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Volume 10 Issue 10 - July/August 2005

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T:&.a ea,acl RJJ 91litar Fasti-ral a1 t u n v111t our weblltie or call .. for more lnfonnlltlon 1-888-506-1418 A..._-,~IIIUIIc......,wMilM ......... anwlltuallly,_....._ ...,... 'VIrtllolltr _.,.,........._ ... ... iYUC-·-· ............ ............... illllc:llgiJ ...................._..,_... IPIII'-Yl , ... Clinlplnt .... 10.25 ............ 53.10 ......,.... 25.00 .........,.... 37.50 ....., 11.00 T-(13-11) SCM olfwlllll J.D. ..... ~ a.lldlwl...._12yn-,_a•• lulaa.._auan..-.. .......... A special 'pre-fest' series of concerts will take place at Hugh's Room 2261 DUNDAS ST. WEST, TORONTO. Call (416) 531-6604 to reserve. July 19 - Peter Finger July 20 - Don Ross with special guest Andrew White July 21 - Dan Crary ~~~ All shows start at 8 :00 pm - joon us early for dinner. -- - - small town, great lake ideal getaway Saugeen Shores (the communities of Port Elgin and Southampton) is an historic town surrounded by natural beauty, culture and the arts. Insp i re your self on a personal shoreleave of exploration and discovery. Register today, either online or call us toll- free, for your chance to win an exclusive cultural getaway package. www. shoreleaves. com r-800-387-3456 8 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM j ULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 7 2005

e 1 or s opener One hundred clicks You cannot imagine the pleasure of getting to do this- sign off on this final half-page of the final magazine of our tenth season. "Beyond the Jazz Listings", page 29, mentions that WholeNote started in the back rooms of a couple of downtown Toronto houses (mine and Allan's). Last night Allan drove camera-ready pages out in the wee hours of the morning to our printer (same one for ten years!) in Etobicoke- just as he did for the first "Pulse" in late August 1995. So the whole thing sits at press except this last half page because I wanted to savour the moment over night. Don't misunderstand. The significance of having published I 00 times is decidedly relative. Imagine the guys at TorS tar hurrahing this way every hundred days. And to put it in another perspective, the total hundredweight of paper we've consumed in ten years would fuel the Metro (daily Toronto subway paper) for about twoand-a-half days. What's exciting, watching the odometer click over to three digits, is getting to look ahead. This GTA Toronto WholeNote has grown and changed to fit its skin. Change will continue. But it's also time for us to grow in a different way -- not by diluting this WholeNote through pushing it ever funher afield. But by helping initiate and suppon other back rooms, like those two we started in, anywhere people see local musical life to be worth documenting in the way we do. "Worth documenting in the way we do" is the phrase to foc us on. At one level this business is pretty simple. But in other ways it is an extraordinary interweaving of generous loving hours, only some of it for. pay, put in by close to 100 people (working musicians, teachers, students, retirees, children) who see the musical point of it all and drive, write, phone, type, and make or listen to music, to suppon it all. " Music's Children" on page 34 speaks to this as does our masthead on page 5. It's a time of comings and goings - Paul Steenhuisen's farewell on page 27 is one. His permission to place his 2001 interview with Murray Schafer on the website for a specified period means that interview is there to add texture and voice to our cover story. Jazz Notes, page 28. is a farewell of a different k.ind. The "comings" are more in the realm of changes to be made rather than knowing who al l the people are to fill these new roles. Is there a Kitchener­ Waterloo WholeNote out there? Or Ottawa-Ki ngston? Or WholeNote Radio? With a little six-note fanfare, the Great Brains That Be have announced a new slogan for our ci ty - Toronto. Unlimited. I'd probably have preferred "Toronto Defined" as a motif myself - a call to action, you But there's something in the spirit of " Unlimited" to take to heart, in terms of the range of music we cover. "If it's live, if it's here, and if it's music you can list it in WholeNote" is an idea wonh considering. But this is post-summer thinking. There's a great cross-section of material in here this month- if you missed the table of contents, 4 pages back, go look before going on. I hope to see you at the party July 4. Feel free to say "I read your Opener to the July issue and ... " I see the next ten years, on our part, as in volving a lot more open-ness to that k.ind of chat. On the assumption that the world is a park safely designed for my amusement, t~e precipice this ten-year road ends at look.s extremely entenaining. See you at the bottom, or on the far side, as the case may be (or at the pany). David Perlman, Editor I'• GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC IN A PERFECT SMALL CONCERT HALL DOWNTOWN 2005-06 SEASON Th. Sept. 15 RUSSELL BRAUN QUARTETS 3,5 Th. Oct. 20 Tokyo Mozart 1 Th. Nov. 10 Mir6 Quartet Th. Nov. 24 New Zealand Quartet Th. Dec. 8 Takacs Quartet Th.Jan. 19 Tokyo Mozart 2 Th. Feb. 9 St. Lawrence Quartet Th. Mar. 2 Penderecki Quartet Th. Mar. 16 Tokyo Mozart 3 PIANO 0, 0 Tu. Nov. 1 Lucille Chung Tu. Nov. 29 Piotr Anderszewski Tu. Jan. 31 Markus Groh Tu. Mar. 21 Cyprien Katsaris Tu. Apr. 11 Nikolai Lugansky ENSEMBLES-IN-RESIDENCE 9, 5 Tu. Oct. 25 Gryphon Trio Tu. Nov. 15 MTO Chamber Society Tu. Mar. 7 Gryphon Trio Tu. Mar. 28 MTO Chamber Society CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS , Tu. Nov. 15 MTO Chamber Society Tu.Jan. 31 Markus Groh Th. Mar. 2 Penderecki Quartet Th. Apr. 6 Trio Fibonacci DISCOVERY Th.Jan 26 Shannon Mercer, soprano Th. Feb. 23 Maneli Pirzadeh & Daniel Moran, duo pianists Th. Apr. 6 Trio Fibonacci Subscri ption combos and series from fo r Discovery to 1 for the whole season! 416-366-7723 • 1-800-708-6754 order online at Ul Y 1 · ~EPTEMBER 7 :lUOS WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM 9

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