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Volume 10 Issue 4 - December 2004

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JAzz Notes by Jim Galloway Ever) )'ear ahout this time I submil my article from Europe since i1 1s 1he time of my annual trip 10. among other plact:s. Vienna. I mt:n11on the home or 1he wait/ only becaust: my musical life would be incomplete wi1hou1 a visit 10 Jazz. land. a club i1ua1cd 111 1he heart ot tha1 city ot wine. womi:n and J371. wht:rc the owners are Axel and Tillie Melhard1. Vienna's equivalent of Lothar and Brigiue Lang of 1he Momri:al Bis1ro here in Toronto. 1t alwayi> seems 10 me that a men1ion of what is happt:ning on the jazz front in Aus1ria isn '1 amiss. Afler all. in the momh of November alone. Dave Brubeck. Keith Jarre11. Jean-Luc Pont). Omar Sosa. Richard Galliano and Lt:w Tabackin were only some of the anis1s appearing in concert or in a club in Vienna. This year's trip also got me 10 thinking about 'life on the road' and the vagaries of being a 21 st century 1roubadour. the ups and downs. no pun intcndt:d. of !lying. the hardships of driving long dis1ances. or li,•ing ou1 of a sui1- casi: and still getting up on 1he band srnnd or out on a s1age with a smile on your face. Then, at tht: end of my 1rip I had a first-hand experience of tha1 grea1es1 of all challenges: MFlying Home . .. My night plan had me going from Vienna IO Franktun. connec1- ing wi1h a !light 10 ToronlO. I dutifully got 10 the airport more than two hours ahead of lligh1 time and checked in: killed some time wandering around; and got to 1he gate in good 1ime for boarding which went smoo1hly. and then .... No amount of in1ui1ive awareness could have helped. There is no way 10 han: "had any comrol. The sys1cm has you and your hapless flight-mates just where i1 wants you. Once more 1he a1rlme had loaded you onio a plane (clearing 1he lounge for more unwilling vic1ims). in 1he full knowledge 1ha1 you are no1 going anywhere. 1 say once more because i1 ct:nainly is no1 the firs1 11me I've had tha1 Irick pulled on me. li's the old 'load 1hem on and let 1hem sil° philosophy. So we sat on 1he tarmac ac Vienna lmerna1ional Airport on Luflhansa !light 3531 for more 1han an hour wi1hou1 moving. My record. by 1he way, is five hours a1 JFK wi1hou1 even a glass of wa1er being offered! I read a whole book on 1ha1 occasion. liule know:_-_lllli 0!CfM8fR 1 -26()4"7rceKUAR 7 2005 ing I was on my way to Belgium 10 get mugged - which migh1 no1 have happened if the tligh1 had lefl on 1ime. Bui tha1's ano1her s1ory. Anyway. 1his wai1 wasjus1 long enough IO make i1 preny certain I would no1 make my connection in Frankfurt. There had been a one hour window between connecting t1igh1s. so if nights were on schedult: in Frankfort. here we were sit- 1ing and waiting while passengers were boarding my flight. my fliglu. to Toronto. We eventually took off about an hour and a quarter la1e. Maybe 1here was hope. One has 10 be an optimist. We got close 10 Frankfort - and went into a holding pattern. wai1ing to be clearedl for landing. I was reminded of 1he story abou1 the two Irishmen - I say Irish. because being a fellow Celt gives me some licence - on a flight 10 New York. Mid-Atlantic the captain comes on 10 explain they've los1 power in one engine so the t1ight will be one hour late. but no1 10 worry. A liule later. he is on again, to say that ano1her motor has died. so they will be 1hree hours hue in arriving, but again not to worr}. Anyway the punch line is that Paddy-turns to Mick and says. "Bejabers. Mick. if we lose any more engines we'll be up here forever! .. A glimmer of hope. A flight actendam had just told me that outgoing tligh1s were also delayed and perhaps I could make it aftc:r all. We would see, and. as ever, the future lay ahead. Well. this particular future held ror me not a lligh1 10 Toronto. but one ro London, to connect with an Air Canada flight home. The fact 1ha1 the Frankfurt-London leg was uneventful was in order to lull me into a false sense of security. because 1he fa1es wen: no1 qui1e fin· ished with me yet. When I got 10 CONTINUES NlXl PAC,( .·: ... ; -atin 6oulstiie featuring Eli Eisenberg· with guests; Nancy Walker · ! piano & Alan HetheingtJn:t drums and 1 percUssl,;;,f Sat. Jan. 1 2005,y;.11p';'. Helic'o .. ian . : Hall ::"'"0.·· 35 Hazelton Averiti1YorkVlll e ; ·\' ' '4>i!'.i4···•',' Ti..u l1iliill ...... cw: ·;t1 '41S:S17560 torontoartscouncll , ........ ,. l•H.•W• ........ " ... Orchestra & dj lndaloop Jennifer Valentyne Dione Taylor Toronto Dance Dance with Alana Robert Petrungaro with trumpet legend Clark Terry and TNE TOONTO HLL-S Tft ICJ HND FEB. 191 2005 2PM GEORGE WESTON RECITAL HALL TICKETS: - (416) 231-5695 i Baum Association TORONTOALLSTARBIGBAND.COM Art Trend Loop Clothing Dione Taylor Cameron's Brewery Iceberg Vodka Mezes M & M Meats Mai Thai Chatelaine Magazine Mr & Mrs Millar WhoteNote Magazine Now Magazine Social Links Metro Now Magazine Second City Get involved: 416-630-2222 or Cha

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