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Volume 10 Issue 8 - May 2005

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Partners in Opera

Partners in Opera Ontario Oa\ id :p-wtl- Laura Whalen, John Bellemer, Norine Burgess, Alexander Dobson October 15, 20 & 22 Hamilton October 28 & 30 Kitchener Waterloo 8e4 Allyson McHardy, Tracy Dahl, Gordon Gietz. James Westman November 24 & 26 Hamilton November 25 Kitchener Waterloo _.,, 'Y ,,,,-:;r Russell Braun, Lyne Fortin, Sally Dibblee, Benjamin Butterfield February 3 & 5 Kitchener Waterloo February 11, 16 & 18 Hamilton kt:JI,'{/ Jeanine Thames, Marc Hervieux, John Fanning, Margaret Bardos April 29, May 4 & 6 in Hamilton May 12 & 14 in Kitchener Waterloo SUBSCRIBE TODAY 1.800.265.8977 www NEW - KW Opera SUNDAY MATINEES! ESPRIT ORCHESTRA New Wave Composers Festival May 24th - May 26th, 2005 Gala Finale Concert Thursday May 26th 2005 Jane Mallett Theatre 8:00 pm concert 7: 15 pm pre-concert composers talk hosted by Laurie Brown Guest Artists: Shauna Rolston, cello; Joseph Macerollo, accordion Featuring World Premieres of music by Chris Paul Harman, Paul Frehner, and Scott Wilson Plus the Canadian Premiere of music by Hungary's Gyula Bankovi Tickets: .00/.00 students Call the box office: 416-366-7723 or visit For complete Festival Info: Call the Esprit Office: 416-815-7887 or visit

EDITOR'S OPENER From Canaries to Frankenstein Long-time followers of WholeNote will know that the "Canary Pages" supplement in the middle of this magazine is the third consecutive Choral Directory we have published in May. In May 2003 there were 88 choirs in it. Last year there were 137. This time there are 159. GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC IN A PERFECT SMALL CONCERTHALLDOWNTOWN 2005-06 SEASON Th. Sept. 15 RUSSELL BRAUN · We haven't always called it the "Canary Pages" though. Last year we called it our "Choral Yellow Pages" - pretty good, we thought because, after all, it's a handy one-stop source for people shopping for a choir to join. But our resident legal maven wagged a stern finger. "You can't call it Yellow Pages, even though the pages are yellow. It's like Mr and Mrs McDonald have to call their diner McDuff. Yellow Pages is a trade-mark." So this year's version became "The Canary Pages" - and a very fine name too, we thought. Not everyone agreed. "You know what they do to canaries in mines, don't you?" one senior chorister grimly remarked when our indefatigable Canary Page project editor contacted him for his choir's listing. (Being from Halifax not Springhill, she didn't, but Google did: "Miners used to take canaries down in the mines because they are more susceptible to either low oxygen or methane or carbon monoxide. The birds would pass out before the miners were affected, and that would tell the miners to get out of there fast.") Well, all the more reason is what I say. What does it say about the current quality of the spiritual air were breathing to have all this chirping going on? And what would it tell us about the state of affairs if ever the singing stopped? Following publication, the "Canary Pages" takes up residence on our website at Choirs who missed getting into the printed version will have the opportunity to add their song to the canaries on-line. From miners' canaries to bird-catchers in Mozart: Monday May 2nd is the third last in WholeNote's series of "Nine Monday" Salons, at the Music Gallery on John Street, just south of the Art Gallery of Ontario. This month's theme is operatic, and scenes from Mozart's Magic Flute, presented by members of the Canadian Youth Opera Chorus, are part of a menu that also includes scenes from Frankenstein, a new opera by Andrew Ager. Sometime in the early fall we'll be talking in these pages about our "recently completed tenth anniversay salon series." Don't find yourself at that point saying "hmmm I meant to get out to one of those." Do it now. The atmosphere's good, the company charming, the free samosas delicious, and the music, always, great. MAY 1 - ] UNE 7 2005 · David Perlman QUARTETS 3,5 Th. Oct. 20 Tokyo i'v1ozart l Th. OV. 10 Miro Quartet Th. ov. 24 l ev.: Zealand Quartet Th. Dec. 8 Takacs Quartet Th.Jan. 19 Tokyo Mozart 2 Th. Feb. 9 St. Lawrence Quartet Th. Mar. 2 Penderecki Quartet Th. Mar. 16 Tokyo Mozart 3 PIANO 0,0 Tu. ()V. Lucille Chung Tu. OV. 29 Pio tr nclerszewski Tu. Jan. 31 farkus Groh Tu. Mar. 21 Tu. Apr. 11 Cyprien Katsaris 'ikolai Lugansky ENSEMBLES-IN-RESIDENCE 9, 5 Tu. Oct. 25 Tu. Tu. Tu. WWW, THEWHOLENOTE.COM Gryphon Trio £TO Chamber Society Gryphon Trio Iv1TO Chamber Society CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS , Tu. ov. 15 Tu. Jan. 31 Th. Mar. 2 Th. i\pr. 6 DISCOVERY Th. Jan 26 Th. Feb. 2;3 Th. Apr. 6 MTO Chamber Society Markus Groh Pendcrecki Quartet Trio Pibonacci hannon i\ifercer, soprano hneli Pirzadeh & Daniel Moran, duo pianists Trio Gibonacci Subscription combos and series from for Discovery to 1 for the whole season! 416-366-7723 • 1-800-708-67 54 order online at

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