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Volume 1 Issue 6 - March 1996

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March '96 Pulse: Toronto's Music Classical and New Vol1, No 6, Copyright~ E;'erpuiProze; 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto Ont MST 2N4 Publisher Allan Pulker, Editor David Perlman Phone 416-603-3786, Fax 416-603-3787 . E-mail: drumkm Publication Date: 25th of each Month, except January and August. Deadline for Listings: 15th of Each Month. Listings Are Free. Please phone or write for A copy of our listing guidelines. Advertising rates: •Display advertising rates: available on request. •Classified advertising rates: SOc· per word Usual deadlines for booking advertising: 20th of each month. Subscriptions: Per Year (Ten Issues) Bulk rates available. Pulse is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto MST 2N4 Printing by New Concept TWO Publisher's PODIUM On the cover of our first issue, (September 1995), we described Pulse as "Toronto's only comprehensive monthly live classical and new music information source." In October, abandoning the cautious good judgement that had prompted us to use the word "comprehensive," we rashly announced "Complete live concert listings" on the cover. Well, of course, within a day or two of publication we started hearing about all the eve-nts we'd missed. But for some unfathomable reason we stuck to our claim of completeness in November issue. Happily we lived to regret it, and in December we returned to our original, lesser claim of "COMPREHENSIVE CONCERT LISTINGS". They are comprehensive in two · senses: first, because you will find in them the lion's share of the upcoming month's upcoming unus TO PULSI 60 llUlVUl AVIMUI 10101'110 MST 21't4 PAX: 416-603-37e7' 2cD !'!~ ,;;;;;;;,a: Dear Pulse, Congratulations on a great magazine! I will be looking for future issues. Will you offer subscriptions in the future? Allow me one critical comment. Please drop the Toronto-centric "crap". Yes we can enjoy and be ' proud of Toronto's musical scene. However, when it comes to choral, operatic, and orchestral performances; in quantity as well as quality, Toronto is a regional presence and not on the international presence. In North America, Toronto lags far behind New York, Chicago, Philadelphia etc. and is struggling to stay on par with centres such as Dallas and Atlanta. And in ~anada I am sorry PULSE classical and contemporary music in and around Toronto. Second, each listing is comprehensive, because of the level of detail in it: date, time, location, ticket prices, a phone number for information; as well as facts about the performers and the works on the prgram. (One request: please use the phone numbers provided. We make. mistakes, performers take ill,. programs change .... ) Rest assured, we have forever renounced our claim to be complete. Happily the corner of the world we cover is too dynamic for - completeness. Instead, thanks in advance to the readers who will contact·us next month to point out things we've missed. And thank you to all the people who each month help make Pulse the valuable resource it is, by getting information in on time! March is a wonderful month musically, with about 165 events to . choose from. We hope you find something to your liking in our publication and go out to hear it. ALLAN PULKER to say Toronto has yet to catch up to Montreal. For example 50% of all classical music sold in Canada is in Quebec, and 70% of. classical ' Canadian music recordings are made in Montreal. As well, the performing of contemporary Canadian classical music is almost non-existent in Toronto compared to Montreal. I could go on; but no Toronto is not a world class city when it comes to classical music - lack of good facilities and performers; sorry Tafelmusik is world class, but this is the exception. And the TSO is not even on the same map as the MSO. Keep up the good publication! THOMAS M. V ARES tom:. vares@utoron ·' . Dear Pulse, Your pulse is good and your circulation will certainly increase. Index is a helpful aid. Reading "Pulse" almost makes me wish I lived in Toronto! S.N. PAYSON, OTTAWA

