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Volume 1 Issue 1 - September 1995 "Pulse"

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Page 2: September 1995 Siegel to Strauss -- a fine September . ~ . continued CORKY SIEGEL Back in 1968 the Siegel­ Schwall Band "was thrilling blues fans with its exhilarating brand of blues 'n' boogie" at Chicago's Big John's club. One listener used to come in, sometimes quite late, then stay and listen the whole night. And one night, as the story goes, this listener suggested Corky & co. "come jam with his band. " The band in question? the Chicago Symphony orchestra; the listener, Seiji Ozawa. Corky agreed and "classical blues" was born-- blues harmonica together with a string quartet. "Pure, sweet, wooden music" Siegel calls it: You don' t have to take my word for it (or his for that matter). You can hear Corky Siegel, with Chicago's West End String Quartet and tabla player Frank Donaldson, at the Ford Centre Recital Hall on September 30, 8:00. ARBOR OAK The name of the group is a joke (read it as if it's a vanity licence plate) but their playing certainly isn't! Most recently this fme ensemble demonstrated its musicality with exquisite renderings of the music of John Gay's Beggar's Opera. They open this season on the 30th with a performance of one of J.S. Bach's six French Suites, as well as other works by Bach and Telemann. THE ARADIA ENSEMBlE Aradia, Toronto's new early music orchestra, under the innovative and energetic leadership of Kevin Mallon, is helping the city rediscover a very interesting concert venue. They open their season Sunday 24 with an all Purcell programme, joined by Elaine Biagi Turner and Danse Baroque Toronto, who will perform in period costume. Aradia will be performing their five concert series at the St. Lawrence Hall (King and Jarvis) -- not to be confused with the St. Lawrence Centre; please! -- one of Toronto's 19th century architectural jewels. They have also recently signed a major recording contract with the Naxos label. ARIADNE AUF NAXOS And speaking of Naxos, The Canadian Opera Company opens its season with a performance of Richard Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos his sixth opera. Over Strauss' long life (1864-1949) he and his music bridged the romantic and modern periods. This particular piece was written in 1912, as "a chamber opera in a neo-classical style", predating Stravinsky and Prokofiev's neo-classicism by at least a decade! The C.O.C.s production of this delightful and historically important work opens September 30 at the O' Keefe. (Just seeing how they turn the O'Keefe into a chamber should be worth the price of admission!) PULSE CLASSIFIEDS PHONE (41 6) 603- 37 86 TO UST THE CHURCH OF ST. M ARY M AGDALENE Gallery Choir (mixedvoice) and Ritual Choir (Male-voice) have openings for experienced choristers. Rehearsals weekly on Thursday evenings. Call Lynda Maxwell, 769-7991. CONCERTSINGERS, a 'Toronto-based mixed­ . voice chamber choir, has openings for singers with strong choral experience. . Call Lynda Maxwell, 769-7991 THE SAINT ANDREW CHORALE, small concert choir is holding auditions for their 4-concert 1995-6 season. Openings in all parts. Monday evenings Sept 11, 18, 25 , 7-7:30 at St Andrew's United Church 117 Bloor East. Phone Alan Barthel for info and appointment. 967- 6146/929-0811. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT FOR SALE ? A PULSE classified ad this size costs only and reaches at least 4000 interested readers. Call 416 603-3786 INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE Fine classical and steel string acoustic guitars made to order. Sergei deJonge, 905-576- 4636. QUARTER SIZE VIOLIN with bow and case. 461-8425. STEINWAY 49" UPRIGHT PIANO. Completely reconditioned. 