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Volume 1 Issue 5 - February 1996

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Volume 1 Issue 5 - February

Volume 1, no. 5 Comprehensive Concert Liatin~a February 1996 • Toronto's Music CLASSICAL & NEW •~-r Attention new readers: for your eyes only Since you don't know we've said it before, we can say it again: the breadth of Toronto's classical and new music performance base is without equal in North America. Our highest symphonic peaks may 'be a teeny bit less lofty than the continent's most elevated (although there are some who would argue even that point), but where else in the 59 contiguous States can you find upward of forty classical or new music events to choose from every single week, month in, month out? So how do you keep track of the torrents of music coursing through this city's veins? Simple: you take a PULSE! Be you aficionado or tyro, rolling in indiscretionary dough or struggling to make ends enter into negotiations to meet, you will find something in here, guaranteed, to broaden your musical horizons and satisfy your thirsty soul. Attention faithful followers: new readers, skip this bit! Well, we've taken the plunge this month and made the switch from tabloid to magazine. The listings are still chronological: (b day, then by time of day, then alphabetically by presenter within a given time slot.) But you don't have to take in 20 days all at once! Attention everyone! INSIDE: 12 tickets to be won • c B L A A R v 0 I Q E U R E s s Dawn Lyons & Den Ciul 109 Fuller Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6R 2C4 Phone: (416) 538·3062 Fax: (416) 538-3062 Email: Email: HARPSICHORDS' CLAVICHORDS SPINETS VIRGINALS FORTE-PIANOS Sales • Repairs - Rentals' Agents for Zuckermann Harpsichords Do the names ''Susan Hoeppner" and 'Walter Hall" ring any bells? If no~ Feb 17 you can malu two great discoveries. WALTER HALL is an acoustically-friendly 500-seater with wonderful sight-lines, tucked in behind the planetarium, off Queen's Park Crescent, in the U. of T.'s Edward Johnson Building. Home base for the Faculty of Music, it's also the venue of choice for Women's Music Club of Toronto and Classical Cabaret, to name just two.) .Walter Hall runs neck and neck with the Music Gallery as most-used music venue in the PULSE index. (This month, it would have nm away with gold if we'd also listed the 34 undergraduate recitals scheduled there! See The Etcetera File on page two.) SUSAN HOEPPNER proves the truth of the opening paragraphs on this page. Her sound is delicious, always coloured to the character of the music; her technique seems limitless; she always seems to discover something true in the music. During the intermission of a recital she gave last year, a retired flute and piccolo player in the T.S.O. remarked to PULSE publisher, Allan Pulker (another flautist) "I go to all her concerts. She's got everything - sound, style, technique!" Susan Hoeppner performs with harpist extraordinaire Judy Loman and a string trio Sat Feb 17, 8:00 at Walter Hall.

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