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Volume 10 Issue 9 - June 2005

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FROM LIVE TO AIR • • • • • continued from previous page rule. Perhaps it's the fact that it's festival season, but there are lots of concerts coming very rapidly to air. For example, Howard Dyck's "Choral Concert" (Sundays at Sam, CBC Radio Two) is, throughout June, airing highlights from Soundstreams' Northern Voices Choral Festival, happening only days earlier in 5 Toronto. June S's broadcast will feature the opening gala of Northern Voices, recorded just one day before at Toronto's Metropolitan United Church. · The highlight of this concert is two world premieres. Veteran Michael Schade sings the All-Mozan Gala June 6. CBC Records releases Canadian composer R. Murray his Schuben: Die Schone Mi.illerin with Schafer's The Death of Shalana pianist Malcolm ManineauJwze 7. and English choral composer Sir John Tavener's Invocation are both being performed for the first time, by the Norwegian Soloists Choir, Latvian Radio Choir, and Canadian favourites Pro Coro Canada and the Elora Festival Singers. Another "Choral Concert" not to be missed is the June 12 gala closing concert of the Northern Voices festival, broadcast June 19. It presents another world premiere, commissioned by the festival, by Canadian composer Melissa Hui and writer Tomson Highway, based on Cree mythology and sung in both Cree and English. Dutch rising superstar Peter Dijkstra conducts the concert, featuring the Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble, Danish Radio Choir, and the Elmer lseler Singers. Rarities: The June 12 broadcast of CBC's "OnStage", hosted by Shelley Solmes (Sunday afternoon at 2:05pm on Radio Two and Sunday evening at 8:05pm on Radio One), originally performed April 19, 2005 at the Glenn Gould Studio, features early 20thcentury German and Austrian music. The concert includes the gifted French-Canadian contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux singing Franz Schreker's rarely-performed Five Songs for Low Voice and Orchestra and two string orchestra pieces, Strauss' Metamorphosen and Schoenberg's Verkliirte Nacht. Schreker rose to stardom early as a composer and wrote Five Songs before he was twenty years old. was Jewish, and after the Nazis characterized his music as degenerate, performances of his works ceased, and he was forced to stop teaching music. Schreker's work is gradually returning to public consciousness and he is now known as one of the leading Austro­ German post-romantics. Another rarity is being broadcast during "OnStage" on June 19. That Sunday's program features German concerti for one and two harpsichords, originally performed during a concert at the Glenn Gould Studio on April 5, 2005. Two French Canadian harpsichordists, Olivier Fortin and Luc Beausejour, play works from German composers including Bach and members of his family as well as music by Johann Ludwig Krebs and Georg Philipp Telemann. Besides "OnStage" and "Choral C_oncert", CBC shows such as "In Performance"," Sunday afternoon at the Opera", "Two New Hours" and others, regularly rebroadcast concerts heard live by our lucky readers. For upcoming schedules of rebroadcast concerts on these programs, visit This column will continue to feature previously-recorded concerts that are being rebroadcast on radio each month. If you know of any · such concerts during Ol!r coming publication period, please email us at .Q l3 He SOME THING New by Jason van Eyk IN THE MONTH'S ROSTER of new mu- """---:=-z;;;:---..----:.--.., sic concerts there is a thread that harkens back to the theme of my' April column: how new music can be a "free space", outside of our daily lives, for expression and open exploration. In the case of June's concerts, which all have voice as a central aspect, we can see this same free space being used to express or explore questions of identity - that bundle of human behavioral or personal characteristics that make us recognizable as individuals and members of a group. If we think of music as a mirror of society, then new music is like a whole hall of mirrors, reflecting, refracting and sometimes distorting the identity of the composer (in the act of creation), of the performer (in the act of interpretation), and of the audience (in the act of listening). All three are made to confront who they are, as they look for something familiar and true beyond the reflections. Nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexuality - all elements that make up our sense of identity - present thorny issues when viewed within these musical mirrors. June's concerts tackle all of them. ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH, the Talisker Players present their usual effervescent brand of vocal chamber music with a program titled "L'amour et la Vie". Turnof-the-century French Symbolist poetry as set by French Impressionists like Faure and Chausson is placed alongside a number of works on French texts by Canadian composers Dewi Minden, Alexander Rapoport and Daniel Foley. Binding the two together are readings from The Flfineur: A Stroll Through the Paradoxes of Paris by American essayist and recently returned expatriate· Edmund White. For those who are unfamiliar, a flaneur is an idle but purposeful stroller, a pedestrian who delights in observing and recording .the hustle and bustle of his urban surroundings. Consequently, the flaneur is somewhat of an outsider, an observer of the crowd. And so, in the context of this concert, our Canadian composers ass4me the identity of the flaneur, in comparison to the deeply rooted national identity and "legitimate" claim to French poetry and song of Chausson and Baudelaire. Visit or call 416-466-1800. 24 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM Wende Banley - Music Gallery June 9 From June 3-12 Soundstreams Canada brings together the choral forces of thirteen choirs from eleven circumpolar countries for its Northern Voices festival. Sound streams' Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney has had a love affair with Scandinavia ever since his first concert tour of the region nearly 30 years ago. He describes how he was drawn to the commonality of "northerness" between Canada and our circumpolar neighbours. I have often heard Lawrence speak of how the land and its ·extremes of beauty arid northern climate have shaped the vision and dreams of our people, and made us rich in our intellectual, spiritual and artistic lives. It will be very interesting to see how this common and rich identity of "northerness" will be expressed artistically by choirs and contemporary composers from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Visit, or call 416-366-7723. DURING THE TIME of Northern Voices, two pioneering women collaborate to present recent electrovocal music. June 9 at the Music Gallery, Wende Bartley and Rose Bolton offer two mini concerts with a common thread not only of voice and electronics, but also of compelling texts exploring depths of psychological entanglement," as well as mythic and modern female identity. Bartley's The Handless Maiden, created in collaboration with playwright Claudia Dey, delves deep into the subterranean self, passing through a mythic initiatory journey that propels the character with sonic vibrational force towards wholeness and reunion with self, body and soul. Bolton's Dark Pines Under Water is the final segment from her full evening concert work Elements. Drawing on concrete eleccoN11Nues ON PAGE 26 ) UNE 1 - )ULY 7 2005