00. or best offer, 944- 8830. YAMAHA 4-V ALVE (PISTON) C TuBA, #YCB621. Wellmaintained and played for only 2 years. Hard case. ,250 or B.O., 905-513-9648 TABLA DRUM WORKSHOP, Sept. 4- 8, 6:30 and 8:15 p.m. taught by Swapan Chaudhuri. 0. for five classes. 966-0842. BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS. REGISTER FOR A WORLDS OF MUSIC WORKSHOP in Ojibwe music, West African drumming, south African singing, West African women's song/dance, Afro­ Venezuelan/ Andean Music, Chinese Singing, Tabla and Klezmer music. 5 for 10 2-hour workshops, 538-1831. MUSIC INSTRUCTION: Sight-singing, eartraining and music theory. All ages and levels. RCM exam prep available. Michael Leibson, 698- 9571. • Noon: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Livia Daza· Paris, with music composed and performed by guitarist, Edgardo Moreno. Wall and Chairs sculpture, King Street West, s. side btw n. Bay and York Streets, 204-1082, free. • 1:00: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Pedestrian Waltz (Denise Durie and Janet Johnson) with music composed and oerformed by 40 Fingers Saxophone 1uartet. The Pasrure sculpture, Nellington Street W .. s. side btwn. lay and York St reets, 204-1082, ree. • Noon: A RT IN OPEN S PACES, Dance choreographed by Michael Dow ning with music TBA. At Wall and Chairs (see Tuesday 5) 204- 1080, f ree. SEPT. 6 The f irst t w o readers t o phone us after 9:00 t his morning w ith t he correct answer to the follow ing quest ion each w in a free t icket t o William Aide' s Chopin concert at W alter on Saturday t he 16th: Name a type of composit ion of w hich Chopin w rote many examples and t he name of which refers to his count ry of birth. • 1:00: A RT IN O PEN S PACES, Dance choreographed by Peter Chin w ith music composed and performed by Critical Band, (Marc Sabat, violin, Rick Sacks, percussion, Robert Stevenson. clarinet ). At The Pasture (see Tuesday 5) . 204-10 82, free. • Noon: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Pedestrian Waltz wit h music composed and performed by 40 Fingers Saxophone Quartet_ The Pa sture, 204-1 0 8 2, free. • 72:30: A RT IN O PEN SPA CES, Dance choreographed by Pet er Chin with music composed and performed by Critical Band. The Pasture, 204- 1082, free. • 1:00: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Michael Downing with music TBA. Wall and Chairs, 204-1 082, free. • 1:30: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Livia Daza­ Paris with music composed and performed by guitarist, Edgardo Moreno, 204-1082, free. • 8:00: LINDA SHUMAS, Voices from the Cloisters, A CD launch featuring piano music performed by Linda Shumas with guest accompanists. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W., 204-1080, Free. • Noon: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choregraphed by Livia Daze­ Paris with music composed and performed by guitarist, Edgardo Moreno, 204-1082, free. Pulse: Toronto's Music Classic • 72:30: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Michael Dow ning w it h music TBA, Wall and Chairs, 204-1 082, free. • 1:00: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Peter Chin w ith music composed and performed by Critical Band. The Pasture, 204- 1082, free. • 1:30: ART IN OPEN SPACES, Dance choreographed by Pedestrian W altz with music composed and performed by 40 Fingers Saxophone Quartet. The Pasture, 204-1082, free. • 8:00: TENTATIVELY A CONVENIENCE. Tape loops; 16mm film, synthesizers, video, turntables and pianist , John Henry Nyenhuis. A Year and a Day at the Funn y Farm Bogus Piano Concerto. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 20 4- 1080, , . SEPT. 8 The f irst two readers to phone us after 11 :00 t oday w it h t he correct answer t o t he follow ing question w in a free t icket t o Herbie Spanier's concert at t he Music Gallery on Wednesday t he 20th: What is a Fluegel horn? • 8:00: TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE. North Indian Classical Kathak Dance and Tabla. Chitresh Des - Kathak dancer, Sw apar Chaudhuri - Tabla, George Ruckert­ Sarod, A auri Guha - Voice. Betty Oliphant Theat re. 40 4 J arvis St .. 