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Volume 1 Issue 10 - July/August 1996

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-- .... Jui/Aug '96 - ~-

-- .... Jui/Aug '96 - ~- -- - .. ~ ....... ..... . -~ - - "'' ' -----~~= -~- -=-~- - -- ------------------- PULSE Pulse: Toronto's Music Classical and New Vol1, No 10, Copyright® PerpuiProze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto Ont M5T 2N4 Publisher Allan Pulker Editor David Perlman Sales Allan Pulker, Peter Elliotl Phone 416-603-3786, Fax 416-603-3787 E-mail drumkm Next Publication Date 25th August (Sept. listings) Deadline for Listings August 15th Listings Are Free. Please phone or write for a copy of our listing guidelines. Advertising rates: Display advertising rates: available on request. Classified advertising rates: 50c per word Next deadline for booking advertising: 18th of each month. Subscriptions: Per Year (Ten Issues) Bulk rates available. Pulse is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto MST 2N4 Printing by New Concept Cover illustration by Marie Graff Pulse's members-preview ·96/97 (Because in the summer some of us would rather think about it than do it.l From page 8 to 15 in this issue of Pulse is something quite extraordinary. Thirty nine of Pulse's members (ensembles and organizations that work with Pulse on an ongoing basis) have taken the time to compress their plans for the 1996/7 season into 150 · words or less. The 39 little essays aren't comprehensive the way our usual monthly listings are, but they are quite wonderfully interesting, covering as they do the organization's whole season from September 1996 to August 1997. We didn't manage to catch up with everyone in time for this Publisher's PODIUM ConcertNotes, Etcetera ... July I August 1996 Summer brings to Pulse a necessarily drastic redefinition of what we call on our cover "Toronto's Music." To begin with, the boundaries of Toronto expand ferociously, as Toronto's musicians invade cottage country (hard on the heels of their fleeing city . audiences). Points as far-flung as Elora, Parry Sound, St. Jacob's, Durham County, Kingston and even Thornhill, gain from downtown Hogtown's (temporary) loss. For example, look at the Elora Festival listing for July 12, the QuartetFest listing for July 13, the Kingston Summer Festival July 15th, the Festival of the Sound July 19th - I could go on and on! The other boundary in Pulse that takes a beating in this summer issue is our definition of "classical and new". At Elora, on July 19, for ex

Jui/Aug '96 SEEKING PERFECT SoUND 2: The Music Gallery-20 years new BY FRANK LOCKWOOD As a recording engineer/ producer for classical and acoustic music, I am constantly investigating halls and churches to assess their acoustical characteristics. I will be continuing to share some of what I find with you here in this ongoing series. The Music Gallery has for over twenty years been at the heart of the Toronto contemporary music and performance scene. Run by the CCMC (variously the Canadian Creative Music Collective - or - the Centre for Contemporary Music in Canada), the Gallery is situated at 179 Richmond St. West, just a block south-west of the intersection of Queen and University in downtown Toronto (Osgoode Subway). The mandate of the Gallery states that it is a centre for the creation and performance of new music and music-related arts encompassing contemporary concert music; original, experimental or free jazz; ethnocentric musics; electroacoustic or electronic music; work involving mixed or experimental media; and performance art. This being the case, a general purpose facility is needed to host the· extraordinary range of performances which take place in a typical concert season. The current location is actually the third since the organization's inception in January 1976 and the 150 seat concert hall features a large stage area with a sprung hardwood floor suitable for presentations of music and dance. Listeners of CBC · Stereo's "Two New Hours" will no doubt be familiar with the sound quality ofthis room. In the words of producer David Jaeger, "It is a lively 'and warm acoustic, with a very nice natural bloom and music hasexcellent presence in' the room. It is quite a nice space to record in: with a high ceiling and sufficient volume for the sound to develop, a very large wooden hardwood floor which seems to have a favourable effect, and brick walls that provide some roughness, so there doesn't seem to be any slap echo." Currendy, every event is recorded and available to the public through the audio · archives. In addition, there is a weekly radio broadcast on CKLN (88.1 FM) Wednesdays at 11 PM with host John Farah. Recent CDs recorded here include a solo guitar recording by William Beauvais, a collection of the compositions of Chris Wind as well as contributions to the "Northern Arch" compilation CD, featuring the works of various western Canadian composers. Upcoming performances Gary Armstrong WOOD WINDS LTD. 720 Bathurst St, Suite 502 Toronto Ontario M5S 2R4 Phone ' l 416-535-6000 ,. 1 Fax 416-535-9650 ~' J l: Toll free 1! ..·' 1-800-356-4025 .1 Fine instruments Expert repair Accessories Sheet Music include a chamber music concert presented by theAssociation of Canadian Orchestras on July 5, and a concert of Mugam music from Azerbaijan presen~ed by Jabbar Karyagdy on July 11. Further information can be obtained by phoning 204-1080 or on the World Wide Web at http:/ lwww. I -rixdx I gallery.html. The Gallery has full, main floor access for the handicapped, and copious The k:.ingsway Conservatory of Music Dedicated to E~:cellence in Mu.\ic Education Register Now for our Summer Cltildren's Programs! Piano • Voice • Guitar • Violin • Viola • Cello • Recorder Flute • Clarinet • Drama • Speech • Music Theory & History Sharon M. Burlacoff, A.R.c.T., B.Mur., M.A., M.F.A .• Director 3086 Blotn· St., \V., Tonmto Call (416) 234-0121 PULSE parking is available in the many commercial lots in the immediate vicinity. The Music Gallery, over its twenty year history, has become The Address in Toronto for innovative, contemporary performance art from Canada and around the world. Frank Lockwood is a Recording Producer/Engineer specializing in recording classical and acoustic music. http: I;-fl/ @, .~ tlie sound post Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos, basses repairs and restorations, bow rehairs strings and accessories music and recordings educational materials guaranteed lowest prices ,. NEW LOCATION • 93 Grenville St. (near College/Bay), Toronto phone (416) 971-6990 fax (416) 597-9923 Free Parking • Open Sundays 12 - 5 Classical and Acoustic Mu~ic Recording Service • Concerts • Demos • C.D. Recordings · Frank Lockwood (416) 769-2204 http:/ /

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