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Volume 10 Issue 1 - September 2004

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CoAUTION ROUNDUP, CONTINUED On Saturday October 2nd at the Music Gallery, New Music Concerts presents The Harrunerhead Consort, a terrific and unusual ensemble from Edmonton, presenting works by Canadians Howard Bashaw and Keith Hamel, as well as a new work by Danish composer Kim Helwig. The Harrunerhead Consort is aptly named, comprising two pianists and rwo percussionists. Monday, October 4th at 8:00 at the Music Gallery, WholeNote Magazine kicks off a series of nine Monday salons at the Music Gallery, counting down to the magazine's tenth anniversary next September. These concerts. taking place on the first Monday of every month, will explore the talents of staff, writers, and other associates of WholeNote Magazine, many of whom are musicians in their own right, spanning the entire range of music, from baroque to jazz, from world music to; of course, new music. Finally, on October 7th, Earshot Concerts' first "real" concert of the year takes place at the Music Gallery at 8:00. Called Gold of Hours, this concert features a major new work by Toronto composer and performer Charlie Ringas. Influenced by ancient mysticism, jazz, minimalist traditions and progressive rock, this music for twelve-piece chamber and four-part choir is hypnotic, energetic and accessible. .Charlie's music has been enjoyed by fans of new music, jazz, and more for many years. All in all, it looks like a promising start to another great season of new music in Toronto. compiled by David Olds NN = some serious contemporary repertoire · NNN = thoroughly contemporary NI = new/improvised music Friday September 03 NI - 8:00 & 1 O:OOpm: Rough Idea/Root MeanSquare. SOIJOre. Sunday September lZ NI,-- 7:00: Music Gallery. Fresh Ears Family Senes: Ex Tempore. NN - 7:30: Collaborations: A Chamber Arts Experience. Eqwlibnilm. Sunday September 19 NN - 2:00: Fiona Strachan, soprano and 'Yline monauy Salons at the St. George the Martyr Church 197 John St. 416-204-1080 Tickets , seniors/students 26 Georgi Brough, piano. Women and Song Thursday September ZJ NNN - 7:30: Canadian Opera Company. Ruders: The H;mdmaid's Tale. NN - 7:30: Earshot Concerts. Gala Fundraiser. Monday S1ptember Z7 NNN - 8:00: Soundstraams Canada/CBC Radio Two. Kaleidoscope QUICK PICKS CONTINUES ON PAGE 51 for full line-up and schedule, go to . 416.588.8813 S ince WholeNote's editorial focus this month is Music Education, I wanted to bring to your awareness some of the opportunities for musical development outside the Western c.lassical realm. As I mentioned in a previous article, we are increasingly living in a true "Global Village," and as Torontonians we are privileged to have an1ong us many fine musicians and teachers representing musical traditions from around the world. WORLD VIEW Below is a listing, by no means complete, of some of the institutions or venues in the city offering instruction to the general public in a variety of traditions, as well as a few community ensembles that may have openings for new members. Now IN ITS second year, the Royal Conservatory of Music's World Music Centre offers a wide variety of courses beginning in September or January. Most are for adults, though some accept teens. Courses 'offered: Gamelan, Steel Pan, Taiko Drumming, Ghanaian Drumming, Flamenco Guitar, Brazilian Samba, World Music Chorus, Pan Flute, Canadian Fiddling, Tinwhistle, Tabla, Latin Jazz, Celtic Harp. For more information, call 416-408-2825 or visit the website and click on RCM Communit School. Worlds of Music Toronto presents its lOth anniversary season of Global Music Workshops beginning in late September or October (depending on the class). These run for 6 to 12 weeks at Hart House, U of T's Faculty of Music and other locations. Classes offered: Ghanaian Drumming, Pan-African Drumming, Latin Rhythms & Percussion, Bellydance & Arabic Rhythm, Balkan Song, Canadian Fiddle, Klezmer Ensemble, Latin Ensemble, .Global Music for Toddlers & Preschoolers, Global Music for Educators. For details, 416-588-8813 or IN ADDITION TO ns extensive array of bellyance classes, Arabesque Academy also offers classes in Arabic drumming, singing and rriusic. Upcoming, Dr. George Sawa will instruct two workshops, Arabic Singing and Arabic Drumming, September 25-0ctober 30 at 20 College St. Call 416-920-5593 or visit by Karen Ages Dr. George Sawa M-DO Centre for World Music & Dance (50 Spadina Ave.). home of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble, offers classes in North Indian percussion and North Indian classical dance starting in September. Information is being updated, so visit (for tabla classes/events); or v1slt (for dance classes/events). NEw IN TOWN, the Raga Music School (414 Dupont) under the direction of Neeraj Prem, offers classes in Indian classical music, including Sitar, Tabla and Voice, from beginner to advanced levels. Classes are also available in Han1- ilton and Brampton. Call 416-895- 3624 or 905-529-7865 or visit Clapping Land, a kids music ed series run by Sophia Grigoriadis (of Maza Meze fame) presents World Music on the Danforth, featuring two new music programs for toddlers and pre-schoolers using songs, activities and instruments from around the world. Sound Adventures is for 11/z to 3112 yearolds, and Sound Explorers is for 3112 to 5 year olds. Call Sophia at 416-406-5944. ONE CHILDREN'S and two adult Javanese Gamelan ensembles rehearse weekly at the Indonesian Consulate on Jarvis at Richmond and may still have openings for new members. Gamelan Toronto rehearses Friday evenings (call Andrew Timar a't 416-653-8747) and Gamelan Gong Sabrang rehearses Thursday evenings (call Annette Sanger at 416-461-3756 or e-mail sabrang@s ympatico. ea). Both groups give public perfoffi1al1ces. The kids gamelan, Sekar Sunu Laras, rehearses Mondays from 4:30-6pm; contact Nur Intan Murtadza at 416-656-3060 or WORLD VIEW CONTINUES ON PAGE 54 SEPTEMBER 1 - OCTOBER 7 2004