966-0842, .50 . 15 . • 2:30: ToRONTO EARLY MUSlC CENTRE, Purcell and His Contemporaries. Ronald Greyd anus - countertenor and John Ed w ards • lute and t heorbo. Music by Henry Purc e ll .. John Blo w and Henry Pelham. Royal Ontario Museum, 966- 1409, free wit h admission to t he ROM. • 3:00: T ORONTO T A BLA ENSEMBLE, see Sept. 9. SEPT. 12 The first two readers to phone us after 10:00 a.m. today with the correct answer to the following question each win a free ticket to the Canadian Electronic Ensemble' s concert at the Music Gallery on Friday the 22nd: Name the members of the CEE. • 9:00: CCMC. Freely formed music. Michael Snow - piano, synth., John Oswald - sax, Paul Dutton - soundsinging, Jack Vorvis - drums. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 204-1080, Free. • 8:00: MOZART SOCIETY MEETING. A recital performed and PULSE CLASSIFIEDS PHONE (41 6) 603-37 86 TO UST FLUIE, RECORDER, TIIEORY, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT. Allan Pulker, B.A., B.Ed., 461-8425. PIANO. BEGINNERS/ ADVANCED, ALL AGES. Downtown location. Eve Egoyan M. Mus., L.R.A.M., 504-4297. LLOYD GARBER TEACHES GUITAR. Creative approach. Absolute beginners to working professionals. Must be enthusiastic. Pop, Jazz, Blues, Original. Chords, lead, reading, improvisation, fingerboard, speed, theory, eartraining. Lloyd Garber 504-0915 w it h commentary by Sharon Burlacoff - fortepiano and Peter Stoll - clarinet . Music by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Rossini, Tartini, Weber. Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, 230 St. Clair Ave. W. (Dunvegan ent rance), Free for Mozart Society members or donation. SEPT 13 The first two readers t o phone us after noon wit h t he correct answer t o t he following question each win a free t icket t o t he Nexus concert on Saturday the 23rd at Walter Hall: What is t he name of t he device a percussionist uses to make music (by striking t he instrument ) on a marimba? e 8:00: fLEABOTICS. Free impro vising animated dramas with live large· screen video projections, m usic, mot orized ' c h aracters', subt it led spontaneous poetry. Eric Rosenzveig, Phil Giborski, Willy Lemaitre · screen, Sainkho Namchylak - vocals, Barry Guy · bass, Randy Raine-Reusch - instrumentals, Dan Farrell -poet, Slava Egoro v · technician. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 204· 1080, . . SEPT 14 The f irst two readers t o phone us after 10:30 t oday w it h t he correct answer to t he following question each w in a free t icket to t he Aradia Ensemble's concert at tfle St. Lawrence Hall (1 57 King St. E.l on Sunday t he 24th: What were t he years of Henry Purcell's birth and death ? • 6 :00pm· A LL MUSIC PRESENTERS! Your deadline to list in the October Pulse. Phone (4 16) 60 3·3786, fax (4 16) 603· 3787, e·mail drumkm@web • 8:00: CLIO, Music for the Eye, Music by Childs, Kasemets, Oswald, Orton, Duncanson, Small. Performers: Marie-Josee Chartier, Katherine Duncanson, Shannon Peet, Holly Small. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond Street West, 204-1080, / . • 8:00: FACULTY ARTIST SERIES, William Aide -piano. All Chopin programme · 1 2 Etudes and Sonata No. 3 in B minor. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park Crescent , 978-3'744, ./. • 3:00: fACULTY OF MUSIC, Classical Cabaret, Violin, cello and dance. Evelyn Hart - ballerina, Erika , Raum - violin, Shauna Rolst on - cello, Lydia Wong - piano. Elizabeth Raum: Sonata for Violin and Piano and other TBA. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson PIANO AND TIIEORY. Ten years experience, classical and modem repertoire. Prep for RCM exams. All ages. Mary Graham, 925-1710. PIANO, THEORY, VOICE. Jenny Crober, B.Mus, B. Ed., 425- 6617.

