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Volume 10 Issue 10 - July/August 2005

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national Piano

national Piano Competition: Preliminaries. 30 7:30: Eastman Sings!-Participants Concert. 31 9am-5pm: Eastman Young Artists Inter· national Piano Competition: Preliminaries. 31 7:30: Rising Stars from the Eastman Piano Dept. . AuGUST: 01 9am-5pm & 7:30: Eastman Young Artists International Piano Competition: Preliminaries. 02 9am-5pm & 7:30: Eastman Young Artists International Piano Competition: Preliminaries. 02 8:00: IMPROVFest Organ Concert. William Porter. DU 03 9am-5pm & 7:30: Eastman Young Artists International Piano Competition: Preliminaries. 03 8:00: IMPROVFest Organ Concert. Richard Erickson. LC 04 11 :OOam: Middle School Instrumental Jau Concert. Howard Potter, director. 04 7:30: Competition Finals. . 04 8:00: IMPROVFest Organ Concert. Gerre Hancock. AF 05 11 :OOam: Eastman Children's Choir Camp Concert. Karie Templeton, director. MH 05 7:30: Competition Winners' Concert. . ET e ELORA .Festival 519·846-0331 ; 1-800-265-8977 info@ Tickets: as indicated /children over six; 0 seas on "Passport"; Sea son memberships available. Venues: GB Th ~ Gambrel Barn, Wellington Road 21 SJ St. John's Church, Henderson Street and Smith Street SM St. Mary's Church, 267 Geddes Street GS Elora General Store, 15 Mill Street East KC Knox Pr esbyterian Church, 55 Church Street East TC Trinity College Chapel. University of Toronto, 6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto SG St. George's Church, 99 Woolwich Street, Guelph JULY: 08 8:00: Haydn: The Creation. Laura Whalen, soprano; Michael Colvin, tenor; Mark Pedrotti, baritone; Elora festival Singers, Mendelssohn Singers; Elora festival Orchestra; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. GB 09 2:00: Sound Advice with Rick Phillips. Bach - there is no substitute. ,. SJ 09 3:30: Monumental Ouartets. Mozart: Qu artet in g; Brahms: Quartet in A. David Louie, piano; Julie Baumgartel, violin; Patrick Jordan, viola; Margaret Gay, cello. ,. SJ 09 8:00: Harlem Gospel Choir. ,. GB 10 2:00: South of the Border. Barber: Agnus Dei; Bernstein: Chichester Psalms; Thomson: Songs from frostiana; Quaker Traditions. Elo· ra f estival Singers; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. SJ 1 0 4:00: les Voix Baroque·. Music of A.Scarlatti Nathalie Paulin, soprano; Matthew Whit e, countertenor; Alexander Weimann, harpsichord. ,. SM 14 6:00: Choral Evensong. Paul Halley, organ; Elora festival Singers, Noel Edison, conductor. Collection. SJ 15 8:00: Missa Gaia. Theresa Thomason; Paul Halley; Nick Halley Group; Elora festival Singers; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. GB 15 9:00: Starhght Jazz and Blues. Gwen Swick, music director. $10. GS 16 1:30: Conductors' Workshop. Elora festi· val Singers, guest conductors; Noel Edison, master conductor. ,. SJ 46 16 3:00: les Violons du Roy. Works by Mo· zart, Haydn, T chaikovsky. Jean-Marie Zeitoui· ni, conductor. ,. GB · 16 8:00: Matt Dusk, vocalist. Standards and originals. ,. GB 16 9:00: Starlight Jazz and Blues. Gwen Swick, music director. $10. GS 16 1 0:30pm: Purely Paul Halley. Paul Halley, organ. ,. SJ 17 2:00: Music of Purcell. Elora festival Singers; lvars T aurins, guest director. ,. SM 17 4:00: Stephane Lemelin. piano. Beethoven: Sonata in f Op.1 0 #2; Schumann: Waldszenen . Op.82; Faure: Theme et Variations Op.73; Debussy: Suite bergamasque. ,. SJ 20 8:00: Finals: Elora Festival Competition. Paul Pulford, director; KW Symphony Youth Orchestra; Robin Vaillancourt, coordinator; Elora festival Singers. ,. SJ 21 6:00: Choral Evensong. Jurgen Petrenko, organ; Elora festival Singers, Noel Edison, conductor. Collection. SJ 21 8:00: Arvo Piirt: Berliner Me sse. Elora festival Singers & Chamber Orchestra; "Jurgen Petrenko, organ, Noel Edison, conduc· tor. ,. SM , 22 4:00: Children's Voices. Drs. Chiarandini, Howe & Manning, directors. Free. KC 22 8:00: Patricia O'Callaghan. Music by Randy Newman, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Kurt Weill. ,. GB 22 9:00: Starlight Jazz and Blues. Gwen Swick, music director. $10. GS 23 2:00: Borealis String Ouartet. Beethoven: String Quartet in E·flat Op.74; Bartok: String Quartet #2; Ravel: String Quartet. Patricia Shih & Yuel Yawney, violins; Nikita Pogrebnoy, viola; Joel Stobbe, cello. ,. SJ 23 8:00: Verdi: Requiem. Sally Dibblee, soprano; Krisztina Szabo, mezzo; Michael Colvin, tenor; Daniel Lichti, baritone; Elora festival Singers; Toronto Mendelssohn Choir; Elora festival Orchestra; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. GB 23 9:00: Starlight Jazz and Blues. Gwen Swick, music director. $10. GS 24 2:00: The Aldeburgh Connection. The food of Love: Shakespeare settings by Schubert, Berlioz, Vaughan Williams, Derek Holman, Cole Porter and others. Norine Burgess, mezzo soprano; Elora Festival Singers; Stephen Ralls, Bruce Ubukata, piano, Noel Edison, conductor. ,. SM 24 4:00: Four Seasons Harp Ouartet. Vivaldi: The four Seasons Op.8 (arr. Harp Quartet of Venice.) Jennifer Swartz, Lori Gemmell, Caroline Leonardelli, Caroline Lizotte, harps. ,. SJ 28 6:00: Choral Evensong. Jurgen Petrenko, organ; Elora festival Singers, Noel Edison, conductor. Collection. SJ 29 7:30: The Art of the Cello. Works by de Falla, Schmidt, Part, Popper, Nystedt, Tavener. Shauna Rolston, cello; Heather Schmidt, piano; Elora festival Singers; Noel Edispn, conductor. ,. SM 29 1 O:OOpm: Buster Keaton: Our Hospitality. Silent movie. . SJ 30 2:00: Karina Gauvin, soprano in Recital. ,. SJ 30 4:00: Music from England. Works by Bliss, Dowland, Jacob, Purcell and Vaughan Williams. Karen Baumgartel, soprano; James Mason, oboe; Julie Baumgartel, Hiroko Kagawa, violins; David Visentin, viola; · Paul Pulford, cello. ,. SJ 30 8:00: The Proms. Works by Handel. Elgar and Vaughan Williams. Karina Gauvin, soprano; Elora Festival Singers and Chorus; Elora festival Orchestra; John Fraser, narrator; Noel Edison, conductor. ,. GB 31 2:00 & 4:00: TheChurchinSong. John Fraser, narrator; Elora festival Singers; Matthew Larkin, organist; Noel Edison, con· ductor. ,. SJ e FESTIVAL of the SOUND 866-364-0061, 705· 746-2410 www. Tickets as indicated; Festival Pass 5-5; Week I Pass (July 19 · July 22) 00-0; Week II Pass (July 26 · July 29) 0-5; Week Ill Pass (August 2 · August 5) $100-0; Morning/Noon Ticket -. Venues: Charles W. Stockey Centre, 2 Bay St. CW; Town Dock, 9 Bay St. TO; Inn at Manitou IM. JULY: 01 7:00: Canada Day Cruise. Shores of New· foundland. , $10(children 5·12). TO. 15 7:30: Gala Opening Concert. Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky. Alain Trudel. trombone; Les Violons du Roy, Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor. -. CW. 16,12:00 noon: Children's Concert. Children from the children's workshop session; Graham Campbell, guitar. free. CW. 16 7:30: Slide Show! Works of Watson, Mo· zart/Rimmer, Gabrieli, Bernstein. Hannaford Street Silver Band, Alain Trude!, conductor & trorrbone; Alistair Kay, trorrbone. - CW. 17 2:00: Celebrating Charles. Parry Sound festival Choir, Kasie Brickell, conductor; Han· naford Brass Octet; James Campbell, clarinet; Graham Campbell, guitar; Moshe Hammer, violin; Rian de Waal. piano & other performers. -. CW. 17 7:00: Sunset on the Bay Cruise. Yfflrks of Bernstein, Sondheim, Joplin, Gershwin, Kern. Craig Harley Trio; Hannaford Brass Quintet; James Campbell, clarinet; Alain Trudel. trom· bone; Graham Campbell, guitar. . TO. 18 8:00: An Evening on the Bay. James Camp· bell, clarinet; Graham Campbell, guitar. . TBD. 19 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Ravel: Piano Trio in a; Brahms: Piano Trio #1 in B Op. 8. Trio Hochelaga: Anne Robert, violin; Benoit Loiselle, cello; Stephane Lemelin, piano. -. CW. 19 6:30: Overture. James Campbell chats with members of Ouartetto Gelato. Free. CW. 19 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Works of Piazzolla, Mozart, Puccini/Sitarski, Duran. Arthur LeBlanc String Quartet; Quartetto Ge· lato. - CW. 20 10:30am: Music for a Summer Morning. · Works of Bach, Messiaen, Scriabin. Winston Choi, pianp. ·. CW. 20 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. T urina: Piano Quartet in a Op.67; Dvor~k : Piano Quartet in D Op.23. Renee-Paule Gauthier, violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Julian Armour, cello; Paul Stewart, piano. -. CW. 20 5:30: Gala Dinner & Concert at Manitou. Schubert: String Quartet No. 15 in G D887; Baermann: Adagio and Rondo in D·flat. New Zealand String Quartet; James Campbell, clar· inet. 0. IM. 211 0:30am: Music for iJ Summer Morning. Leo Smit: Trio for clarinet, viola and piano; Slothouwer: Sonata for violin and piano. James Campbell, clarinet; Christiaan Bor, vio· lin, Graham Oppenheimer, viola, Rian de Waal, piano. ·. CW. 2112:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM Prevost: Mouvement; Mozart: String Quartet #21 in D K575; Mendelssohn: String Quartet Op.81 . Arthur LeBlanc String Quartet. · . cw. 21 6:00: Overture. Kelly-Marie Murphy: Quar· tel - This is My Voice. Arthur LeBlanc String Quartet. Free. CW. 21 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Ross· ini: Quartet; Dvor~k : Piano Quintet in A Op.81; Faure: Piano Trio in d Op.120; Bruch: Octet for strings. New Zealand String Quartet; Trio Hochelaga; Christiaan Bor & Hibiki Kobayashi, violins; Guylaine Lemaire & Graham Oppenheimer, violas & other perfonners. -. CW. 22 10:30am: Music for a Summer Morning. Schubert: four Impromptus, Op.142 D935; Ravel: Gaspard de Ia Nuit; Beethoven; 15 Vari· at ions and fugue in E-flat Op.35. Katherine Chi, piano. -. CW. 22 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Haydn: String Quartet in D Op. 76 #5; Schul· hoff: Three Pieces for String Quartet; Dvonik: String Quintet in G Op. 77. New Zealand String Quartet; Joel Quarrington, double bass. -. CW. 22 7:30: Parry Sound Pops. Ravel: Bolero; Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, Preludes, songs from Porgy and Bess. Mary Lou Fallis, so· prano; Katherine Chi, piano; Winston Choi, piano; Rian de Waal, piano; Glen Montgomery, · piano & other performers. -. CW. 23 12:00 noon: Children's