A T I T • Q I 0 .R G I T H I M A R T Y R Welcome to our new season! 2004/05 launches this month ... After a stressful last season involving deficits, funding cuts, staff layoffs and concert cancellations, we here at The Music . Gallery (Toronto's Centre for New and Unusual Music) are happy to announce that we are back in full force for the new 2004/05 season, our fourth year at our current home, St. George the Martyr Church. We return invigorated and excited to announce new additions to our concert programming. First off, we are launching a new concert series called Pop Avant, which features artists arising from the independent pop and rock communities who incorporate experimental ideas and practices into their music. The Pop Avant series launches with five concerts this year -- confirmed acts so far include The Microphones with Guitarkestra (Sept. 6) and Devendra Banhart (Nov. 12). Other innovations this year include two special projects. the Italian Intensive (focusing on Italian new music after 1950) and an artists' residency with the Madawaska String Quartet, beginning in 2005. Our long-running Composer Now · series will be split iilto two components: the V.l.P. (Virtuoso lntrumental Performances) concerts and the ON TOUR series, featuring new music artists from across Canada . We will continue our Collaborations with other presenters, such as Arraymusic, New Music Concerts, Ergo Projects and NUMUS. And starting Oct. 4th, we present Nine Mondays, a salon night held on the first Monday of every month, hosted by and featuring WholeNote Magazine's writers, editors and associates. In Music Gallery Institute news, the Fresh Ears family series launches Sept. 12 with Ursel Schlicht's Ex Tempore (see below). Fall sessions of the MGI instructional programs for adults and families, in computer -assisted music and creative world percussion, start the week of Sept. 27. For more info, or to register, contact Barry Prophet at or 416- 588-2514. And the MGI and St. George the Martyr's Wednesday afternoon Free Lunch Music series returns Oct. 6, with the added support of the Canadian Music Centre. music gallery concert schedule: core programming, sept. '04 music gallery: rental information THE MUSIC GALLERY IS AVAILABLE FOR RENTALS TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY. THE VISUALLY STUNNING, SPECIALIZED ACOUSTIC CHAMBER OF ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR CAN ACCOMMODATE UP TO 150 PEOPLE. FOR MORE INFORMA· mon 09/06 the microphones (wash.)+ guitarkestra (t.o.) POP AVANT SERIES @ 8PM, $10 ADV/ DOOR Anacortes, Washington native and singer/songwriter Phil Elvrum records under the name The Microphones, releasing masterful psychedelic indie-pop albums like Mount Eerie (2003) and The Glow, Pt. 2 (2001) on K Records. As a solo performer, he has played two sold-out shows at The Music Gallery two years in a row. Now, he returns to launch our new Pop Avant series, with a full-band set featuring backing from Toronto independent band the Sea Snakes. The evening will be opened by Guitarkestra, a.k.a. Craig Dunsmuir, who melds minimalist composition with African-inspired melodies, all held together with just an electric guitar and a looping pedal. TION, GO TO WWW.MUSICGALLERY.ORG OR CONTACT CLARISSA DEYOUNG AT 416· 204-1080. coming up in october 10/01 mandolini + poulin (italy/mtl.) 10/04 nine mondays THE COMPOSER NOW: V.1.P. SALON SERIES HOSTED BY WHOLENOTE 10/05 corona guitar kvartet (dk) THE COMPOSER NOW: V. l.P. 10/17 motion ensemble (n.b.) THE COMPOSER NOW: ON TOUR 10/28 madawaska string quartet (t.o.) RESIDENCY LAUNCH + FUNDRAISER sun 09/12 ursel schlicht's extempore·· feat. ravish momim (nyc) FRESH EARS FAMILY SERIES @ 7PM, /$10/ The Ex Tempore ensemble was formed by New York resident Ursel Schlicht in response to the events of Sept 11, 2001. The German-born pianist-composer plays improvised music, jazz, new and world music, and fostering intercultural exchange and collaborations has become an important focus of her work. In September 2002, during the Documenta 11, she produced and performed in "Ex Tempore 2", a week-long international collaboration featuring artists from Germany, the US, India, Eritrea and Afghanistan. The Ex Tempore ensemble includes Gabriele Hasler (vocals), Jamie Baum (flute), Ravish Momim (percussion), Brandon Terzic (guitar/oud/saz/cumbus) and Thomson Kneeland (bass). music gallery: co-ordinates location: st. george the martyr· church, 197 john st. (NORTH OF QUEEN, IN GRANGE PARK) box office: 416-204-1080 web: SOCAN Foundation The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation t St. George the Martyr ·_§I!.-- cac$radiQ toront d artsbounci I I ..a. "'I'" I Canadian Heritage Patrimolne canadien Canada Council Conseil des Arts for the Arts du canada

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