I & New: September '9S live Bldg., BO Queen's Park Cresc., 925- 284, , , . 8:00: TWO NEW HOURS. Rarely eard w orks and North American remieres. Stephen Clarke - piano, ~ebecca van der Post - violin. agnus Lindberg: Sonatas; Judith eir: Music for 247 Srtings; Alfred chnittke: First Violin Sonata; ichael Hynes: The Fourteenth Way; 3alina Ustvolskaya: Duet for Violin nd Piano. 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC RADUATE RECITAL. Cathy Stonerombone. Jacques Casterede: onatine pour Trombone et Piano; aya Badain: Profils; Lars Erie Larsson: Concertina Op. 49, 117; Jan oetsier: Partite for Trombone and rgan; Francis Poulene: Sonata for rass Trio. W alter Hall, 80 Queen' s Park Crescent , 978-3744 •, free. • 9:00: CCMC. Music Gallery, 179 ichmond St. W ., 204-1080, Free. (For additional info, see Sept. 12} • 8:00: HERBIE SPANIER QUINTET. Evolving atonal and diatonic jazz. Herbie Spanier - trumpet, fluegelhom, comet, piccolo trumpet, Michael Stew art - alto sax, Bob Ehrlendson - piano, Dave Field - bass, Ron Rully - drums. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 204- 1080, . SEPT 20 The first t w o readers to phone us after 10:00 today w ith the correct answer to the following question each w in a free ticket to t he Arbor Oak Trio' s concert at Calvin Presbyterian Church on Saturday the 30th: How many I French harpsichord suites did J .S. Bach w rite 7 • 8:00: T ORONTO S YMPHONY O RCHESTRA. Jukka-Pekka Saraste - conductor, Soile lsokoski - soprano. Music by Colgrass, Mozart and Mahler. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, 598-3375. • 12:10: THURSDAY NOON SERIES. Music of Nostalgia and Nationalism. A concert by graduate performance students with commentators Gaynor Jones and Anna Chan. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg .. 80 Queen's Park Crescent. 978-3744, free. • 8:00: FACUL TV OF MUSIC GRADUATE RECITAL. Carolyn Zeyl, flute. Jacques Hetu: Aria; J.S. Bach: Sonata 111 in b minor, BWV 1030; Bela Bartok: Suite Paysanne Hongroise; Georges Hue: Fantaisie; Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg., 80 Queen's Park Crese., 978-3744 •, free. • 8:00: FLUTE FOR THOUGHT. A unique merging of world flutes through the exploration and experimentation within each of the flutes' cultural identities. Robert Simms - ney, Debbie Danbrook shakuhachi, Andrew Timar- suling. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 204-1080, , . • 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY- see Sept. 20. • 8:00: CANADIAN ELECTRONIC ENSEMBLE, Guitar Boogie V - Resonance: New Music for Guitar, Viola and Elecrronics. Works by Allik, John Armstrong, Shawn Bell, Ann Southam, William Beauvais with Robert Priest. William Beauvais. guitar. Julian Knight, viola, David Jaeger, Larry Lake, Jim Montgomery, electronics. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond Street W ., 204-1080, 1. • 8:00: F ACUL TV A RTIST SERIES. Nexus Percussion Ensemble, Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Robin Engelman. Russell Hartenberger, John Wyre playing t heir ow n new w ork. Walter Hall. Edw ard Johnson Bldg., 80 Queen's Park Crese., 978-3744. 1. • 8:00: WISDOM SONGS. Sonny Greenwich - guitar, Geordie MacDonald - percussion. Susan Hookong - vocals. Ron Allen - flute, alto sax, George Koller - bass, Ritesh Oas - tabla. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W .. 204-1080. . • 8:00: ARADIA BAROQUE ENSEMBLE. Welcome to all the Pleasures. Henry Purcell: The Tempest and other works. Aradia Baroque Ensemble w ith vocalists, Julie Harris, Sharla Nafziger. David Arnot. Christine Stelmakovich, Ronald Greydanus. Marcos and Bob Stew art. St. Lawrence Hall, 157 King St. E.(3rd Floor). Phone 905- 625-4286, /. • 4:00pm: ALL READERS OF PULSE! October Pulse available, See list of distribution points on page 4, or phone (416) 603-3786 to inquire about a distribution point near you. • 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC GRADUATE RECITAL. Danielle Cumming - guitar. J.S. Bach: Suite in E maior BWV 1006a; Mauro Giuliani: Sonata Op. 15; Violet Archer: Fantasy on "Blanche comme Ia neige •; Joaquin Rodrigo: Invocation et Danse; leo Brouwer: El Decameron Negra. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg., 80 Queen's Park Crese., 978-3744 •, free. • 8:00 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Cecilia Bartoli, mezzo soprano and Steven Blier, piano. Music by Bizet, Oelibes, Ravel, Berlioz, P. Viardot, Rossini. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge Street, 872-2222, to . SOLO OUT, • 8:00: RAIMON, SPAIN'S GREATEST SINGER/SONGWRITER. Although relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, the Catalan singer/poet, Raimon, has recently seen the release of a six CD set celebrating thirty years of performing. This performance is the first of a North American Tour. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond Street W., 204-1080,,. • 8:00: T AFELMUSIK. Best of the Baroque. Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. W .. 964-6337. • 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Jukka-Pekka Saraste, conductor, Cho-Liang Lin, violin. Music by Nielsen and Beethoven. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St., 598-3375. • 8:00: A RRAYMUSIC, Unique Voices, Concert 111. Jo Kondo: Aesculus, Gyorgy Kurta: Ruckbliek, Serge Provost: New Work, Robert W . Stevenson: Stop, Anton Webem, Opus 7 . Music Gallery, 179 Richmond Street W., 204-1080, /. •S:OO: TAFELMUSIK- see Sept. 28. •B:OO: TORONTO SYMPHONY -see Sept. 28. • 11:00 am to 4 pm. TORONTO EARLY MUSIC CENTRE. Early Music Fair, displays and mini concerts. Roy al Ontario Museum. 966-1409, free with ROM admission. • 8:00: ARBOR O AK TRIO. Music for a while. Telemann: Fantasia #9 in b minor, Bach: French Suite 114 in E flat Major. Bach: Sonata #4 in e minor. Lawrence Beckwith. baroque vfolin, Todd Gilm a n , viola d a gamba4 Stephanie Martin, harpsichord. Calvin Presbyterian Church, 26 Delisle Ave., 256-9421 , /. • 8:00: ARTS WEEK CONCERT. Historical Music Ensembles, dir. Gregory Johnston, Walter Hall. Edward Johnson Bldg., 80 ~ueen's Park Crescent, 978-3744, free. • 8:00: CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY. Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss. Isabelle Vernet - soprano, Tracy Dahl - soprano, Kristine Jepson - mezzo-soprano, David Rampy - tenor, Russell Braun - baritone. Conductor, Richard Bradshaw; dir. Tom Diamond. O'Keefe Centre, 872-2262, to . • 8:00: LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues. Crossover composer Corky Siegel - concert-hall blues harmonica and piano. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge Street, 872-2222, .50 to .50. • 8:00: MUSIC GALLERY. Concert performance of the CD, Kiss Closed my Eyes. laurel MacDonald - composer and vocalist with the Somnambuland Band. 179 Richmond St. W .. 204-1080, ,. • 8:00: T AFElMUSIK - see Sept, 28. • 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY-­ see Sept. 28. September 199S: Page 3 I'm personally of the school of thought that the egg definitely came before the chicken. So I'm suspicious of any ''first issue" of a publication which arrives with letters to the editor already in place. (Believe me, as editor of a community newspaper, I have seen such things!) And I'm only slightly less suspicious of "Viewpoints" columns in first issues which arrive with furious debate already raging. That is not to say we plan to shun debate in this publication. We invite opinions, sound and furious, over the coming months. We are setting aside this part of Pulse f or you to speak -­ in relation to our subject matter, and in relation to how we go about presenting it. You are welcome. --David Perlman Where to draw the lines That being said, the once-and-future debate is already raging in our office as the implications of the impressive subtitle we've chosen for Pulse start to sink in. "Toronto's music"? Well what about the fact