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Volume 9 Issue 4 - December 2003

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8 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO > "J.S. BACH IN THE WORLD TODAY" January 12-16, 2004 Toronto, Canada HELMUTH RILLING, FESTIVAL CONDUCfOR AND LECTURER DoR£EN RAo. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Undo the patronage of The Gem1an Consulate General Germany's cultural icons, Johann Sebastian Bach and his 21st century interpreter, MaeStro Helmuth Rilling, are d1e focus of a new Bach Festival in Toronto. (;)/kPm ( in Maestro Rilling's unique experience and insights into the musk of Bach over a full five days, January 12-16, 2004 '©~#e che meaning of Bach's music, and its relevance in today's world through performances, ma..'lter classes, lectun .. 'S and convcrsati.ons between the Maestro and expem in arr, policies, science and religion from U ofT's Cencrc for Peace and Conflict Stud.ies. "fhtt?'nate (5),£~(,e Walter Hall, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto Russell Braun, baritune, Daniel Taylor, cQunur-tenQr, facuh:y artists Loma MacDonald, soprano, Darryl Edwards, tenor, and Scott St. John, violinist, the University's MacMillan Singers, wid1 members of the Elmer Iseler Singers. the University Chamber Orchestra. Call 416-978-3744 Today A Five-Day Festival Pass ONLY 5 Cdn l Cdn for students -1 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM that centres around it. We occasionally need to find extra music to fit the theme, but it usually breeds itself. -Can you say something about differences in audience reaction here and elsewhere you've performed? Our audiences here are used to our style, and have grown to expect us to throw in a few quirky musical plays on the normal. They will approach us on the street and tell us what they have recently enjoyed. Abroad we seem to shock a little bit more, as the people who come thought that the posters were just ways to sell tickets, and not actually how we would appear on stage. After that they seem thrilled that we My name is Howard Dyck, and I wear two hats. I'm the host of two programmes on CBC Radio Two ... Choral Concert and Saturday Afternoon at the Opera. And I'm also the conductor and artistic director of Kitchener Waterloo Philharmonic Choir and Consort Caritatis. In addition I'm married to Maggie; we have three children and one 7 year old grandson. Right now I'm recovering from an exhilarating 3 performances of BenjaDiin Britten's War Requiem, and starting to think about next month (December) when I'll be conducting three performances of Handel's Messiah with the Winnipeg Singers and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in the Manitoba capital, followed by 2 Messiah performances with the KW Philharmonic choir. And I'm starting to gather my strength for that day-long live to air broadcast on Dec. 21 when 11 EBU countries present Christmas music representing many European traditions. Longer term, I'm hard at work planning a Consort Caritatis tour to look like that and sound good. We make some friends for life through our travels as the audiences abroad love the vigour of our take on Early Music. -So, last, along the path to world dominaJion if you could stage an event (funded fJy an angel) - any venue, any collaborators, what might you think of to do? Personally, I would have The Consort of Musicke, II Giardino Armonico, Sinead O'Connor, Coldplay and I FURIOSI at the Royal Albert Hall and do a Pastiche of Oratorio and Opera and Pop/Rock (never all at the same time) that would knock the socks off of the Queen's Jubilee. Portugal and Spain in July 2004, and another tour to Switzerland, Southern France and Spain in 2005. In terms ofrepertoire, there are two works coming up in early 2004 which I'll be conducting for the first time: Prologue to Mefistofele by Arrigo Boito and Requiem by Antonin Dvorak. That's my bed-time reading for the next while!! FOLWW-UP - "Mostly Music" goes back to 1976, and "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera" goes back to 1987. So, you 're a musical "fixture" for a lot of us! How have you managed to juggle hats given the size of the broadcasting commitment over the years? Several reasons, actually. 1. I love my work, so the harder I work. the happier I am. 2. I'm in extremely good health and I have lots of energy. Working just makes me feel better! 3. I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my interests and passions, so that on occasion when I'm spending more time working than perhaps I should, she understands. - Your KW Philharmonic Chamber Choir Messiah (Dec 13 and 14) has an extraordinary "cast" this year. First: I'm wondering what it took to get them together. Second, more generally, in our December listings there will be over 40 performances of Handel's Messiah in and around Toronto. I'm interested in your take on how this phenomenon has come to be. 1. Actually the Kitchener Waterloo Philharmonic Choir has a long-standing tradition of getting only the very best soloists. They love to come, because of the choir, the orchestra, and most assuredly, our concert hall, CONTINUES D ECEMBER 1 2003 - FEBRUARY 7 2004

Sunday December 21, 2003 Celebrate the Christmas spirit with a day-long concert of live music from churches and concert halls across Europe. Join host Howard Dyck at 7am and hear seasonal songs from the European Broad~asting Union throughout the day. Enjoy commercial-free music all through the holiday season on CBC Radio Two. I , Vancouver Calgary /Oc'>.7 /02./ Edmonton ._90~9 Regina ._96;9 Winnipeg ._9J>.,j Toronto ._94.T Ottawa /OS.S Mont.real ._9SJi Halifax /02.7 St. John's ro6;_9 D ECEMBER 1 2003 - FEBRUARY 7 2004 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM

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