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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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~ .Jf ST SIMON-TH - TL& 525 Bloor St 1 teel ·East, ToroQI · rel: \,4J6-923;,8·7 i4 , ~ 1 20~ , : E-majl: ·· % 02·~.ib,p.c Musical 'Dir Th6llias Be ,. ' ·· - ;:::r St. Simon's 'Chpir qffers a unique opportunity for both boys"'andgirls t() s.W.g' together 4,1 a professi,imal environment. Fof. ovel' y~ars · the church has sµpported a'H1oir consistin'g of children agecf . 7 - 14 with experienced, . professio~y-!ed adult singers .. ,, ... ,." Our musk programme includes weekly practices arid services; singing lessons, an annual concert.with a'professional orchestra: choir camps and social eventi. Choristers receive j the benefits of an exceptional musical education • within' a nurturing Christian environment; emphasis is placed on both musical development and the sheer enjoYJI1ent of singing in a choir. 1 • We welcome new members, who should contact the Director ofMUsic at 416-923-8714 x 208. The Church is located on Bloor Street, east of Sherborne, steps from the subway. SCARBOROUGH PHILHARMONIC 3007 Kingston Rd., Suite 209 Toronto, ON.MIM IP! . Tel. 416-429:0007 Fax 416-429-6070 E-mail \ Music Director: Jerome David Summers General Manager: Gloria Baldwin ersatile~+. st~,p~ nate about ddle Ages and about m,ode!fl nee~. Since erfi ' ofonto and therOntario 0 2 ~d dfuAlbel)a. Quebet, the Maritjmes, the easteni U.S.A. '!~d ·England. • eoncerts take place Fridays at Saip:t Thomas 's Church, 3~3 Htfron Street, at ~ p.m. Christmas Minstrelsy,''on De~ember 19th, features English 14th-i5th centuiy music and passages from Sir Cliges! a seasonal.metrical romance. Heloise and · Abelard, on February 13th, presents music and wreadings frqfo the cParisian mjlieu of these famous lovers. Ulm to Jerusalem, on April'23rd, is based ori a 15th-century German friar's account of his voyages to the ~oly Land, and features music which he might have heard on his travels. ' Sine Nomine has produced three recordings: ari. independent cassette, the CD-ROM The Art bf the Chant (PBS/Jasmine), and the CD A Golden Treasury ofMediaeval Music (Saydisc/AmonRa). Sine Nomine is the ensemble-in-residence at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. SINFONIA TORONTO Music Director and Conductor: Nurhan Arman Administrator: Margaret Chasins Mail: 264 Bloor Street W. Box 52545, Toronto, ON MSS 3CS Telephone/Fax: 416-499-0403 E-mail: Gl)neral'Mq. Mttil: 64.2 K Toropto, ON M~V Telepbpne: (41 G) Fax: (4J6) ~504 .'.i3d33 • E-man ; ·'soun~strettlt!~

.,~ TALISKER PLAYERS Mary McGeer, Manager , · ;, 105-678 Broadview Ave., Toronto, ON M4K 2P2 Phone:4 l 6-466-l 800 Fax:'4 l 6-466-2264 ' E-mail: ' . Web sili: Talisker Players, the chorat ~sic oroh~sti:a, is well known' to .choirs and their audi~nces throughout southern Ontario. Since. its fgUJlding in 1995 the ensemble .has g~ed ah e11viable reputation for excellence in th.e art of choral accompa11ying. A flexible-size group, it performs with choirs large and small, in repertoire ranging from baroque (on origina,I or modern instruments) to 21st century. . · The ensemble also presents its own series of vocal chamber music concerts, which take its skills 'in vocal/instrumental collaboration into a more intimate realm. This season again offers three fascinating programmes, each built around a theme, in which core members of the group are joined by s.ome of Canada's leading w/"''' pr¥ is the only coinpany' · othe development '; production of original wotkS,,gf..Ca$ bp CIIld music the~tre '. Tapestry i~ eager to respond to' a growing iriterest in t:IJ:e field of musk theatre and opera, and has developed a number ofi programs lo §erve-aftistic creation. 1 ' since 1995, Tapestry's ahn.ual Composer­ Llbrettist Laboratory has introduced COl,llposers and. the essential ingredien~ of creating successful music theatre: meaningful . collaboration. In August 2001, in association with Equity. Showcase ·Theatre, Tapestry inaugurated the Directors' Lab, an inriovative program for music and stage directors entering the field of opera. Through a core program of activities, such as showcases of new works-in-progress, new productions and tours, Tapestry continues to stress education and development of new-­ audiences. We open our season in October with Opera Briefs 3 - ~evening ofreadings from the "Llb-Lab" and Directors' Lab- held for the first ti.ine in the Tapestry/Nightwood New Work Studio, our new home in the lively Distillery Historic District. Wbolanota MEMBERS' PROFILES 2003-2004 1.9

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