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Volume 9 Issue 2 - October 2003

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TORONTO SYMPHONY 0BCHESTRA Music DirectorJle~ignl{le: Peter Oundjion Artistic Advisor IJl,Co~d'ucilir Laurente:" Sir Andrew Davis . Director of Artistlc' Adminislroli~!!; Loie Follis Preside.nt and CEO: Andrew R. Show Moil: #550-212 King Street West Toronto, ONMSB IK5 Performances: Roy Thomson"tloll. 60 Simcoe Sl!eet gt ling Street Wes~ Tel: 416-593-7 u '*1 Box Ollice: 4 · 48iP Website: www.tso.c~ ':to. • % f© ~, sounds · 11ke Cilnada's p~ Symph~n season i Halli . .... eaor.D?si conduct several dealsforthe younger gene sign ~p fot;FRE~ at Wvltso,,,. +•*.and getTSO tickets ior 1 (S?rn~ resm~tmns apply.) The TSO's line-up features a trio of power­ I?acked Rµssian conc?r;s: pianis: L~s Vo~~ October 29, '30 & ~,pvemben,l; p1arusw .. B?t1s Berezoysky Novenib;r 5, 6; •.& 8; and violinist Christian Tetz r 12.f13, & 15 . .;rhrill to' sfilnt~saens' pnqny" with the TSO's Patnci

UPPER . ANA)JA CHO " . C9nduj~r/Artistic Difector: .L 64itBelgravia Avenue, 1'oronfo, 0 Phone/Fax: 41S-256-0510 Websile: www .. :ii The Upper Canada Choristers· is a charita6Ie community-based orgailization lli Toronto. w~ ,. are a mixed,voice choir numbe;IDg about ?O, - CHOijJU. ENSElvtBLE · fo.unded in 1994 by Laurie,Ev:an fraser, Artistic . Jerzy'Cichocki, Millie Dlre~torw Drrector, and Jacqui Atkin, Ptesid,erit. The choir's"" 1 ~6 Willowridge Rd,, manda.te is 'to nurt!1re the love of singing ari'd Toronto; ON M9R 3'Z-7 appreciation of choral music in a relaxed and Tel: 416-761-7776 fri,endly atmosphere, educating both choir Website: members and audiences. The choir performs The namesake of the Victoria Scholars, Tomas regvlarly in a variety of community venues_ - Luis d~ Victoria, was an outstanding composer hospitals, nursing homes, seniors' residences, of the Renaissance period whose music is schools, churches, -as well as singing at special renoimieci for both its spirituality and emotio~al events and fund raising concerts. The members' expressiveness. The essence of the Scholars' diversity is reflected in a wide range of choral music is an emphasis on the clarity and Qalance repertoire. of sound so characteristic ofRenaissance music. In honour ofourupcoming 10th anniversary Their repertoire encompasses medieval celebrations, we have commissioned a uniquely plainch

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