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Volume 10 Issue 5 - February 2005

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presents Fiesta Sunday,

presents Fiesta Sunday, February 13, 2005, 3 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Shed those winter blues with a remarkable afternoon of red hot music and dance. The Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company is known as one of Canada's most innovative dance companies, fusing contemporary music and modern dance forms with the essentials of true flamenco. Specially choreographed versions of de Falla's Ritual Fire Dance and Gimenez's Boda de Lius Alonzo will be presented all under the energetic baton of Michael Reason, Music Director of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and frequent Hannaford guest. "Silver-plated music making all the way" William Littler, The TorontoStar Call the St. Lawrence Centre Box Office 416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754, or book on-line at · I -iii long I Mrr,'T Ctr:-C Mttilif C'°\at:,1,!t­ Foundat1on Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 8.00 pm Alex Pauk and Denys Bouliane, conductors GUEST ARTISTS: Erica Goodman, harp I Colleen Skull, soprano I David Pomeroy, tenor PROGRAMME: Concerto for Harp and Orchestra Denys Bouliane $now is white but water is black World Premiere Alexina Louie Prologue, Berceuse and The Death of Seigen (from the opera The Scarlet Princess) Thursday, May 26, 2005 at 8.00 pm Chris Paul Harman Concerto for Cello and Orchestra Paul Frehner Sanctuary, Profanity Scott Wilson Four Names of Beauty Gyula Bankovi Accord(ion) Concerto GUEST SOLOISTS: Shauna Rolston, cello /Joseph Macerollo, accordion * World Premiere * world Premiere World Premiere Canadian Premiere 'ESPRIT ORCHESTRA COMMISSION w w w .espritorchestra .com WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM S tL( St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts FEBRUARY 1 - MARCH 7 2005

EDITOR'S OPENER MORE THAN TWO HU OREO TO 0 E! There' a joke that goes omething like thi Whv do d11cks haFe webbed feet 'l To stamp out rumours. St1 ivhy do editors have webbed feet 'l To stamp out burning ducks. Like the middle of production last week: "That '.1· 111y second call roday" said a perplexed colleague. "So111eo11e saying there :1· a r11111011r going round rhcll Who/eNote won 'r (l/ier February. You 'II have to have a s11bscriptio11." Sigh. It's duck stomping time. again. We've always had some subscriptions - roughly one for every 11vo hundred wpies available free. Even with a huge number of free distribution points. the mag gets snapped up fast. Some people prefer to pay for the luxury of not having to go and look. But it's rivo hundred free for every one paid. Always has been, and that's how it's going to stay. And yo11 can help keep it that way. as explained on page 34. Speaking or rumours, though, did you hear the one about WholeNote becoming a gla111011r 111aga:i11e'? Allan Pu Iker explains. in Quodlibet, on page 16. DREAM VERSIONS "Ten times as many copies, ten years from now·· was one version of our dream for this magazint! as we toasted the first four thousand copies off the press in September 1995. "At a hundred times the rnst." we could have added. had we known. But that would cerwinly have stopped us in our trucks. Dream versions of things need lots of certain kinds nf foresight. and merciful blindness elsewhere. Our Cover Story this month. pnge 8. is an interview with someone rnnsistently good at turning "dream versions" of things into reality. And with the upcoming Me _ tamorphosis Festival. she's nt it again. CASUAI:l'IES AND SURVIVORS This month's issue is your lean-and-mean version of the magazine. bauling its way back into righting trim after the holiday's excesses. 13ut we've still found room to noat an idea for a new ongoing thread: Music & Health & Music. page 30. Tell us what you think. And a remarkable account of How I Met My Teacher by violinist Erika Raum, page 32. and much more besides. One casualty. not of our February era h diet but of the storm that ripped through upstate New York last week. was Phil Ehrensaft's Opera at Home column. You'll find it on our website when Phi I's power is restored! Welcome back. - David Per/111a11 · * • ·. M Hear our principals shine. * T Rennie Regehr will conduct the orchestra in works of J. S. Bach, C. P. E. Bach, Richard Strauss and Mozart. Saturday, February 26, 8:00p.m. St. Boniface Church 142 Markham )liii(. 'T * great chamber music down town GRYPHON TRIO performs Larysa Kuzmenko 's Dreams with the ELORA FESTIVAL SI GERS Tuesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. THE SCHUBERT ENSEMBLE OF LONDON Wann, accessible playing of music for piano and strings - Dohnanyi, Butler, Elgar Thursday, February 10 at 8 p.m. AVIV STRING QUARTET Israeli quartet, Canadian cellist - style, strength, tone, rhythm, flair Thursday, February 24 at 8 p.m. 'MTO CHAMBER SOCIETY James Vandermark, bass; Gary Farmer, narrator; Whitefish Juniors, drums Schubert's Trout and the first Canadian performance of Circle of Faith, the words of Chief Seattle toron1dartscounc1! Bfe, CanadoCouncH ConldesArl• lwl Can11dh111 Patrimoina :,.· · ..... .._Yoc>t•c .... _ !or lha Arla du Can

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