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Volume 1 Issue 9 - June 1996

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- - ~L June '96- Pulse: Toronto's Music Classical and New Vol1, No 9, Copyright® PerpuiProze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, . Toronto Ont M5T 2N4 Publisher Allan Pulker Editor David Perlrnan · Sales Allan Pulker, Peter Elliott Phone 416-603-3786, Fax 416-603-3787 E-mail drumkm Publication Date 25th of each Month, except January and August. Deadline for Listings 15th of Each Month. Listings Are Free. Please phone or write for A copy of our listing guidelines. Advertising rates: . Display advertising rates: available on request. Classified advertising rates: 50c per word Usual deadlines for booking advertising: 20th of each month. Su bscri pti ons: Per Year (Ten Issues) Bulk rates available. _Pulse is a production of DRUM Publishing, 60 Bellevue Avenue Toronto M5T2N4 Printing by New Concept - - - ~ ·~~~~ .............. ·~~~·~ ...... •2• -_-......,;;;;;;;;-_ ~~ ~~ ---=-~ Publisher's PODIUM The 1995-96 Toronto concert season, with eight and a half months behind it and one ahead, · is drawing to its close. With three to five concerts on a typical weeknight and as many as ten on a weekend evening, it has been like · a continuous music festival here since mid ' September. Already some of the major concert s{!ries are finished - Music Toronto, the Ford Centre · and the Faculty of Music at U of T - although others, notably the Toronto Symphqny Orchestra will continue until near the end of the month. Choral music also continues well into June with well over a dozen concerts by some of our best choirs, including the , JAZZ IN OR OUT! Dear Pulse: Do you or don't you list jazz? I have noticed jazz concerts at the Glenn Gould Studio and Waiter Hall in Pulse, but the CJR T jazz concerts at the Science Centre have been conspicuous by their absence. For me jazz and classical are a continuum. I would like to be able to rely on your publication to keep informed of both. But I know I can't now because, unlike your classical music listings, your coverage of jazz is spotty (to put it mildly). It seems as if you haven't rr 1!1 111 ·I' ! ~~~ I I 11 I I really decided whether or not jazz belongs in your magazine. Maybe you don't have room to put what's happening in the clubs, but I, for one, would very much appreciate it if you could make the same e-ffort to put together comprehensive jazz-inconcert listings as you make with your classical listings. JAMES LAING, Toronto (A timely letter, with the DuMaurier on tap this PULSE Mendelssohn, the Amadeus, the Orpheus, the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus and the Victoria Scholars, to name a few. But with the arrival of warmer weather (finally) Torontonians ~re beginning to think more about being out of doors, preferably out of the city. The Du Maurier Downtown Jazz Festival begins June 23rd, and the out-of-town music . festival season is beginning with the Guelph Spring Festival offering some wonderful music this month. Others will pick up the thread in July and August. More about that in July. Meanwhile, even though June has only about half the number of concerts that May had, there are many very interesting ones (see ConcertNotes, page 3). We hope you will get to one or two before the season is over. ALLAN PULKER .~ ,. UTitlS TO ~ULS£ 60 UU.!VUl AVlHUI TOlONTO il 1H4 . FAX: 416-603-3787 cln~mkm@wela.apc.oi'G month!} So far, our policy has been to list jazz-inconcert when it jumps up and bites us. lt's been hard enough getting our classical & new act together. Does jazz need the same informational tainsfusion? We don't have a definitive answer--but next season is a new season for Pulse too, so we 're open to persuasion, one way or the other. What do readers think?

June '96 • 3. PULSE Concert Ii>tes June has far fewer lis(ings than any month in 1996 so far (only eighty or sol). Some fine opportunities and some tough tough choices, nevertheless. Pick'em Saturday June 1 is especialiy tough. The Canadian Children's Opera · Chorus offers Dr. Canon's Cure (composer, Derek Holman, libretto : by the late Robertson Davies). The great English musician, Sir David· Willcocks conducts the Amadeus Choir. The wonderful English contralto, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, sings Brahms' Alto Rhapsody. And An ton Kuerti, is at W alter Hall. · And 6 other concerts the same day! Sunday June 2, Toronto's dynamic Shevchenko Ensemble present the dance and music of the Ukraine at the MacMillan Theatre. And an ensemble of Toronto's best contemporary performers come together the same afternoon at First Unitarian Church, for a performance inspired by Eric Satie. Original compositions, as well as some of Satie's own work. Sing fest June's a particularly good month for choirs. Friday, June 8, the Orpheus Choir of Toronto presents a "Swedish Ode to Orpheus" (Lars-Eric Larsson, Hugo Alfven's) at the George Weston Recital Hall. June 10 could be spectacular -- a 500+ Scarborough Bicentennial Massed Choir, conducted by Amadeus Choir Director, Lydia Adams. And June 15 there's an opportunity to hear The Victoria Scholars (men's choir) who this May took first prize in the Equal Voice Choirs category of the Annual CBC Amateur Choir Competition and also the Grand Prize, as best choir in competition. For a handy shortcut to Pulse's Choral Listings, take a look at the Choral Store's "Choral Highlights" ad on page 13. New news Tuesday, June 11, Renowned percussion ensemble, Nexus, present "World Music Celebration" with guests Abraham Adzenyah, Ray Dillard, Sal Ferreras, Trichy Sankaran and Glen Velex. And June 18 you can take in a new composition by York University-based Trichy Sankaran, with Bharatha Natyam dancer, Lata Pada. Alternative opera I theatre company Opera Anonymous, which presented Benjamin Britten's Rape of Lucretia last October to sold-out houses, is presenting three infrequently performed operas by Gian Carlo Menotti between June 12 and 16. Pulse's "Most Intriguing Sounding" Award for June goes. to June 14's event at the Music Gallery: ''Accumulations," kinetic fUrniture for lovers of serious noise. (Please see page 7 for highlights of this month's programming at the indefatigably interesting Music Gallery. Strings attached June 13 is string orchestra day: The Toronto Senior Strings, conducted by Victor Feldbrill, in the afternoon and a new string orchestra, whose membership list looks like a who's who of string players in Toronto, at St James' Cathedral in the evening. The latter orchestra, called "I Virtuosi di Toronto" is eo-conducted by Mark Skazinetsky and Fabio Mastrangelo. Youth served There will be two opportunities to hear the work of young composers: ArrayMusic's young composers workshop concert is on June 16 and the Yaffiaha concert of music by composers under the age of 15 will be held June 22. THE CONSTANT READER · New and Used Books for Children Ill HARBORD ST. TORONTO,ONtM5SIG7 ' Hours: Tues.-Sat. 9:30 to 6:00 Sunday Noon to 5:00 Closed Mondays TELEPHONE INQUIRIES &... MAIL ORDERS WELCOME 0 (416) 972-0661 0 Oo a

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