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Volume 1 Issue 5 - February 1996

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(~______ c __

(~______ c __ LA_s_~_F_IE_o_s_=•_N_s_lR_u_cn Cello lessons. Experienced and enthusiastic teacher. Y onge/St. Clair area. CaU Simone at 416-927-1516. Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique is looldng for person{s} interested in taking 25-30 lessons (two a week) at a reduc~ fee 1 as p~ of a worlting professionals. , supervtsed mtemsbip. Pape- Must be enthusiastic. Pop, Danforth area. Kath Lucas, Jazz, Blues, Original 466-5263. Chords, lead, read-ing, Ever wanted to sing imP.rovisation, fmge~d, but thought you wouldn't or speed, theory, ear-trammg. couldn't? To sing is our Lloyd Gamer, 504-0915. birthright. SmaU groups meet once a week. Jobanne, 461-8425. __ o_N ________;) Group vocal training: Sight-singing, eara ten class series to help training and music y~ sing with ease, theory. AU ages & levels. enJoyment an~ assurance. RCM exam prep available. Tuesday evenmgs, February Michael Leibson 698- 20 to April 23. 0. Peg 2842. ' Evans, B.Mus. B. Ed. 413- 9360. The flute. Sensitive and focused guidance and Lloyd Garber teaches instruction by AUan Pulker, guitar. Creative approach. B.A., B.Ed. 603-3786. Absolute beginners to Voice/Piano instruction. Accepting new students. Marianne Zin-Orlowski. Mus.Bac. Perf, Grade 10 Conservatory Piano. Beginner/ intermediate level. 658- 4432 Pulse: Distribution Pul11 is available by subscription for per year (ten issues). It is also available free at • aU public libraries in North York, York, East York, and Etobicoke; • many concert venues; • and at the foUowing places: CENTRAL Gatsby's Restaurant, Spadina Rd. Ford Centre for the Across the Pond, 504 Church St. Westcott Noy. Performing Arts, 503 Parliament St. Glenn Gould Studio, Wood-winds, 5040 Yqnge St. AUiance Francaise, 250 Fr011t St. W. 1 Yorkville Ave. In Harmony, 2510 24 Spadina Rd Goethe Institute, Y011ge, #324 Around Again, 18 1067 Y011ge EAST Java Fever, Baldwin St. Green Room, 497 Book City, 994 Eglint011 W. Bay Bloor Radio, Bloor W. (rear) 348 Danforth Ave. Mabel's Fables, 44 Charles W. • HMV, 333 Y011ge Booksmith, 662 Mt. Pleasant Bloor Street United, Italian Cultural 2012B Queen E. Madrigal Classical 300 Bloor W. Institute, 496 Huron Concorde Speakers Record Shop, 2534 Book CeUar, L' Atelier Grigorian, & Electronics, Bayview Ave. 142 Yorkville 70 Yorkville Ave. 1392 Danforth Ave. Mikrocosmos, 314 Book City, Livoja-Lori us HeUo Toast, 993 Churchill 208 Bloor W. Strings, 54 Widmer Queen St. E.' Music Book Book City, M-DO, Mocha-Mocha Cafe, Store,122 Laird Dr. 501 Bloor W. 110 Spadina Ave. 489 Danforth Ave. Musica, 23 Cabbages, 317 Music GaUery,179 Music Chamber, Brentclilfe Rd. #345 Carlton St. RichmOIId W. 217 Danforth Ave. Second Cup, 630 Cabbagetown Ont. Arts Council, Mystical Music, Mt. Pleasant . Community Arts 151 Bloor W. 730 Queen St. E. Shoppers' Drug Centre, 454 Remenyi, Sarah's Icecream Mart, 467 Parliament 210 Bloor W. Deli & Cafe, Parliament Canadian Music Roy Thomson HaU 1426 Danforth St. John's Music, Centre, 20 St. Boutique, 60 Simcoe Second Cup, 1650 Avenue Rd Joseph Royal Conservatory 355 Danforth Ave Vortex Records, Canadian Children's Book Store, Street Records, 2309 Y011ge St. Dance Theatre, 509 273 Bloor W. 286A Danforth. Parliament Royal Conservatory Strictly Bulk, WEST Chalmers Building, Vocal, Choral, Opera 582 Danforth Ave. Butler's Pantry, 371 35 McCaul St. Store,210 Bloor W Twelfth Fret, R011cesvalles Church of the Sam the Record 2229 Danforth Gate 403, 403 Redeemer, 162 Man, Y011ge Y .C. Cbau & Sons R011cesvalles Bloor St. W. @Gould Pianos, 4211 HMV, Sherway Clairburst Seekers Books, Sheppard