Concert. Poulenc: Babar the Elephant. Stephana Lemelin, piano; children from Lime Light Theatre Productions Workshop. free. CW. 23 7:30: Piano Gala. Schubert: Fantasia for four hands in I D940; Gilliland: Cancion; Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Haydn Op 56b; Saint·Saens: Danse Macabre. Katherine Chi, Winston Choi, Rian de Waal. Glen Mont· gomery, pianos. -. CW. 24 2:00: Arpin Plays Arlen. Songs by Harold Arlen. John Arpin, piano. -, CW. 24 1:30:0uartettoGelato. -. CW. 26 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Newbould/Schubert: fantasy on Schubert; Brahms: Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Op.1 00; Murphy: Postcards from Home. James Camp· bell, clarinet; Moshe Hammer, violin; Rian de Waal, piano. -. CW. 26 7:30: Music for s Summer Evening. Beethoven: Cello Sonata in A Op.69; Franck: Violin Sonata in A; Schumann: Piano Quartet in E·flat Op.47. Anton Kuerti, piano; Olivier Thouin, violin; Barry Shiffman, viola; Kristine Bogyo, cello. -. CW. 27 10:30am: Music for a Summer Morning. Mozart: Piano Trio #1 in B flat K254; Dvor~k : Tercetto for two violins & viola. Gryphon Trio; Geoff Nuttall & Livia Sohn, violins; Barry Shiffman, viola. ·. CW. 27 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Ravel: Duo for violin and cello; Mozart: Piano Trio #2 in G K496. Gryphon Trio; Barry Shiffman, violin; Chris Costanza, cello. ·. CW. 27 6:00: Overture. As Brahms Played. Jonathan Berger, Stanford University. free.CW . 27 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in b Op.115; Piano Quintet in f Op.34. James Campbell, clarinet; Anton Kuerti, piano; St. Lawrence String Quar· tet. -. CW. 28 10:30am: Music for a Summer Morning. Mozart: Piano Trio #3 in B flat K502; Prokofiev: Duo for two violins. Gryphon Trio; Geoff Nuttall & LivaSohn, violins. -. CW. 28 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Mozart: Piano Doubles for String Quartet; ) ULY 1 - SE PTE M BE R 7 2005

Strauss: Sextet from Capriccio Op.85. Gryphon Trio; St. Lawrence String Quartet; Livia Sohn, violin; Marina Hoover, cello. -. CW. 28 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Mozart: Piano Trio #5 in C K548; Shostakovich: String Quartet #7 in I sharp, Op.1 08; Schubert: Cello Quintet in D D956. Gryphon Trio; St. Lawrence String Quartet; Marina Hoover, cello. - CW. 29 1 0:30am: Music for a Summer Morning. Mozart: Piano Trio No.6 in G K564; Barber: · Cello Sonata Op.6. Gryphon Trio; Marina Hoover, cello; Glen Montgomery, piano. -. CW. 29 11 :30am: lnterlude. lnterview with composer Allan Gilliland. Free CW. 29 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Gilliland: Quintet; Nimmons; Images Entre Nous; Duran: New Oanzon, Chopiniana; Shearing: Three Miniatures. Gryphon Trio; St. Lawrence String Quartet; James Campbell, clarinet; Glen Mont· gomery, piano. -. CW. 29 6:30: Overture. Allan Gilliland discusses jazz history. Free. CW. 29 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Ranee Lee, vocalist; Phil Nimmons, clarinet; Rick Wilkins. tenor sax; Kevin Turcotte, trumpet; Dave Young, double bass & other performers. -. cw. 29 1 0:30pm: After Hours. Meduse: Maria Gacesa, clarinet; Kate Read, viola; Ryan Scott, percussion; Yesim Tosuner, visual artist - . cw. 30 12:00 noon: Children's Concert. Children from the children's workshop, with Andrew Downing. Free. CW. 30 3:00: Phantom of the Opera (The Movie}. Melodeon: Kevin Turcotte, trumpet; William Carn, trombone; Kathleen Kajioka, viola; Andrew Downing, double bass; David Jones, pump organ. -. CW. 30 7:30:JazzCanada. Rick Wilkins, tenor sax; Kevin Turcotte, trumpet; Terry Promano, trombone; Dave Young, double bass; Terry Clarke, drums. -. CW. 31 2:00: Rhythm Meets Strings. Music from the album Red Dragon 'Fly. Jane Bunnett, soprano saxophone; Spirits of Havana; Penderecki String Quartet. -. CW. 31 7:30: Peter Appleyard & Swing Fever. Tributes to Lionel Hampton, Benny Goodman. -. cw. AUGUST: 017:00: Sunset on the Bay. Rick Wilkins, tenor sax; Terry Promano, trombone; Dave Young, double bass; John Sherwood, piano; Terry Clarke, drums; Peter Appleyard, host . TO. 02 1 0:30am: Magic Flute- Bach. Bach: Flute Sonata #1 in b BWV1 030; Sonata for flute and harp in E flat BWV1031 ; Sonata in G for two flutes BWV1039. Leslie Alit, Robert Cram & Suzanne Shulman, flutes; Erica Goodman, harp; Colllula Hacke. piano. -. CW. 02 12:00 noon: Magic Flute- Virtuosity. Berlioz: L'Enfance du Christ; Hetu: Fantasia sur le nom duBach; Schubert: Variations on Trockne Blumen D802; Doppler: Andante and Rondo for two flutes and piano Op.25. Robert Cram & Suzanne Shulman, flutes; Erica Goodman, harp; Cordula Hacke, piano. -. CW. 02 2:00:'Music from the Inside Out. Dr. Thomas Wolf. Free. CW. 02 8:00: Patisserie at Manitou. Works of Mozart, Faure, Debussy & Ravel. Trio Lyra: Suzanne Shulman, flute; Mark Childs, viola; Erica Goodman, harp. . 1M. 03 1 0:30am: Magic Flute- Bach. J.S. Bach: Flute Sonata No. 5 in e BWV 1 034; Flute Sana- ) ULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 7 2005 ta No. 3 in A ilWV 1032; Trio Sonata in G BWV1 038; C . P . ~ . Bach: Flute Sonata in a. Ll!slie Alit, baroque and modern flute; Julie Baumgartel, violin; Margaret Gay, cello; Michael Jarvis, harpsichord. -. CW. 03 11 :30am: Interlude. Robert Cram. Free. CW. 03 12:00 noon: Magic Flute- Classical Flute. Haydn: London Trio #1 inC; Kuhlau: Grand Quartet for four flutes in e Op.1 03; Mozart: Concerto inC K299. Leslie Alit, Robert Cram, Suzanne Shulman, Thomas Wolf, flutes; Julie Baumgartel, violin & other performers. 16-. CW. 03 2:00: Music from the Inside Out- Pan· pipes to Pennywhistles. Les Alit. Free. CW. 03 4:00: Music from the Inside Out. Discussion on classicallllJSic in contemporary society with British author Julian Johnson. Free. CW. 03 7:30: Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Choruses from well-known operas & oratorios. Noel Edison, conductor. -. CW. 04 10:30am: Music from the Inside Out. Jeffrey Stokes. Free. CW. 04 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Vaughan Williams: Blake Songs for oboe and tenor; Elgar: Romance for bassoon and piano; Fran~aix : L'Heure du Berger for piano and winds; Poulenc: Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano. Alan Bennett, tenor; Festival Winds, Cordula Hacke, piano; Glen Montgomery, piano. -. CW. 04 2:00: Music from the Inside Out: Do we rieed classical music? Discussion with Jeffrey Stokes, Julian Johnson, Robert Cram, Allan Gilliland and James Campbell. Free. CW. 04 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. Poulenc: Sextet for woodwind quintet and piano; Vaughan Williams: On Wenlock Edge; Britten: Sinfonietta Op.1; Ravel: String Quartet in F. Alan Bennett, tenor; Festival Winds, Penderecki String Quartet; Jeffrey Stokes, double bass; Cordula