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Volume 1 Issue 7 - April 1996

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Apri1'96 TWO - - ~ - ~

Apri1'96 TWO - - ~ - ~ '-'._,_ ''" '-''" .~ -n=•~ ,., ,., > -----~~=~ ------ - PULSE Pulse: Toronto's Music Classical and New Vol1, No 7, Copyright ® PerpuiProze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto Ont M5T 2N4 Publisher Allan Pulker, Editor David Perlman Phone 416-603-3786, Fax 416-603-3787 E-m ail: drumkm Publication Date: 25th of each Month, except January and August. Deadline for Listings: 15th of Each .Month. Listings Are Free. Please phone or write for A copy of our listing guidelines. Advertising rates: •Display advertising rates: available on request. · •Classified advertising rates: 50c per word Usual deadlines for boqking advertising: 20th of each month. Subscriptions: Per Year (Ten Issues) Bulk rates available. Pulse is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto M5T 2N4 Printing by New Concept UTIUS 10 PULSI TWO FOR TORONTO As someone who grew up in western Canada, I am as sensitive to "Torontocentricity" in cultural reportage as anyone, but I felt I had to respond to Thomas M~ Vares' letter that appeared in last month's Pulse. In that I run a classical music recording business, I have the opportunity to attend (and record) many concerts in the Toronto area and I have to say that much of what I record is of very high calibre and that the concerts themselves are very well attended. It is that quality of public support that makes the Toronto cultural scene what it is. In other centres; it is not uncommon for musicians to beaver away for weeks and months on concert repertoire, only to have fewer than ten people show up for the actual concert. In Toronto, on the other hand, even a semi-professional church choir can count on getting 100 to 200 people out on a cold winter's night, spending to to get in. On any given day, Torontonians frequently have the choice of five or six classical or new music events to attend, spanning a tremendous range of styles from early music to the most adventurous avant-garde. As our musicians become more and more involved with, ahem, recording, Late we can see many attaining international reputations: Quartetto Gelatto, Tafelmusik, and most recently, the TSO with their Finlandia Label recording · contract. The corridor that stretches from Windsor to Montreal holds the largest concentration of musicians in the country. To say that the bulk of world class quality is concentrated in Montreal, is, in my view, inaccurate. Toronto centred musicians and audiences are both responsible for creating and supporting a vibrant cultural scene. Frank Lockwood Re: Mr. Thomas M. Vares' letter in your March 1996 issue stating that "the performing of contemporary Canadian classical music is almost non~existent in Toronto compared to Montreal": I would be interested to know where Mr. Vares gets his information and I or how he arrived at such a conclusion, since he is most certainly very incorrect in terms of the amount of Canadian music performed in Toronto. In fact, according to Music Matrix Services statistics, there were a total of 450 individual concerts of contemporary classical works in last year's music season, and many of the works that appeared in those concerts were by Canadians. As well, I counted 28 concert performances in the March 1996 listings of Pulse that included 20thcentury and contemporary Canadian classical music. There are more contemporary music ensembles in-Toronto doing Canadian work than in any other city in Canada. Richard Truhlar Centrediscs Coordinator Canadian Music Centre breakerS: OUR DEADLINE OF THE 15TH for information to be included in our concert listings is about as easy to enforce as the deadline for your average Royal Commission report! One of Pulse's dedicated roving correspondents found . the following April events the day we went to press--too late for inclusion in our regular listings. •Faculty of Music Chamber Opera Ensemble: St. Dymphna Project: Act 1 . Apr 1 (open rehearsal), & Apr 3, 7:30. George lgnatieff Theatre, Donations. •14th 3:00: Canadian Music Competitions. Gala Event. Canadian Chamber Academy, Tak Ng Lai, cond. Alex Manoogian Armenian Centre, 585-4408. , 0 (or for dinner & concert) •21 st 3:00: Chamber Music Etobicoke. Springtime in Paris. The Algonquin Trio with guest, Jennifer Short, oboe. The Old Mill. 239- 1747., •28th 2:30: Hart House Music Committee. The Amadeus Choir, Lydia Adams, cond. Hart House Great Hall. 978- 2452. Free. •28th 2:30: Concerts in Parkdale. John Tuttle, organ, in Recital. Bonar Parkdale Presbyterian Church. 250 Dunn Ave. 532-3729. .

