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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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Yo 'o THINK THAT a recreated nineteenth century salon with ninetei::nth century repertoire wouldn't carry the same sense of pioneering immediacy the music would have had in its time. But more often than not at an Off Centre salon you will find yourself listening to repertoire thal is unfamiliar, even if it's by a composer you know. '"It is attractive for perfonners too." says Boris. "They have the opportunity, always, to present les er-known works, and to experienci:: the impact of the speakers and readers from other disciplines." Vocalists particularly seem to relish working with them. Partly it's the pair's own training and attitude 10 their instrument. "As a pianis't we believe you have to be able to work solo, ensemble and as accompanists. We love to work with vocalists and they love us. We are are very daring and dare them to also be. But we never fight. It's more like 'oh, that's unusual! ok let's give it a try."' "It's all" says Boris, breaking the only small silence so far in the interview, .... "It's all about making what is basically a percussion instrument sing." Tms SEASON MARKS a very important re-connecting for Inna, and a groundbreaking new association for Off Centre. The connection with Valery Gergiev [Kirov Orchestra] goes back to student days. "Valery and I failed History of Communism the same day, November 7, was it 1974?" Now 30 years later he is the honourary patron of their series. Inna says Off Centre was in its seventh season before they told Gergiev what they had been doing. Why so long? "We were waiting to know if we would survive ... You can't push before it ripens." This season the Kirov connection has ripened. Following their season-opening "French Salon" (October 17) comes the first of two Kirov collaborations: a recital by soprano Olga Trifonova, November 7. The second, featuring the Kirov Brass Quintet, will be their April 24 season finale. As our chat winds down, there is one thing they want to make clear. "Our Salon is not some kind of cocktail party or variety show pastiche. We always know why we are choosing singers and pieces. It is a tightrope, sometimes a show has to be reinvented several times. It takes nerve, research, the ability to improvise in the true sense." So here they are, centre stage, but still off centre, worthy standard bearers. It took seven years for them to decide their endeavour was worth bragging about. Now? "We have a notebook" (with two sets of handwriting, needless to say) "with program ideas for the next twenty years." • Concerts at St. George's on-the-Hill Sunday November 21 - I 4:00 pm 'Sonatas for a Sunday Afternoon' Beethoven and Brahms Duo lo Phoebe Tsang violin Julien Le Blanc piano The genius of two giants of German music is explored in the opening concert of our sixth season. J/ Sunday December 5 - 4:00 pm 'The Mystery of Bethlehem' Music for Advent and Christmas St. George's on-the-Hill Choir, Karen Rymal director/organ Christine Mourre flute Janusz Borowlec cello Seasonal choral and instrumental works by Willan, Mathias, Biehl, Bach and Vivaldi. Readings sacred and secular, carol singing, sherry and shortbread. Ill Sunday April 10 - 'Trumpet Stop' 4:00 pm Music for Organ and Trumpet Scott Harrison trumpet Karen Rymal organ Music from the Baroque to the 20th Century Works by Clerambault, Mendelssohn Torelli, Bach and Hovhaness · INDEX