A T 8 T .• G Ii 0 R C Ii T H Ii M A R T Y R 2004/05 season finale! qwholenote at the music gallery! 06/06 nine mondays salon #8: world music HOSTED BY WHOLENOTE'S "WORLD VIEW" COLUMNIST, KAREN AGES. 8PM, /. music gallery: june 2005 06/02-04 current 93 BRITISH CULT SONGSMITHS RETURN FOR THREE EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENTS. OPEN­ ING ACTS INCLUDE ANTONY & THE JOHN­ SONS (NYC), SIMON FINN+ BEN CHASNY A.K.A. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITIANCE (sF). ADV FROM MALOGAN@ROGERS.COM 06/09 the handless maiden/dark pines under water TWO ELECTRO-VOCAL MINI-CONCERTS BY WENDE BARTLEY AND ROSE BOLTON, WITH GUESTS JANICE JACKSON (VOICE) AND CHRISTOPHER FOLEY (PIANO) PLUS LIBRET­ TO BY CLAUDIA DEY. 8PM, /. 06/12 glass orchestra TORONTO'S INSTITUTION OF GLASS INSTRUMENTATION 06/23 k'naan SOMALIAN-CANADIAN HIP-HOP ARTIST CELEBRATES CD RELEASE saturday june 25 final fantasy with torngat POP AVANT SERIES -- DOORS AT 7:30PM PRESENTED IN COLLABORATION WITH BRAVE NEW WAVES ON CBC RADIO TWO ADVANCE AT PENGUIN, ROTATE THIS+ SOUNDSCAPES/$10 DOOR The Music Gallery concert season and Pop Avant series close out the year with, appropriately enough, Final Fantasy. The solo projecUalias of prolific Toronto violinist Owen Pallett (who has also worked and performed with Les Mouches, The Hidden Cameras, Picastro, Jim Guthrie, Royal City and many others) has become a juggernaut of its own since Pallett toured with Montreal phenoms The Arcade Fire as both opening act and touring string player, attracting attention from all over the globe. Final Fantasy's debut CD, Has A Good Home!!!!, is now available via the Blocks Recording Club, but this show marks the release of two 7" singles, and the performance of FF's forthcoming album, He Poos Clouds, with string quartet. Opening act Torngat, a Montreal ensemble, was once a quartet and is now a trio, specializing in texture-based improvisation, melodic _composition, and simple yet intricate energy music. The band members are Pietro Amato (french horn, electronics + percussion}, Mathieu Charbonneau (keyboards + percussion) and Julien Poissant (drum kit, trumpet + percussion). WE RETURN FOR 2005/06 SEASON AT ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR ON SEPT. 7 WITH A FREE LUNCH MUSIC SERIES PRESENTATION FEATURING JOSEPH PETRIC AND NORMAND FORGET, music gallery: co-ordinates location: st. george the martyr church, 197 john st. box office: 416-204-1080 web: SOCAN Foundation The J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation t St. Ceorge the Martyr J::IC°AN cec$oradi.o'Po torontdartsc ounci I ,.. ""'"'•"' .. ,, - ..... ""'' .. .: ....... . ... .. . . ... I "*" I Canadian ..,,... Heritage Patrlmolne canadlen Bte, Canada Council Conseil de.' Arts for the Arts du Canada ]UNE 1 - ] UL Y 7 2005 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM 25

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