April'96 Concert .fjotes Good Friday April 5, Good Friday. we list six musical observances of the day. In addition (and not includdd in our concert listings) most churches will, of course, be offering liturgical observances. Of particular note: the Church of St. Mary Magdalene's Solemn Liturgy, which will include Victoria's St. John Passion and Reproaches, Willan's Faithful Cross and Palestrina's Adoramus Te- 12 noon at 477 Manning Avenue. New Music We count 23 concerts in our listings for April which have at least one contemporary ' composition in the programme. An additional nineteen include compositions - - ----- "' ....... " ' " ' .. . ----- -------- - THREE Sarabanda 's Karen Graves and Anne Hunter For additional information about "Hear and Now" phone Lorraine Johnson at New Music Concerts, 961-9594. Ludzmierz Vespers The Ludzmierz Vespers, a new work by ]an Kanty Pawluskiewicz receives its first performance outside Poland Saturday April 20, 7:30 at St. Paul's Church, 227 Bloor St. E. This work, which received a fifteen minute standing ovation at its first performance in Poland three and a half years ago, has been described by Polish music critic, Leszek Polony, as "simple, yet at times profoundly original . . . breathing an aura of spontaneous joy ...". There ... " .. ------------- the Classical Youth Orchestra, under the baton of guest­ :onductor, Alan Stellings. April 18 - an old new string orchestra!: the Toronto Senior Strings, fourteen retired professional string players, · (concertmaster, former TSO concertmaster, Jascha Milkis). Led by eminent Canadian conductor, Victor Feldbrill, S is for studio, soiree, & Sarabanda Sarabanda, a new piano trio re-creating an old idea, plans to take chamber music back into the chamber, recapturing the intimacy of the soiree's of the late 1800's. You can hear them Wednesday, April 3 at 8:00 at 347 Sorauren Ave, Studio 213. they prese~t the second o_f a To host or attend an event in will be an opportunity to meet three dayttme concert senes at the upcoming season, contact the composer half an hour St. Andrew's Presbyterian Anne Rankin, 601-9442. before the p~rformance at St. Church right next to Roy Paul's Church. Thomson Hall. Concert .f.lotes continues Orchestras by 20th century composers. Ifyou are specifically Younger and Older interested in 20th century and April 4 - the Dublin Youth contemporary music we Orchestra at Sir John A. recommend you look at a MacDonald C.l. in monthly ~roch~re called "Hear Scarborough. and Now, pubhshed by New Apn"l 13 - a new orchestra, Music Concerts and available Orchestra da Camera Toronto, free at many of the same conducted by Stan Kopac at downtown locations where you St. Mark's Church in ' can find Pulse. Etobicoke. And the same day Choral Music Specialists !lWhere the people that you speak' to are the owners. !lWhere selection and price are unmatched. !lOver 300,000 titles in our electornic catalogue. !lDatabase from over 1000 publishers worldwide. fl Over 2000 items in stock right now. !lPrices and quantities available on the phone. So why not program your future concerts now! Better yet, why not drop by our showroom? We believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Debbie and Jimmy are always available to meet even yoU!' most difficult musical needs. 2510 Yonge Street Suite 324, (2 lights n. of Eglinton) Ph. 416 440-1373 Fax. 416 440-3379 Out of town 1-800-895-1103 CLASSICAL96r~ I TORONTO , CLASSICALIOJFL fASTfRN ONTARIO Win a BritTours Vacation! Showtime LONDON or BRITFREEDOM ·... The choice is yours! Every time you hear the ORCHESTRA TUNING UP on CLASSICAL 96 & 103 FM call our contest line, (416) 870-9636, for your chance to qualify and win a trip for two! GRAND PRIZE DRAW LIVE ON-Anl FRIDAY MAY 3, 1996. For further details see the official contest rules available at CLASSICAL 96 & 103 FM.

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