Hacke & Glen Montgomery, piano. -. CW. 0510:30am:MusicforaSummerMorning. Corrette: Trio Sonata #5 in G; Mattheis: Sonata for violin and continuo; Purcell: Songs. Alan Bennett, tenor; Festival Baroque. -. CW. 05 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon. Handel: Trio Sonata #6 in D; Locke: Suite; Chirambault: Orphee. Alan Bennett, tenor; Festival Baroque. -. CW. 05 6:30: Overture. Meet David Earle. Free. CW. · 05 7:30: Music and Dance for a Summer Evening. Shostakovich: String Quartet #13 in b flat Op.l-38; Poulenc: Mouvement Perpetual; Satie: Gymnopedie. Dancetheatre David Earle; Penderecki String Quartet, Festival Ensemble; 1 Glen Montgomery, piano. -. CW. 06 7:30: Under Paris Skies- Wine and Cheese. Works of Faure, Pial, LeGrande. Trio Lyra, Festival Winds, Alan Bennett and Glen Montgomery. . CW. 07 2:00: Sing We and Chant It! Works by Byrd, Handel, Purcell, Faure, Daley, Henderson and Willan. Elmer lseler Singers, Lydia Adams, conductor. -. CW. 07 7:00: Sunset on the Bay Cruise. Folksong favourites. Elmer lseler Singers, Lydia Adams, conductor. . TO. eHUNTSVILLE Festival of the Arts 80D-663-2787, 705-788-2787 Concerts at Algonquin Theatre, 37 Main St., Huntsville unless otherwise indicated. JULY: 028:110: TheGkitflanyBhoys. CelticrTUiic. . 03 2:00: Canadian Tribute to Glenn Miller. . 06 8:00: Bowser & Blue. Comedy & music:. 07 8:00: Sisa Pacari. South American Andes flute music. . 08 8:00: Oenzal Sinclaire. Jazz piano. . 09 8:00: Michael Burgess, vocals. . 1 0 7:30: Arkady Yanivker: The Glory of the Violin. Trinity Church, 33 Main ~t. . Huntsville. . 13 8:00: les Violons Ou Roy. Chamber string orchestra. . 15 8:00: Ashley Macisaac. Celtic fiddle. . 16 8:00: Carol Weisman. Singer/songwriter, jazz pianist. . 18 7:00: Lt. Gen Romeo Dallaire. Film: Shake Hands with the Devil; speaker. . 20 7:30: Motus 0 Dance. Stravinsky: Petrouchka; Variations of Love. 21 8:00:AianFrew, vocals. . 22 8:00: Matt Dusk, vocals. 23 8:00: Viva Espana with Daniel Bolshoy, guitar & the Festival Orchestra. Rodrigo: Guitar Concerto; Carmen arias; music of Chabrier & Massenet. . 24 8:00: last Night at the Proms with James lee, piano & the Festival Orchestra. Addinsell: Warsaw Concerto; sing along favourites. . e KINCARDINE Summer Music Festival 866-453-9716 Venues: Knox Presbyterian Church, 345 Durham St. KP Kincardine District Secondary School, 885 River Lane KD. Best Western Governor's Inn. 791 DLihamSt. B:r'J Victoria Park, Durham Market Square VP Kincardine Hall, Davidson Centre, 601 Durham St. KH AUGUST: 01 8:00: The Jazz Singer: lisa Martinelli, jazz vocalist. . BW 02 8:00: Malone, McMurdo 'n Dean. Alex Dean, sax; Mike Malone. trumpet; Dave Mc­ Murdo, trombone. . BW 03 8:00: lome lofsky, guitar; B;ian Dickinson, piano. . BW 04 4:00: RickFines' Blues in the Park. Free. VP 04 8:00: Renee Rosnes, jazz pianist & composer in Concert. . BW 05 7:00: Alive in Kincardine 2005: Jazz Student Showcase. 