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Volume 9 Issue 7 - April 2004

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FOR THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE CARULLI COMPLETE WORKS FOR GUITAR & FORTEPIANO Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841) was a Neapolitan composer and a virtuoso on the guitar. He emancipated the instrument, and made it a favourite of the Parisian salons, where it became increasingly popular. Combining the guitar with the fortepiano he wrote a great many duets, variations and arrangements of popular works (notably the overtures of Rossini). Very graceful and tuneful music! BR92269 8CDBoxSet Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra, Adam Fischer; Budapest Festival Orchestra, Ivan Fischer This set brings together all Kodaly's bestknown works, irresistible listening! A rare occasion when the two brothers Fischer (Ivan and Ada same set! ~~lien interpretatlo of the W()rt(s; BACH COMPLETE CANTATAS The highly acclaimed complete recording of the sacred Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, formerly issued in twelve separate 5-CD sets, now available in a small sized, but very beautiful box, containing 60 CDs in carton wallets. Complete texts included in the 200-page booklet. BR92136 60 CO Box Set [tli!L MOZART SACRED MUSIC Formerly issued as two separate sets, this wallet version contains the complete sacred choral works of Mozart: the complete Masses and the great wealth of shorter liturgical works, the Vesperae, the Motets, the litanies, the Ave Verum, and many more. Sung with great clarity, musical understanding and vivacity by the Chamber Choir of Europe (formerly known as the Nordic Chamber Choir) directed by Nicol Matt. Complete texts included in the booklet. BR92113 15 CD Box Set MOZART """' COMPLETE SYMPHONIES The performances of the Mozart Akademie Amsterdam directed by Jaap ter linden has already won high international praise: a "10" in the French Repertoire, a "10 "in the Dutch classical magazine Luister and enthusiastic reviews in Germany's Fono Forum. Characteristic are the transparent and detailed orchestral textures, the beautifully phrased woodwinds, the lively and sharply defined rhythms and the overall atmosphere of BR92110 youthful exuberance and touching sentiment. 11 CD Box Set

lllhnlftnnlri" nL1101eiTiu1c TORONTO'S CLASSICAL AND POST CLASSICAL MUSIC SCENE Volume 9 #7, April 1 • May 7, 2004 Copyright © 2004 Whoenote Media Inc. 720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4 Staff Publisher Allan Pulker ·Editor David Perlman Production Manager Peter Hobbs · Listings Simone Desilets , Karen Ages Jazz listings · Sophia Perlman Webmaster Colin Puffer Web Technician Lee Weston Layout & Design David Perlman, Verity Hobbs, Mike Busija Cover Design Rocket Design ·Advertising Allan Pulker, Karen Ages Cjrculation Manager Sheila McCoy · Systems Paul Farrelly, James Lawson COLUMNISTS Bandstand Merlin Williams Book Shelf Pamela Margles Choral Larry Beckwith Composer Companion Jason van Eyk Early Music Frank Nakashima Jazz Jim Galloway Music Theatre Sarah B. Hood Opera Christopher Haile Quodlibet Allan Pulker T.O. Diary Colin Eatock World View Karen Ages Feature .Writers Wayne Gooding, Phil Ehrensaft David Perlman, Ulla Colgrass, Allan Pulker DISCOVERIES (CD Reviews) Editor David Olds; Reviewers: Alex Baran, Larry Beckwith, Don Brown, Darren Copeland, Sanya Eng, Michelle Assay Eshghpour Phil Ehrensaft, Jim Galloway, John Gray, Wallace Halladay, Tiina Kiik Kevin Mallon, Pamela Margles, Alison Melville, Frank Nakashima, Ted O'Reilly, Cathy Riches, Bruce Surtees, Dianne Wells, Gayle Young. Display Ad Sales, (Un)classified Ads & Listings: Phone 416-323-2232 Editorial: Phone 416-603-3786 E-mail: Fax: 416-603-4791 Paid Subscriptions (/year + GST) Phone: 416-928-6991 Circulation & Display Stands: 416-928-6991 Dates and Deadlines Next issue is Volume 9 #8 covering May 1 to · June 7, 2004 Free Event Listings Deadline 6pm Thursday April 15 . _(covering period May 1 to June 7) Display Ad Reservations Deadline 6pm Friday April 16 Black and White Ads must be received by noon Tuesday, April 20 Colour Ads must be received by noon Monday April 19 Publication Date: Thursday, April 29 Circulation [3E.;] CCAB QUALIFIED CIRCULATION 28,609 copies (September 2003) !i'!.e~ Additional copies printed and distributed this month: 6,391 - ~ - · Total copies printed and distributed this month: 35,000 Printed in Canada by Couto Printing and Pubishing S~rvices Canadian Pubication Product SaesAgreement 1263846 · ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE WhoeNoie Media Inc. accepts no responsibiity or iabiity for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER STORY: IN THEIR OWN WORDS 6-11 06 Jeannette Zingg 06 John Fanning 07 Claire Hopkinson DISCOVERIES (CD REVIEWS) 10,56-68 10 Editor's Comer David Olds 56 Opera and Vocal Music 59 Instrumental Music 64 Electroacoustics 65 Jazz and Improv 67 Pot pourri 68 Discs of the Month CONCERT NOTES 13-17 11 T.O. Musical Diary Colin Eatock 12 QuodlibetAllan Pulker 13 Profile: Walter Buczynski Allan Pulker 14 Early Music Frank Nakashima 16 Choral Scene Larry Beckwith TORONTOHEARANDNOW (NEW MUSIC) 20-23 18 Composer Companions Jason van Eyk 18 New Music Quick Picks David Olds 19 CNMP News Keith Denning 20 Composer to Composer: Gary Kulesha interview by Paul Steenhuisen WORLD VIEW 22-23 22 World View Karen Ages 23 An Indian feast in Toronto Ulla Colgrass JAZZ AND BAND 24-27 24 Jazz Notes Jim Galloway 24 In the Listings ... Sophia Perlman 25 Band Stand Merlin Williams OPERA AND MUSIC THEATRE 28-31 26 On Opera Christopher Hoile 28 Getting ready for the Ring Wayne Gooding 30 Opera on DVD Phil Ehrensaft 30 Music Theatre Spotlight Sarah B. Hood BOOKS31 31 Book Shelf Pamela Margles SUMMER MUSIC/EDUCATION 31 Summer Festival Early Bird Planner COMPREHENSIVE LIVE LISTINGS 33-54 33 Daily Concert Listings (GT A) 48 Daily Concert Listings (Furtl1er Afield) 51 Opera and Music Theatre 52 Jazz: Concert Quick Picks 52 Jazz: Clubs. 53 Announcements, Lectures, Etcetera 55 Unclassified advertising 16 Calendar of Upco1ning Editorial Specials 32 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Apri 1 - May 7 2004 5

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