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Volume 10 Issue 7 - April 2005

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WE ARE ALL Music's

WE ARE ALL Music's CHILDREN April's Child .... "7here are rhree kinds l!f' people in rhe 1vorld: !hose 1hu1111uke 1hing1· happen. rhose 1\'ho 1rn1c h 1hi11gs happen, and rhose \'ho \'O/lller ... 11· ha1 hupprned ." "All 1n11sic i.1· e.ue/l/iallr disco ... " 13Y MASllA BUELL Identify this member of our music community, photo taken circa 1 946, for a chance to win tickets or a recording. If you think you might know who it is, send your best guess to The winner .will be selected hy random draw among entries received by April 1511'· March 's Child .... was Marshall Pynkoski Since founding Opt:ra Atdier in 1985. Mr. Pynkoski and co-director Jeann.:llc Zingg have won numerous awards and been acclaimed throughout Canada and abroad. collaborating with many of early music's most distinguished artists. Opera Atelier holds a unique place in the North America theatre community. producing opera. ballet and drama from the 17th and 18th centurie,. These productions draw upon the aesthetics and ideals of the period. featuring soloists of international acclaim, period ballet, original instru1m:JllS. elaborate stage decor. exquisite costumes and an imaginative energy that sets Opera Atelier apa11. Upcoming fc5r Opera Atelier is a double bill of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas and Charpentier's Acteo11 playing at the Elgin Theatre Apri I 21-30'". It features Colin Ainsworth. Nathalie Paulin, Laura Pudwell. Jennie Such. Curtis Sullivan, Monica Whicher, and Artists of Atelier Ballet, with Taklmusik Baroque Orche tra and Chamber Choir (Jeanne Lamon, Music Director) under the baton of Opera Atefier Music DireGtor David Fallis. Visit for more information. And Our Winners ... "/ 111n sure thm March:\' Child 11111sr be Marshall Pynkoski. With such a classic Bamq11e.figure and The qume from L11lly, ir ca11 'r be anyone else. Grem plwrol" Jennifer Enns Modolo and her guest, will attend opening night at Opera Atelier (Dido and Aeneas and Acteo11). "fr :1· Marshall! fr j11.\'f couldn't be anyone else ... " Ann Cooper Gay ad her guest will also attend. Congratulations Jennifer, and Ann! UNCLASSIFIED ADVERTISING AAA+ OPPORTUNITY FOR VOCALISTS & MUSICIANS with the Wyndham Regency Orchestra ( and Toronto Starlight Orchestra ( Limited openings in trumpet, trombone, saxophone, strings and rhythm sections. Visit our websites and call Andrew today @ (416)712-2555. ACCOUNTING AND INCOME TAX SERVICE for small business and individuals, to save you time and money, customized to meet your needs. Norm Pulker, B. Math. CMA. 905-250-0309 or 905-830-2985. ACCOUNTING, BOOKKEEPING, INCOME TAX PREPARATION for small businesses and individuals. Experience in music industry. Get the best tax breaks' JC Accounting, Jana 416-444-2772. BARD - EARLY MUSIC DUO playing recorder and virginal available to provide background atmosphere for teas. receptions or other lunctions - greater Toronto area. For roles and info call 905- 722-5618 or email us at COPYIST AVAILABLE: full scores, orchestral parts, transpo!iilions (vocal. instrumental); good rates; prolessional results; phone or e-mail for info/rates. Attila (416)575-7397 COUNTERPOINT ORCHESTRA needs volunteer musicians. Monday evening rehearsals. Concerts: March 12 and June 4. All sections, esp. violins. Terry Kowalczuk 416-658-5359 or DON'T QUIT MUSIC -Try one lesson lree: Extremely effective method unknown in America' · Piano or any other instrumenVvoice, any level - wonderful results instantly' Vladimir 416-321- 5627 EAR TRAINING, MUSICIANSHIP. SIGHT-SING­ ING, THEORY. JAZZ THEORY. All levels, professionaVserious beginners. Art Levine, MA, ARCT. Host. "Art Music''. CBC. 30 years experience: RCM, UofT, York. 416-924-8613.; ELEGANT PIANO MUSIC lor special events. Beautiful improvisations of I.OOO classics, standards, light jazz. M.Mus. & ' 2,500 appearances. 416-695-9983. HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SING, thought you wouldn't or couldn't, or do you just want a place to play with the possibilities ol your voice. Small groups. 