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Volume 1 Issue 4 - December 1995

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Gershwin, Berlin and

Gershwin, Berlin and Porter. Ravel: Trio; Dvorak: Trio in f, Trudy Desmond, vocals with Don op.65. George Weston Recital Thompson, Neil Swainson, John Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222. Sumner, Ed Bickert, Guido Basso, ,. 50 ,. Doug Riley and Rob McConnell. •8:00.MUSIC GAUERY. See De. 8. 250 Front W. 205-5555. . e 8:00: NORTH YORK GUITAR e 8:00: GUITAR SOCIETY OF ORCHESTRA. Holiday Concerr for TORONTO. U. of T. Guitar e 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Guitar Enthusiasts. Music by J.S. Ensemble. Annual Christmas Baroque Orchestra, Kevin Mallon, Bach, Joplin, The Eagles, Concert. Church of the dir. Vivaldi: Cello Concerto inC & Gershwin, Desmond, Tarrega, Redeemer, 162 Bloor St. W. 922- Concerto "Alia Rustic a"; Sanz. With Juan Tomas, Jazz 8002, . Pergolesi: Stabat Mater, Concerto Quintet featuring Jono • 8:00: MUSIC GAUERY./NDE for Four Violins. Walter Hall, Ed· lightstone, tenor sax. Armour 95. Bloodsongs by INDE Festival ward Johnson Bldg. 80 Queen's Heights Presbyterian Church, 105 founder, Ternll Maguire. 179 Pk Cr. 978-3750. Free. Wilson Ave. 485-4000, ,. Richmond W. 204-1080. ,. e 8:00: FORD CENTRE. The Tallis e 8:00: TALUS CHOIR. A e 8:00: MUSIC UMBREUA Scholars. Music by Isaac, Handelian Christmas. G.F. CONCERTS. Julie Baumgartel, Josquin des Pres, and Clemens. Handel: Dixit Dominus; laudate violin. Sonatas by Beethoven & George Weston Recital Hall, Pueri; Nisi Dominus; As Pants the Brahms, and music by 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222. Hart. Peter Walker, cond. St. . 50 .,. 50 Schoenberg & Crumb. Patrick's Church, 141 McCaul St. " Eastminster United Church, 310 e 8:00: ITAUAN CULTURAL 483-0559. , . Danforth. 461-6681. ,,. INSTITUTE. Songs of Francesco e 8:00: TORONTO TABLA • 8:00: ORPHEUS CHOIR. The Paolo Tosti (early 20th century ENSEMBLE. See Dec. 8. World at the Manger. Willan: The Italian singer/composer, friend of e 7:30: TORONTO SYMPHONY. Mystery of Bethlehem; Puccini and Mascagni, teacher of Beethoven: Piano Concerto #2; Williamson: The World at the Caruso). Antonella Muscente, Morawetz: From the Diary of Manger; Poulenc: Motets for soprano; Marina Gentile, mezzo Anne Frank; Mahler: Adagio from Christmas; other seasonal music. soprano; Mauro Nicoletti, tenor; Symphony #10. J.-P. Saraste, Brainerd Blyden-Taylor, cond. Paolo Speca, baritone; Isabella cond. leif Ove Andsnes, piano; Christopher Dawes, organ. Crisant, piano. Concert Hall, Sandra Graham, mezzo. Roy Penderecki String Quartet. St. Royal Conservatory of Music, Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, James' Cathedral, 65 Church St. 273 Bloor St. W. 921-3802. 593-4828. . 25 to . 25 • 530-4428. ,. • 8:00: TSO. See Dec. 6. e 8:00: TORONTO CAMERATA. Deer • 8:00: TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE. Park United Church, 129 St. Clair A programme inspired by the Ave. W . See Dec. 2. classical and folk rhythms of the e 8:00: TORONTO CHAMBER Indian sub-continent. Ritesh Das, SOCIETY. The Schutz Christmas tablas; Joanna Das, Kathak Story. David Fallis, cond. with e 7:30: BACH CHILDREN'S CHORUS. dancer; Ernie Tollar, saxophone. 