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Volume 1 Issue 6 - March 1996

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•8:00: Artword

•8:00: Artword Theatre. Seiren: The Ardeleana Trio in concert. Alice Ping Vee Ho: Seiren; Jana Skarecky: The Eyes of the Phoenix; Mary Gardiner: Three Love Songs for Piano and Voice; Murray Adaskin: Trio. Brenda Muller, cello; Laurie · Blencross, flute; Ann Edwards, piano; Nancy De Long, mezzo-soprano. 81 Portland St. #201, 408-1146. ,. •8:00: Amici, East Meets West. With Lakshmi Ranganathan (veen) and Vajan Rajalingam (mrudangam). Music by Mozart, Chan, Rame, and Martinu, & premiere of a work for veen, clarinet, piano and cello by Henry Kucharzyk. Glenn Gould Studio. 250 Front St. w. 205-5555. ,,. •8:00: Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk, cond. Four New Concerti. R. Murray Schafer: Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (World premiere), Stuart Laughton, trumpet; Harry Somers: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (World premiere), Jamie Parker, piano; Bruce Mather: Tallbrem Variations (World premiere), Nexus, percussion; Sergio Barrosa: Concerto for Viola, Electronics and Orchestra (World premiere), Laura Wilcox, viola. ·Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front $t. E. 366- 7723. ,.50. •8:00: Orpheus Choir of Toronto, Brainerd Blyden­ Taylor, cond. Passion in Motion. Liszt: Via Crucis; Marcel Dupre: Crucifixjon; Poulenc: Stabat Mater. With Christopher Dawes, organ; Danny Grossman and friends: dancers; Mary Lou Fallis: soprano. St. James' FOURTEEN ---- ------- PULSE •8:00: Artword Theatre. See March 29. •8:00: Faculty of Music. University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Dwight Bennett, cond. Schoenberg: Cathedral, 65 Church St. 530- Variations for Orchestra 4428. ,. Op.31; Mahler: Symph~ny 1at'Utdl,v.· t4WJ ~~t¥~J~~1;;r:~~~~." •1 :00: Mississauga •8:00. Orpheus Choir. See Symphony·Children's Series. Mar. 29. Charlotte Diamond and the •8:00: Ford Centre. Toronto Mississauga Symphony. Mendelssohn Choir. Elmer Claudio Vena, guest cond. lseler, cond. Rachmaninoff: Cawthra Park Auditorium, Vespers; Tavener: Ikon of 1305 Cawthra Rd. S. 905- Light; music by Paynter, 274-1571.,. Vedel and Sarti. (Pre-concert =====~ talk w. Howard Dyck, 7pm). George Weston Recital Hall, 5040Yonge Street. 872- 2222. ,,. •8:00: Tallie Choir. Music for Passiontide. Purcell: Funeral Sentences for Queen Mary; Blow up the Trumpet; Jehova, Quam Multi; Scarlatti: Stabat Mater. St. Patrick's Church, 14 t McCaul Street, 483- 0559. ,. TENOR, DOUGLAS RICE: will be joined by soprano, •2:00: Faculty of Mueio. Ka.rene Megraw and pianist, Opera Division's last Opera Brahm Goldhamer. Sensuous Tea. An afternoon of opera melodies at Seeley Hall. and tea on the stage of the L------...;.. ______. MacMillan Theatre, Edward •8:0b: An Evening of Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Sensational Song. Songs, Pk. 978-3744. . arias and duets from Vivaldi •3:00: Three and Four to Verdi. Karene Megraw, ' Pianos. Feldman: Extensions soprano; Douglas Rice, tenor; IV, Two Pieces for Three Brahm Goldhamer, piano. Pianos; Piece for Four Pianos; Trinity College, Seeley Hall, 5 Kasemets: Canonic Hoskin Ave. 413-9932. . Soundflower, Hexagram no.16. Barbara Pritchard, Stephen Clarke, Adrienne Park, Udo Kasemets, pianists. Remenyi House of Music, 210 Bloor St. W. 961-3111. Free. Music at Metropolitan Good Friday, Apri/5, 7pm JoHANN SEBASTIAN BAcH Mass in B Minor METROPOLITAN FESTIVAL CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA, Patricia Wright, conductor Janet Obermeyer, soprano; Laura Pudwell, alto; Robert Breault, tenor; Nathaniel· Watson, baritone Admission: front of nave and front of balcony; all other seats Metropolitan United Church Queen and Church Streets Information: 363-0331 Classical and Acoustic Music Recording Service • Concerts • Demos • C.D. Recordings Frank Lockwood (416) 769-2204 http:/ / Choral Music Specialists !.lWhere the people that you speak to are the owners. !.lWhere selection and price·are wm1atched. !.lOver 300,000 tides in our electornic catalogue. !.lDatabase-from over 1000 publishers worldwide. !.l Over 2000 items in stock right now. !.lPrices and quantities available on the phone. So why not program your future concerts now! Better yet, why not drop by our showroom? We believe yo).l will be pleasantly surprised. Debbie and Jimmy are always available to meet even your most difficult musical needs. 2510 Yonge Street Suite 324, (2 lights n. of Eglinton) Ph. 416 440-1373 Fax. 416 440-3379 Out of town 1-800-895-1103 ~nnounc~91u&r~~~us~ap~ecianoncou~efursPrin9r-------1 !A MUSICAL MISCELLANY ! I A series of lecture-demonstrations by some of Toronto's illustrious I !musical community on a panorama of musical subjects including! !Chant in Our Century, Music of ,Byzantium, Elizahethanl !Music, Flutes in History and Myth, Whose Classical Music?, I ISong Repertoire in the 20th Century, A Fresh Look atl !Performance Practice, Why Bruckner? and more. I I With David Fallis, Peter Tieffenhach, Art Levine, Raymondl IBisha, Alison Melville, Washington McClain and others. Cornel land participate in what promises to be an eye-opening course for 1 1everyone! - Mondays at 7:15pm (starts Apr.l5/96) or Wednesdays at 10:15 am ( startsApr.l7 /96) 10 two-hour sessions for 0 Euterpe Musical Arts 612 Y onge St., Ste. 208, Toronto For information/registration call944-2863 --------------------------------------------~