OF ADVERTISERS ACADEMY CONCERT SERIES 43, 53 KATARINA BULAT 53 Rom CONSERVATORY Of Music 35 ALAN HOWARD KATHLEEN PARLOW STRING Rom OPERA CANADA 69 WALDORF SCHOOL 27 ALDEBURGH CONNECTION 42 ALEESA SunoN 53 ALEXANDER KATS 50 AMADEUS CHOIR 38 CONCERTO COMPETITION 33 KEREKES Music LESSONS 50 KtNGSWAY CONSERVATORY OF Music 51 KITCHENER WATERLOO S.R.I. CANADA/BRILLIANT 59 S.R.I. CANAOA/CHANDOS 61 S.R.I. CANADA/ZIGZAG 57 SALVATION ARMY BAND 29 SINFONIA TORONTO 37 AMANDA JOHNSTON 41 PHILHARMONIC Ciio1R 6 SoNGBIRO STU010s 53 AMICI CHAMBER ENSEMBlE 37 v1v C11AMBER CHOIR 44 SouNo PosT 16 ANALEKTA 11 lACHAN JEWISH CHAMBER CHOIR 2D STUDIO 92 54 ARRAYMUSIC 23 LISTME.CA 21 SUE CROWE CONNOLLY 51 ASSOCIATES Of THE LoNG & McOuADE 17 SusAN PURDY Music 53 T DRDNTD SYMPHONY 15 MARJORIE SPARKS Vo1c STUolO 51 TALISKER PLAYERS 43 ATMA CLASSIDUE 55 BACH ELGAR CHOIR 18 MARK TETREAULT 50 MIKROKDSMOS 56 TEACHING Music WITH COLOUR 27 TOREADOR Music BAY BLOOR RADIO 70 MISSISSAUGA SYMPHONY 38 RECORDING FACILITIES 56 CANCLONE 56 MISSISSAUGUA CHORAL SOCIETY 19 TORONTO ALL·STAR BIG BAND 29 CBC RADIO 2 7 CHAMBER Music Soc1ETY MOOREOALE CONCERTS 39 Moscow V1RTUos1 42 TORONTO CAMERATA CHAMBER CHOIR 20 Of MISSISSAUGA 68 CHOPIN PIANO COMPETITION 67 MUKI BAUM ASSOCIATION 9 Music GALLERY 22 TORONTO CENTRE FOR THE ARTS 12 TORONTO CHILDREN'S CHORUS 18 CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK Music ON THE OONWAY 44 TORONTO CONSORT 17 JAZZ VESPERS 28 Music ON THE HILL 35 ToRONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 19 I CONCERT WEAR 53 Music ToRONTO 9, 36, 39, 41, 43 ToRONTO MENDELSSOHN CONCERTS AT Sr. GEORGE'S ON·THE·HILL 10 COSMO Music 50 MUSICA 52 MUSICIANS IN ORDINARY 42 NADINA MACKIE JACKSON 56 YOUTH CHOIR 42 TORONTO OPERETTA THEATRE 30 TORONTO SYMPHONY 4 DAVE SNIDER Music CENTRE 16 DAVID VARJABEO 52 DEER PARK CONCERTS 14 DENISE WILLIAMS 52 DR. SARAH MICKELER 53 Duo CoNCERTANTE 34 EARSHOT CONCERTS 21, 36 ESPRIT ORCHESTRA 2 ExuLTATE CHAMBER S1NGERS 39 NAXOS CANADA 66 NEW Music CONCERTS 25, 34 NIAGARA BRASS 39 OFF CENTRE Music SALON 38, 45 ONSTAGE AT GLENN GOULD STUDIO 13 TORONTO WELSH MALE VOICE CHOIR 36 TORONTO YoUTH WINO ORCHESTRA 41 T YPE'.MORRIS 21 UNIVERSAL Music 63, 65 UNIVERSITY Of TORONTO BooKSTORE 17 FELDENKRAIS TRAININGS TORONTO 51 GALLERY PLAYERS Of NIAGARA 47 ONTA0RIO REGISTERED Music TEACHERS' Ass.'N. 19 OPERA IN CONCERT 30 OPERA ONTARIO 31 0PERA·IS 31 ORCHESTRA TORONTO 14. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO FACUlTY OF Music 33 VLADIMIR DouNIN 52 VOCAL ARTS STUDIO 52 GARY ARMSTRONG WOODWINDS 15 ORPHEUS CHOIR Of TORONTO 18, 44 WHDLENOTE DRIVERS WANTED 4 7 GEORGE HEINL 17 PATTIE KELLY 51 WHOLENOTE NINE MONDAYS 34 HANNAFORD Srnm PAUL HODGE AUDIO 55 WOMEN'S MUSICAL SILVER BAND 40, 45 PAX CHRISTI 20 CLUB OF TORONTO 36 HARKNETT MUSICAL SERVICES 29 PETER MAHON 20 WORLDS Of Music 27 HEUCONIAN HALr 23 PHILIP l. DAVIS LUTHIER 16 y AMAHA Music SCHOOL 50 HUMBERCREST UNITED CHURCH 40 RCCO: TORONTO CHAPTER 41 iNTERNA TIONAL T DURING PRODUCTIONS 15 JANET CATHERINE DEA 52 JAZZ VESPERS AT Sr. PHILIP'S 28 REMOTE RECOROING/PRB 55 RICK MALTESE 52 ROBERT LOWREY PIANO ExPERTS 16 Rav THOMSON HALL/MASSEY HALL 3 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 7 2004

