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Volume 1 Issue 4 - December 1995

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lliiiiiJHIIIIIIIIIiiWIVIIIIIMI •• fnlll11)111J1Jlt.11it111t11Jtlt Vol.l no.4 December '95-January '96 Getting your bell rung and other musings Recent reports in the daily press notwithstanding, it will not cost you double this year if you ask the musicians at your year end company party to put down their instruments and ring bells on the stroke of midnight! Handel's turn Want to persuade Walt Disney Co. to relinquish marketing ~ights to the RCMP (and throw 111 Pluto and GoofY to sweeten the pot)? The only card you'd need would be the rights to Handel's Messia!J! (for roer, and roer, and rotr. .. ) This season alone, you can hit the Hallelujah trail no fewer than 9 times (9 and a half if you get to Trinity Presbyterian Church on December 1) on December 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 (twice). Friends of t~e family Pra1se for the producers of Amabl and lbe Niglll Visilors at Trinity-St. Paul's for their idea of setting a maximum price of (less than the cost of many smgle concert tickets) for an entire family to attend their production. Pricier but, no doubt, very good, is Opera Atelier's production ot'' Mozart 's Magic Fanltlsy ". Other family-friendly evems (e.g. Harbourfront Cushion Concerts, the Toronto Symphony's children's concert, concerts by various children's choirs and the York Symphony Youth Orchestra) are dotted throughout our listings. Is a "Children's Corner" in Pulse an idea worth pursuing? Any ideas? Wheelchair Accessibility At the suggestion of one of our readers Pulse staffer Rebecca Rogerson looked into the issue of the wheelchair accessibility of the venues used by our concert presenters. To our surprise, all except two (Eastminster United Church and Willowdale United Church) are, by their own account, wheelchair accessible. Bur we also found there is more to accessibility than just getting a wheelchair through the doors--- more about that next time. H~lping hand Musacal community spirit? Yes indeecl You may remember reading about the Sine Nomine Ensemble's stolen instruments in last month's P11lse. The instruments have not yet been found, but the Toronto Early Music Centre has organized a benefit concert (see listings January 19) to contribute to the ToKoNTo OrEI\fTD\ TuooHt: pn·~c11 l~ ; ( IU~ Il · proJucfion o{ t fuz Cmwn }ewe/ of l'ie;111

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