that Friday, September 22 renowned Canadian guitarist, Norbert Kraft will be performing with violinist, Moshe Hammer, at the Uxbridge Music Hall? (For information call 905-852- 7091.) "Greater Toronto's music" might cover a greater multitude of sins but then again maybe not. "Toronto' s Uxbridge" doesn't go over any better in Uxbridge than Uxbridge' s "Avonlea" goes over in P.E.l.! We will gladly list concerts which take place beyond the boundaries of Metropolitan Toronto. But as you can see from the listings we've already taken on a mallUnoth task. So we' ll take our cues from you. What constitutes "classical"? First challenge came trying to explain to the folks at the Toronto Early Music Hear o • o Say Centre that yes, indeed, medieval European music was classical as far as we were concerned. And bard on the heels of that encounter, a discussion of where the traditional music of other cultures fits into Pulse. All we can say is try us. Let's fmd out how many people can fit into this one telephone booth. And what's new? At the "new" end of our musical spectrum, the questions come as thick and fast. Do we list the jazz concerts at the Music Gallery? If so why? If not, why not? And if at the Music Gallery then why not elsewhere? Help at hand On the even more daunting question of what constitutes "New" music, we're glad to say there are braver souls than us around. Lauren Pratt of Music Matrix, in a recent news release, dares a definition: "music composed around or after 1900 that is neither pop nor jazz and that looks f01ward to the 20th century rather than back to the 19th ... and any music composed after 1945 that is neither pop nor jazz." Like us, she concludes that we would all be wise to err on the side of inclusivity. A "conflict calendar" and other good things The newsletter from Music Matrix had a number of interesting things in it. • Music Matrix has initiated a "Toronto New Music Conflict Calendar" to enable new music presenters to avoid scheduling conflicts. (For information, contact Lauren Pratt at 785-8707 .) • Meanwhile New Music Concerts will be publishing a monthly brochure listing all new music events in the city. (For information contact Lorraine Johnson at 961-9594.) ~And, good news for students, Marc Sabat, well-known for his new music activities, is organizing a New Music Student Pass, which will give students inexpensive access to all new music events. (He can be reached at 539-0554.) 'J£e :J/[debur!Jh Gonneclion presents NORINE BURGESS, mezzo MICHAEL SCHADE. tenor D?ecilal c:Series Tuesday October 10, 8 p.m. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street West Hear this sensational husband-and-wife team in songs and duets by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Debussy, Ravel, and Chabrier For Tickets (/) call (416) 205-5555 For our Season Brochure call (416) 423-9318 PULSE CLASSIFIEDS PHONE (416) 603-3786 TO LIST PIANO. EXPERIENCED TEACHER, B.Mus. Classical or popular styles, beginner to intermediate, all ages, reasonable rates, central location. Chris 944-1319. VOCAL INSTRUCTION, Rose MacPhee, 658- 9571. VIOLIN, THEORY, SIGHT-SINGING. All levels and ages. Downtown and North York locations. RCM exam prep. Mehdi, 498-7577. UNIVERSITY SE1TLEMENT HOUSE MUSIC SCHOOL. Music, dance, drama for all ages. Registration from 1:30 to 5 each weekday afternoon. Classes begin Sept. 11 Call Alex at 598-3444. UNIVERSITY oF TORONTO FACULTY OF MUSIC ON CAMPUS 5 E A S 0 N 95 - 96 The Faculty of Music offers afternoon and evening concerts to suit all musical tastes: Opera, Orchestral, Chamber, Band, Choral, Baroque, Electroacoustic and Jazz International and Canadian Medieval to Contemporary Performances by Faculty and Students World Renowed Artists and Guests Student Prices, Many concerts are FREE! Pick up a 'NOTES' Brochure on campus for a listing of all events or visit the Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park

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