March '96 FIFTEEN want to retreat to .a practice shack designed to work w~tn th1.s planet? inherently affordable I energy .. efficient solar-powered fits in backyards exempt from building code essenrialeconautics cooT sneYterror a cooT pTanet ~ ph:465-1894 e-mail: ·~ Solo lnstruments 1 Trios 1 Quartets LLONHEART STUDLO 910 Queen St. West 1 Studio Bo:z. Toronto, ON M6J 1C6 (416} 516-9942 One Hour Free With This Ad CLASSICAL TORONTO ~3 FM CLASSICAL I £ASTERN ONTARIO PROGRAM GUIDE Monday through Friday 6 a.m. The Morning Show A musical wake·up call/ ·Momlng mArches and allegros with Bill Anderson. David Frtlllco brings you news, w~ther, arts Information, business and highway traffic updates every 15 minutes. 10 a.m. Morning Concert Kerry Stratton hosts the best of 19th century and ~rller favourites. Noon News Package 12:15 Luncheon Date Salon favourites, a touch of ragtime, songs and ballads from the tum of the century. Arlene Meadows, host. 1 p.m. Matinee Concert Kerry Stratton returns with more provocative and Inspiring music from the 19th and 20th centuries. 3 p.m. Potpourri Michael Lyons ml.xes lt up for your afternoon. A little of this, a little of that easy afternoon listening. News, business and traffic updates with Bill DulmAge. 6 p.m. Artwaves Catherine Bely~ and John van J:?riel present reviews & Interviews from the worlds of music, dance, visual arts, theatre & upcoming events. 6:30 Intermezzo · · Evening llghl music presentt4 by the world's gr~test chamber ensembles. 'I'M peifect dinner companion/ Hosted by Catherine Bely~. 8 p.m. Sounds Great 'I'M best of classical, romantic and 20th century workr. Symphonies, concertos and chamber pieces to complement your evening. Host, Colin Fax. Midnight Nightwatch Classics 'til dawn .... allnighl, every night. Host, Michael Comp~u. Saturday 6 a.m. The Morning Show Bill Anderson, David Frtlllco present the Morning Show, weekend style 12:10 Luncheon Date Arlene Meadows returns with favourites from a bygone era. Music from salons, cafes and stages - always a surprise/ 1 p.m. Saturday Supersounds More gr~t weekend listening. You 'II hear the wlest recordings and hAve the opportunity to send In your own favourites for 'Your Music'. And at 4 o'clock, you 'II hear :stx Pix' from the HMV Classical Chart plus Michael Lyons' supersounding f~ture piece from his own library. 5 p.m. Anything Goes John van Driel hosts an eclectic ml.x of classical and not so classical familiar pieces from Poulenc to Porter. 8 p.m. Saturday Night at the Opera A gr~t evening of full length operas hostt4 by Catherine Belyea. Sunday 6 a.m. Gloria Aleta 'Petrenko starts the moming with choral mJJSterpieces, Bach to Poulenc. 9 a.m. Music for Sunday Leisure time listening at its finest! John van Driel and Kerry Stratton bring you more new releases. 12:10 Luncheon Date A Sunday t4ition of salon music, ragtime melodies and tum-ofthe- century songs and ballads. 1 p.m. Music for Sunday John van Drjel and Kerry Stratton with more of your favourite concert music. 5 p.m. Sinfonia John van Driel hosts music written before 1800. 8 p.m. Canadian Showcase Our tribute to Canadian talent. Featurt4 are recordings of Canada's finest musicians. Bill Anderson, anno,uncer. 9 p.m. Sunday Sounds Great Richard Gale hosts the Sunday presentation of Sounds Great with the best of the classical and romantic composers. Radio for Grown up 5

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