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Volume 10 Issue 2 - October 2004

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A T a T • G • 0 R G

A T a T • G • 0 R G I T H I M A R T Y R madawaska string quartet at the music gallery RESIDENCY IN 2005 FUNDRAISER OCT. 28, 2004 HALLOWEEN THEME 8PM On Thursday, Oct. 28, Toronto's Madawaska String Quartet and the Music Gallery present a light-hearted, Halloween-themed fundraiser for the quartet's upcoming residency. The programme for this evening will include works by Jose Evangelista, Silvestre Revueltas, Kevin Volans, Bruce Russell, John Gzowski, Julia Aplin, and a mummification piece by the one and only Yoko Ono, in which four nurses wrap up the quartet in surgical bandages! In residence at the MG in 2005, this energetic, enthusiastic and versatile young quartet will present four weeks of concerts, workshops, and open rehearsals, exploring different aspects of today's repertoire, and examining some of the great trailblazing works of the 20th century. In addition. they will work closely with some of' Canada's most talented young composers to develop a set of new pieces. Education and performance for children of all ages being a key part of the Madawaska Quartet's work, the compositional highlights of this residence will become key components of their new schools' programmes, and will travel with them to their broad audience base throughout Ontario and beyond. For more info1 go to music gallery concert schedule: core programming, oct. '04 fri 10/01 mandolini + poulin (violin + piano, mi Ian + montreal) THE COMPOSER NOW: V.l.P. SERIES @ 8PM, // PRESENTED IN COLLABORATION WITH TWO NEW HOURS ON CBC RADIO TWO One of new music's most exciting duos. Silvia Mandolini and Brigitte Poulin have played together since 1994. Performing works by Italian and Canadian cornposers, plus lannis Xenakis . tue 10/05 corona guitar kvartet (denmark) THE COMPOSER NOW: V.l.P. SERIES @ 8PM, /1 IN CONJUNCTION WITH HARBOURFRONT CENTRE'S SUPERDANISH FESTIVAL Danish acoustic guitar quartet offers exquisite ensemble playing and a diverse repertoire. Work s by Scandinavian and U.S. composers incl. John Frandsen, Dorothy Hindman and Wayne Siegel. sun 10/17 motion ensemble (new brunswick) THE COMPOSER NOW: ON TOUR SERIES@ 8PM, /$10( Experimental post-classical sextet from Fredericton, performing works by Maritirnes composers as well as 20th-century titans John Cage and James Tenney. Qwholenote at the music gallery! 10/04 music by threes NINE MONDAYS SALON SERIES, HOSTED BY WHOLENOTE MAGAZINE, LAUNCHES WITH GALLOWAY PLUS TWO + GEORGE CRUMB'S VOX BALAENAE FOR THREE MASKED PLAYERS. 8PM, /. music gallery: more in october 10/02 hammerhead consort THE COMPOSER NOW: IN COLLABORATION WITH NEW MUSIC CONCERTS - DUAL PIANO,+ PERCUSSION FROM EDMONTON 10/06 repair (toronto ambient) FREE LUNCH MUSIC SERIES LAUNCHES SEASON WITH INVENTORS + INNOVATORS PRESENTATION @ 12:30PM 10/07 earshot! + charlie ringas NEW RING CYCLE: GOLD OF HOURS 10/24 canadian electronic ensemble ROCK MUSIC: SOUND SYMPOSIUM REDUX music gallery: rental information THE MUSIC GALLERY IS AVAILABLE FOR RENTALS. FOR MORE INFO, GO TO WWW.MUSICGALLERY.ORG OR CONTACT CLARISSA DE YOUNG AT 416-204-1080. music gallery: co-ordinates location: st. george the martyr church, 197 john st. box office: 416-204-1080 web: • SOCAN Foundation The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation t St. Ccorgc the Martyr Jl:Nc:;;ucAN CBC. rad ig,'?-V to rontda rtscoun ci I ....,:v .. v:, . .. , .... f\. •;:o,.;-'11•'"'">"" ........ I ..t.. "'!'" I Canadian Heritage Canada Council for the Arts Patrimoine caned ten Conseil des Arts du Canada 22 WWW . 1111 WI IOL [NO fLCOM OcroBtK 1 - NmtMBtK 7 '.!004

Roundup: CoALITION OF NEW Music PRESENTERS BY KEITH DENNING With the month of October, the new music season really swings into high gear. Here are some highlighrs: On Friclliy. October 1. rhe Music Gallery presenrs a concert by violinist Silvia Mandolini and pianist Brigitte Poulin featuring new works by Brian Cherney and Justin Maniner. New Music Concerts launches its 3'4th season with Edmonton·s Ham- 1rn::rhead Consorr. on Saturday. October 2 ar 8PM at The Music Gallery. Corey Hamm and Haley Simons (piru1os). with Trevor Brandenburg and Darren Salyn (percussion) perfonn works by Canadians Scott Godin. Howard Bashaw. Malcolm Forsyth ent.Cf s Gothic board and batten chUrc buildipg in the heart ofYorkville can be rented at reasonable rates for musical ev . t A high, vaUlted _, Capacity Up to 120. Phone: 416-922-3618 __ :;.;:.; Oc 1C1111 R 1 - Nm fMBfR 7 1004

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