6 - . Johanne, 416-461-8425. MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE! Personalized lessons -ALL age groups: oboe, flute, clarinet, recorder, beginning piano. Erica Rao B.Ed 416-445-3370 MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Small ensembles, Dance Band, Big Band; Cocktail Hour, Dinner music, Concerts, Shows; Classical, Contemporary. Dixieland, Traditional and Smooth Jazz I )SL Musical Productions 905-276-3373. NEW EAST-END UNITARIAN CONGREGA­ TION requires music director to play piano. Sundays, schedule musical guests, direct choir. Position appropriate for graduate student. NUUC is liberaVeclectic seeking variety in music/spiritu· ality. For inlo call Rita 416-267-4513 The PERFORMING EDGE Performance enhancement training in tension management. concentration, goal setting, imagery. Individualized to meet your performance situation. Kate f. Hays, practising clinical and performing arts psychology. 416-961-0487, PIANO AVAILABLE lor teaching or lor practis· ing in downtown studio, annex area, close to University of Toronto. The Kaleidoscopic Place - 416-964-3308. PIANO, CffiCKERING GRAND 6' 5", recently restored, beautifully rich bass. $10,999, call (416)720-9116. PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER AVAILABLE - over 30 years experience. Experienced playing ALL styles (jazz, Latin, pop, rock, etc.) plus cabaret shows and musical theatre. Excellent sight-reader. Coll Marty Namaro @ 416-439-9518. ROB CARROLL Jazz and classical guitar instruction, theory, ear training 416-977- 3531, SIMONE TUCCI PIANO TUNER-TECHNI - CIAN - Complete Piano Care Service. Allilioted with The Royal Conservatory ol Music piano service staff. Registered with O.G.P.T. Servicing Toronto and GTA areas. Call: 416-993-6332 TROMBONISTS WANTED. Wyndham Regency Orchestra (www. Phone 416-712-2555. TRUMPETERS WANTED. Wyndham Regency Orchestra ( Phone 416-712-2555. TRUMPET PLAYER looking to lorm or join Brass Quintet downtown Toronto. Please call 416-967-3587 VIOLIN, VOICE & PIANO TEACHERS wanted lor reputable music school. Pls lax resume: 905· 709-3607. WANTED: SINGERS interested in joining a small Toronto-based (mostly) a cappella choir. Some choral experience helpful. Performs 2-3 times yearly. Call 416-805-9000 for inlo. Reader.v beware! Our music communiry does nor consist only of per­ . limning 11111sicians! Wmch this column for conducrors, composers, instru- 111e111111akers and more! Know someone whose photograph should appear in this space? Please send your suggestions along to 7i WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM APRIL 1 - MAY 7 2005

m DISCCliil!I VOCAL AND OPERA TIC fantasias, a pavan and galliard. A wonderful portrait of a most interesting time. Dianne Wells A. Scarlatti - Disperato Amore Matthew White; Les Voix Baroques Analekta AN 2 9904 The Origin of Fire - Music and Visions of Hildegard von Bingen Anonymous4 Harmonia Mundi HMU 807327 While some scientists suggest that the 12th- century German abbess and mystic Hildegard von Bingen's visions of heavenly light were ail effect of frequent migraine, the experience of her sublime music, panicularly performed by this angelic ensemble. is surely enough to move even the most 'rational' mind toward an appreciation of the mystical. This second recording of Hildegard's music by Anonymous 4 pays tribute to her visions, music and writings on the Holy Spirit, manifested as tire and light. To hymns and antiphons such as 0 ignee spiritus and 0 quam mirabilis est composed by Hildegard the ensemble has added some of her visionary prose on the themes of creation, wisdom, the lifegiving spirit and love, setting these texts to recitation tones from medieval German sources. In addition, well-known hymns and sequences that Hildegard' s convent would have sung such as Veni creator spiritus and Beata nobis gaudia are included for their association with Pentecost, the church's celebration of the Holy Spirit descending as tongues of flame on Jesus' disciples. Recorded at the chapel of the Christian Brothers retreat in Napa CA, this is Anonymous 4's last scheduled project for the Harmonia Mundi label, and after 18 years together, they have decided to stop touring and focus instead on individual projects. We