ANALEKTA. It's our name. It's your music. EDITOR'S CORNER Let me start by welcoming a couple of new reviewers into the fold. In this issue soprano Gabrielle . McLaughlin of I Fu.riosi fame gives us an intimate look at Les Voix Humaines' ongoing exploration of the music of viol master Sainte­ Colombe on the ATMA label. And Janos Gardonyi, a retired architect and "passionate lover of classical music with over 50 years of concert and opera going experience both here and abroad" gives us his take on the piano music of Leos Janacek as recorded by Hakon Austbo for Naxos. Speaking of piano music, John Lehr returns in this issue to compare two recent recordings of the "Concord Sonata" by American modernist Charles Ives, and Don Brown reviews several re-issues that feature Duke Ellington's keyboard prowess. Of course our reviews run the usual gamut from the Baroque period to the present day, from Classical through Jazz and some eclectic Pot Pourri offerings with Ted O'Reilly on "Cloud Seven", an early Tony Bennett recording recently resurrected from the vaults, Cathy Riches praising k.d. lang's new ''Hymns oflhe49'" Parallel" and Tiina Kiik's appreciation of Suzie LeBlanc's Acadian roots. Once again this month I seem to have kept most of the new music titles t myself, but there are a number of modern and contemporary discs reviewed by our stalwarrs Daniel Foley (Britten's Peter Grimes), Bruce Surtees ("The Genesis Suite" featuring music by Schoenberg, Milhaud, Stravinsky and others) and . Larry Beckwith (Spivakov's "Tribute to Alfred Schnittke" and Jasper Wood's new Centrediscs release of works by Andrew P. MacDonald). The discs that caught my fancy mostly have personal connections. First is a new ECM disc featuring Thomas Zehetmair performing one of Eugene Ysaye's solo sonatas and Heinz Holliger's Violin Concerto "Hommage a Louis Sautter" (ECM New Series 1890). Holliger will be the Michael and Sonja Koerner Distinguished Visitor in Composition at the University of Toronto's Faculty OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 7 2004 of Music next March, and hi v1s1t will culminate in a concert shared by the U of T Contemporary Music Ensemble (Gary Kulesha, director) and New Music Concerts (Robert Aitken, artistic direction and solo flute) at Glenn Gould Studio on April I. The viol in concerto recorded here provides an excellenr introduction to the renowned Swiss oboist, conductor and composer's music. It was written a decade ago on the occasion of the 75'11 anniversary of the founding of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande and it contains many of Holliger's signature concerns. The orchestration prominenrly features cimbal9m, harp. other plucked strings and a variety of mallet" instruments that combine for some striking (if you 'II excuse me) and colourful effects. The writing is very dense, but the layers of texture never obscure the long melodic lines of the solo violin. Zehetmair himself is a soloist of renown and, like Holliger who conducts the South West German Radio Orchestra on this recording; a respected conductor in his own right. He is also one of the proponents of the recent German trend of playing chamber music entirely from memory with his group the Zehetmair String Quartet. Dutch cellis Pieter Wispelwey first came to my attention as a baroque specialist with his first recording of DISCOVERIES: EDITOR'S CORNER CONTINUE ON Pi\GE 54 "Lemieux brings impressive technical ability to her art." Globe and Moil, Conodo -----··---- · -------- -·-·-·-··· ·--·····-··· ···---·-... -·-····-· · ···--- -----... ,,ii"'i3€14""•-··· "This is definitely a mature artist's take on mature Beethoven. with a strong grasp of structure and proportion." Dallas Morning News, USA •·• = = Canad!l

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