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Volume 10 Issue 7 - April 2005

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and mixed media

and mixed media creations from faculty and students at OCAD, and concerts will be followed by receptions that marry wine-tastings and new food creation with a chance to mingle with the composers and performers. For more information, visit www. newcreationsfestival .corn, or call 416-593-4828. Soundstreams Canada continues its Encounters series, pulling together works from one Canadian and one Northern European lundin9 partners Canact.Cound C'E> for the Arts composer to highlight their differences and tease out their commonalities. On April 14th at Glenn Gould Studio the encounter will be between Polish-Dutch composer Hiinna Kulenty anc) Canadian Andre Ristic. The . programme, titled SONIC INT UITION, promises to showcase inventive soundscapes along with intermittent interviews. As a prelude to the concett, student musicians interpret the works of Kulenty and Ristic and present their very own compositions. For more information ' about the Encounters series, visit www. or call 416-504- 1282. PERKINS MAILING LIST SERVICES ··· The following day local emerging composer Andrew Staniland presents his latest creation on a programme entitled EMERGING CONVERGENCE, where two generations of- Canadian composers will come together in vocal music. Tampobata is Staniland's new work for singing pianist and electronics, the culmination of his winning proposal for the 2004 CMC Toronto Emerging Composer Award. The programme will also feature Gary Kulesha leading Canada's best interpreters of contemporary music in a performance of Canadian veteran composer Gilles Tremblay's dramatic Chants Convergents. Soprano Kristin Mueller will surely take the gulf between the works in her capable stride. For more information visit or call 416-204-1282. FURTHER AFIELD, the powerhouse Bang On A Can All-Stars take over Waterloo's stunning new Perimeter Institute on April 21 st. Balanced somewhere between classical ensemble, jazz combo and punk rock band, these downtown NYC new music renegades pump out visceral but intellectual music with classical precision and clarity, backed by power and aggression. The programme features some of the best of New York's downtown scene, including works by Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon, Paul Lan- • sky, Brian Eno and Philip Glass. · The event itself is a preliminary skirmish ahead of the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound, which will invade Kitchener-Waterloo from April 23 to May 1. Composer Peter Hatch, who has been building on the strengths of this festival for eight years, discussed his artistic focus on a Panel of Practitioners at the L 'Oreille fine symposium. He talked about an intent to create a place for ex- Open Ears' Peter Hatch ploration, boundary breaking and bewilderment, to re-instate the sense of wonder in discovering music and sound in new ways. Thus, the festival ranges wildly from presentations of new opera and orchestral music, to the dark vocalism of Diamanda Galas, compositional re-mixings of Leonard Cohen songs, guerilla sound events, and surprising sound installations. The far-ranging and somewhat unruly festival is, in fact, a good embodiment of this free open space where we can experience all those musical connections and contradictions that embrace the fundamentals of being human. For more information about Bang On A Can All-Stars and Open Ears visit www or call 519- 579-8564. So, it's a gloriously packed month of new music. There are plenty more concerts of interest 1 wish r could mention here (Udo Kasemets on April 24th, Continuum on April 26th, Arraymusic on April 30th ... ). So, go out and open yourself up to the range of opportunity. Get reconnected to the wonder of discovering some thing new. (Jason van Eyk is the Canadian Music Centre's Ontario Regional Director. He can be reached at 416-961-6601 x. 207 or jasonv@musiccentre. ea.) Continuum Contemporary Music presents strands Strands of ideas, woven. Operating on the margins, but gathering material from all directions, these composers reflect the paradoxes and shifting realities of new music today. TUESDAY APRIL 26, 8PM Music Gallery at St. George the Martyr, 197 John Street Composers Martin Arnold, Canada* Rose Bolton, Caoada Keith Denning, Canada Guss Janssen, NL Patrick St. Denis, Canada • World premiere OAC commission Performers Anne Thompson, flute Max Christie, clarinet Benjamin Bowman, violin Angela Rudden, viola Paul Widner, cello Sanya Eng, harp David Swan, piano Ryan Scott, percusion Gary Kulesha, conductor· Tickets: /$10/ For info, call Continuum: 416.924.4945 or visit 2 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM APRIL 1 - MAY 7 2005

News Round up: Coalition of New Music Presenters BY KEITH DENNING and composers from the talented ski, Szymanowski and Penderecki SPRING IS JUST around the corner, group of CD reviewers for at Walter Hall in U of and it brings a great deal of new WholeNote, hosted by review editor T's Faculty of Music. David Olds. The show starts music to the various stages of Again at Walter Hall, on April Metro Toronto and beyond. Oddly, the new music offerings are sonable to , with family at 8:00, and tickets are a very rea­ IOth at 2:30, there is a free concert of the music of Professor Gustav Ciamaga, cel­ clumped in three dense packets, ac rates available. Children 12 and che beginning, middle, and end of under are free. ebrating his 75th birthday. the month. There must be some The Music Gallery Institute 's deep reason'for this, but it's beyond me! afternoon, 'the Wo men's On April 14th at I :30 in the Wednesday free lunchcime music series concinues on April 6th with Musical Club of Toronto On April 2 at 8:00, che Toronto a concert of new works by Alessandra de Crescenzo performed by presents pianist extraordinaire Symphony Orchestra shares the Eve Egoyan in concert, with stage with the St. Lawrence Melanie Trota, and again on the dancers from Dancemakers. String Quartet in Four By Four, 13th with Future Traditions. These The program includes works by which feacures two contemporary free concerts start ac 12:30. Sacie, works - a new commission by Ray . Tanaka. and Norgard. The Luedeke for winds and percussion, and R. Murray Schafer's work The TSO wraps up its New Creations Festival with a pair of con­ and cickets are . concert is also held at Walter Hall, certs on April 6ch and 7th ac 8:00. Four-Forty. Also on the program Also on April 14th, Soundstreams presents Sonic lntuicion, The program includes works by is Beethoven's String Quartet Op. Hecu, Ducilleux, Ranjbaran and che 131, arranged for string quartet a concert of new music by Andre world premiere of a new work by and orchestra by Peter Oundjian. Riscic and Hanna Kulenty at the Canadian Kelly-Marie Murphy. This, of course, is at Roy Thomson Hall. Tickets range .from ets are , and for scu­ Glenn Gould Studio at 7:00. Tick­ The TSO is joined in these concerts by Joshua Bell and Barbara to $105. dents. Hannigan. Monday April 4th is the first Monday of April, and of course that someone always worth hearing, Composer Andrew Staniland is On April 7th at' 12: 10, violinist means the WltoleNote Salon at the Erika Raum and pianist Lydia and you can hear a concert of his Wong present a free concert of Music Gallery. This month, the music at the Music Gallery on April works by Polish masters Lutoslaw- theme is DISCoveries, performers 15th at 8:00. Jorg Widmann Jumping to the end of the month, we have a concert by Continuiim entitled Strands, featuring compositions by a number of Canadian composers including Martin Arnold, Rose Bolton, and yours cruly Keith Denning! The concert cakes place on March 26th at 8:00 at the Music Gallery. Tickets range from to . Finally, New Music Concerts and the Goethe lnstitut present a concert of music by German clarinettist and composer Jiirg Widmann at che Glenn Gould Scudio ac 8:00 on May 1. Bang ona Can All-Stars April 21, 8pm Works by Brian Eno, Philip Glass, .Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon Only Canadian date this season!

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