March '96 THREE A tale of two cd' s Concert AND OTHER CREATIVE COMPACTS Jj otes PULSE . CD #1 : The happy conjunction EAST MEETS WEST of the Vancouver Chamber Choir "Farewell to Heaven" a and the St. Mary Magdalene collaboration of dan~er I Gallery Choir March 5 is only choreographer Menaka because both have made highly Thakkar, composer I successful CO's of Healey con~uctor, Alex ~auk, and . Willan's music for EMI Canada's Espnt Orche~tra 1s based on a . . . poem by Ind1an poet and Vugm ClassiCS label. philosopher, Rabindranath CD #2: Soundtrack of an artist Tagore. Mr. Pauk's score is based extensively on themes by ILONA KAuREIISZKY Tagore, ~ho included. Inside the small medieval church of Sacra Famiglia compos:~~n an;ong hiS overlooking Florence, a sound engineer hunches over a massive accMompTh1Sakmken s .. 11 .. b d · 1 · · h' Th 1 d d s. ar w1 b e Jome . . d m1xmg oar , anx~ous y awa.tmg 1s cue. ree ou poun s March 8 9 d 10 b f on the ancient doors signal the orchestra. • an Y some 0 Stephen Peter Smith and Richard Bond of Toronto's ht s~den~ih who ~ave been Artatak Films are recording the music for "Annigoni: Portrait s udyinh~ldWl hTehr smce thhey of an Artist" were c 1 ren. ey are t e Wh ·An · ') bl h · product of Ms. Thakkar's o was mgom .... argua y t e most accomphshed d d' ti d · h portrai~st of this century. He was a boh~mian, a fighter, a fie lea on. ~mg d er tw~ntywomanlzer, and "Maestro" to the many artists who followed lYe trears fm anh a al thto e h. I h od al · th ~ 1m. n art, e sto one aga.nst e 1as h' 1ons o f m od ermsm, . crea b' 1on o tr a d' sc · oo al I at d' and in life he followed his own path ... which sometimes led dcom mesod a ltdlon n dlan to disaster! ance, m ern ance an But, getting back to Sacra Famiglia and the music, the ballet. flamboyant Florentine composer, Stefano Burbi, conducts the Orchestra Da Camera Nova Harmonia di Firenze for the EAST MEETS WEST II soundtrack. · March 28 Amici chamber His original score features a full string orchestra, 'choral music trio will be joined by singing in Latin, and a baroque ensemble, performing on 17th veen player, Lakshmi century instruments. Ranganathan and mrudungam "The music conveys a feeling of nostalgia for another world, player, Vajan Rajalingam. a world perhaps where Annigoni dreamed and found Their program will include inspiration," says Mr. Burbi from Florence. "It is melancholic the premiere of a work by because we remember, like Annigoni, a paradise that has been Toronto composer, Henry lost." Kucharzyk for veen, piano, (To find out how you can win the CD of the soundtrack to clarinet and cello. Annigon~ see page four.) c B L A A R v 0 I Q E U R E Dawn Lyons & Den Ciul 109 Fuller Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6R 2C4 Phone: (416) 538-3062 Fax: (416)' 538-3062 Email: Email: HARPSICHORDS CLAVICHORDS SPINETS VIRGINALS FORTE-PIANOS s s Sales - Repairs - Rentals Agents for Zuckermann Harpsichords +~ 3. 0\~00~ Ml1(1[ MENAKA THAKKAR: the Bharathanatyam tradition, transplanted and n0'16 transfigured. EXTRA RARE "Forty separate lines of q1usic sung simultaneously" would be unkind criticism indeed if one were talking about a performance by the local community choir! Friday 1, however, it will be a simple statement of fact when three choirs, the Elmer Iseler Singers, the Elora Festival Singers, and the MacMillan Singers combine in a rare performance of Thomas Tallis' Spem in Alium. The work is scored for forty separate voices. Concert Notes, etc • Canada's ,Leading Violin Shop 26 Cumberland (2nd Floor!) Toronto, Ontario M4W 1J5 Pphone (416) 960-8494 Fax (416) 960-1478 1 Block N. of Bloor between Yonge & Bay (2nd Floor!) Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide Rare Instrument & Bow Collection of the Highest Quality · Student Instruments-Rentals-Strings-Mail Order North American Stringed Instrument Sheet Music Headquarters

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