17th century period instrument A Seasonal Celebration. Lmda DuMaurier Theatre, Harbourfront orchestra. Church of the Beaupre, cond. Lydia Adams, Centre, 231 Queen's Quay W. Redeemer, 162 Bloor St. W. 865- piano. George Weston Recital 973·4000. ,. 50 • 8106. ,. Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 872·2222. e 8:15: TE DEUM SINGERS. 0 ,. Magnum Mysterium. Settings of e 8:00: AUTUMN LEAF 0 Magnum Mysterium (Victoria, PERFoRMANCE. The Songs of A. Scarlatti, Francis Poulenc). Capricorn by Giacinta Scelsi. • 11:00 e.m. end 1:00: Settings of Hodie Christus Natus Premier Dance Theatre, 231 HARBOURFRONT CENTRE CUSHION Est (Gregorian Chant, Sweelinck, Queen's Qua,y West, 944-3100. CONCERTS. The Litrle Match Girl. Willan) and Christmas carols. .' 0 ,.' . Music by Christopher Donison; Richard Birney-Smith, cond. • 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Veronica Tennant, narrator; Guy Beverly leslie, soprano. Glenn Operatic Concerr. Highlights from Few, piano. York Quay Centre, Gould Studio, 250 Front W. 205- the operatic repertoire in concert. 235 Queen's Quay W. 973- 5555, 1-800-263-0320. ,15. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson 4600. Bldg. 80 Queen's Park Cresc. • 8:00: AUTUMN LEAF 978-3750.,. PERFoRMANCE. See Dec. 8. e 8:00: GLENN GOULD STUDIO. e 8:00: FORD CENTRE. Beaux Arrs Make me Rainbows. Music by -r · M art· T · 1·n B b K 502 r-------------------------~--'~_ro_. ___ o_z ___• __ r_ID ______, __. ____;-;• 2:00;ROYALCONSBWATORYOF T rinity-St Paul's United O.urch presents AMAHl AND THE NIGHT VISITORS by Gian Carlo Menotti An hour-long, enchanting opera suitable for the entire tamily. Friday Dec. 22, Saturday Dec. 23; Sunday Dec.24. All performances 8 pm; childcare provided. Ticket reservations 461-7812. Tickets $ 10/5, family max. MUSIC. RCM Chamber Orchestra. Rennie Regehr, cond. Programme TBA. Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas St. W. 408-2824 ext. 321. ,. e 2:30: TORONTO EARLY MUSIC CENTRE. Many Strings Attached. J.S. Bach: Auch mit gedampften; Grobe: Partita for viola d'amore, viola da gamba and continuo; Johann Matheson: Son pui dolce son pui care; Pezzold: Partita for viola d'amore; Aldrovandini: Cantata a soprano con Ia viola d'amore. Thomas Georgi, viola d'amore; Meredith Hall, soprano; John Edwards, theorbo, Susa Napper, viola da gamba. ROM, ';::==========================:::;100 Queen's Pk. 966-1409. Free with ROM admission. e 3:00: HANNAFORD STREET SILVER 60~LO.~R£ t 0 we I( ve t sea on 9he fast corvprete~ w~~ ?r 2~erican poet LOUIS LUI

ve Concert Listin January l1st1ng~ • 8:00: TORONTO OPERETTA THEATRE, The Merry Widow by Franz Lehar. Guillermo Silva­ Marin, dir. Featuring Adele Kozak, Fred Love and Geoffrey Butler. Kerry Stratton cond. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St.E. 366-7723. ,, . • 8:00: THE MUSIC GALLERY. 80 Flowers, a two-week musical! visual/verbal feast based on the last completed work of the American poet Louis Zukofsky. Starts tonight. Music by Udo Kasmets. Wtth Paul Zukofsky, poet Allen Ginsberg. For detatls on daily salon concerts and aliday symposium, see Music Gallery ad . 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080 ,. • 12.10: ST. PAUL'& CHURCH. Organ Recital. 227 Bloor St. E. 961-8116. Free. • 12:30: YORKMINSTER PARK BAPTIST CHURCH. Organ recital. 1585 Yonge St. 925-7312, Free. • 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY. Buhr: Jyotir; Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No.1 ; Rachmaninoff Symphony No.2. Jun'ichi Hirokami, cond. Yo-Yo Ma, cello. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, 593-4828. . 25 to . 25 • • 12:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Kevin M allon, violin and Terry McKenna, guitar. Virtuoso 19th century repertoire by Paganini and Porro on period instruments. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3750 Free. • 8:00: MUSIC TORONTO, Patr1c1a Shih, violin, Connie Shih, piano. Handel: Sonata in 0; Prokoftev: Sonata No. 1 in f, Op.80; Saint-Saens: Sonata No. 1 tn d, Op. 75; Sarasat e: Carmen Fantasy, Op. 25. J ane Mallett Theatre. 2 7 Front St. E. 366- 7723 ,, . • 8 :00: TSO. See Jan. 10. • 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY. See Jan. 10. • 8:00 : THE MUSIC GAll ERY. Eve Egoyan, piano. En Amor Duro, minimalist work by Spanish composer Maria de Alvear. 179 Richmond St. W . 20 4-1080. 0 , . • 8:00: NORTH YoRK SYMPHONY. Duo piano team Anagnason and Kinton. Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals; Von Suppa: Light Cavalry Overture; Gounod: W altz from Faust; Mozart: Double Piano Concerto K.365. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222 to . • 8:00: MUSIC UMBREllA CONCERTS, The Evergreen Club, performing Indonesian music on tuned percussion. 310 Danforth. -6681. • 12:00 noon: CBC "MUSIC AROUND Us". Hannaford Street Silver Band and the Belle Arts Singers. Atrium, CBC, 250 Front St. W. 425-2874. Free. e 2:30: TORONTO EARLY MUSIC CENTRE. Music for violin and guitar. Paganini, Pierre, & Perrot. Kevin Mallon, violin; Terry McKenna, guitar & lute. ROM, 100 Queen's Pk. 966-1409. or free with ROM admission. e 3:00: MOORIDALE CONCERTS. Stars of Tomorrow. Winners of Canadian Music Competition. Haydn: Sonata in C; Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole Op. 21 ; Kroll: Banjo and Fiddle; Chopin: Sallade in G: Fantastie in F Op 49; Brahms: Concerto in 0; Dvorak: Rondo in g Op. 77; Ravel: 5 Chants Populaire. Isabel Bayrakdarian, voice; Drew Jurecka, violin; Donna Lee, piano; Karl Lo, piano; Jessica Tong, piano; Andrew Wei, violin. Timothy Eaton Church, 230 St Clair Ave W. 922-3714 ,. • 3:00: TRINITY-ST. PAUL'S, VOCAL CONCERT SERIES. Ensemble Ben Trobar. Ptlgrim music from the late middle ages. Michael Franklin, woodwinds & voice; David Greenberg, fiddle; Ben Grossman, percussion & lutes; Katherine Hill, Pattie Kelly and Lynn Simmons, voice. 427 Bloor St. W . 922-8435 ,. e 8:00: THE MUSIC GAllERY. 80 Flowers. See Sunday Jan 7. e 1:00: ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL. Programme TBA, Claude Soulodre, baritone; Christopher Dawes, ace. 65 Church St. 364· 7865. Free. e 8:00: THE MUSIC GALLERY. CCMC. Collectively created, f reely formed music. Michael Snow, piano, synth; John Oswald, sax; Paul Dutton, soundsinging, 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080. Free e 8:00: MUSIC TORONTO. Richard Goode, piano. J.S. Bach: Partita; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 784; Johannes Brahms: Ballad No.4 in f; Frederic Chopin: Polonaise in f, Mazurkas and Nocturnes. Jane Mallett, Theatre 27 Front St.W. 366-7723 ,,. e 12.10: ST. PAUL'S CHURCH. Organ Recital. 227 Bloor St. E. 961-8116. Free. e 12:30: YORKMINSTER PARK BAPTIST CHURCH. Organ recital. 1585 Yonge St. 925-7312, Free. e 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY. Dukas: The Sorcerer' Apprentice; Poulenc: Concerto for two pianos; Debussy: Images. Emmanuel Krivine cond. Katia & Marielle Labeque, piano duo. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, 593-4828 ! 5 to . 25 • e 12:10: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Recital of student compositions. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park Crase. 978-3750. Free. e 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Professor Emeritus Lorand Fenyves, violin; Carolyn Gadiel Warner, violin and piano with Stephen Warner, violin and James Umble, saxophone. Works include the Canadian premiere of Sonata for Saxophone and Piano by John Harbison. W alter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3750 /. • 8:00: TSO. See Jan. 17. e 8:00: TORONTO EARLY MUSIC CENTRE. Sine Nomine, Benefit Concert. Medteval music performed by members of Sine Nomine, eight of us and Ensemble Ben Trobar. Church of St. Stephen in-the-Fields, 3 65 College St. 966-1409 ,. e 8:00: THE ELMER (SELER SINGERS WITH GUESTS NEXUS. Voices and Percussion. Norman Symonds: At The Shore; John Wyre: Utau Kane Nona; Dr. Elmer lseler cond. St Patrick's Church 141 McCaul. 595-0937 to . e 1:30: TORONTO SYMPHONY. The Listener: Magic Circle Mime Company, Errol Gay cond. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, 593-4828 .50. • 3:30: TSO. See Jan. 20 1:30. e 8:00: FACUlTY OF MUSIC. Band Concert with the Cleveland Duo. Paul Turok: Canzone Concertante No. 5 for violin, piano and wind ensemble (Canadian premiere). MacMillan Theatre, 80 Queen's Pk. Crase. 978-3750. . e 2:30: THE ALDEBURGH CONNECTION. The Princess and the Sewing Machine. Music by Chabrier, Ravel, Faure, Falla and others. Catherine Robbin, mezzo; David Pomeroy, tenor; Brett Polegato, baritone; Stephen Ralls and Bruce Ubukata, piano. W alter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 423- 9318 ,. e 2:30: OPERA IN CONCERT. La Sonnambula, by Vincenzo Bellini. Robert Cooper cond. with Tracy Dahl, Mark DuBois, John Haley­ Relyea. George Weston Recital Hall 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222 to . e 8:00: EsPRIT ORCHESTRA, Zefiro Tome. Larry Lake: Slowly I Turned, for viola and chamber orchestra. Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre, 27 Front St. E. 366-7723. ,. 50 • e 8:00: THE MUSIC GAllERY. 80 Flowers. See Sunday January 7. e 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY WITH THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY CHORUS. An Evening of Lerner and Loewe. Lisa Williamson, soprano; Mark DuBois, tenor; Daniel Narducci, baritone, Ench Kunze!, cond. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St 593-4828 . 25 to . 25 • e 12:10: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon, director. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3750. Free. • 1:00: STJAMES CATHEDRAL. Piano Duo: Stephanie Martin & Christopher Daw es. 65 Church St. 3 64-7865. Free. • 8:00: TSO. See Jan 22. e 8:00: THE MUSIC GAUERY. CCMC, 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080. Free • 8:00: TRINITY·ST. PAUL'S. See Dec. 22. e 12:10 ST. PAUl'S CHURCH. Organ Recital. 227 Bloor St. E. 961 -8116. Free. e 12:30: YORKMINSTER PARK BAPTIST CHURCH. Organ recital. 1585 Yonge St. 925-7312, Free. e 2:00 & 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY. See Jan 22. e 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Faculty & student compositions and arrangements, performed by Jazz Ensemble led by Phil Nimmons and Gary Williamson. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg. 80 Queen's Park Crase. 978-3750. Free. e 8:00: GLENN GOULD STUDIO. A Scottish Evening (Eve of Robbie Burns Day) James Campbell, clarinet; Erica Goodman, harp; David Greenberg, Celtic fiddler; Dave Young, bass. , 250 Front St. W . 205-5555 to 0. • 8:00: MUSIC GAUERY. William Beauvais, guitar. Release of the CD, Tracings. New Works by David Keene and Domenic Montagano. 179 Richmond St. w. 204-1080 ,. e 12: 10: FACULTY OF MUSIC. A student jazz ensemble dir. Mike Murley. W alter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3750 Free. e 8:00: MUSIC TORONTO. Berlin Philharmonic Quartet. Beethoven: I Quartet No. 11 in f minor, Op. 95 Serioso; Shostakovich: Quartet No. 12; Schubert: Quartet No.14 in d minor, 0 .810 Death and the Maiden. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St 366- 7723. ,, . e 8:00: TAFELMUSIK ORCHESTRA AND CHAMBER CHOIR. The Passion of leafy, Alessandro Scarlatti: Su le Sponde del Tebro; Carissimi: Jephte. Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; John Thiessen, trumpet. Bloor Street United Church, 427 Bloor St. W. 964-6337. to . e 8:00: THE MUSIC GAllERY. Dianne Aitken, flute, Trevor Toronto Early Music Centre Sine Nomine Benefit Concert Spm Friday Jan 19 St. Stephen in-the-Fields 365 College Street Members of Sine Nomine, Eight of Us, Ensemble Ben Trobar. ,, refreshments Music at Metropolitan "A tear may wet thy taughin' ee" 200 years since the death of Robert Burns Sat Jan 20, 8pm. Admission: Metropolitan United Church, Queen and Church Streets, 363-0331. e 8:00: FoRD CENTRE. lvo Pogorelich, piano. Program TBA. George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222. . 50 to . 50 • e 8:00: CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY. Der Fliegende Hollander by Richard Wagner. Richard Bradshaw, cond. with Karen Huffstodt, Richard Fink, Patrick Rafferty, and Gordon Gietz; Christopher Alden, dir. O'Keefe Cent re, 1 Front St. E. 363-8231 . to . •8:00: TAFELMUSIK. e 8:00: THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Music by Beethoven and Brahms. MacMillan Theatre, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc . 978-3744. ,. e 8:00: MUSIC GALLERY. Worlds of Music. 179 Richmond St. W. 204-1080. $ 10,. •8:00: TAFElMUSIK. See Jan 25 e 8 :00: CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY. Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini and I Pagliacci by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. Richard Buckley, cond. O'Keefe Centre, 1 Front E. 363-8231. $ 15 to . e 7:30: TORONTO SYMPHONY. Tchaikovsky: Capriccio ltalien; arr. Greer: Selections from the Sarah Binks Songbook; Liadov: Baba-Yaga; also Khachaturian, Berlioz, Saint Saens. Dennis Simons cond. Mary Lou Fallis, THE CHORAL STORE TORONTO JEWISH FoLK CHoiR Annual Free CHANUKAH CONCERTS •December 13, 7:15pm Barbara Frum Library • December 18, 1:00pm CBC Atrium New singers wanted for our 70th season! 492-7110 e 3:00: CLASSICAL CABARET. Four Friends. BarberiMenotti: A Hand of Bridge. Also music by Brahms, Rossini, Corigliano, Weill and Bernstein. Allison Grant, soprano; Margaret Ball, contralto; Blaine Hendsbee, baritone. W alter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978- 3750. ,,. • 3:00: TSO. See Jan. 27. e 3:30: TAFELMUSIK. See Jan 25. • 8:00: COC, See Jan. 26. e 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC: Keith Atkinson, oboe and Che Anne Loewen, piano. Music by Telemann, Schuller, Dorati, Paladilhe and Poulenc. Guest performer Kathleen Mclean, bassoon. Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Bldg. 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3750. ,. e 1:00: ST. JAMES CATHEDRAl. Organ Recital. Programme TBA. James Andrew Calkin. 65 Church St. 364-7865. Free. • 8:00: THE MUSIC GAllERY. CCMC, 179 Richmond St. W . 204-1080. Free. e 8:00: GLEN GOULD STUDIO, The Nylons 250 Front St. W. 205- MAURA McGROA RTY 235 McRae Drive Toronto, Ontario Canada M4G IT6 Tel:(416) 422-2522 1-800-624-2748 Fax: (416) 422-4065 Page Three : 5555 . e 8:00: MUSIC TORONTO, Angela Hewitt, piano. J .S Bach: partita No. 4 in 0, BMV 828; Beethoven: Sonata in C, Op. 2, No. 3; Schumann: Kinderscenen, Op. 15; Albeniz: Suite espagnola (excerpts); Granados: Los requiebros (from Goyescas). Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St . W. 366-7723 ,,. e 12.10: ST. PAUL'S CHURCH. Organ Recital. 227 Bloor St. E. 961-8116. Free. e 12:30: YORKMINSTER PARK BAPTIST CHURCH. Organ recital. 1585 Yonge St. 925-7312, Free. e 8:00: TORONTO SYMPHONY. Mozart: Serenade No. 10 in B b for 13 Wind Instrument s, K. 361 , "Gran Partita"; Tchaikovsky: Serenade for string orchestra, Joaquin Valdepenas and Jacques lsraelievitch cond. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 593-4828 . 25 to 49. 25 • e 8:00: FACULTY OF MUSIC. Faculty and student composirions and arrangements, performed by Jazz Ensembles led by Alex Dean and Kevin Turcotte. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Pk. Cresc. 978-3 750 Free. • 8:00: Music Gallery. Rising Towards the Seraphim. Honey Novick, soprano, with Brahm Goldhamer, piano & Richard Sacks, percussion, performing songs from her latest CD. 179 Richmond W. 782-7944. . The TOQONTO CLA8..Q.ICAL 0NGEQ8 presents _Two TooTLE DoVl':~- A Chrislmas Wassail wilh Favouril e Carols, &on8s and Qeadin8s &unday December 10 Christmas Music for Choir and Brass Ensemble. Deer Park Vocal Ensemble, William Wright, conductor Saturday, December 2nd at 8:00 p.m. 129 StClair West Gust east of Avenue Road) for information call 962-3381. Visa accepted. i---------------!!--------------~-------------j Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Amadeus Choir's Ring-a the News features winning carols from the Amadeus Choir Christmas Carol Writing Competition, as well as traditional favourites and two exquisite solos by mezzo-soprano Catherine Wyn-Rogers. To order CDs or cassettes, call (905) 294-4488. Cassette tape: CD: Music at Metropolitan Sunday Dec 3, Spm Free Chancel Concert Music for Advent Sunday Dec 17, 7pm Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols Metropolitan United Church, Queen & Church, 363-0331 A CANADIAN CHRISTMAS Monday, December 18, 8 pm St. Andrew's United Church 117 Bloor Street East (Yonge and Bloor subway) Music f or Choir, Flute, Harp and Organ 1 Stud & Sen. 929-0811 ~ The Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir "THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS" Grace Church On-The-Hill Sat. Dec 23, 7:30 call 598-0442 Te Deum Singers The MYSTERY of CHRISTMAS Glenn Gould Studio 8:15, Dec9 B"WQUE0RCIII.STRA \N D C IIAMBER CIIOIR ) EA!\"E L A"ON, 7LSIL D IRl CTOR. SDC!HOQtD B>' &1:1 Aglncourt Autohaus S l:flJ} SlleDciUfdA\oeMUf l!W)fdt n DECEMBER 23 AT 2PM - MASSEY HALL ( 4 l 6 )872-4255

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