can only be thankful that this group has graced the world with fifteen outstanding recordings with the purest of sound. Dianne Wells Busnois - Missa 0 Crux lignum Orlando Consort Harmonia Mundi HMU 907333 Arm 1 - MAY 7 2005 The 15th-century composer Antoine Busnois has become a big name in the musicological and early music performance worlds in recent years, and deservedly so. A composer of brilliance, deep expression and occasional eccentricity, he spent part of his working life in the service of the Duke of Burgundy and Maximilian I. His music was celebrated across Europe and particularly in the major Italian centres of Ferrara, Florence and Naples, and the famous theorist Tinctoris described him as one of 'the most outstanding and most famous professors of the art of music.' This CD offers a collection of several of his pieces, representing almost every form in which he composed: mass, Latin motet, virelai, rondeau and ballade, and combinative songs with double texts. Also included are three other pieces attributed to him, including the motet Gaude Caelestis Domina which opens the disc in suitably celebratory fashion. The mass for four voices which forms the centrepiece of this program is a true gem, with its particularly stunning Kyrie, Agnus Dei, and Benedictus, which opens with some astonishing two-part melismas. Other favourites of mine are the motet lncomprehensibilia fir me, with its gently austere opening, and the energetic chansons. As for the Orlando Consort, they have been champions of the music of Busnois for over 15 years and are the perfect ensemble to do him justice. They perform this repertoire with the beautifully balanced sound and exquisite sense of ensemble for which they are celebrated, giving artistic flesh and blood to this remarkable music. The disc is a delight. Alison Melville William Byrd - Consort Songs Emma Kirkby; Fretwork Harmonia Mundi HMU 907383 The four and five-voice textures of William Byrd's masses are mirrored in the lesser-known repertoire presented on this recording: Though composed for solo voice, the texture is kept intact with the accompaniment of viol ensemble. In fact. the interweaving nature of this instrumentation fairly intrudes into the vocal line at times. Nevertheless, it is intriguing in its painting of his world and concerns of love, community and religious leanings. As a devout catholic tolerated by Elizabeth I, he naturally demonstrates a deep reflective· viewpoint concerning his position. From philosophical musings on the impermanence of wealth and status illustrated in The noble famous Queen (Mary Queen of Scots) to an ode to a little dog treated most unfairly, Byrd demonstrates a sensitive and reflective nature brought sweetly and most artfully to life by one of the best voices in early music: Emma Kirkby, whose deft and informed realiza'tion of the serious and the playful brings the text to life. The famed ensemble Fretwork skillfully handles the accompaniments as well as purely instrumental 6-part Lockridge H.F. I I: *Authorized Dealer of: Exposure, Klipsch, Living Voice, NAD, PSB, Raysonic, Studiolab and Tannoy. *Extensive CD, SACD and DVD Collection *Buy and Sell Used CD, LP & High-End Audio Equipment *Now Featuring: Tanney Prestige Series Kensington Loudspeakers, only pair in GTA! Les Voix Baroques is to be commended for the choice of repertoire 'on the(r new CD "Disperato Amore". Matthew White's voice is perfectly suited to the motets and cantatas of Alessandro Scarlatti which are presented on this disc, and the theme of desperate love is illustrated beautifully with the sacred and secular pieces. The three cantatas on the recording were transposed to tit the counter-tenor range (having been composed originally for soprano) and the choice of keys creates a truly stunning sound in the ensemble. The instrumentalists (Chloe Meyers and Chantal Remillard, violin; Helene Plouffe, violin and viola; Amanda Keesmaat, cello; Nicolas Lessard, violone; Alexander Weimann, organ and harpsichord; Sylvain Bergeron, lute and theorbo; Matthew Jennejohn, recorder and ., ., c :.c -0 0 N l 16th Ave ... ., ., ., Cl c -0 ., ·c: -e u "' 0 --' $: I 71

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