0. KH 08 8:00: Piano Spectacular: Peter Allen, piano. Mussorgsky, Brahms. Haydn. . KP 09 8:00: Gryphon Trio in Concert. . KP 10 8:00: Arthur leBlanc Ouartet in Concert. Mendelssohn, Glass, Beethoven. . KP 11 8:00: The Kincardine Effect: Arthur leBlanc Ouartet with Peter Allen, piano, Andrew Horton, bass. Schubert . KP 12 8:00: Sounds Symphonic. KSMF Symphony Orchestra & faculty. . KP 13 1:00: Grand Finale Student Showcase. KSMF students in concert . KD 13 3:30: Chamber Music Student Showcase. KSMF chamber music students. $10. KP e LAKEFIELD Jazz Art Craft Festival Lakefield's Isabel Morris Park by the Otonabee River 705-652-1041 All day admission per person. July 9 1 Oam-11 pm: Seventh annual outdoor event presents 6 jazz bands, 30 artists & crafters, catered foods. Performers include: Ragweed Jazz Band; The Rockets 88 with Jerome Godbout, jazz harmonica; Mike Graham Jazz Quartet; Adam Smale Quartet; Rod Crawford, jazz pianist/emcee. WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM e LAMEQUE INTERNATIONAL BAROQUE MUSIC Festival Island of Lameque NB 506-384-6897 www. July 24-31 : Performers include: Nathalie Paulin, soprano; James Gilchrist, tenor; Arion baroque orchestra; Jaap ter Linden, cello/conductor; Denis Menier, conductor; Chris Norman Ensemble & others. e Festival de LANAUDIERE Joliette, Quebec 800-561-4343, 450-759-4343 Venues: Amphitheatre. 1575 Base-de-roc Blvd AM Church of St-Aiphonse-Rodriguez, 960 rue Notre- Dame AR Church of Lavaltrie, 1341 rue Notre-Dame LA Church of Berthierville, 780 rue Montcalm BE Church of the Purification {Repentigny), 445 rue Notre-Dame PU Church of St-Joseph de Lanoraie, 3 rue Picotte JL Church of Ste-Ernetie-de-,Energie, 350 rue Principale EE Ctuch of the Assumption. 153 rue du Portage AS Church of St-Calixte, 6292 rue Principale CA Church of St-Paul, 8 rue Brassard PA Church of Ste-Melanie, 910 rue Principale ME Church of St·Ziinon, 6171 rue Principale ZE Church of St-Sulpice, 1095 rue Notre-Dame SU JULY: 09 8:00: Opening Event: Two Poets, Lefevre and lugansky, Sing of Their Heritage. Mathieu, Tchaikovsky, Roussel. Alain Lefevre & Nicola'i Lugansky, pianos; OSM, Jacques Lacombe, conductor. -. AM 10 2:00: Songs of Summer. Arias, duos & orchestral suites from operas, operettas & musicals. Monique Page, soprano; Frederic Antoun, tenor; Sinfonia de Lanaudiere; Stephane Laforest, conductor. -. AM 11 8:00: Fragrances from France. Dubois, Ravel, Faure. Trio Hochelaga; Nicolo Eugelmi, viola. . AR 12 8:00: Fingers Fashioned in Gold. Bach, Chopin. Alexandre Tharaud, piano. . LA 14 8:00: Happiness of the Harp. Bach, Debussy, Glinka, Tournier, Faure, Albeniz. Catrin Finch, harp; Marie-Andree Benny, flute; Nicolo Eugelmi, viola. . SU 15 8:00: A World of Pianos. Bach, Beethoven/ Heisser, Liszt, Ravel, Milhaud, Tchaikovsky/ Chiou. Angela Cheng,lan Parker, Katherine Chi, David Jalbert, Dominique Morel & other pianists & guests. - . AM 16 8:00: Post Cards from Marie-Nicole. ~aint ­ Saens, Thomas, Massenet. Schubert, de Falla, T urina. Marie-Nicole Lemieux, contralto; OSM, JoAnn Falletta, conductor. -. AM 17 2:00: Fortin-Leveille- Now as a Sextet. Luc Fortin, Richard Leveille, guitars; Marin Nasturica, accordion; Michel Donato, bass; Mathieu Belanger, clarinet; Mireille Marchal. percussion. -. AM 1 8 8:00: Italy Yesterday and Today. Pasquini, Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Sciarrino. Luc Beausejour, harpsichord; Claire Marchand, flute. . PU 19 8:00: Singing in the Moonlight. Faure, Debussy, Ravel. Renee Lapointe, mezzo; Louis­ Philippe Pelletier, piano. . JL 21 8:00: Star of Tomorrow. Scarlatti, Chopin, Ravel, Brahms. Ang Li, piano. . EE 22 8:00: Shared Pleasures. Beethoven, Schu· mann, Brahms. Ekaterina Derzhavina, piano; Catherine Cho, violin; Emmanuelle Bertrand, cello; OSM; OMGM Choir; Yannick Nezet- 47

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