ali'voice Raymond Chan, Linda Fischer categories. · · Mail: ~00 Yonge Street, Suite 1404, Toronto, ON M4W 3P5\ Tel: 416-482-6452 (For. concert tickets) evel)ings. The chffirSofJhe B~c pe .. op.cei;ts per season at" the Toron!o Centre for tht AI;sv +and appear regularly as a gtiest choir for ma.A'y: Tor~~to ev.ei:J.ts. , ~ach cboir regula'fly pa~c1pates m Weekend excursions involving festivals, workshops and concerts with other youth choirs and world-renowned clil).icians. season i;nembers of the Choir Will perform iri Benjamin Bri.tten's Nbye's ·Fludde under the · direction of Nikki Goldsch)J.1idt. Choir III will perform with the Amadeus Choir and will travel to Calgary in June. In November 2001, the Choir released its third CD, Outside the Snow is Falling, a Christmas recording featuring performances by all four choirs. Previously released CDs are Land of Tomorrow and Here's Tu Song. 4 WholeDote MEMBERS' PROFILES 2003-2004

•· · .• ¥ .1 ' HEN'S 0PEn ~ijORUS . Ann Cooper G~y wt,.·•· 4 Eu$f Toronto M5E I.EB ,, ·/I: 467• Ftix 416-366~ 92'114 E-i @,fa 'l,~ai~nchildrensopr£a.£om "A Web ,.,s1. 11: ;!V·~~ canadianchildrenso~eratco_1p , The ccoc is'

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