Ave. E., Gdns. Mall, 25 The Pharmacy, 1466 509 Bloor W. Unit 210 West Mall Bathurst St. Shar Music, 26 Y.C. Cbau & Sons Jimmy Mack's Bar Classical Record Cumberland St. Pianos, 1386 and GriU, 416A Shop,55 Avenue Rd. Sound Post, 93 Danforth Ave. R011cesvalles Coffee Tree, 431 Grenville St. Kingsway Spadina Rd. Spanish Centre, 40 NORTH Conservatory of Concert HaU Hayden AUegro Music, 2045 Music, 3086 Bloor Classical CDs, St. Thomas's Avenue Rd. St. W. Commerce Ct. Church, 383 Hur011 Books and Music Lebar Music David Mirvish St. Andrew's Plus, 711 Mount School, 2 Books, 596 Church, 117 Bloor Pleasant Rd. Willingd011 Markham St. St. E. Choral Store, Long and McQuade, Evergreen Natural . St. James' 241 McRae Dr. 925 Bloor St. W. Foods, 513 St. Clair Cathedral, 65 Concert HaU Novum-Multum, 97 Ave. W. Church St. Classical CDs, D011 R011cesvalles Faculty of Music, Tbeattebooks, Mills Ctre. Queensway Music U. of T., 80 lJ St. Thomas St. Contact Editions, Centre, 701 The Queen's Park Tor. Arts Council, 2289 Y011ge Queensway Crescent 141 Bathurst Dave Snider Music, Recorder Centre, Gary Armstrong Trinity-St. Paul's 3225 Y011ge 984 Dovercourt Woodwinds, 720 Centre, 427 Bloor W Edward's Record St. Cecilia's Bathurst St.,# 502 Village ldiot, '392!-S World, 2359 Y011ge Church, 161 Anneue PULSE VoL 1.NO 5, ® 1996 PERPUL PROZE 60 BELLEVUE AVENUE ToRONTO ONT M5T 2N4 PUBLISHER ALLAN PULKER. EDITOR DAVID PERLMAN PHONE 603·3786; FAX 603-3787; E·MAIL:DRUMKM@WEB.APC .ORG PUBLICATION DATES: 25TH OF EACH MONTH. DEADLINE FOR LISTINOS: 1 5TH OF EACH MONTH February BARBARA PRITCHARD The Variations Project On Saturday the 3rd. one of Canada's finest young pianists performs. Tickets: & (students/seniors). The Project is an amazing series of one-minute solos written for her by over forty internationally regarded composers. everereeo Club Q•melAo On Tuesday the 6th at 8:00pm, a CO Launch concert by the EVERGREEN CLUB. Tickets , free with a CO. One of Canada's finest percussion ensembles performs both new and traditional Indonesian music on a stage full of bronze and wooden instruments. Special guests JOHN WYRE on darbuka, ERNIE TOLLAR on sax, and percussionist DICK SMITH. M;aur[llyn LeJFneJF "' pU.aumo solos "She pushes the harmonies, designing oblique shapes. This is mind-freeing expressionism."- The Jazz Report Saturday the 17th. 8:00 pm. an evening of inventive, accessible piano improvisations. Tickets: & . Marilyn Lerner was named Artist Deserving Greater Recognitioil at the 93 Montreal Jazz Festival, and SOCAN prize winner in 94. Soulful and personal piano. Critical Band On Wednesday the 21st a microtonal evening of new works for new instruments. Admission: & . JOHN GZOWSKI, and GARNET WILLIS are featured on invented instruments, MARC SABAT on violin, percussionist RICHARD SACKS, and ROBERT STEVENSON on clarinet. Exploring territory between pitched/non-pitched and improvised/structured music. Lubomyr Melnyk On Sunday the 25th at 7:30 it's the iconoclastic piano of LUBOMYR MELNYK. Admission: & (students). Melnyk pioneered continuous piano, consisting of arpeggios of incredibly fast note repetitions by both hands. The concert is highlighted by a premiere for piano and string trio, with violinist MARIE BERARD, violist DoUGLAS PERRY & cellist MARGARET GAY. A Leap Beyo:n.d On Thursday the 29th, the inaugural concert of a new group takes place. Toronto composers MICHAEL DoBINSON and NADINE THERIAULT celebrate two different approaches to new music, incorporating improvisational and composed elements using acoustic and electroacoustic media. the 179 Richmond Street W. (near University Ave.) for tickets and information call 204-1 080 Website: http:/ /

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