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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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versary ouph' commWl!W.

versary ouph' commWl!W. *• wi .. eicellenceyil). o music, ' conc~rt series annually. We1*al~o p regularly at various communit}l ~ve repertoire varies from the class " g· • centre .. :'306-6000 ,; .,cont.empo~ary, anc\ .. from the ~acr~~ . secular. .. a! ~£!ciety is a,70rt;- voice, Tliis'year, prepare t9 venture dOWI} oil-that brings t() th~ s~'!-ge r1 lane, as we go back over the Choristers' ory ,,the m r·c or fepertoife of.the +;eh· to "· from its. founding in 1968. "A Victori~p. centuries. Now in its 29th year, Mes is , Christmas" at Knox Presbyterian Church • ~ain ' Resid~nt Cho.if of the llving Arts Centre (I.AC) in Street Milton, Novembet 22 @ 7:30 pni pnd · Mississauga where it pr.tsents choral NQvember 23; "Out.of the Ordinary. a Gala . masterpieces.,regularly commissions new Performance" of opera choruses at the Royal Canatlian works and ho'sts•outstanding Bank Theatre, Mi5siSsauga llyifig ~ ~entr~,,1 Sunday.May 30@2 pm&? pll}; Saturday.June fanadian choifs·imd guestsoloists. ... , ' Artistic Diiector'C::hrys A. Bentley. now in his .19, 2004 "A Birthday to Remember" - a cape 2~ year with .the choir, ha~ led MCS in its BretonStyleCeilidhlatGambrelBarn,Country growth to becoming a .choral group of Heritage Park, Tremaine Road, Mijton Dance professional calibre and recognized reputation. workshop 6:30· 7:30, and Silent Auction at 8 pm. The ·2003·2004 performance season includes Handel's Messiah at LAC, Dec. 14, 2003; A Cole Porter Celebration with the TSO on Jan. 13 & 14, MISSISSAGA CHILDREN'S CHOIR 2004 (Roy Thomson: Hall); Mozart's Requiem & Music Director: Thomas Bell Derek Holman's Magnificat at LAC, Feb. 29; 2004; Choir Man'ager: MGM: Those Glorious Hollywood Musicals with Kathy Brisley the TSO on Apr. 13 & 14, 2004 (Roy Thomson Address: P.O. Box41047, Hall); and The Very Best of Gilbert & Sullivan at 4141 Dixie Rd. LAC, May 2, 2004. Mississauga, ON For auditions, call: (905) 278-7059. For tickets, L4W 5C9 call the Ll\C box office at (905) 306-6000. Tel: 905-624-9704 ~:, ~z .. £0NCERTS qJ

MUSIC At METROPOLITAN re· Artistic Dir~ct~r: Pat~icia Wright" , S6 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON MSC 2Z3 Phone: 416-363-0331, E~I. 26 E-mail Web: Yiw, Musk ·at, Metropolitan preseqts -a variety of , concerts at Metropolitan United Churctl, featuring Metropolitan's choir, soloists. and guest artists. Metropolitan houses the largest , pipe organ in Canada and the first tuned carillon In North America; and sapred music, especially the annual Good Friday concert, has a long and valued his~ory. , The 2003-2004 series includes carillon and organ demonstrations during 1brontb Arts Week on Saturday. September 28i an organ recital by Patricia Wright on Sunday. November 16 at 2 p.m.; the choir Variety Show on Saturday. February 7; German Music for .GoQd Friday on April 9 at 7:30 p.m. featuring music by Schuetz, Distler, Brahms, and, Reger; German-American organist Stefan Engels in recital on !rlday. April 30; and, tentatively, a concert by the Polokwane Choral Society from South Africa on June 11. The annual Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols is on Sllllday, December 22 at 7 p.m. THE MUSIC GALLERY Jim Montgomery, Artistic Director Paul Hodge, 'Technical Director Clarissa De Young, General Manager 197 John Street (at Stephanie), Toronto ON MST 1X6 Wholanota MEMBERS' PROflLES 2003-2004 13 THE NAnWnEL DETf CHORALE C/o St. Timothy'i Angi!Can Church ' 100 Old Orchard Grove. Toronto ON MSM 2E2 ' . 4167340-7000 phqaie \tr 416~340-0333 fax 1 , · :i:he ·Gemini noihln.~ted Nathaniel Dett Chorale, specializing in Afroc~ntiic choral 'music, is : comprised of classically trained, multi-faceted vocalists ~hose work stretches beyond the traditional expectations of a dassicc(l} chamber choit, ,and challenges ~ to b~oaden our vision ·• of AfroceJ;ltriC choral ~1,JSic to Include all styles and genres.of music; 'from· classical to jazz, · folk, blues and popular. music as appropriate to the traditions of the AfriC¥t Diaspora. CD recordings include: Listen to the Lambs, an histori.c first recording of the choral works of renowned African-Canadian composer R. Nathaniel Dett and An Indigo Christmas (to be released Fall 2003). Filfns: Carry Me Home: The Story & Music of The Nathaniel Dett Chorale - winner of the 2003 Canada Award (Gemini Awatds);udAn Indigo Christmas; concert film tci be broadcast on Visiori TV (November/ December 200;J). CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

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