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Volume 9 Issue 9 - June 2004

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  • Choir; or; or Janet Riedel, 1 ·800· 263-5588, fax: 613-5664430, email: App~ca· tion deadline June 2. 2004. , _ leger *VoxNavus.60x60PrrjJct:CaifrrW

101sccw OPERA AND VOCAL MUSIC Arias de Zarzuela Barroca Maria Bayo, soprano Les Talens Lyriques Christ9phe Rousset, director Naive Astree E 8885 tophe Rousset, a noted harpichordist, is an asset in every way as director. His terrific group, Les Talens Lyrique provide lively and colourful accompaniment. French soprano Patricia Petibon's decidedly odd get-up and disturbed expression on the cover of this disc would be great for an album of operatic mad scenes. Here, instead, is lighter fare. But, on the evidence presented, much of it is still too heavy for Petibon's bright, somewhat brittle, extremely agile, coloratura soprano voice. The unusual repertoire on Spanish soprano Maria Bayo's new disc has im- French Touch mediate appeal. And repeated listen- Patricia Petibon, soprano ings to these largely unfamiliar ba- · Orchestre et Choeur de L'Opera roque Spanish operatic arias leave, me National de Lyon wanting even more. Ranging up to the Yves Abel, conductor time of Mozart, the early zarzuelas Decca 475 090-2 represented here tend to be more intense than the better-known zarzuelas from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The disc opens with Blasco's fiery Italianate Llegar ninguno intente sung by an "angry and violent" Orestes. · Blasco's exquisite jAy, Amorj, is more Spanish in character, with pizzicato Petibon's previous solo disc was a thoroughly enjoyable, if mannered, collection of French baroque arias. But her voice is simply too light for roles like Manon and Lakme. Things start off fine. Petibon's girlish exuberance makes her convincing as Gounod's Juliette. Under- For more information on our upcoming CD, as well as concert Schedules, listening samples and more, please visit WWW .A.C:C::LA.I\.IOI .C:A. strings imitating strummed guitars. A cavatina by Boccherini, an Italian who spent most of his career in Spain, is especially charming in its beguiling simplicity, and Hita's Amor, solo tu encanto evokes another world. Bayo is fluid, idiomatic, scintillating, and ultimately very moving, with a clear, natural, unforced sound. Christ"..W/.17,1.?.1/.l'·l-·~"Z:IXl.'-:l'/l/l,#/l'/.l·l/l/.I~ ~ ~ ~ 314 Churchill Ave~ ~ Toronto, Ontario i ~ M2R 1 E7 Cana!la ~ ~ Tel: 416-224-1.956 ~ ~ Fax : 416-224-2964' ~ MIKROKOSMOS i ~ ~ ~ ~ ; We buy your I ~ classical LP ~ ~ ~ e collection ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (classical, such as ~ ~ Beethoven, Mozart, ~ ! Stockhausen) I I we travel anywhere i ~ for good collections~ '#'./.17#"1"/.l'/l-':l/l/il!Vl/""·'llVl?l.W/liil/l'/,l/I'~ ~ · JUNE 1 - JULY 7 2004 Wolf at my door the New CD of original music by Brenda Muller &Ardeleana Featuring vocals by Lilac Cana & Nancy delong available at: HMV & other fine music stores 45

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